Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Big Brother 12 - Live Feeds Into Tuesday Dawn - August 24

Missing some of their old toys, they have new toys.
Now if the pool table would go missing.

Matt and Ragan share tender moments.

Here are the happenings from the evening and overnight hours in that Big Brother House of Diabolical Demolition:
  • It's odd how Matt is on the block, but so much is all about Ragan.
  • Hmmm.
  • When BB called an outdoor lockdown, Ragan was in the diary room and didn't come out.
  • Of course, everyone theorized that he "pushed the panic button" to exit as he was so upset that Matt would be gone.
  • Now, that's just ridiculous even if it is Ragan!
  • Ragan had been shunning (a favorite word of Enzo's) Matt after his talk with Britney in which he found out that Matt was trying to get him (Ragan) nominated instead of Matt.
  • Britney said that season 9 wasn't a good season. Y'think? Nine was the cupid one in the winter while the writers strike was on.
  • She also thinks this season is full of "big characters" and should be popular.
  • For me, it only turned interesting a few weeks back. I think the showmance with Brendon and Rachel turned me off for a long time. They focused too much on the couple and not on the rest of the house.
  • Brendon is doing so much better without her in there.
  • Heck, if she had been in there not in a couple and crashed and burned on her own, it would have been better than the never-ending focus on the showmance.
  • While in the lockdown, they thought BB might be cleaning out (Kathy's) dead fish.
  • But, nope. Not even touched although we got a "Back Soon" screen with the mechanical hand moving around coral (below).
  • It turns out that Ragan was really just in the Diary Room after all.
  • I pity the DR workers having to listen to him drone, fuss and whine for so long.
  • Britney told Enzo that Matt said he (Enzo) hasn't been really trying in the game, thus throwing him under the bus.
  • With Enzo, all you have to do is put the idea in his head that someone is talking against him and it sets him off.
  • I think Britney knows that.
  • Once they started talking, Ragan and Matt talked forever ... saying pretty much the same stuff over and over again.
  • Ragan told Matt that he thinks from the feeling of the house that it's a done deal -- Matt will be going home.
  • I believe that's definitely the case.
  • Matt, now faced with the inevitable, has finally quieted down his cockiness.
  • It's almost sad to see it all crashing down for him, but then I think of all his bragging about how great he is and the lie about his wife.
  • I'm not saddened. Anyone who thinks they're so great at this deserves to crash.
  • I know. I'm mean.
  • Ragan has almost moved on. He's already trying to get his game together to forge ahead without his cuddle buddy.
  • Although both Brendon and Britney seem to be fitting in with the Brigade Boys, they're not really.
  • Right now, despite side alliances, it's Lane, Enzo and Hayden remaining loyal to each other and no one else.
  • They want Britney, Ragan and Brendon out.
  • As an observer, I'd say if Britney, Brendon and Ragan were to work together, they could easily win the comps over the Brigade Buffoons and take over the game to final three.
  • But I don't see that happening.
  • Instead, we might see three guys who have had nothing but an alliance and a social game in the finals instead of the three who actually try to win comps.
  • Very odd.
  • Lane also told Matt that he needn't bother trying to campaign to stay when Matt asked.
  • Matt knows what's ahead for the diabolical super-genius of BB12 -- eviction.
  • Hayden and Lane really want to be in the final two together.
  • If that were the case, Hayden would get the votes due to his social game.
  • But they don't know that. I do.
  • Matt and Ragan talked more. Sigh.
  • Matt told Ragan he had a big secret he wanted to tell him, that it wasn't a game-changer (at this point), but big.
  • Ohhh ... the wife lie?
  • Ragan says he'll vote for Brendon to win before he'd vote for one of the "three boys."
  • I question calling each other "kids" and "boys." What's up with that? Aren't they men? Aren't these people supposed to be adults?
  • Never mind. Those were rhetorical questions.
  • Britney and Ragan talked about working together. They think if Brendon wins HOH, Ragan is his first target, she's the second.
  • Little do they know, they don't have much chance with "the boys" either.
  • Hayden, the one who broke a pool cue a few days back, broke a vase in the yard clowning around.
  • "Who would have thought Hayden would be the one with anger issues?"
  • Nah, not anger -- just tomfoolery.
  • Enzo says he's becoming one with the penguin suit.
  • Ragan told Matt he thinks Enzo and Hayden are the ultimate floaters in the game.
  • He left out Lane. Hmmm.
  • Matt told Ragan that Britney is the sneakiest player who will be left in the game.
  • Of course, Matt himself was THE sneakiest.
  • Matt didn't tell Ragan the wife lie ... yet.


