Saturday, August 14, 2010

Big Brother 12 - Live Feeds Saturday - August 14

Right off the bat, she fights with Ragan.

Lane is worried and hopes he has the votes to stay.

OMG -- Ragan and Rachel are at it again as I get this typed up. I want to send them both to their rooms. Here are today's happenings from inside that Big Brother House of Loud Louts:
  • Kathy told Brendon something must be up because neither Matt nor Britney seem worried (neither is playing for veto).
  • Britney's not worried because Brendon promised her that he won't put her on the block or backdoor her.
  • Matt, we know, isn't worried because if he goes on the block, he just has to pull out that Diamond Veto and choose his own replacement.
  • The PoV comp went down fairly early. Ragan won.
  • Of course, it was blocked to the feeds.
  • Matt told Lane it's best to try to get Brendon to put up Kathy or Britney and that he'll have the votes to stay.
  • Ragan told Britney he'd never turn on her or Matt.
  • Britney told Ragan that Brendon thinks Enzo is the saboteur because he doesn't try hard at comps.
  • That's not true. Yes, it's true that he doesn't try at comps. However, Brendon thinks LANE is the saboteur.
  • It doesn't matter because Ragan is soured on Brendon with the nomination after he said he wouldn't put him up. He said he won't believe anything Brendon ever has to say.
  • The feeds got blocked for about forty-five minutes and then ... ack. She's back.
  • Rachel apparently entered the house with her, "Hey! Hey! I'm back, bitches!"
  • I normally don't use that language.
  • She irks me so much. Her laugh is like chalk on a chalkboard.
  • Right away she started a fight with Ragan.
  • He's actually no better than her. I prefer Kathy's way -- just walk away.
  • Meow.
  • While Rachel is in the house for 24 hours, apparently Brendon is locked in Pandora's Box (or taken somewhere).
  • Rachel has instructions that she has to ask each houseguest questions.
  • She talked a bit about the jury house -- limited alcohol, television with DVDs (no TV reception) in every room, very peaceful.
  • In questioning Enzo, she asked him about the goodbye message, why they could never be on the same side.
  • Enzo told her that he's in an alliance with Brendon and Hayden right now.
  • Rachel bought all of Enzo's lies (I tell you, a great social game the guy has -- he just really needs to win something) and hopes he's in the final two with Brendon.
  • Then it was onto Matt. She told him his goodbye message was mean because he mentioned Las Vegas.
  • His was sexist and a bit cruel. But the Vegas bit wasn't the problem.
  • Rachel told Matt that Britney and Brendon are scared to get their hands dirty and take charge.
  • Nice way to throw her love under the bus, eh?
  • She told him that she respects his gameplay and knows it was just that -- gameplay, not personal.
  • She also told him that once others are in the jury house they can only talk BB when there are cameras on them, otherwise it's a taboo subject.
  • Kathy was up to bat next.
  • Crying, crying.
  • Rachel told her that everything is Ragan's fault -- he's the root of all evil in the house.
  • @@
  • Kathy told Rachel that she, Enzo and Hayden miss her.
  • Way to go, Kathy!
  • On the other hand, Kathy told Rachel that she heard Ragan and Matt making fun of her (Rachel) yesterday.
  • Not cool, Kathy.
  • Enzo and Hayden had their own little debriefing about what they'll say or not say to Rachel.
  • Then Rachel and Ragan got into a very juvenile cat fight which never seemed to end in the backyard.
  • Meow. Hiss!
  • Rachel got really upset that Ragan called her an ugly parrot face with pink hair.
  • I told you it was very juvenile.
  • Rachel made homophobic comments at him first.
  • I just want to throw a raccoon with its non-retractable claws on both of 'em to shut them up!
  • Rachel, all upset when she was as bad (if not worse) than him, went to the Diary Room.
  • It has quieted down a bit now.
  • At least for a while.

Kathy and Rachel hug ... while crying.


Sharon S said...

Thanks for the update. I am horrified that she's back in the house already. What is production up to? Poor Brendan for having to suffer in lock-up!

Curious situation.

Anonymous said...

I am enjoying Rachel being back...brings some drama to an otherwise boring house!

PDX Granny said...

It's not often I say I wish I had the feeds, but tonight is one of those times I'd like to see what's really going on. Having to wait for it to show on Sunday and Wednesday just means it will be edited to suit BB.

WV ~ expot
One of these days this Rachel will be Brendons expot, as opposed to sexpot.

Non-Hamster Matt said...

If there is any justice in the world, Brendan is spending his 24 hours being deprogrammed.

Anonymous said...

Let me shoot myself-- ahhh that Rachel is nuts. I thought it was a joke at first-- or maybe I was wishing! GEESCH BB-- COME ON!

Angie in KC

Anonymous said...

what is the point of bringing rachel back over annie? -jeannemarie

joyn said...

Yikes! I go away for a day and I come back to find Rachel is back in the house?!

BB is really desperate for ratings this season. They seem to be changing rules on whims this summer.

For the goodbye messages alone, she shouldn't have been allowed back there. Sharing that info could cause problems for some of the remaining hgs. She was voted out fair and square. I hate that BB has decided they can make up new rules as they go along.
Very disappointed.

