Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Big Brother 12 - Tuesday Live Feeds Into the Evening - August 17

And the cheese sits alone. Or, is it the whine?

The face.

Here are the day's events from inside that Big Brother House of Boring Boors:
  • Hayden and Enzo talked with Lane, telling him that they're thinking about letting Matt know ahead of time that they'll be voting to keep Lane.
  • Hayden is still worried that Matt might have some kind of power.
  • We know he does.
  • They all talk big when they're trash-talking Brendon, but you should have seen them scatter when they (Lane, Hayden and Enzo) were in the bathroom and Brendon came down the hall. Enzo practically ran into the stall door as he went to hide and Hayden grabbed a toothbrush (maybe his, maybe not) and no toothpaste to act like he wasn't talking to Lane (who was brushing his teeth).
  • After this week goes down, Enzo really wants Britney out. He wouldn't mind if Brendon stuck around for a while because he doesn't think Brendon would put him on the block.
  • Enzo wanted to go over the saboteur messages again and again.
  • And again.
  • Remember, he thinks the saboteur is BB itself.
  • Lots of small talk including hunting on golf courses.
  • I'm still mad at golf as it delayed Sunday's BB episode. Do NOT talk about golf.
  • Of course, it's Lane who hunts on golf courses.
  • You'd be shocked if I had said it was Ragan, huh?
  • When Ragan told Matt that Britney doesn't trust Enzo, Matt wasn't surprised.
  • He says no one trusts Enzo.
  • But they all seem to like him.
  • Lane told Matt that Brendon told Hayden and Enzo that the house is full of cowards.
  • I don't know why anyone tells anyone anything in this house!
  • Apparently Rachel left a message for Brendon in pretzels.
  • I don't know the content and every time it's brought up, the feeds get blocked.
  • Matt seems to think it directed Brendon to put him (Matt) on the block.
  • Matt has been trying to get the Diary Room to do something about it as they aren't supposed to write in the house.
  • If she did do it (which is likely), Matt would definitely have a case for something. After all, an evicted hamster who had already given interviews and has more insight to how the public reacts a bit ... writing a message.
  • Tsk, tsk.
  • Lots of counting of stuff and memorizing events and dates.
  • Enzo decided he was going to crack into the "libations" early.
  • I will be very happy when I stop hearing the word "libations."
  • Hayden and Matt decided that if America voted one hamster a power, it would be Enzo.
  • Yeah right, Matt. You sneaky snake.
  • He's actually playing the game, though. He definitely doesn't annoy me as much to watch as did Ronnie. If Matt didn't show his huge chip on the shoulder in the diary room, I'd fall in his camp a lot more. I just don't like know-it-alls.
  • Especially when I know WE know it all.
  • Matt told Hayden he will remain loyal to the Brigade to the end.
  • Hayden's eyes glazed over.
  • Gee, he was at a loss for a reply.
  • Ragan has been sitting around contemplating his navel or something most of the day. He's very worried that if Matt goes, he'll have no one.
  • They're having another pool tournament.
  • Blech.

Matt has almost full "sleeve" tattoos, yet none on his back or chest. I just find that a bit odd. But, then again, he's Matt and he isn't really normal.

Pick your nose Hayden and someone will snag a screen capture of it!


Joe in NY said...

Can't wait for Thursday!

Joe in NY said...

Frankly, it is boring with Rachel gone. I know, shocking isn't it? LOL. I would have rather they send Brendon home, he's a drama queen but a quiet one.

Anonymous said...

Rachel left a message for Brendon in the HOH with pretzels and showed it to Kathy. It said I Heart U Matt. Kathy said to put something between U and Matt or Brendon might think she loves Matt so she put something in between. Kathy ask Brendon if he saw it an he said he did.

Justene said...

Perhaps Matt's pain tolerance on his arms is a lot higher than on his chest and back. I am sure I'd feel that way.

Not that I'd consider a tattoo.

Laurie said...

