Sunday, August 01, 2010

Big Brother 12 - Live Feeds Sunday, Aug. 1

Ragan makes the monkey's tail a different appendage.

As usual, Sunday is a bit of a down time day for the hamsters in the Big Brother House of Psych School Examples:
  • BB didn't wake them up early -- woke them up a bit after 10 AM their time.
  • While Enzo can talk Meow Meow, if they start singing like the Meow Mix commercial, the feeds get blocked.
  • Britney talked to herself (or us!) while all alone -- she finds Enzo hilarious, said she'd rather sear her eyes with hot grease than to see Rachel and Brendon have sex, likes Lane but knows he's thinking of himself in the game and wants Brendon and Rachel out.
  • Rachel said she dyed her her red because she was bored with brown. She won't bleach it blond because, combined with her saying "like" so much, she'll come across as real ditzy.
  • She's real ditzy as a fake redhead, I say.
  • Since Matt planted the idea that America was voting for something, they're already wondering if it could be a saboteur vote.
  • Bingo, guys! Smart thinking, BB!
  • Lane, Matt and Britney think America probably hates Rachel and Brendon.
  • Heh. I think Brendon's a fool to "fall in love" within days. Rachel is just too twisted to be in the house. She's going to Chima on us if Brendon gets voted out!
  • Brendon, Rachel, Enzo and Matt saw their movie.
  • Kathy told Rachel she's worried about being thrown under the bus.
  • Meanwhile, Britney is seriously thinking of ways to save Kristen and get Kathy out without making waves.
  • Britney talked to Hayden. What she would like to see happen is a Hayden/Kristen alliance with Brendon/Rachel pushing the "we have half the house and are strong" aspect of such.
  • Kristen and Hayden would make a deal not to put up Rachel and Brendon and they'd have all the power.
  • Britney would save Kristen with the POV and Kathy would go on the block because she's not playing the game at all and shouldn't be there.
  • Despite hard feelings, everyone else is playing to win. Kathy keeps focusing on the jury house as a goal.
  • A Kathy eviction would leave all true players in the house and be more challenging for all.
  • All they need to do is to convince Brendon and Rachel.
  • But the whole alliance would be a lie ... whomever gets HOH on Thursday puts Rachel and Brendon on the block.
  • I don't think they'll fall for it, but it would be entertaining if it were to go down!


jokats said...

Oh-boy I'm feeling good!! Am I gonna be 1st??

jokats said...

Had to get that in there. I have to admit I am taking a shine to Britney for some reason....At 1st I thought she was a ditz, but she has a head on her shoulders & is very funny!! I'm finally finding someone I can root for (maybe).

Laurie said...

It would be nice to have someone to root for and it would be refreshing to have a bright woman who isn't involved in a showmance go to the end. I could get on the Britney wagon!

Mimi6343 said...

@jokats: Me too, she is finally playing the game and if she actually uses the veto she will be my new hero! I would love to have someone to root for finally. I am proud of her just for trying.

JoninMD said...

If they keep Mrs. Roper in the game they totally deserve what goes down.

Sasha said...

Yeah...while I appreciate that Britney is funny, I just can't get on the train. I've seen how nasty/catty she is and just can't root for her mean girl style. With Monet gone, sometimes B's humor is actually just funny but still, often at another's expense.

I've been meaning to say...has anyone seen the How I Met Your Mother episiode about "Whoooo girls"? It SO makes me think of Rachel. Everything is whooohooo ad nauseum. Oh well, just a thought.

I still just can't find someone to truly root for. I have to say though that I'm surprised the DAB is still a secret. It occurred to me tonight that maybe it's because so far they haven't made the major macho mistake that others (4 Horseman) made where they just HAD to beat their chests in front of the others. These guys (hello, Matt especially)are full of themselves but so far they're not outing themselves just to show they can run things. And they actually realize that they haven't exactly been ruling the comps or anything.

Ok, wv = "cloons" as in finally, these cloons gave some excitement in tonight's show :)

melinda said...

This looks freaking awesome!

That’s great to hear! Please let us know what you think of it. I am greatly enjoying it, myself.

Thanks for the update.


Anonymous said...

I'm kind of liking Britney, too. And Enzo. But I'm rooting for fellow Texan, Lane.

I feel a bit sorry for Brendon -- he is such a dope. Well, not that sorry. I hope he goes before Rachel -- even though I REALLY want her gone. But I want to see her go ballistic first. She is scary! He'll probably find out just how scary when they are all out of the house & he can't get rid of her!


Anonymous said...

I would vote Rachel out just to get her annoying strident always shouting voice out of the house. I don't know how Brendon can stand her. Has he never had sex before that he is so smitten with her? She is even a sore winner? What a negative personality. Brendon should play for himself.

Brent McKee said...

Hate to say it but Rachel ain't dumb enough to take this deal, particularly given the way she's been with Britney in the past.

chris said...

If Rachel takes this deal, she deserves to go, or for her man to be ousted!
After all the horrible stuff said, how could she even think she could trust Kristen or anyone for that matter considering she has had words with most of them(except Ragan and Enzo and Lane)!
Well if Britney convinces them to do it, then she deserves the win or at least a vote for something!

ML said...

I thought Britney did not like Kristen from the beginning? Is she really serious? If she uses the veto on Kristen that's a huge risk for her. If Brendon wins HOH Britney would go up in a heartbeat. Why would she want to rock the boat? If Rachel accepts the deal she deserves to lose. I can't believe after all she's shown us of her gameplay that she would be so stupid. I personally would like to see Kristen and her arrogant attitude go. The DAB would also be idiots to try to keep Kristen in any way.

Fiona said...

It would be nice and interesting show this. I still just can't find someone to truly root for. I have to say though that I'm surprised the DAB is still a secret. That’s great to hear!

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