Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Big Brother 12 - Live Feeds Into Wednesday Morning - August 11


Enzo's reaction as Brendon screams at Ragan and Britney in back of him.

Brendon's talk to the Internet after he screamed at Britney and Ragan and then couldn't get to Rachel as she was in the Diary Room.

Putting on a show for the Internet explaining the recent brouhaha in the house. Alas, the view is from the back because the camera in the front would only focus on one at a time, not a group shot.

There. Have I whetted your appetite for the most recent brouhaha in the house? I hate to admit it because it really makes me a bit of a mean girl ... but my whole reaction to this dramatic event was a bit like Enzo's. I had to hold the giggles in. Here's what went down:
  • It was a relatively peaceful evening in the yard, another pool tournament (yawn) in motion.
  • Rachel and Brendon are still working on the "Vote out Brendon because he's a meanie-pants while Rachel is simply a dear heart who's so misunderstood. She deserves to be here!" plan.
  • With that in mind, Rachel wants to smooth things out between herself and Ragan, Britney to a lesser amount.
  • Now, Ragan isn't having any of the apology bit. He told her that he doesn't like the drama and that every drama in the house has a common denominator -- Rachel.
  • Ragan isn't loud, nor really rude. Yet he definitely was condescending.
  • Britney joined in to agree with Ragan as he continued.
  • Rachel kept pushing them by claiming she never did the things they said she did.
  • But she did laugh maniacally at Ragan the night before. She did. I saw it. The house saw it. Perhaps Ragan attaches too much dramatic significance to behaviors like this, but it happened.
  • "Never happened!" said Rachel. The denial of things which had happened continued. Ragan told her that he wanted to be surrounded by fierce competitors in the comps, then be able to relax and play pool with them later.
  • Ragan told her she was a poor sport when she wins, gloating it over everyone and a poor sport when she loses, crying and pouting. No one wants to be around her in either scenario. She needs to adjust her behaviors and she'd have less of a problem getting along in the house.
  • He is right on that bit. Her mood swings are so predictable and she never seems to really get over things.
  • Rachel teared up, apologized for EVERYTHING and said she was sorry for ruining his game. Then she ran into the house to the Diary Room before the tears overflowed and caused flood warnings.
  • Brendon, only knowing that Rachel was upset and heard a mention of his name (Ragan mentioned Brendon calling him a "pussy" to Rachel), ran out to the hammock where Britney, Ragan and now Kathy were.
  • He lit into them, really! He started screaming and yelling at them, full of expletives! WOW! I didn't know he had it in him.
  • Ragan called him a "neanderthal."
  • Brendon corrected his pronunciation.
  • All the time Brendon was screaming at Ragan and Britney (Kathy had quickly jumped up and ran to safety), Enzo was probably less than fifty feet away by the pool table with Lane and Hayden. His back was to the brouhaha. It was all he could do to keep from guffawing.
  • The glee in Enzo's eyes was priceless. It's obvious that he relishes this kind of thing in the house as it takes him totally off the radar.
  • After screaming at them a bit more, Brendon headed towards the house with Britney on his tail.
  • Towering over her, he sputtered something about her being three feet tall. She sputtered back at him.
  • He went in and looked all over the house for Rachel, finally deciding she was in the diary room.
  • The diary room wouldn't let him in.
  • So he addressed the cameras pleading his case and explaining his outburst.
  • He's in love and he KNOWS they picked on her (even though he really has no clue what was said by anyone).
  • He's going to defend his love no matter what.
  • She doesn't deserve such treatment and never does anything wrong.
  • They're all so mean to her and she has never been mean in the house.
  • Kathy came through to check for "libations" in the storage room.
  • Since she's not Britney and Ragan, he didn't scream at her.
  • Coming out with two bottles of wine and maybe five beers, he asked that she leave both bottles of wine for Rachel and him (Rachel still in DR).
  • She left them on the kitchen island and headed out the door, letting Britney in on her way out.
  • Britney snagged the bottles, said something about all of the liquor going outside and put them with the rest by the pool table.
  • Brendon went out, grabbed the white wine and brought it back into the kitchen, took the corkscrew and opened it.
  • Kathy came in for the corkscrew only to find out that Brendon hid it in his pocket and didn't want to give it to them. But he gave it to her without argument when she said something about sinking to their level.
  • Rachel eventually came out of the DR. Brendon and Rachel went over the fight and how mean everyone is over and over again as they drank their wine in one of the bedrooms.
  • Hayden, Kathy, Britney and Ragan put on an Internet show in the HOH room (and to Matt) reenacting the events of the evening, offered with a bit more relish just to spice things up.
  • Enzo, Hayden and, to a lesser degree, Kathy, are sitting pretty in Rachel and Brendon's eyes.
  • Ragan, Matt and Britney are cockroaches according to Brendon.
  • He will squash them.
  • Brendon is SO brainwashed by Rachel. While Britney and Ragan tend to exaggerate her behaviors, Rachel has a lot of serious emotional and people skills issues. Brendon, though his earlier "talks" with Rachel showed he knows there are issues, now is blind to anything she does wrong.
  • Ragan also addressed the Internet on his own, explaining his stance. Now, he's beginning to remind me a bit too much of a know-it-all guy I know, so I should zip my lip.
  • Suffice it to say that he's not perfect either.
  • But Rachel's behaviors have been really manic, that I will say. She needs that house shrink they have on staff.
  • That was about it for the excitement of the night.
  • Finally, a brouhaha which lasted more than two minutes and really caught my attention. I wanted to go make popcorn in the middle of it for my viewing pleasure.

