Saturday, August 07, 2010

Big Brother 12 - Saturday Live Feeds - Aug. 7


"The competitions are made for little people!"

It's a SECRET ... shh!

When I last left you, Rachel and Brendon were on the block. The backyard had a small bowling lane (obviously for little people with little balls) set up so that the hamsters could practice for POV. And here's the tale of what has happened since then in the Big Brother House of Misguided Malcontents:
  • Not long after they got up, they had to pick players for the veto.
  • Unknown to just about everyone, Ragan has to use his veto ticket this week. So, Ragan must play.
  • Although blocked to the feeds, the hamsters later squeaked about it -- Enzo, Britney and Kathy ... plus Ragan.
  • Lane's getting irked because he never gets chosen to play for veto.
  • Enzo says that when they announce the saboteur, he's going to tell him/her it was a punk move accepting it.
  • Hayden told the other that, from his conversations with them, he doesn't think either Rachel or Brendon are the saboteur.
  • Nobody's guessing Ragan is.
  • There was an extended feeds block with the "secret game" screen while they played for veto.
  • When the feeds returned ...
  • Oh. Did I shout that?
  • Britney won veto
  • Jeff and Jordan made their appearance at the veto comp.
  • The main group thinks that neither Jeff nor Jordan like Rachel and Brendon. They said once when Rachel started talking trash, Jeff told her, "Whoa! Put your claws back in!"
  • Meow!
  • Britney said she won't use the veto.
  • Rachel is crushed.
  • Brendon is defeated.
  • Rachel is deflated ... well, except for her chest. Her bubble has been burst.
  • Rachel tried to offer the $5000 to Britney to use the veto to save her, no go.
  • Enzo said how good-looking Jeff and Jordan are in person.
  • I guess the veto had to be done with rounds and picking people to go against them.
  • Rachel told Kathy she chose her because she thought she could beat her.
  • She didn't.
  • Kathy must have gloated because Rachel freaked out about it.
  • They tried telling her it was like Rachel's own behavior when she won HOH.
  • Rachel thinks it's entirely different.
  • Probably because the shoe is on the different foot.
  • Maybe a size 13 one?
  • Rachel is definitely the target this week. They tend to think of Brendon as a doofus who rarely does well at comps.
  • Enzo thinks Brendon and Rachel should name their alliance "Wah-Wah."
  • Rachel is miserable. Brendon is still at her. I think she wants to be left alone for a while.
  • They are SO not going to make it as a couple outside of the house.
  • So now all the excitement is over. The only thing coming up will be the veto meeting in which Britney won't use the veto.
  • I guess we can watch Rachel and Brendon fall to pieces over the next few days.
  • Rachel is going on about the breaking up of couples as I finish typing this.
  • Um. Pot, kettle, black. Wasn't it Rachel who broke up Hayden and Kristen?
  • But when she does it, it's fine.

Happy Meow Meow


Nina said...

I think Rachel's behavior was a little diff than when the other HG's do it b/c Brenchal have been the target the entire time. I can't wait to see the others have their tantrums when the brigade breaks up and the game really begins. How will Matt react to the block when he's the actual target b/c no way will he not at some point be viewed a threat, Mr. Endurance King.

Anonymous said...

doesn't anyone else want branden to be voted out before rachel so we can watch rachel freak out?! chances are she will voluntarily leave with him! -jeannemarie

ML said...

Jackie, you are hilarious with the type set. I can just hear you, even though I've never heard your voice before.

~~Silk said...

Someone should tell Enzo his hair would look thicker on top if he'd let it lie down.

(WV = nomolau. Nomolaud voice after the next vote?)

Sally said...

Love the different sizes of type, Jackie.

Rachel should have remembered the golden rule. What she's done to others is now being done to her. Sounds fair to me.

Hope the saboteur mischief happens soon and adds some fun and excitement to the house.

meb said...

I am just so happy that Britt won the veto comp... She is really something at these competitions. I hope she also gets HOH this time as well.

It's hysterical that no one thinks the saboteur is Ragan... They are going on the premise that America would only vote for someone they like. They talk like they believe America likes Rachel because she causes so much drama and America loves drama. They must think America doesn't like Ragan.

Sharon S said...

I'm really glad Britney has been so successful in the veto comps. I hope she doesn't draw too much attn to herself though -- don't want the brigade getting afraid of the little blonde.!

Nina said...

Ehh,Britney is cute but just by virtue of the fact that she keeps winnng POVs that aren't helping further her in the game, kind of demonstrates she isn't in it to win it. At this point, it's evident that a Brigade member will win the game.

Kathy in NC said...

Can I hope that Britt's departing message for Rachel is to the effect that "I came between you and your man and now I'm going after him myself?"
Think Chen could handle her or would security have to be called?

PlaidChick said...

I am so glad Brit won the veto, and while the DAB are a bunch of DA's they are smart to get rid of Rachel first. Brendon does crumble under pressure, and Rachel is a wiz at these question comps. I also think if Rachel could of play in the endurance comp, she would of held on for dear life.

She knows she's done.

Anonymous said...

you're so funny jackie, "happy meow meow" hahaah
debie in HOTTTT calif!!

RyzandShyn said...

Me too..laughing at "Happy Meow Meow". I like Enzo.
Funny how BB always brings out the
"I can dish it out but I can't take it" in someone.

chris said...

Its Brendon not Brandon
good for britney
surprised she has not figured out the alliance yet since she seems to be on the ball most of the time.
cannot stand Matt
anyone else but him for the win
except of course kathy(who I have in the pool)
wv sticund
i hope that sticund it to Brenchel again!

ORKMommy said...

Nina - Brenchal have been the targets the whole time because they made no secret of their alliance from week 1, Rachel treats the others like crap when she's in power and nobody likes her. Brendon just happened to latch his car onto the wrong train because he's thinking with the wrong head. Rachel's behavior has been bad since the beginning. She did the exact same thing to Kristen last week but it's not okay this week because she's the target? Jackie said it best in her post...pot, kettle, black!

I just hope Julie asks her tough questions during her interview. Like, isn't this exactly what you did to Kristen last week? And what's with all the "get between me and my man" comments?

Nana from the NW said...

Brittany really has been doing well in POV. She needs to keep working her friendships with Lane and Enzo before the Brigade decides she is too powerful of a player.

I was checking in at Joker's last night and it sounds like Brendon is going to campaign for the HG to evict HIM!! He says Rachel is a better player and should stay....are you an IDIOT?? I thought everyone was there to win 500K....Brendon says he found "the love of his life" and the money doesn't matter....gag...vomit!! Yes, he is an idiot! Yep, as someone said earlier he has spent too much time with test tubes and molecules.............The DAB would be crazy to not keep him. As soon as Rachel is gone they will bring him into a secret meeting and act like the idea of an alliance is a new thing and they want him to be a part of it...of course only for the vote.

On a lighter note I hope we see J/J tonight and the reveal of a new saboteour.

And I agree with Orkmommy, I can't wait to see Rachel on the hot seat with Julie Chen.