chris said...

matt would be better off confessing to ragan since clearly, unless he does not care, that would be enough for ragan to be done with matt after bb.
Now if Matt does not intend to speak to any of these peeps after the season then he should just leave without telling him.
Besides telling ragan on matts way out may be actually help the others beat ragan who will be once again thrown for a loop.
And lastly, Ragan, who complains about others being mean takes every freaking opportunity to bash rachel about her acne.
He is disgusting imo, pot kettle and all that.

chris said...

just re read my own post, geez I can't write this early.
Meant to say Besides, Matt telling Ragan on his way out may upset Ragan too much for him to win HOH or POV thus helping the others.
I for one want Brendon to win HOH, Brit to get POV and Ragan the cry baby to follow Matt out

Justene said...

I always wanted to keep BB as a social game. Put a bunch of people in the house and see what happens. So watching the social players prevail over those who win comps would be a good thing for me.

Maybe it's just because, in real life, or really in high school, the athletes prevail over the nice kids just hanging out.

JimmyB said...

Not sure I understand Britney's strategy. Seems she was somewhat aligned w/Lane, Ragan & Matt. I'm curious why she didn't put Hayden up. Havta figure that she thinks Matt is more competition for her.

Maybe she's looking at the final 2 or 3 & wants it to be members of the Brigade (of which she is supposedly unaware) 'cause she can get the votes. If it's Brendon, she has a slightly bigger problem; 'cause the guys will vote for him.

Anon-MA said...

It's a double eviction week. Hopefully Brendan or Ragan will win and put up 2 brigadiers. Time to drive a stake thru that bunch. I think this will be the last chance to stop that train.

Anon-MA said...

Good point Justene.

Jackie said...

Justene - In a way, I feel the same. But watching Lane, Enzo and Hayden ... they're not even trying at the comps. Enzo is deliberately throwing them so that others get the dirty hands. I don't know. I think if they were all truly inept at things, I'd feel better about their social games winning. But I don't think they're all that inept.

Anonymous said...

I just don't understand why Matt doesn't tell Brit about the Brigade and how that's a bigger problem for her then having "couples" in the house. She thinks Lane has her back, but he will turn on her so fast, same with Brendon. If Matt were to confess everything to Brit, he could maybe get Ragan and Brendon to vote for him to stay, Brit could be the tiebreaker and vote Enzo out, then it will be a 4-some against Hayden and Lane and they'd have the numbers. Brit, Brendon and Ragan have all said that they are the "outsiders", so why not join forces. Seems so obvious to me! Then with the double eviction this week, the 4-some would have a much better chance at winning HOH, put up Lane and Hayden and get another one out. They have to see that nobody will win against Lane or Hayden, they are great social players and nobody in the jury house dislikes them. And for Brit, having Matt and Brendon in the house is a great situation for her. I think she'd have a good chance of winning. Sometimes I wish I could yell at my computer and they'd hear me.

Anonymous said...

Doesn't seem like the Matt that's been playing the game up until now. It's almost like he's rolled over and just accepting leaving the game and not fighting. I really hope he has some sort of plan to stay that we don't know about.

Bark Bark said...

I agree Anon. Enzo is the better choice to evict right now for the non-brigade HGs. Frustrating that they don't see it. Matt definately should dime out the brigade since they 'evicted' him from the alliance. It's his only chance to possibly stay in the house. Matt is despicable but if he goes it's game over for all non-brigade HGs.

After this week's double eviction I think we'll see the useless brigade people start trying in the comps.

I don't necessary agree that the 'social' HGs are a lock in a final (unless it's Lane and Hayden in F2 obviously). Many times the jurors will note that although they don't like a certain HG finalist they will grudgingly vote for that person because they "played the game" and the other person did not. Isn't that how Will won BB2? He gave a horrible, weird final speech that turned everyone off but still won 9-2 because everyone acknowledged he "played the best game.". Of course Nicole (or whatever her name was) was no Hayden/Lane.

Anonymous said...