Hey, Rachel ... not that I'm one to give advice. But did you ever think that maybe, just maybe, it's those SOCKS? I'm jus' sayin' ...


Anonymous said...

Super great post..!! Eviction can't come soon enough and I hope it's still Rachel going..!

chris said...

first again
thanks Jackie
Rachel really does need help
Brendon too, he is blinded by something that he thinks is love.
wow totally messed up.
he reminds me of natalie during the sheila season who immediately clung to Matt and thought it was true love, her soul mate etc.
wow i wonder what their families think!and ragan can be a nasty so and so too, not so innocent

chris said...

wow not first
wasted time with word verification
wv dogran
my dogran when she heard rachel's horrible laugh

joyn said...

Very exciting post! Hope some of this brouhaha will be shown on TV.

I'm beginning to think that Brendon has as many head problems as Rachel. Really hoping his mother will knock some sense into his tortured brain when this is over.

Guess Ragan's "just not going to take it anymore".

joyn said...

Enzo's a breath of fresh air at times.

Cha cha said...

I have been out of town for a few days and have to say warning BBAD last night was wonderful. watching the discussion with raven and rachel to me was funny but when Brendon came out looking like an ass it was really priceless.

Watching their Internet show just the tip is really beginning to be a favorite. I went back and watched my recordings from the previous few nights.
I can't wait for Rachel to leave tomorrow and see Brendon be a list puppy. The best would be for Britney to win hoh.

Please disregard mispellungs if any. I am on the iPhone and it loves to correct my words

I have come to realize that haydon, lane, and Enzo really dot want that blood on their hands. Regan doesn't want it either. I think the guys should get Brendon out of hoh then throw it to Britney.

Anonymous said...

It looks to me like Britany is
playing a brilliant game and might just win this


Lars said...

If they think screaming is exciting, it a wonder they're all boring.

There is a difference between being funny and looking ugly.
Brit was funny at times but her facial expressions are yikes!

ML said...

Can't we just have a straight double eviction tonight and get rid of both B&R with one fell swoop? (Rachel is my pool girl but enough is enough).

Chris, about that wv, my two cats bolt from the room when they hear her laugh hahaha.

RBennie said...

Finally a little excitement! I'm glad you finally had something at least quasi-entertaining to watch for a change Jackie. Why does Brendon seem to reserve all his yelling for the gay guy and the girl?

Lars said...

It's to easy fighting with Rachel and Brendon, I'd love for someone to focus on Matt's lies, but they're obessed with R & B.

Laurie said...

