Monday, August 23, 2010

Big Brother 12 - Monday Daytime Live Feeds - August 23

What? No silly smirk, diabolical super-genius?

Here's the news from inside that Big Brother House of Penguins and Crushed Cronies:
  • Matt continued to campaign with both Enzo and Lane to talk Britney into putting Ragan on the block instead of him.
  • Britney continued stuck between a rock and a hard place. No matter what she does, there will be consequences and her end game isn't looking too great.
  • Matt cornered Britney and told her he was freaking out.
  • Yep, he even pulled the wife card. After all he's gone so far in the game and to lose it all ... all he can think of is her.
  • I so want to see their reactions when this wife lie is exposed!
  • Britney mentioned that Matt and Ragan are much closer than she and Lane are.
  • I'd say, as Rachel would say ... they're a pair.
  • However, we all know that Matt is just using Ragan while Ragan is all star-crossed puppy dog love or something.
  • Britney said she got nothing but punishments and no prizes in the comp, Brendon had the chum bath, forever slop and handcuffs even though he won POV and Enzo gave up all of his clothes to charity and is wearing a penguin suit.
  • Matt insisted he didn't win anything.
  • He didn't. Golden boy Hayden took the money and the trip!
  • Brendon talked to Britney, too. They're seriously thinking of working together.
  • She mentioned that if she puts Matt up, which will make enemies for her, it would be half of what he seriously wants out of the house.
  • They think they'd be evenly matched in gameplay if they were in the final two together.
  • They would.
  • The only other person playing the game to any extent is Matt.
  • But he's such a sneaky snake that he needs to go before they hand him a half-million based on the wife lie.
  • I said that, not Brendon and Britney.
  • Brendon told Britney he won't be coming after her and thinks they'd both do better working together.
  • Then it was time for the POV meeting and the feeds were blocked.
  • Brendon saved himself, naturally.
  • And Matt is on the block.
  • Matt ate slop all alone (pictured above), perhaps punishing himself for his own darn cockiness.
  • Britney told Ragan about how Matt was telling both Lane and herself that she should put him (Ragan) on the block instead.
  • She told him not to say SHE said, because he also told Lane and Enzo and probably Hayden the same. But she thinks he should know before he goes wild trying to campaign for him like he did last week.
  • Enzo's feet are broken.
  • His penguin feet, not his real feet.
  • Enzo, Lane and Hayden are thrilled that Britney's doing their dirty work and getting Matt out of the house.
  • @@
  • Ragan studied the memory wall so he can do the morph comp better.
  • They think it could be a double eviction week this week.
  • Brendon told Britney if he gets HOH, she's safe.
  • Lane got his phone call from home. His mother said that he has supporters all across the country and that a local restaurant named a burger after him.
  • You know you've hit the big time when the local diner names a burger after you!
  • Matt campaigned to Lane for a vote.
  • I don't think the Brigade boys will vote for him. He's distanced himself too much with his Ragan Bromance.
  • Enzo has done diddly with the exception of giving his clothes to charity, but he's kept in with Lane and Hayden.

Brendon has smiled more since Rachel left than
he did when she was here. That should be a clue.

Bayonne Bird


Nancy said...

I hope Matt goes for obvious reasons. I finally these hg's are starting to play the game I don't have a favorite yet

Witt said...

I missed the Anon comment, but I've been reading Jackie for years and you couldn't find a better moderator, fun viewing party hostess, or funny writer. Anon, there's the door!

I hope Matt goes. I actually do think there is something about Brendan and Britney aligning. I don't want to see Enzo anywhere near the final 3!

Thank you again Jackie for all you do!

Witt :)

Joe in NY said...

Karma's a bigger biyotch than Matt!

Frankly, if Ragan goes next, I don't care which of the rest wins. I think Brendon and Britney have played the hardest, but the MLB (Matt Less Brigade) have all played a good social game and stayed under the radar.

I like the big players to win so the MLB would be last on my list and I would almost want Matt in the mix but frankly he was soooo annoying and egotistical and I really think he made more mistakes than big moves. He won two HOHs and wasted one of them. Was handed the dPOV and wasted that. He told unnecessary lies that increased the suspicion of him. All in all I think Britney or Brendon are more deserving with maybe Hayden 3rd (great social game).

And I'd really like to know if some of the MLB are sandbagging the comps. AFter all, Lane and Hayden are in way too good physical condition to have finished so poorly in those physical comps. Remember Hayden in that first HOH comp? He DOMINATED. Throwing his teammates onto the bag and then leaping onto it himself.

Nina said...