I guess at this point Matt has given up because he refuses to even think about outing the Brigade, he cant see the forest for the trees, and again these people play on emotions, I guess he's probably angry that she put him up so he wont try to help her in his mind(when he would really be helping himself) I didnt like him and still dont, put I never thought he would wimp out the way he has Mr DSG. If he would stay now he would for certain go after Brit because that's how these people play. it's all about revenge with these Buffoons.

Joe in NY said...


From the previous thread.

I just wanted to say that I was a huge "fan" of ED during his season and took a lot of crap on this board for saying so. That's why I found it interesting that so many people here were cheering Ragan's tirade against Rachel. It was just as vicious as anything ED ever did. (Although to be fair, he did it more often.) The difference to me was that ED did it as strategy while Ragan did it out of a sense of moral superiority. I actually found it more offensive in Ragan.

Joe in NY said...


Funny that you have taking a jocks vs. geeks view of things. You must have been a geek! LOL

The thing is, pure athleticism is rarely the point in the comps. I mean we had a pinball game, numerous question comps, the last one was just about buzzing in and sacrificing things. Even the endurance comps didn't necessarily favor the most athletic so much as the most determined. The rope comp...Survivor has run a similar comp and didn't little old Parvati come in second.

So, it's not so much the jocks vs. the geeks as it is the social floaters vs. the competitors. Personally, I respect the competitors more because I hate the fact that so many hgs (and this is true on Survivor also) favor the people they like vs. the people who played the hardest or the best. That's why I like Parvati so much: she has a great social game but she is a warrior in comps also. Of course I also like Russell a lot but, again, mostly because after 20 seasons of Survivor he found a completely different way to play the game and he was fearless, making huge risky moves.

I just can't respect Enzo for throwing comps and "Meow Meowing" for 8 weeks. It's not the worst strategy, staying out of the line of fire, but it is hard to respect that when compared to Britney or Brendon, Matt or even Rachel who fought hard in comps, got blood on their hands, and made moves.

Seriously, if you had 13 people in the house who all threw the comps and did nothing but sit around all day and tried to be the least obvious and the most loved, would you really watch it?

Anonymous said...

Could be they all watched Jordan win last year!

Joe in NY said...

As for Matt, I'm not sure outing the Brigade helps him stay since the Brigade has 2 votes to evict. If he could get Brendon and Ragan to evict Enzo that would force Britney to break the tie. But it is hard to imagine that confessing to being part of a secret alliance would garner much support with Brendon much less Brit. Britney would discover that Matt was exactly the snake she thought he was and that he was never allied with her even though she thought at one time he might be. And it proves to Brendon that he couldn't trust Matt. Matt kind of cinched Brendon's vote with his unnecessary dPOV speech last week where he again declared that he only wanted Brendon out. In the end, Matt was done in by his skeeviness but also by his insistence on continuing to wage the holy war against Brenchel long after it had any strategic value. Early on, with the whole house obsessed with getting Rachel out, it served the purpose of being a unifying force. Once Rachel was gone, however, Brendon become a far less controversial character who actually built relationships in the house and who could have been put to strategic use as an ally...which Hayden and Enzo realized and Matt did not.

That said, Matt's only hope at this point is to blow up the house with telling truths instead of lies. He's got nothing to lose. He might as well out the Brigade and I think FA's suggestion that he out the wife lie could also help. Ultimately his message would be: "I'm a big liar, you were right, but I'm not the only liar in the house. There's the Brigade...yada yada yada. I also told this horrible whopper about my wife being sick, she's not, but since everyone hates me I've lost this game. The question is: do you want to be sitting next to me or Enzo or Hayden at the end? No one will vote for me so you are guaranteed a win."

Would it work? I don't know, kind of doubt it because it is hard to imagine Brendon flipping. Although if he could get Brit to fight for him she might be able to flip Lane. Brit could go to Lane and say: " I'm a little miffed at you. You were lying to me this whole time about being in an alliance. I thought we had something. To think I actually considered dumping my fiancee for you..." Give Lane a chance to chew on that for a while and when he comes back all apologetic she can tell him that if he wants to prove he cares about her then he needs to vote out Enzo to level the playing field. Again, would it work? Hard to say, but I actually think it has a better chance because it plays to Lane's weakness (Brit) while Matt's lies play directly to Brendon's weakness (Rachel) and would tend to reinforce Brendon's animus.

