Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Big Brother 12 - Live Feeds Into Wednesday Dawn - August 25

If all goes to schedule and Matt leaves on Thursday, I will NOT miss "hand down your pants."

Here are the late night and overnight happenings from inside that Big Brother House of Alleged Alliances:
  • Britney doesn't think Lane is there to win. She believes he's rich because of all he owns.
  • In almost a psychic moment, Britney wondered what Lindsay Lohan is doing now on the day she was released early from jail.
  • Ragan again told Matt "those four are working together."
  • He means Lane, Enzo, Hayden and ... Britney.
  • Ragan thinks Hayden is "shiesty."
  • Lots of small talk.
  • Lots more of going over events and memorizing them.
  • Brendon, Lane, Enzo and Hayden aren't the scholars of memorizing the house -- Ragan is with Britney a close second.
  • They all want Enzo to wear his head in photos and on Thursday.
  • Oh, not his own head ... his penguin head!
  • He hasn't been wearing it because he can't see in it.
  • Enzo is the only one who doesn't think it will be a double eviction on Thursday.
  • As I post this, Hayden and Enzo are quizzing each other on house events as Brendon sleeps in the Have Not room.

BB gave them badminton minus the net.


ML said...

Why no net?

Jackie said...

They did the same last season ... no net. Maybe they don't want the holes in the fake turf? I don't know.

RyzandShyn said...

So I guess only Brendon seems like he stands a chance of remembering all the facts they are studying?
It makes sense.

Bark, Bark...yes, Hayden as a Brady Bunch boy is something I can
see. The whole group of boys makes me think of the movie "The Sandlot", I wouldn't be surprised if they built a tree fort and had a sleepover in it, telling ghost stories.

Joe in NY said...

I think they are afraid that if they give them a net after 8 weeks of confinement someone will hang himself.

Still not understanding Matt's passivity, but OK! I never thought he was that great a player, but I thought he was at least a player.

Anon-MA said...

It seems like an awfully long time until tomorrow night...sigh

cha cha said...

I am just ready for tomorrow night as well. Get Matt out and have the double eviction.
These hamsters are studying so hard. Maybe they should be practicing carrying water in a small cup across the yard.
The last two seasons when it was down to final 5 they had the comp where they had the tiny cup and dumped it in the big bulb with the tiny hole on top.

ML said...

Thanks Jackie, that makes sense, although I was thinking more like Joe that the hamsters may do something bad with it. They should have at least a small garden plot for flowers and/or veggies. That would give them something useful to do. Then at some point, the have nots would get only what the garden produces for the week, like tomatoes and beans or cucumbers and lettuce. They are easy and relatively fast growing, and that would encourage them to keep the plants alive, unlike the poor fish in the tank.

~~Silk said...
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~~Silk said...

Joe beat me to the "no net" comment. Notice that since Rachel took away her hair extensions, there's nothing left in the house that one could hang oneself (or someone else) with. Tearing sheets would need something sharp to start the tear, and besides, it takes work and forethought, neither of which appeal to these hamsters. There are no nice simple blind/curtain cords.

Net posts don't need holes in the turf, by the way. They could be on a tripod or weighted base.

Are we absolutely sure of a double eviction? Remember that there was supposed to be an additional houseguest who dropped out right before the start of the show, so they're short one guest for the schedule.

sandaroo1 said...

Julie said on last Thursdays show it will be a double eviction this week. Matt open your mouth & let Ragen, Brendon & Britany know about the brigade!!!!

Anonymous said...

Matt is too selfish to let Brit know about the Brigade, he's angry that she put him up when he asked het not too, so he's not about to try and help her he's given up on trying to stay because and it's pretty much a given that he's out of there on Thursday.

RBennie said...

I'm looking forward to tonight's show. I want to see the POV comp. and hope they will show the jury house.

Anonymous said...

I know this isnt about bb but i would like to be put in the pool for surivor if some one gets ne going/ It looks like my bb pick Matt is going home. Thank you

Karen in Ca.

JimmyB said...

Jackie said: Ragan thinks Hayden is "shiesty."

