Sunday, August 08, 2010

Big Brother 12 - Live Feeds Sunday Daytime - August 8

I mean, seriously, who wears these things? I know that they're limited in their clothes, but Matt wears this daily. Then he changes into his BB-given footy pajamas.

Usually Sundays are totally uneventful in the house. But, that was the norm when there wasn't a (:::dramatic music:::) ... saboteur! Yes, today had another saboteur video. This time it was blocked to the feeds. The message it shared with the hamsters hinted that they should keep Rachel. Now they're all thinking the saboteur is Rachel because she's the only one who would benefit from it.

I don't have much to report on, but here's the other news of the day:
  • Matt once again told Rachel it was just gameplay that he put Brendon and her on the block.
  • She thinks it is personal, everyone hates her, she's had to fight from day one to stay in the house and so on.
  • Rachel told Matt that Britney turned down the $5,000 offer to buy her use of the veto.
  • Then Rachel went off crying.
  • Rachel and Kathy talked calmly.
  • Most just want to avoid the drama which is Rachel.
  • The HOH gang plus Ragan and Britney had a discussion of how the saboteur (whom they believe to be Rachel) was chosen.
  • They decided if BB chose it, it would be somebody they spotlight on the show (for good or bad).
  • If America chose it, it could be either the villain of the season (to mess with their game) or a favorite player.
  • Ragan is still under no suspicion whatsoever.
  • Matt had stayed up late watching the HOH cam and saw nothing happen.
  • They're nonchalantly "studying" for a BB house knowledge comp which they expect is due Thursday.
  • That's the sort of thing Rachel is great at, Brendon not so much.
  • Of the crew I've been watching, the only ones seriously into it are Britney and Ragan. Britney's knowledge is better than Ragan's on the counts of things.
  • I haven't heard any odd statistics from the BB voice to the hamsters this season -- laps in the pool or around the yard to make a mile, number of windows.
  • Matt is good at comps and time sequences.
  • Stop on back for the show post a bit later tonight -- 8 PM ET!


Zoetawny said...

First time in history that I'm first to post. LOL


Just wanted to give you a heads up to a new Ragan Saboteur graphic I just sent.

I hope Ragan lasts longer than Annie did. I think Ragan could be a hoot.

Thanks for reporting what's going on in the house, Jackie. Reading your posts is always much more entertaining than the show.

Is anyone watching Rubicon or Mad Men besides me? I have to admit that if it weren't for Jackie's blogging BB I don't think I would continue to watch.


FA (Formerly Anon) said...

Zoetawny, I'm a HUGE fan of Man Men! I mean, HUGE. I watched the pre-season episode of Rubicon but will catch up via On Demand.

Jackie said...

Got the graphic, thank you!

Suzanne said...

Yes, Zoetawny..I watch Mad Men and I read about BB here at Jackie's. I haven't seen Rubicon, because I don't have time for a new show, as it is I am watching things recorded a week or so before I see them. Good to see you here Zoetawny. : )

Anonymous said...

FINALLY, the brigade does something right. Hurray, Brendon and Rachel on the block. Hope they do not get the power of veto.

I LOVE Rubicon!