Brendon looks odd with a shaved head, I hope his hair grows back before the finale. LOL with Matt going up and out. I really hope Brendon continues to make it in the game. He def. has my vote for the juror's prize if he loses the game (I hope otheres vote for him too.) I'd hate to see Regan get the money when he already got 20gs for being the saboteur.

joyn said...

I love seeing that downcast look on Matt's face for a change. He was swept away with his own cockiness for so long. Good for Britney giving Ragan a heads-up on the real Matt.

I so hope that nothing changes and we see Matt heading out to Julie on Thursday. Can't wait to hear how this brainiac explains this one away. And you know Julie will call him out again on his "wifey" lie.

Sayonara, not-so-smart egghead!

RyzandShyn said...

I thought Brit was screwed, but perhaps there's a glimmer if baldy is really aligning with her. I agree with Nina that he looks very odd, I think it's because his head shape doesn't go with his body.
He acts very odd too, but that's neither here nor there :).
I don't like hoods up when one is inside. I guess I find it disrespectful in some odd old-fashion way, like it was a hat or something.
Matt shouldn't have blown off the last HOH, cocky karma got him.
I hope they don't blindside Lane when they get rid of him. He's grown on me.
Enzo's a putz, but I also expected Lane and Hayden to do well at physical comps.
Giggling...Bayonne Bird...very funny stuff.

Anonymous said...

Ditto on everything Joe said. I totally agree with you 100%.

And YES...of course the brigade threw all the comps....thats a given....the same as Dr Will did the season he threw each and every one. Come on....Lane the cowboy can't do the rope better than Brendon. I don't think so.

Laurie said...

Oh man, I so want to see a Sassy Burger on the menu someplace!

Even more, I want to see super-brain Matt out of there on Thursday!

Anonymous said...

Why in the HECK does Matt think because he has a sick wife(big lie) that he's entitle to the money the nerve of him he should go just for having the gall to say that he really needs to stay in the house because he needs the money most, I cant wait until Thursday, PLEASE send him home.

FA (Formerly Anon) said...

Sure, leave me alone in that other thread. Sigh, that always happens to me.

Anyway, RIGHT NOW (6:23pm) Ragan is FINALLY confronting Matt with what has his shorts all twisted up.

OMG, Matt truly didn't realize that Ragan knew this! Hahahaha, omg, is this for real?

FA (Formerly Anon) said...

Remember last week when Matt was saying how if he were on the block with another Brigade member that he'd be FREAKING out?

Does he seem like he's freaking out right now? He's on the block with a fellow Brigade member, and he's still really cool about it.

Just an observation.

Anonymous said...

FA (Formerly Anon)
I guess Matt is cool, because he knows his butt is going home to his sick wife. hahaha

Anonymous said...

Brendan has grown on me since he's stopped mentioning Rachel (Blech....) every 5 minutes. Imagine being stuck in the jury house with her? I'd like to see Britney, Brendon & Lane in the final 3.

I so miss Dr. Will. He really was the master. Plus he gave us Showmance, Bromance, Homance (ahem..Rachel) and Fauxmance. Can't forget when Julie wouldn't talk to him for naming her Chen-Bot.

Lili said...

I cannot imagine a circumstance that would cause Hayden, Brendon and Lane to vote out Enzo and keep Matt. The MLB lost trust in Matt when it became obvious he was in deep with his side alliance Ragan who he spent 75% of his time with.

That is when Hayden put forth the idea of outing him, and they would have if not for the DPOV.

Even if Matt and Ragan become enemies over Matt's betrayal I think the whole house will continue to view them as a pair.

So Matt goes, and either Britney, Ragan or Brendon goes next depending on who wins what.

Enzo is lazy, super lame at comps, and kind of a tool, but he has played a a strong social game. He was a founder and huge cheerleader for the BG, he is 90% responsible for creating and maintaining the side alliance with Brendon, who he has put in hours and hours with to the point where Brendon really believes he and Enzo are on the same side, & everyone likes him.

Not saying I want him to win, just saying he has done more in the game than many HG's have managed.

Certainly more than Ragan. Whose stats are; Comps: 1 Real alliances: 0, Social game: poo poo, Likelyhood of getting a clue: zip to nil.

I'm hoping for Brendon/Britney/Lane/Hayden and Enzo to be F2. From there it is all about who wins HOH or POV and who you think you can beat in F2. So may the best (or at least the least objectionable) HG win.

Anonymous said...

People please get over Dr. Will.

joyn said...

Anon -That's never going to happen.

Anonymous said...

Why? Will is one of the players who made this show what it is. Honestly, it's jumped the shark. I still follow only because my husband likes it AND I love Jackie's recaps (often they're better than the actual show).