Anonymous said...

At POV meeting after Ragan removes himself, can Matt then put him (Ragan ) back up with DPOV and can Matt even put Brendan up ????

Anonymous said...

it is a game, it is a game called bb...duh...reality bites...

Sally said...

There must be a reason Rachel is back for 24 hours. Wonder what it is.

She's not gaining any useful information, as everyone is lying to her.

Non-Hamster Matt said...

Anon@12:49AM: If Matt uses the DPOV, it has to be just before the voting on the live show, not at the veto meeting. Letting anyone know he has such a power before he uses it on the live show would mean he risks losing it altogether.

To be fair, I think they've previously said that the DPOV replacement can't be either the Veto holder or HOH. They won those contests and should rightly be considered safe for the week, so Brendan and Ragan are safe (unless Ragan doesn't use the POV on himself).

RetroWinnipeg said...

Since she's back, it might be a good time to show you this parody:

Mimi6343 said...

@ JOYN: I agree! BB is desperate for ratings. It is as if BB is working the numbers for Hayden, Enzo and Brendon. Crazy. They are all so busy kissing her a@# and they all believe she is gonna see Brendon afterward so they dont want her to plant any one of their names in his ear for replacement nominee. It is kinda funny to watch them grovel. Kathy shocked me by turning on her girl Britney. She is starting to play the game.

I am sorry but I cannot stand Enzo. As my co-worker calls him, a "Ball Sack Sniffing Pig" :-o That is such a disgusting dirty habit of his, especially to do on air.

Jennasmom said...
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Anonymous said...

You know now that I have thought about it-- I bet Jessie will come back next week-- now that would just make me stop watching all together.. URG Just say NO to Rachel!-

I am re watching Thursdays show right now and if you see Rachel's diary room-- she is so fake- she is laughing when she is fake crying. Bad actress. PLEASE BB make her go away!

dla said...


Petals said...

OK, maybe I am not fully awake. WTF is going on?? How & why did Rachel come back? Why was Brendon locked down while she came back?

JimmyB said...

Petals--What I get from it is that BB sent her back in for 24 hrs. just to mess with them. (Shame on them if they fall for it)

Apparently, Brendon was placed elsewhere for that period so she couldn't talk to him.

RBennie said...

It seems that Kathy, Enzo and Hayden will be pushing hard for Brendon to put Britney up in Ragan's place. I really can't stomach Kathy anymore! She is one of the shadiest people in the house to me. She has been hugged up with Britney all week and now, and I really hate using this term, she's throwing her under the bus. I hope Brendon sticks to his promise not to backdoor her. She'll most likely wind up on the block anyway, if Brendon puts Matt in Ragan's place. I'm hoping Brendon puts Kathy in Ragan's place, but I doubt he will.

JimmyB said...

And what hits me about Kathy; other than her ridiculous pleas for sympathy as to why she needs the money (I hate that); is that she's a cop and she literally walks away from any confrontation--whether or not it involves her.

~~Silk said...

Walking away from confrontation is a good anger management technique, and in matters that do not involve public safety, a good thing to see in a cop. I'd worry about a police office who flamed too easily.

FA (Formerly Anon) said...

At some point on the feeds, I heard Ragan telling (screaming to) Rachel that Brendon opened Pandora's Box and he got something good for himself (a trip away for the night?) and unleashed a plague (her!) on the house.

That hurt her feelings.

FA (Formerly Anon) said...

And what's this about it being verboten to talk about BB while in jury house?

Is it part of the game rules, or did they find that the psychological health of the houseguests was involved?

It's just odd. You spend weeks under that pressure of living in the BB house, then as soon as you get out, you're not allowed to talk about it with anyone? That sounds like some form of torture to me.

Maybe they can talk all they want with their "handlers" but just cannot discuss BB with the other jury members. Sheesh! What else can they possibly want to talk about?

And if they are allowed to discuss it when cameras are present, then how about providing that footage for the live feeds?

So has this rule always been in effect, or was it something they introduced later for whatever reason?

JimmyB said...

Kathy's in the Big Brother house, not on the street. She's weak...that's all there is too it as far as I'm concerned.

I was pleased when she performed well--finally--in the one comp. (and then didn't defend herself against the stupid Rachel).

That's all she's accomplished. Enzo's right about there with her.

Anonymous said...

Its a GAME and this cast is BORING. I mean really, a grown man crying all the time over NOTHING. I really like Regan, but his crying is as irritating as Rachel. I just want something to go on besides playing pool and Britney constantly bashing Rachel and Brendon. I don't like them either but she can't find anything else to do! Try washing dishes!!

Anonymous said...

i personally love that racheals back of course they have to lock bredon up so they cant say there was any advantage to him if he wins!!!!!!!!!! i want to keep racheal!

Anonymous said...

You can have her!

Sydney said...

what is the point of bringing rachel back over annie? -jeannemarie

8/14/2010 11:30 PM

Because Rachel gets us all up in arms, and that means we talk more about it, blog more about it, etc...!