Men can be putty for women. If Brit even hinted that she might have dinner with me outside the house after the game, I'd probably vote myself out!

Joe in NY said...

LOL Anon 9:58

True story! But, of course, they didn't watch because of Jordin. They actually watched because of Chima, Jesse and Natalie (although they'll never admit it). The fact that it boiled down to "good" vs. "evil" in their minds made it worth watching. I doubt anyone here would have watched 13 Jordins in that house. LOL

chris said...

Joe I totally agree!
Ragan does think he is morally superior and that is always a turnoff with america.
I think Matt should try to cause a tie, but so far it seems he is giving up.
I think he could get brendon or lane but again who knows without trying
i want him to go so I dont care if he tries.
I also agree if he outs all the lies he may just make a case for himself! Then the meow meow would be toast.

JimmyB said...

I didn't mind Ragan's “tirade” w/Rachel. She had it coming. I don't know if he sees himself as morally superior; however; he certainly is intellectually superior (he knows it, and we know it).

I also think he injected his humor into those sessions. I was quite entertained by the whole thing.

RBennie said...

I don't know if it would help him at all, but I would sure like to see Matt out the Brigade. I don't think there is much of a chance that E/H/L will make it to F3 together. I think 2 of them will make it, but I don't think they will accomplish getting rid of Brit, Brendon and Ragan. That is too tall an order for those losers. I know a lot of you here think E/H/L have been throwing all the comps. I don't think so. I think they threw a couple of them, but mostly they just suck at competing.

ML said...

Joe, I totally ageee about Ragan's attack on Rachel. It came from a place of arrogance and self righteous moral superiority. I dislike Ragan more than even Matt. I know you're a teacher, Joe. Can you imagine having Ragan as a professor or even a colleague?

Girlsmom said...

I don't like Matt, but for a diabolical super genius he is falling short. He has nothing to lose to out the brigade. I would think if he layed it all out for Britney, Ragan and Brendan - maybe drew a little diagram, they would see that the 4 of them would have a greater chance against Hayden and Lane. No way is Britney better off with Enzo staying and leaving the brigade a power of 3.
I also agree with previous poster that he may as well out the wife lie too, or at least hold that in reserve in case.
The double eviction worries me. I'm still hoping Brendan can hang in there. Not sure why I'm such a fan, but I like him more and more with Rachel gone. He certainly wins when he needs to, hoping he keeps it up.

RBennie said...

I think Matt is still clinging to the hope that Lane and Hayden will side with him over Enzo and that is why he is still denying the brigade, even though Ragan already told him he believes the 4 of them are/were an alliance.

Justene said...

Joe, I went to a high school full of geeks. It's more athletes vs. slackers. I always wanted to be a slacker. It seems nice to hang out and enjoy. I guess I do that now what with watching shows like BB.

Wasn't BB1 a game without comps? A lot of people watched. I liked the notion of America voting people out.

Justene said...

As for Matt, why not talk about the Brigade now? Does he want to pull it out at the last minute?

Andrew did that with Hayden/Kristen and there was no time for it to have any impact.

Anonymous said...

GREAT idea for Matt to expose the brigade. That would be awesome!!!

Wouldn't they freak!!!! Love it!

meb said...

JimmyB... I agree with you! I enjoyed Ragan's arguments with Rachel. and yes, she had it coming. I agree that he is intellectually superior but that as a given, his humor was what kept it interesting, along with Britt and Lane.

I don't watch the feeds, so I didn't see all the other things that was going on in the house. I watch for the entertainment value, not to watch someone 24/7. I don't think any of us would come out a winner if we were being watched 24 hours a day. On that scale, we need to give them some slack.

Thank you Jackie for doing that for us and for NOT bashing them on everything they do that's possibly an irritant.

I do think Matt should out the Brigade and tell the truth about his wife, before eviction night hopefully saving himself... and get into an alliance with Ragan (even if he is a crybaby), Britt, and Brendon. That would make it 4 against 2 since Enzo would go instead. Britt would have a much better chance at the F2.

Did they ever clean up the fish tank? Yuck!

Anonymous said...