It just seems like there are more floaters than players the past few seasons. From the posts it seems I'm not the only one having a hard time finding one (or 2) to really root for.

Anonymous said...

I cant see Hayden winning, he has done absolutely nothing, but of course with this group they all want their best friend in the house or (who they really like the most) to win the money instead of themselves. These are just a bunch of idiots, you take to the end of you the person who feel the jury will not vote for.

FA (Formerly Anon) said...

Matt's only chance at a Hail Mary would be to confess his great lie.

Then he'd be a shoe-in for the F2, no? He'd go from being the one nobody wanted to stand F2 with, to being the only person they are SURE won't win it.

Joe in NY said...


The problem with being 10 seasons into BB is that current players all try to emulate the old players. Very rarely do we get someone playing in a new way. That's why I liked Evil Dick, he at least had a different approach to the game. People like Nakomis and Dr. Will were trailblazers in the game and will always be cherished by BB fans because they helped create the game as it is today.

Same with Survivor. People playing today base their strategy on people they've watched. They are more sophisticated but less original.

When the 1st backdoor was executed, that was something special. Now, it's just standard practice.

Kind of the difference between playing music and writing music. I appreciate Mozart, I might even manage to play a reasonable interpretation of one of his pieces. But I'll never BE Mozart an it'll never be MY Requiem.


P.S. I never liked Dr. Will, but I will always appreciate the panache with which he played the game.

Anonymous said...

Tacomus(I'm not sure that's the correct spelling was the one who made this game worth watching, it seems since she came up with the back door move, it's been used in every BB series since then, people will be using that move forever on BB. Dr. Will was a magnificent floater. Didnt win any comps and didnt want too.

Joe in NY said...


Now that would be an interesting strategy. If Matt actually confessed his Big Lie, I might actually start rooting for him. It would be like when Russell used the Idol on Parvati while exposing himself and managing to convince what's-his-name to actually vote himself out. It would be a risky HUGE move that I could totally respect.

Of course, I think he's more likely to play the violin and cry for his wife to get sympathy...but we'll see.

Nina said...

Actually I'm thinking Regan is sort of being a jerk at this point. Big deal so Matt threw him under the bus in a last ditch effort to save himself. Matt also had a whole other alliance too. Matt had every right to play the game for himself. If he had done it more covertly however, he might not be going home this week. I mean you can be friends outside the game even if you weren't so truthful in the game.

Joe in NY said...

Nakomis was great also.

Dr. Will kind of invented the floating strategy which is why everyone else is just a copy cat. But he was an aggressive floater. He told everyone he'd beat them. He told them to go ahead and nominate him. And then he'd work the house and get them to keep him...week after week after week.

Frankly, Skeevy Matt clearly has modeled some of his game on Dr. Will. He just lacks the flair.

Joe in NY said...


I disagree. If I were Ragan I'd be pissed also. After all, Ragan thought he had a friendship with Matt. Ragan campaigned for Matt last week. Ragan trusted Matt even when everyone else thought Matt was untrustworthy. Then he finds out Matt tried to get Ragan tossed out instead of Lane or Hayden. It's like finding out the guy you've been dating for months actually has two wives.

That said, Ragan should get as good a look in the mirror as he claimed to be giving to Rachel. He's a mean, catty, poor sport who despite his sense of superiority over Rachel has exactly as many friends in the house as Rachel - One. Ragan has Britney, Rachel had Brendon. Of course Ragan will never recognize that.

FA (Formerly Anon) said...

Nina, agree that Ragan is being a big jerk, but I've thought that about him for weeks now.

It's all about HIM.

Anonymous said...

Joe in NY well said, I just couldn't remember her name was Nakomis (not Tacomus), she was very smart. You and I must have been typing at the same time,I guess based on I guess someone else's response about Dr Will.

FA (Formerly Anon) said...

"Are you breaking up with me?"

--Matt, to Ragan

Anonymous said...

Once again...I have to say...Joe is 100% correct and quite elliquent at that. Joe knows!!!!!

So...just mentioning Dr Will is quite alright!! I am quite sure he is one of the most popular houseguests to appear on the show.

Anon-MA said...

Excellent comments NY Joe. You get game play copy cats. BB sorta tries to freshen it up with new stuff (like the big Sabatuer dud experiment). They end up just o er manipulating the game. Don't know how the advertisers would like it, but the game style would naturally change with more "older" players. Half over 30, not just the token one "older" person. I really think alliances, comps and general game play would get all shook up.

