Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Big Brother 12 - Live Feeds Through Tuesday, August 25

Britney, ace HOH camera photographer.

I feel like I'm watching study groups lately. Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Knowing Every Minute of the Season:
  • Yawn. BB let them sleep in until around noon their time.
  • Precisely why I didn't bother putting up a report before tonight's episode on the east coast.
  • I mean, we're talking studying for the comps and small talk.
  • Along with a bit of fussing about being a penguin.
  • Britney got the HOH camera and wanted to rush through it so she could write her blog.
  • She apologized to America for sleeping so much and crying.
  • She knows how we hate that.
  • Matt told Brendon he has his vote in the jury.
  • He probably lies.
  • After an indoor lockdown, they returned to the yard to find the catapult ball into a segmented huge box doohickey.
  • I believe my description is apt.
  • However, I've included screen caps for clarification.
  • Obviously, it's for one of the comps.
  • While they've been talking a double eviction for weeks, it has dawned on them that this (or similar) comp was in the Chima double eviction.
  • So they're practicing.
  • They also have a theory that the ratings are so good that it will be a two-hour double eviction.
  • Not so!
  • Britney thinks she's going to go home with nothing as she's won no prizes.
  • She had hoped to "start a new life" with at least the $50,000 winnings.
  • Lane says he's in debt.
  • I hope they enjoy their $750 a week stipend.
  • The one they're going to have to watch out for in a house/event knowledge comp is Ragan.
  • He's just about as determined as Brendon became after Rachel went.
  • Matt has already given up. He's even asked Kristy (?) if he can have an acoustical guitar in the jury house. She seemed to think it would be fine.

The catapult ball into segmented box doohickey game.


Anonymous said...


Laurie said...

Yes, I believe you did describe it perfectly.

Jackie, are the hamsters talking about the heat?

Sharon S said...

Yes, Jackie, I do believe your description is dead-on. It does indeed seem to be a segmented box doohickie. I certainly don't know what else to call ot!

Jackie said...

Laurie - No heat talk that I've caught although it may have been mentioned. I know Hayden said the (fake) grass was burning his feet earlier when the sun was out. No one is all wrapped up.

For a change, we've had the coolest and more rain than all summer streak of four days here.

Sally said...

Once again, Jackie, thanks for all the work you put into the updates and show posts. I depend on them!

It's been a while since an updated BB pool was posted. I'm curious about who's still in the running. I'm not, as Kathy was my pool person.

Lisanne, are you around? Or anyone else have a copy of the pool list?

Anonymous said...

Penzo needs to be given a penalty nom for not wearing his penguin head. Kristen had to wear that silly wig 24-7, so I think Penzo needs to wear the head (plus it would cover up that nappy head of his!!)

ML said...

Tonight was the first time I've seen Enzo try all season. Did anyone else notice the camera on the show cut away as Matt started to put his hand in his pants as he was talking to Britney in the HOH? I don't understand why anyone in the house hasn't said anything to him about that disgusting habit. Matt has got to go tomorrow, please.

Nina said...

I have a feeling Brendan's number is gonna be up. I don't think he will be able to win that POV. So he needs the HOH.

monty924 said...
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monty924 said...

ML, shhhhhesh

My pool boy needs to stay for the drama. :)

I really do not care who wins this but I do not like the Brigade. I want Btit/Ragan or even Brendon (now) to win this season. I know that I'm in the minority. :)

ML said...

I'm all for Brendon. His obsession with Rachael notwithstanding, he does seem like a very nice, honest, intelligent, hardworking, sincere guy who has more than carried his weight in that house. From his contributions to daily tasks- cooking, cleaning, etc., to his performance in comps, he gives his all. Hopefully, at some point in his life before it's too late he will have his 'OMG what WAS I thinking?' moment with regard to Rachael. So I hope he survives the DE tomorrow and makes it to the end. I also hope he has that moment before he takes home the $500k.

Anonymous said...

I am so hoping Brendon wins either the HOH or POV, I would love to see Britney go home. I think I read on one of the other post here that Matt is now trying to help Brendon and Ragan practice for the up coming comps and telling the two of them to stick together and I think he will eventually tell them about the brigade. Britney with her sick obsession to get rid of Brendon cant see the forest for the trees, does she really think after watching the guys take all of those prizes that any of them are really looking out for her,cant she see that all the guys in the beginning were sending all the females home. She's going to get just what she deserves, I believe any one of them might put her up with the exception of Ragan, and Brendon should put her for sure.

Anon-MA said...

Hi all. Is anyone watching the feeds? Is any "game play" actually going on? I can't wait for tonight. :-)