Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Big Brother 12 - Live Feeds Wednesday Into the Evening - Aug. 4

This is why I don't have much fodder for live feed reports.

But then comes this --Ragan wearing Rachel's hair extensions and imitating Rachel's laugh and Vegas gal bit. This was in front of Rachel. She thought it was funny. She has no clue how ridiculous she is.

In other house news:
  • It's Rachel's period time. How are we supposed to tell PMS from her normal abnormal behavior?
  • Rachel got the HOH camera, took shots, and then decided she had to make a video.
  • The memory card is probably the one which comes with the camera. She had to delete a bunch of photos.
  • Both Matt and Ragan put on Rachel's hair extensions and mocked her.
  • She thinks the mocking is funny.
  • On indoor lockdown for the day as they build the HOH comp in the yard, most napped on and off.
  • Kristen has been on the verge of crying most of the day.
  • She and Kathy think they might have Lane's vote.
  • They don't.
  • Brendon and Rachel think Britney is more loyal to them than Matt.
  • Neither are faithful to them.
  • The show fans aren't faithful to them either.
  • It's possible that the entire universe, if they were to watch them in action, wouldn't be loyal to Brendon and Rachel.
  • Lots of small talk about the "tour" they're planning after the show -- rodeo stuff, singing, you-name-it.
  • Delusional, I say.
  • I enjoy the conversations with Lane, Britney and Enzo the most.
  • Kristen cut Hayden's hair. Yes, you heard me. Wait until you see it!
  • But still ... I miss the drama of other seasons.
  • It still looks like Kristen will be out tomorrow.

After the haircut. Can you tell?


FA (Formerly Anon) said...

I never quite understood the excitement over the HOH camera. Don't they know there are dozens of cameras in the house, filming at all times?

I mean, talk about redundancy.

The novelty of making a video in the BB house! OMG, YouTube can't wait!

Really? Ugh.

And the haircut--boy those two really do like taking baby steps in all things, don't they?

Laurie said...

FA and Jackie, you both made me laugh.

Is that really the haircut? Really? You got me all excited for that? And here I thought my wish was coming true.

Tomorrow can't come soon enough!

BJ said...

With all the hair on his head it is hard to tell which one she cut!

Sally said...

That photo of Ragan in the red extensions reminds me someone (another in this season of look-alikes), but I can't pinpoint it. Janis Joplin maybe?

Hayden's a nice looking guy and I like long hair on guys, but I wish he'd restyle the front to keep it out of his eyes.

joyn said...

I just realized that after the POV meeting when everyone hugged everyone, Kristen hugged Brendon (not very sincerely) but that might be all Rachel needed to say again that Kristen was "trying to come between her and her man"

Get ready for it.

Those extentions look better on Ragan.

Sally said...

Julie Chen is on the Late, Late Show now--if anyone's up.

Anonymous said...

LOL. That's a hair cut?

Rachel will always be drama, she won't change.

I really do not want to see Kristen or Hayden go, but if one must, let it be Kristen.

Someone needs to win the competition who will not want to keep Rachel in the game because they think she'll be an easy win. I'd rather not see her on the jury, either.