Friday, August 20, 2010

Big Brother - Friday Live Feeds - August 20

Britney shoots herself in the head after talking to Brendon.

Welcome back to the world of Have Not, Brendon and Enzo!

Here are the day's events from inside that Big Brother House of Loquacious Losers:
  • The hamsters barely had time to awaken and eat when BB held the Have Not comp for the week.
  • I'm talking 11:30-ish their time.
  • Brendon and Enzo get to have quality time together in the Have Not room while eating their broccoli and bean dip.
  • I like broccoli, bean dip not so much.
  • Whatever went on during the comp, Britney the hostess wore an Alice in Wonderland type dress and the hamsters now have a grill.
  • They got steaks, too.
  • Except Brendon and Enzo.
  • Enzo isn't a happy camper. He shouldn't be. He should have won some comps by now.
  • Brendon will be a definite nomination.
  • The other will probably be Enzo.
  • Matt told Britney that Enzo is the only one who's never been on the block.
  • Maybe it will kick start his game.
  • Britney's been talking to everyone.
  • Her talk with Brendon was a mix of threats and friendship loyalty promises.
  • He reminded her that if she broke her word and put him on the block ... if he won POV and stays, she will be his target.
  • He reminded her that if she puts him on the block and he goes, he will unite with Kathy and Rachel to vote against her if she makes it to the final two.
  • He told her if he stays, they can work together and she can't trust anyone.
  • On a lighter note, on his way out the door he told her if she puts him up he'll be mad for 35 minutes and then get over it.
  • After he closed the door, she loaded her gun (hand) and shot herself in the head.
  • Hayden and Britney talked about not trusting Matt.
  • Most people don't trust Matt.
  • And, they shouldn't.
  • The TV screen has up Nominations Today.
  • I believe it will be Enzo and Brendon.
  • I'll let you know.

Hand down the pants, hand down the pants
Looking like a weirdo with your hand
Down your pants.

I know, I know. I've said it before. But he keeps on doing that! Sheesh!


Joe in NY said...

Matt is such a little sleezeball...

I'd love Brit to nominate him just to rattle his game a little bit. He thinks he's running the entire house.

wv is "subscoar". when the starter got hurt, the team was hoping for a subscoar. :)


Jackie said...

That might happen, Joe.

Joe in NY said...

Thanks, Jackie, gives me something to hope for. It would actually be interesting if they (Brendon and Matt) were the two to face the vote. Matt is possibly the only one left in the house that Brendon might win a vote against. Enzo and Hayden might decide they can trust Brendon more than Matt. If they can convince Lane, it would be 3 vs. Ragan to evict Matt. Then you would see the true Ragan...

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh...PLEASE let it be Matt that goes up. That would be a true GAME play.

Laurie said...

Joe, I would love that!

ORKMommy said...

I think I'd nominate Brendon and Enzo. Obviously Brendon would be the target but I think everyone should have to sit in the hot seat at least once. Does Enzo really think he's immune from nomination? How dare Brit even think about nominating him!!

JimmyB said...

Just from a strategy standpoint, If Britney is aligned with Matt and Ragan; then Brendon is the logical target.

He's the only other HG that's proven at least some ability or drive to win something. Goes without saying that he's a better player without The Rachel.

PDX Granny said...

Jackie, I see from your latest picture that Matt is ambidextrous. He can shove either hand down his pants.

WV = papha
Matt, did you learn to be a dual hand offender from your papha?

Anonymous said...

matt with the hands down his pants is getting disgusting. i hope julie mentions it on live tv, and shows us and the house clips of him doing it, and see what he has to say. that would be a riot!! LOL
debi in calif!

ML said...

Omg PDX Granny hahahahaha.