I must be missing something,why are people here saying if Matt tells everyone the truth that his wife is not sick, that will somehow help him. Are they suppose to want him to win the $50K? I dont think so, that's what he'll win if he in the F2, I think if he tells the HGs that he lied about his wife they might kick him out before Thursday LOL. Because they will be even more disgusted with him. He should just take him little diabolical superior self home NOW.

Anonymous said...

I can't understand how anyone has a problem with Ragan's actual tirade at Rachel during her 24-hour return. I cheered. The whole gang of us cheered! We had DVR'd it, so we rewound, watched it again, and cheered again!

It wasn't arrogance, or superiority, although he did have her whooped in vocabulary.
The tirade, I truly believe, came from an absolute state of being fed up with Rachel's attitude, her arrogance, her conduct, her horrible way of treating each and every person.
It me, it was priceless to see Rachel absolutely speechless when someone had the balls to stand up to her! Priceless!!
More power to Ragan for that one. Yeah some of his other tirades, whining, tears, etc., get to be more than annoying, but for his fighting back verbally to Rachel? I'm so glad he did! More power to him for being the only houseguest willing to stand up to that shrew!


meb said...

Anon 12:20. I say he should do it with the hopes of them thinking that he wouldn't win if they were in the F2 with him, so they keep him in with that thought.

As for him telling and the advantage to him would be that if they thought that and took him to F2, first he would still be there and have a chance to go to the end and if he made it, he'd at least be $50,000 richer even if he came in second...

And what if everyone voted on who played the best game, lie or not, and he made it to F2... he just might win the $500,000.

Do I want him to win... no... but he could help Brit stay in the game longer if they teamed up with Brendon and Ragan, and I so want her to win...

So there ya go!

JimmyB said...

meb--We're on the same page. I care about entertainment value first & foremost! And the "tirade" was the most fun I've had watching TV in a very long time.

Joe in NY said...


I didn't see that as fighting back, he started that fight. He opened the door and Rachel said (in that annoying screech of hers): "Guess who's back, bitches!" She meant it as a joke, Ragan looked immediately furious and just really laid into her first chance he got. I had a problem with that. He should have just walked away, like Kathy walked away. He couldn't and he wouldn't. His tirade was also juvenile, calling her the equivalent of "pizza face" while ridiculing her breasts, her hair, and her acne.

Was she annoying? You bet. Was she a biyotch? Absolutely. Was she a poor sport? Yes, sir. Did she deserve that? I don't think so.

It was petty and personal and mean. If he had left it at: you made a lot of enemies in this house, you could have played nicer, you could have been nicer, and we might have wanted you to stay. But he didn't, he started ridiculing everything about her: hair, breast, acne, her laugh, her walk. If someone did that to you, you'd probably break down in tears or worse. For all her faults, I don't recall her personally insulting anyone like that.

A few posters were upset that Jessie had the nerve to call Britney fat. Why pick on Jessie and applaud Ragan? Because you dislike Jessie and you dislike Rachel so anything that gets done to them is okay and anything done by them is wrong. As Justene suggested, this is high school all over again and you are piling on with the bullies.

Sorry, but in my book Ragan is a bully and while I don't want Rachel or Ragan to come over for dinner, I'd rather have Rachel than Ragan.

And, to add hypocrisy to his meanness, he acts more like Rachel than anyone in the house. Giddy over every minor victory, crying and moaning over every little setback. She had a showmance, he had a bromance. She disses Brendon when he tries to comfort her, he disses Matt when Matt tried to comfort him.

anonymouse said...

I agree. Matt's only chance is to out the Brigade and hope for miracle, but it would have been smarter to out them before the nomination ceremony--then maybe hayden would be up.

anon 7:47
I just don't understand why Matt doesn't tell Brit about the Brigade and how that's a bigger problem for her then having "couples" in the house. She thinks Lane has her back, but he will turn on her so fast, same with Brendon. If Matt were to confess everything to Brit, he could maybe get Ragan and Brendon to vote for him to stay, Brit could be the tiebreaker and vote Enzo out, then it will be a 4-some against Hayden and Lane and they'd have the numbers. Brit, Brendon and Ragan have all said that they are the "outsiders", so why not join forces.

monty924 said...

Joe, I can't find anything to debate you on today. :)

I remember a lot of folks being down on ED around here, but I loved him from the very beginning and didn't really catch much flak for it. There were a handful of us on that season. Speaking of... where did Plaidchick go? I miss her around here and would love to know what she thinks about Matt and outing the Brigade.

