Sunday, August 08, 2010

Big Brother - Live Feeds Into Sunday Morning, Aug. 8

Most of the night seemed to be the same old stuff once again:
  • More pool tournaments.
  • BB, get that pool table out of there!
  • Rachel is still on the "splitting up love" bit.
  • Yet she had absolutely no problem putting Hayden and Kristen on the block.
  • Hayden is playing a good social game. He seems to worm his way into everywhere and everybody. Even Rachel and Brendon like him ... as much as Rachel can like someone in a house where everyone hates her.
  • Rachel is definitely on the edge. She's chowing down on junk food all the time and even making things up.
  • Matt and Rachel had an encounter in which he apologized for putting them on the block and told her it wasn't personal, just a game decision.
  • She told Brendon that Matt told her she was leaving this week.
  • Brendon is the more rational of the two, so Matt told him what really went down.
  • When Brendon passed by Rachel in the yard again, she repeated that Matt told her she's going home.
  • That gal has issues.
  • Ragan started to try to talk to us "Live Feeders" but when he started out with breaking down in the diary room, we got blocked.
  • They're still going towards getting Rachel out this week because she's stronger in comps.
  • They think a quiz comp is next -- Rachel has studied, Brendon is all but clueless.
  • Brendon and Rachel had sex and mocked the other hamsters.
  • The other hamsters mocked Brendon and Rachel, but had no sex.
  • I bet we're going to rinse and repeat these scenes until Thursday.


Nana from the NW said...

YAY...the first commenter....but Damn, I just finished commenting in the previous BB post!! Oh well, the story of my life...a day late and a dollar short.

Have a good day all...

meb said...

I've been sitting watching BBAD and watching Britney go over with Hayden and Ragan how she was positive that Hayden and Kristen were 'the pair' inferred by the saboteur Annie, she was hysterical. The faces, the comments... the girl is a comedian and doesn't even know it.

They are still thinking Rachel is the new saboteur. I feel bad for Ragan if he's feeling pressured by accepting the role. He's so good at it.

They discussed Jeff and Jordon being in the house. Everyone thinks that Enzo will win the $25,000 if he makes it to the Jury House. They say that Julie always talks to him and Jordon went up to Enzo and said Meow Meow, which proves they're watching the show and liked him.
It's a little early to predict that winner I think. They all liked J&J and said Jordon is beautiful, thatthey make a really good couple and appeared to be really in love.

Rachel compared them to her and Brendon saying J&J are proof that a showmance can last outside the house. (Not if Mama Brendon has anything to do with it I'll bet).

Hayden said that Rachel made some comment and Jeff responded with "Put your claws back in girl!" That to them indicated Jeff didn't like Rachel.

Nina said...

Well of course Jeff doesn't like Rachel. He's kissing up to us. We don't like Rachel. This week actually bores me. Would have been nice if one of Brenchal won the POV so that there'd be some drama about who to put up. This week is a bust in terms of drama. And Britney has officially become a target again. I wouldn't be surprised if she's nominated against Brendan next week and maybe even goes home. I can't even believe she'd go for a third POV, she clearly does not understand the game. Much too early to be playing so hard unless you want to have an early exit.

JimmyB said...

(Referring to Brachel): "Brendon is the more rational of the two,..."

That's like saying it gets dark at night.

Anonymous said...

They are so boring. There is little drama, little excitement and just whining or sitting around or playing pool a sleeping pill. LOL


Sally said...

Come on, Mr. Saboteur, make some mischief and liven things up! No one wants several more days of the R&B whine show.

Is this week's evictee the first person to go to the jury house?