I brought libations for everyone!
Sorry, Jackie, I couldn't pass it up.

I seem to remember reading here that BB told Rachel to use her imagination or be creative about leaving a message for Brendon. Anyone else remember that? If it's true, then she won't be getting in trouble for the pretzel message.

Mmmm... pretzels and a cool libation!

Justene said...

Here's an out of the blue question but this is as good a place as any. Do they get cooking instructions with any of those things? I LOVE escargot but I have no idea how to cook it. Mostly I would worry about undercooking and getting food poisoning. Maybe they can ask in the DR?

Laurie said...

Good question. I wouldn't know how to fix them, but that's okay because I also wouldn't want to eat them. Certainly they aren't something your average home cook in the USA would know how to prepare!

ORKMommy said...

Laurie - I do remember in past years that nobody was allowed to write anything whether it's in lipstick, ketchup, pretzels or anything. BB may have told her to be creative but writing is a complete no-no. If she did 'write' him a message in pretzels then Matt has a good argument. Then again, telling Rachel to be creative was pretty stupid. We all know she's not the brightest bulb in the chandelier!

My wv is smshness as in "There was too much smshness when Brendon & Rachel were alone!!"

monty924 said...

Jackie, I think it is sweet that you are softening up to my Pool Boy-Matt. :)

It is completely unfair of BB to allow Rachel to put Matt's name in pretzels, but it got him nominated and I wanted that. I want to see the Diamond Power of Veto actually used. I want fireworks on Thursday night. :)

The couples' season they had finger nail polish out the ying yang, and Natalie (the original Gnat) wrote some kind of cryptic hints or study cards and BB intervened (sp). Why did they allow Rachel to spell out MATT unless they wanted him on the block so that he could use the DPoV?

Just my ponderings...

Joe, it will get even more boring in there if Matt nominates Britney and they vote her out. Will Kathy ever come up with the one liners that Britney does in the DR? I doubt it.

TerryinCA said...

yep, Rachel at least gave some pizzazz......
If all we have to think about is Matt's Problem that is how boring it all is! Somebody please help!

Jackie said...

Justene - I know they gave them frozen eggplant parmesan and there were some spices and instructions for the escargot.

Jackie said...

Except when she was fighting and screaming at people, Rachel was usually just crying or holed up with Brendon. Actually, the brouhahas were mostly obscured by the exiles. While she brought a bit of excitement in, all of the hours of the not-excitement with her makes me not miss her in the house.

Does that make sense?

Justene said...

Jackie, you know everything. I can stop having that random thought pop into my head.

monty924 said...

That makes perfect sense, Jackie. I'm glad she's out of there!

Laurie said...

Thanks OrkMommy, I didn't know that about writing. This will be interesting to see play out.

Anonymous said...

i thought rachel is in the jury house. how can she know what's going on? -jeannemarie

chris said...


Come thursday, unless some miracle occurs, poor sassy Britney will not know what hit her and will be out the door.
I am suspecting that the hamsters may be told to make goodbye messages for everyone! Then for sure they will know there is a power about to be unleashed.
Jackie what do you think?
Otherwise there will be no goodbyes messages for whoever Matt puts up in his place.

RyzandShyn said...

I'm excited about Thursday too!
I don't miss Rachel. I was embarrassed for her for a short while, then all I could do was sigh and yell "shut-up already" at her on the television.
I remember times when there weren't good-bye messages. I imagine there just won't be any for Matt's replacment hamster.
wv:comen: I wonder who will be comen to the sequester house to join Rachel.

Joe in NY said...

I don't know why anyone would need cooking instructions for escargot. It is just a protein like any other protein: you boil it, broil it, bake it, or fry it. They are kind of like squid: chewy and take on the flavor of whatever you season them with.

Anonymous said...

I love it, so Brendon really has no power for his one time as HOH does he? When Matt plays the DPOV he'll put up whomever he wants...any idea who that might be? I hope it is Kathy and not Britney.