I still maintain its his only hope. I love the idea of him drawing out a diagram, with his duckies or candy, and showing Britney, Brendon and Ragan how they can take the remaining Brigade out. Whoever mentioned that... genius.

I also side with the others on Ragan's rant against Rachel. It was entertaining and she DID have it coming. She started that fight, he didn't. She just didn't have the intellectual tools to finish it.

I don't want to roll over and play dead. I want to see him fight to stay in the game. Outing the wife lie is iffy to me. I think he should sit on that for now.

As far as Enzo the floater, he's the biggest this game has seen and there have been many. Lane and Hayden are right there with him. At least Hayden won an HoH. At this point, it seems like a million years ago now, LOL.

monty924 said...

Oops... I meant that I don't want Matt to roll over and play dead. LOL

joyn said...

So glad you clarified that, Monty!

Anonymous said...

I read Jackies blog daily & thank you very much for writing it. I love all the comments.

I don't get why everyone hates Ragen...I love him!!!! I loved when he put Rachel in her place & his DR sessions are hilarious. I started out liking Enzo alot but I have no use for him now. I wish he'd go...social game or not he hasn't done anything!! I alos wish Matt would let everyone know about the Brigade....the only one worth a darn in the Brigade is Matt.

RBennie said...

It seems like the meaning of "floater" has changed. I always thought "floaters" were people who never really aligned with anyone and who sucked up to whoever was in power at the time. That would make Kathy the ultimate floater in my book. This season it seems "floater" means someone who doesn't win comps. I wouldn't call Enzo a floater because he has been in an alliance from early on and really has not deviated from it. Yes, he's stringing Brendon along, but he wants him gone. His loyalty is to Hayden and Lane. I think it would still be with Matt also, if he hadn't gotten so close with Ragan.

sandaroo1 said...

Can someone refresh my memory on how the double eviction works??

RBennie said...

On the subject of Ragan's rant, I agree with Joe on this one. I think Ragan went way overboard and along with making Rachel look bad, he made himself look worse. The venom spewing out of his mouth was very distasteful for me to watch. Did Rachel deserve a comeuppance? Yes she did. Did she deserve that, I think not. There was nothing intellectual about his rant either. There are kids in my neighborhood who can tell you off a lot better than that, and believe me school is not their #1 priority, LOL. Someone else said it, and I agree, Ragan acts just like Rachel. He just doesn't have the boobs, extensions and acne.

Joe in NY said...


They will vote right at the beginnning to oust someone. Then go to the backyard for an HOH. The HOH will get like 2 minutes to decide who to nominate (verbally without the wheel). Nominations done, everyone goes out to play the POV. Back into the house for the POV ceremony and any change in noms. Then they make their little speeches and everyone votes and out goes #2.

Sometime after the show ends or even the next day, as I recall, they'll have another HOH comp to get things rolling for next week's eviction.

Joe in NY said...


I agree with you on the floater definition. It gets used different ways. I always consider a floater anyone who is unaligned and not making moves. Kathy and Ragan would constitute floaters for me this season. They weren't really in any formal alliance and they weren't making noms or winning comps.

The DAB wouldn't be floaters in my book because they did have an alliance although they come about as close to Aligned Floaters as I've ever seen. I mean an alliance is close to meaningless if you aren't winning an HOH here or there.

That's why I think this year was/is odd. There weren't alliances and power blocks taking each other on. There was the entire house against Brendon and Rachel and that continued right through this week. As a result, the MLB was a toothless alliance since they were just floating with the rest of the house. Even Matt with the two HOHs tried to just go with the "Will of the House".

So I can see why people might consider the MLB to be floaters: their alliance was toothless and they won nothing so, in the end, they did very little to determine the direction of the game. They did a few things, influencing noms, but not a lot.

Of course, Dr. Will was the biggest floater of all time but, as I said in an earlier post, he was an aggressive floater. He didn't win anything on purpose, but then he dared you to nominate him and then he somehow talked everyone into keeping him around.

RitaD said...

Joe, I completely agree with you on Ragan vs Rachel, their similiarities and his cruelty towards her. Well said.

sandaroo1 said...

Thanks Joe from Ny appreciate it. Every year I seem to forget how it works!!

monty924 said...