Matt is, as Joe points out, modeling his play after Will in some ways -- mostly by being the guy they think they'll always be able to get rid of -- until it's too late. The difference is that Matt isn't as smart, smooth or likable as Will was. I sit here now and say, take matt to F2 - who'd vote for him?? But that's how Will won. Matt is scuzzy in every sense - the lie about his wife crosses the line.

Anonymous said...

Joe in NY,
I'm confused as to why you think it would be good for Matt to tell all the HGs that he lied about his wife not being sick.

Witt said...

Will WAS one of the most popular house guests. He told everyone his strategy up front (that he would lie to them to their faces), and he did. Hardy nominated him multiple times and it never stuck, and Will also had quite a sense of humor. I remember one week where they were given arts and crafts materials, Nicole didn't want to make hers, so Will made one for her, and then took it to the diary room and had it talk as Nicole. I'm laughing just thinking about it. Joe is right, he had a certain flair!

Witt :)

wv: bringbol: I have lots of spaghetti to share, please bringbol.

FA (Formerly Anon) said...

Matt is on the block and all but certain to be evicted.

But yet Matt is consoling RAGAN because apparently it's ALL about Ragan.

Ragan disgusts me!

meb said...

FA... did Matt really say that to Ragan. Too funny, but not for Ragan.

MAP apologized... good!

Is Anon MA really MAP?

I hope Brendon and Britney do work together. Been saying it for a couple of posts now. Hope it works for them.

Except that Rachel would get some of it, I sort of wouldn't mind if Brendon did win the $500,000. He certainly is playing the game since Rachel left.

Jackie, Brendon actually has a nice smile. Who knew.

FA (Formerly Anon) said...

meb, yes Matt said that, but joking, of course.

I'm glad people are beginning to see Brendon in a better light, and he does have a nice smile, and yes Jackie, very good observation about Brendon smiling more now than when Rachel was in the house.

Joe in NY said...


I think Brendon is one of those people who is totally obsessive about his relationships. I see it more with women than men, but he totally defines himself by his relationship with his girlfriend. It makes it hard to have a friendship with him because it competes with his relationship. He needs to learn to balance his emotional life better. (IMHO)

Anon-MA but not MAP meb said...

No meb, I am not MAP. Jeez. I just read the posts from today and someone wrote that it was confusing to have multiple Anon without a designation.

monty924 said...

Well first... I'm crying for my boy Matt. :'). I'm crying because he screwed up a perfect opportunity to keep his sorry butt in the game.

Everyone on Jackie's blog comes up with great scenarios and that's why I love the diversity of opinions here. Yes, even when my boy is the most hated, lol. Hey, I've been there before, but more on that later. :)

Matt is toast and there is no way that he can sway Lane or Hayden to vote out Enzo, along with Ragan forcing a tie that Britney would have to break. Matt will be nice a comfy in the jury house come... oh say, Thursday night/Friday morning. I bet Rachel will love that, ARGH!

IMO, Matt was a great player but he let his genius head and giant ego get in the way of understanding this game. He underestimated his fellow Brigade and when they felt threatened, they went out and made their own side alliances. Matt's downfall is being loyal to the same boys who were not loyal to him. Dumb? Yes!!! He's still hanging on to the Brigade loyalty when he's telling Ragan how to stay in the house and win this game. Sigh!

Joe in NY, so glad that you can appreciate what Evel Dick did in this game. He didn't copy any other previous HG's strategy and blazed his own. It was brilliant and I still consider his season one of the best, minus the AP... But that actually helped him win it. Everyone is always anti-ED, but obviously America wanted to save him over and over again. I LOVED it. :)

I'm rooting for Brit or Ragan. If anyone of the Brigade wins it, I'll just consider this season a 'phfft season' like Season 6. I loved S6, my personal favorite, but I hated the outcome.

Just me. :0)

monty924 said...

And just one more...

Why would any BB fan ever forget Dr. Will and what he did to and for this game? Only fans that didn't watch his season(s), or weren’t fans of his, would say to forget about Dr. Will. It's like saying, "Forget that the Pope is Catholic. It is irrelevant."


lynn1 said...

I have a new nickname for Enzo now that he has lost his Meow Meow Shirt and is wearing the penguin costume. I call him "The Cat Bird."

meb said...

Anon-MA but not MAP meb said... Too funny Anon-MA... It's great to see a name to associate with anon's. So much easier to respond.

FA... I'm sure Matt was kidding, but did Ragan think it was funny.

monty...Matt is my pool boy too. He played a good game, but it's time for him to go.

ML said...

I do see Bull from NightCourt in that screencap Jackie. I know it's old, but I just got it.