What a nice surprise, a little drama in the house! As others have said, Brendon can't see anything but the good Rachel. I think that's a testament to her ability to brainwash him while they stay in isolation with each other. She clearly sees his faults (after all, he let her down in the HOH comp) but he, Neanderthal that he is, sees only what she has taught him to see. His coming to her defense in as laughable as her denying any of her behavior in the house. Bye Bye to Both!!

Anonymous said...

I never did understan why they were all so set on R&B from day one. So what if they are a showmance, big deal. It's true the two of them are crazy but the house has been against them from the first day.

Sharon S said...

Rachel and Brendon came in needing therapy, but they are REALLY going to need it after understanding how people perceive them.

Thanks for the fun read Jackie!

Mimi6343 said...

That was a great BBAD episode! Brendon is an idiot and blinded by what the thinks is love. A few months from now when he realizes she is crazy and he is an idiot, he is going to look back at that video and cringe. LMAO

Kudos to Britney and Regan, they were hysterical.

Enzo is a snake and don't trust him at all now!

Anonymous said...

Watched my 1st episode of BBAD ... I now have a very different point of view! My previous favs,Brit and Ragan, have been replaced by Enzo and Matt.
Go Bro-gade!

Anonymous said...

Watched my 1st episode of BBAD ... I now have a very different point of view! My previous favs,Brit and Ragan, have been replaced by Enzo and Matt.
Go Bro-gade!

RitaD said...

I can't wait to see the day those two faced catty idiots Britney and Ragan get the tables turned on them when their put up on the block! I hope they act as "dignified and angelic" that they expect Rachel to act as they bash her non stop and say it's not "personal". What a bunch of snakes! Loved how Britney cried after attacking Brendon and acting shocked when he finally told the little twirp where to go! Oh BOO HOO Britney, he was soooo mean to you! ROFL!!

Anonymous said...

Hmmmm, after I watched the after dark, it didn't really go down with all that much drama. Yes Brendon was upset and he was right Ragen did jump ship and if Britney didn't follow him or mock his walk he wouldn't have addressed her at all. She got what she deserved as a 3ft nothing! Yes people, unless your cynical, love at first sight does happen get over it. They are two funny loving, kind, 20 somethings. They have more heart then all the other housemates together. There is a difference in having someones balls in their purse and having someones heart in their purse! Did Brendon hit a nerve, with the cheating comment? And hasn't both Britney and Ragen personally attack Rachel and Brendon before the cameras and behind their backs. Could Lane and Britney be a secret house couple?? He was the only one who comforted her. All of them still forget Rachel and Brendon have 2 votes that will count as one. No sympathy for Britney and Ragen here.

RBennie said...

I know plenty of fun-loving, kind 20 somethings and none of them bare any resemblance to Rachel and Brendon. All the trashing does bother me though, but they are all guilty of that.

Anonymous said...

I actually feel bad for Brendon. He is so enmeshed and taken in by Rachel's emotions that he doesn't see it. I REALLY hope they show HIS family's reaction to the relationship because his family has to be worried that he is attracted to such a crazy chic. I just pray he wakes up and doesn't actually date her in real life otherwise he is going to live a miserable life. He is such a nice looking guy but clearly he has no self-esteeem that he turns into such a puddle of weakness around her. It's sad, really

Anonymous said...

I really hope the show does improve for all you Rachell haters once she's gone but I bet you'll start to get tired of Brit very quickly.

I get it Rachel is supposedly trash with no moral upbringing but I really want to see what her family says about her game play on the show this Thursday.

I have a feeling Brendon doesn't have much a personality or hustle and with her gone will just blend in with the other useless house of zombie BB12 floaters.

I say Matt is sneaky enough to win it all and Kathy will probably win the 2500 on finale night.

Lili said...

OK I realize you have no control over the ads but the Shopzilla ad for the Stockade Rear thing with photo is really disturbing. Any chance certain types of ads can be filtered or blocked? Thanks.

JohnMD said...