I agree on the Dr. Will floater theory. He wasn't a floater in my book because he directed the game. That is strategy, that is impact on the game. What had Enzo done? Nothing but be a member of the Brigade. JMO

I think a floater is someone who rides on all of the HoH's back and does nothing else to contribute to the game. Kathy? Yes! Enzo, Lane and Hayden, to a degree? Yes! :)

gaylos said...

Posting this comment here as well, since people may not go back to the "Week that it Was" post.

"Jackie and all the commenters, I know I'm late with this comment, but I only got back home on Sunday and its been hectic since then.

May I say once again how wonderful it was to have met Jackie... you guys have no idea what a treasure she is. She does such wonderful work on this blog and I would love to read more of her work elsewhere (other than TV Squad).

The pic of the man sleeping with his legs over his guitar is priceless, and Jackie knows its special cause she showed it to us (along with others) over lunch. Meb, I recall you being one of two other blog readers who would enquire about me (I was pregnant at the start of last year's BB). I haven't had a chance to post this year at all, but all the best to you all. I'll pop by every now and then to comment... rest assured I'm always reading!"

monty924 said...


I guess the traditional definition of a floater cannot be applied this season. As Joe mentioned, a floater goeas back and forth between the sides. Erika in All-Stars???

This season there are no sides other than the Brigade and Get Rachel and Brendon Out of Here. The Brigade and GRABOOH are also one in the same with the rest of the house, including Kathy.

Joe in NY said...

GRABOOH....love that acronym.

Sally said...

The Brigade's only impact was subtle--working in unison to lobby for or against various people and voting as a block. I'm not sure that made a lot of difference, but it did allow the Brigade to go undetected.

I agree that it would be wise for Matt to reveal the Brigade--perhaps the only move that would give him a chance to stay.

My thanks to the used-to-be-anonymous posters who are now using identities. It makes the comments easier to follow.

RBennie said...

I don't think revealing the Brigade will keep Matt in the game, but I sure would like for him to do it anyway. He was a part of the Brigade too, so getting rid of him is just as good as getting rid of E/H/L. He has blown all chances of being trusted by anyone and yeah he'd be nice to take to F2 - but you have to make it to F2 first or that point is moot.

Justene said...

I dont know why Enzo did nothing. He came in with a strategy -- Set up a brigade. He picked probably the right number - 4 is a good voting block but not so big that you have to start picking off too early. He didn't set it up until after the first HOH, included that person, and has kept it 1) together and 2) secret. I am pretty sure that was his strategy coming in.

It was like the four horsement but the secret was kept a lot longer. At the beginning, they were rarely seen together. As it has gone along, they appear to be just friends.

Even as Matt is a day away from eviction, he is not saying a word.

There have always been alliances but this has been the stealth bomber of alliances. Going forward, everyone is going to aim for that level of secrecy.

meb said...

gaylos... I remember being excited that we had a baby during BB .. and I know that you went missing before the baby was here. I didn't realize you were one and the same when Jackie wrote about meeting you.

Jackie IS great isn't she. I was fortunate to be one of the ones to meet up with her in San Antonio this past April. She's one of a kind, and that's a compliment. I now know why she has such great pictures... while in SA, if she was suddenly missing, we knew where she was. Wandering the hillside looking for shots.

Glad to hear from you again Gayle... BTW.. I'm hesitant to ask but, the baby?? B/G ??

Witt said...

I think the reason many people are down on Jessie is because this is his THIRD appearance with Big Brother...and he is still exactly the same (condescending and way too full of himself) and hasn't grown up one bit. I can think of a million things I'd rather be doing than spending an hour with him. It's like the folks who watch The Bachelor and Bachelorette...they are clamoring for some new people, not the person left over from the last season.

Witt :)

Joe in NY said...

I like to see familiar faces. I think Survivor's Heroes vs. Villains was one of the best seasons ever.

RyzandShyn said...