I have no idea what this means. ...Shady & feisty, maybe?

RBennie said...

I thought it referred to "shyster" as in shyster lawyer (unethical or unscrupulous)

Nina said...

Yeah, the studying is ridiculous. No way will either of the comps on Thurs. during the live show involve anything they are memorizing. Maybe further down the road but not yet. Thurs. night will require an entirely diff. skill set IMO. I hope either Brendan or Britney win the game, the others suck at comps anyways.

RBennie said...

Don't forget Brit can't compete in the first HOH comp.

RBennie said...

Oops, sorry Nina, I should have read your comment better. I thought you said you wanted either Brendon or Brit to win HOH.

Anonymous said...

I have a feeling that the HOH comp on Thurs will be a skill, like putt-putt or pinball type, something that is a skill but that can be resolved quickly.

cha cha said...

has anyone who watched the feeds noticed that Brendon resembles Russell from last year since he has shaved his head. It is kind of creepy.
He also yesterday made a comment about seeing a chiropractor for his crooked back...

Lili said...

I think if Matt outs the BG he will still go home. The BG minus Matt hasn't trusted him for some time because he got soooo close to Ragan. Britney thought he proved himself seriously disloyal and not worthy of trust when he tried to convince her to nom Ragan.

So, if he outs the BG, it will definitively prove to every single person in the house that Matt will betray any and all who he is close to.

At that point why would anyone keep him in the house?

I just don't see Matt staying, forming an alliance with Britney, Brendon, and Ragan and sweeping the BG out.

IMHO it will never happen. So out the BG, don't out the BG, the Diablolical Super Gnome is going home!

Joe in NY said...

Ironically, I think Matt's only hope is Brendon. If he can out the Brigade and make Brendon distrust Hayden and Enzo maybe he votes for Matt. He'd still have to turn Britney but, again, with the secret alliance isn't it a toss-up as to whether to throw out Enzo or Matt if you're Brit? And she seemed closer to Matt than Enzo.

It's a long shot, but at least it's a shot. There's no reason not to take it at this point.

chris said...

Joe I so agree
Why not fight til the finish.
He could approach Brendon and Ragan and Britney.
He should at least try, not that I want him to stay.
Seems odd that he is just giving up, seems so un Matt, so not like a DBSG that he claims to be.
I think if he outed the brigade it might just turn Brendon and Brit as the tie breaker.
The penquin would then be toast.
However since Matt has proven to not be trustworthy they very well might not believe him which would be really amusing!

Anonymous said...

So Britney is clairvoyant. Wow!

cha cha said...

I agree with you.
He should pull Brit, Bren, and Reg to the side and just tell them. He needs to make sure that one of the three say the words in front of the whole house how there really should have been an alliance called the brigade or make sure they say the word Brigade. They need to pay attention to the looks on Enzo, Haydon and Lanes faces...
That would be good.
I expect Matt should make some type of move today.

lynn1 said...

JimmyB said...
Jackie said: Ragan thinks Hayden is "shiesty."

I have no idea what this means. ...Shady & feisty, maybe?

RBennie said...
I thought it referred to "shyster" as in shyster lawyer (unethical or unscrupulous)

Sheise (SP?) or a word pronounced the same is German for feces.
If one was called shiesty, well you get my drift...

RBennie said...

LOL Lynn. I wonder which one Ragan meant.

Anon-MA said...

Matt is probably busy outsmarting himself again. He will come up with useless, misdirected plan that's too little, too late/poorly executed or both.

He deserves to go home -- I would just like to see some fight in him first! This crawl up (with his hands in pants) and die stuff is boring.

lynn1 said...

I have no idea if Ragan speaks German or even knows what it means in German. I just thought I would mention it in case that is what he meant.

JimmyB said...

Yea...I havta figure Ragan's a fairly smart guy and knows what he said. I've just never heard that term in my life.

FA (Formerly Anon) said...

Matt the DSG has let his whole game be ruined by guilt from Ragan!