I know so many hate Brendon and Rachel but again, yes they are mental but it's a hocking showmance these people in the house act like they are the most kick A players in BB history and the biggest threat to mankind since Hitler. Like them or not they have had the entire house gunning for them since the get go. I am not saying getting rid of a strong pair is not a good move, but none of them are thinking past getting them both out, ok well then that's when everyone is going to shift, why not keep one around for a bit. I saw the stuff go down last night on after dark and anything valid Regan had to say was so mute by his I am above you tude that it really made me dislike him for the first time. I did love when Britney was loosing it from what Brendon said, and was wondering how all these big bad players would have handled E.D. This group and it seems like every year they act like they are on the cover of time I love that HA. And Sidebar, I never understand why everyone votes the same way, it's called BB and scamming on people, why can't someone throw a vote opposite to stir things that way, unless you are so obvious with your dislike that would be a perfect way to throw everyone in a tizzy. Let's go for a Brendon win this week to see everyone spazz HA. Hopefully the alone time Rachel will have can clear her head some and bring her back from the brink some HA.

Anonymous said...

I completely agree with Lili at 1:03. Please Jackie, make it go away!!

Sasha said...

OMG! Thank you SO much Jackie!! Your summary and sense of humor had me literally laughing out loud at times and smiling throughout...uh oh, does that say I have mean girl procliviities? I hope not :)

Thank you, thank you!

Jackie said...

My apologies for that ad -- it should never have been there and I hadn't noticed. EEK! It's been ages since I changed it and I wasn't sure if I could get in, but I did -- now it's Pop Rocks, a favorite treat of Lane's. Again, I'm so sorry. I generally just let those things run and they should have been G-rated.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Jackie. Is it just me or does it seem like Racheal doesn't even have real feelings for Brendon. At first I thought she did with the "mess my man" stuff but it seem like such an act lately. She glares at him all the time and he is the one with all the "advances" and stuff. Atleast what I am seeing on TV I don't get the feeds.

Laurie said...

anon 5:27 I don't think it's just you. Even her "me and my man" stuff was about her possessiveness and not about her love for Brendan (IMHO). Not sure that girl has a clue what love is. Lust, yes. Love, no! Now with her eye rolling and snarky looks, etc, I'd say whatever she felt about him has dimmed to almost nothing. If she gets the boot tomorrow she will blame him ... and then when he doesn't win the big prize the romance will be dead. Again, just my opinion.

chris said...

i totally agree
he always says he loves her and she never says a word back
she withholds unless he does everything right.
I think she treats him terribly and he is so condescending towards her as well. I don't see them lasting a minute outside the house.
so dsyfunctional
she unfortunately put a target on their backs from the beginning
had she not and made alliances besides bed with him then they might not be picked off.
oh well
I just don't want Matt to win at all.

Anonymous said... I almost hate to say this but after BBAD last night, I found myself being on Brenchel's side and wanting for Enzo to win it all. I use to like Ragan and Brittany but enough is enough from the back stabbing hypocrits.

joyn said...

The TMZ site has a clip of Rachel that's probably a few years old of her as a wannabe bikini model for Hawaiian Tropic. She looks younger, thinner and has very dark hair. There's no speaking, (a good thing) just music and her posing. It' 1:44 long. I don't know how to link a clip but it's there. Just thought it was interesting to see her looking different.

I'm really doubting that chemistry thing.

Anonymous said...

I watched that video, honestly, I am no swimsuit model but it was embarrassing. It's not that her body is bad, in fact, she looked good because she didn't have the surgery at that time but she makes such goofey faces LMAO. I don't find her attractive at all and she totally loooks like Boy George.

joyn said...

I didn't say she was attractive, just different. But I do think she looks better with the darker hair.

Petals said...

Hey guys!! (yes, I have an actual computer on which to join you tonight!)
I agree with everyone that has mentioned that Brendon is probably a social misfit on the "outside". I have never seen a seemingly normal, well-adjusted man act like such a goon, such a 'tard. Especially after, what? A few weeks? His family must be humiliated at how he is throwing himself on the sword for Vegas trash. (JMO)

joyn said...

Welcome back, Petals!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

fort worth and dallas is not showing big brother tommorrow night because of a !@#$#@dallas cowboy game so when do we get to see thursday night show????

Nina said...

I'm so happy that Regan and Britney are finally starting to look very hypocritical. You can't just dish and be that catty and then not like it when you get dished too. Not to mention, they need to wake up b/c they are the ones set to be following Brenchal out of the house by the Brigade.