I loved Ragan's rant on Rachael.
I disagree that Ragan started it, I see it as all on Rachael, starting with the way she came through the door. She's mean and a bully, and can dish it out but not take it. Ragan had enough and gave it to her. I liked seeing that some points he made stuck/stung.
ED had his strategy which included his rants, well thought out and well timed. He was looking to rattle the nerves. He delivered, calmed down, and patted himself on the back.
Ragan is an emotional wreck in that house, a raw nerve, scattered, reacting to a little bit of this and a little bit of that. He's ranting in the moment from an emotional place.
I don't see where ED and Ragan are anything alike.
I understand Justene's point. I also think it's more about social players and physical players. The physical players seemed hell-bent on beating each other and seemed to not recognize "the boys" as a larger group of connected friends. They are still there though, goofy around, talking to everyone, stroking egos when needed, being boys, waiting for the players to knock themselves out of the game. I think they did a good job.

Anon-MA said...

I really think Matt 'has' to disclose the alliance (but not his revolting lie about his wife). He is all but certain to go home. The only possible game changer is to give people a reason to vote a different way. That requires 'new' information for HGs to think about.

It may not save hm in the end, but it will change future game play either way. Without the disclosure Matt's out. If he's still out anyway after disclosing MLB, then he's no worse off. Brendan, Ragan and Brit should be smart enough to realize they have to break up that 3-some while they can.

He should be able to turn Britney against Lane with that info. He can tell Ragan that he (Matt) got ousted by his own alliance because they didn't like him being so friendly with Ragan (true). Matt should also be able to turn Brendan with this info by making him see that the little alliance he thoughthe had was just a 'fall back' in case the brigade went caput and they needed him in line (Brendan) because he's so great at competitions.

The problem is Matt isn't even particularly good at being diabolical -- let alone a super genius (or even a 'regular' genius for that matter).

Shifting gears about Will nit being part of any alliance - what about Chill Town? It was really pretty much just him and Boogie (yuck). Remember when they told Chicken George he could be in Chill Town?? Ge almost wet himself with glee!! There are some good cuts from Season 2 on You Tube -- very funny stuff -- much of which I'd forgotten.

Joe in NY said...

Don't you mean HE's mean and a bully and HE can dish it out but not take it.... :)

RyzandShyn said...
I loved Ragan's rant on Rachael.
I disagree that Ragan started it, I see it as all on Rachael, starting with the way she came through the door. She's mean and a bully, and can dish it out but not take it.

Anon-MA said...

Sorry for all my typos in the last post!

Jackie -- you do such a great job with this blog!!! It really adds a lot to the show.

Also your photos are beautiful....

Thanks for everything.

Bark Bark said...

Joe -- I think she's mean because it's who she is. Ragan seems to just be emotional. In other words, I think Rachel does/says things more deliberately. I just think Ragan is this season's "mess." Maybe a distinction without a difference. Bottom line is I personally find Rachel more annoying -- some people fnd Ragan mire annoying. Chalk it up to person (un)preference. What the heck does Brendan see in her???

Joe in NY said...

Bark bark,

I'm not defending Rachel, I just don't think she and Ragan are that different. She's just as big a mess as Ragan. She alternated between cheering herself and thumbing her nose at the other hgs to crying and moaning. Brendon tried to reason with her but she couldn't control herself. Ragan's not much different.

JimmyB said...

Little, gay, crying guy a bully?


I think he's just what he appears to be. Highly emotional, intelligent...and very funny. And I think I'd like him in real life.

Joe in NY said...

Again, Rachel is just an insecure crying girl, right?

gaylos said...

Hey meb! Baby was a boy! Like I suspected. He is now 13 months old and without a tooth in his mouth Lol! Jackie did mention that April trip so its so great she gets to interact with some of her most loyal followers.

Bark Bark said...

Joe, I see your point for sure. But it's a little like applying 'logic' to 'love." she just annoys me way more than he does, but I can see why some might find him more grating. I'd love to see what she's been like I'm the jury house.

sandaroo1 said...

Will we be seeing anything from the jury house this week???

Anonymous said...

I have a feeling that Matt will either tell Regan about the brigade or it will be part of his speech. I really think he will go out with a bang....but who knows.
I am hoping he outs the "boys'....or should I say FLOATERS.

Witt said...

We may see something from the jury house, since there is more than one person now. I wonder if Rachel will still needle Kathy for an apology?

Joe, I don't mind old faces, but someone I would like to see again. The two seasons I've seen Jessie on this show were two seasons too many!

Witt :)

Laurie said...

Jackie's new post is up!

Justene said...

With a double eviction, I can't imagine there's time for the jury house.

Do we ever see it on Wed (i.e. a non-live show)?