I just wonder if Ragan is doing it on purpose of if it's just who he is. I suspect it's just who he is. But it's messing up Matt's game, that's for sure.

Matt seemed to have it all together, but at the last minute, in the clutch, he let it all go. I wonder if he's got stronger feelings for Ragan than he'll admit?

Matt could do several things to try to save himself. He's even doing things that are completely unnecessary in order to prove his loyalty to the brigade. Why? What good does that loyalty serve him in the jury house?

Matt has no secret plan up his sleeve, unless it's to confess the wifey lie, which I hope he does. It's the only thing that, imho, might save him.

ORKMommy said...

Ooo...Ragan is so hip! Urban Dictionary has "shiesty" defined.

The first one is when a person is acting shadey...kinda I guess talking smack behind ur back.. then acting like everythings peachy king when youre face to face with them. Fits Hayden to a tee!

FA (Formerly Anon) said...

Just a thought: should a person who has trust and abandonment issues ever consider going on BB?

Ragan repeatedly talks about his trust issues, and now what do you know, he's been betrayed. In the BB house no less! Can you imagine?

Does he think it might be therapeutic to him or something? Maybe it is?

Joe in NY said...

Compliments of the dictionary:

Main Entry: sheisty
Part of Speech: adj
Definition: suspicious, shady; sneaky; also written shiesty, shysty
Example: He's a sheisty guy.
Etymology: 1993; fr shyster

RBennie said...

I was feeling nostalgic and went on youtube to find Janelle videos. If you are a die hard Janelle fan like I am, watch this. It's awesome.

Anonymous said...

Someone PLEASE tell me why many people here on this blog thinks that if Matt tells the truth about the wifey lie, that, that might save him. It would me off that he would make up something so cruel, that his wife could die, that's nothing to play about.

FA (Formerly Anon) said...

Could there be anything more boring than watching the hamsters recount (and recount and recount) every event that's happened since the season started?

It ranks right up there with the pool playing.

Soon as they start going into their drills, I tune out.

If the HOH comp tomorrow is the "Before or After" then I'd bet BB is priming the pump for a Ragan HOH.

FA (Formerly Anon) said...

Anon--exactly right. It would piss everyone off so much that they'd feel very comfortable taking him to F2 with them, assuring them a win.

Or would it? It could be judged as brilliant game play.

But at this point, what has he got to lose???? He's already going home.

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't take Matt to the F2 that would mean that he would get $50K and he doesn't deserve it. I wouldn't say that my loved one might die if I dont win the money for any amount of money, so does that mean if they don't let him stay in the game and win the money his wife might die. SEND HIM HOME IMMEDIATELY.

Anonymous said...

Remember people these houseguest play on emotions, I'm not sure they even think about who they will think they might be able to beat in the end, they are so worried about if someone will still be their friend, they act like they want their best bud there with them. There's still two other people on the jury that dont know about the lie and I'm not sure any jurors coming into the jury house can talk about whats been going on in the BB house. Maybe Matt is not going to say anything until he walks out the door and that will leave everyone worried as to who might get his vote.

RyzandShyn said...

Joe posted:
Etymology: 1993; fr shyster

I conclude that the lexicon was expanded in 1993 to include "shiesty", derived from shyster?

I always linked shyster with Shylock, that unscrupulous money lender from The Merchant of Venice.
Also, my father, who would describe various professionals he had to deal with as the shyster lawyer, shyster banker, shyster doctor and so on and so forth :)

Laurie said...

Oh, oh, oh ... we could use one of my favorite vocabulary words from back in the day ... pettifogger!

FA (Formerly Anon) said...

These hamsters are being SO boring today that my ears actually pricked up for a moment when it looked like they were going to discuss the weather (it's very hot in CA today, summer has been MIA until now).

Imagine that, weather being the most interesting thing they're discussing.

Joe in NY said...

anonymous 4:00

The reason revealing the lie might save Matt is because it WOULD annoy everyone. He becomes the person you want in the final 2 because you know you can beat them.

Doesn't always work that way. Lots of people would just want him out. But he only needs to sway ONE vote to force a tie.