Friday, September 24, 2010

The Amazing Race - Looking at the New Teams, Part 2

Finally, I'm getting to the rest of the teams -- you can find my look at the first five teams right here. The season premiere is this Sunday evening. Of course (it should go without saying, but I'll say it) there will be an episode blog post party going on when the show starts (8:30 PM ET) -- everyone is invited to join in. LifeGuard Laurie is in charge of the blog pool. Who wants to cover the cyber drinks?

Jill and Thomas: A dating couple, I don't know if it's just my mood or what ... but is he really very monotone and did they say "We want to win" a quadrillion times? They sound like they might be Bickering Bickersons, but you can't tell from the monotony of this video. The video left me not caring about this team at all, good or bad. They're just kind of there.

Katie and Rachel: Jersey Girls! Like the one from Cranford on the Princeton team, Katie lives quite nearby me in Rahway. Note that she does NOT talk like Enzo from BB12! I have to give Rachel kudos in the video for not mentioning that Katie's hair kept blowing in her face. They're young, but they might be a strong female team. Once the season starts, I would appreciate name tags so I can tell them apart. SO many young blond women with roughly the same length hair this season!

Michael and Kevin: Now, THIS father is the oldest one in the race at 58 as opposed to Gary at 53. Kevin is the youngest contestant so far at 20 but he seems to be pretty driven for his age. If you can't tell, they're Texans. I found the videos. I think I'm going to enjoy these two, but it would take them a miracle to win the big prize. Here's one of the YouTube videos of Kevin's:

Nat and Kat: They're self-proclaimed nerds, two young women doctors heavily in debt with student loans. So, we know where the money would go if they were to win! I can't imagine the cost of becoming a doctor these days. I like these two based on the video. I particularly liked the "karma" reference. Hopefully they won't namby-pamby out, yet won't be underhanded either.

Nick and Vicki: After Nat and Pat, I want to dub these two Nicky and Vicki. I guess they're down to earth -- she said it enough, as well as the "judging a book by the cover bit." When she first spoke, she reminded me a bit of Rachel "I AM VEGAS!" But as it went on, not so much. I don't know. I'm not overly impressed by the mohawk and the tattoos, but floats his boat. Most men are over that by the time they're 30. However, he is a bartender so perhaps he thinks he's a rock star. Oh, wait ... I'm forming opinions. I'll stop that. I think this team could possibly do well. Maybe.

Ron and Tony: These two might be the closest we have to an alpha male team this season. That is if it's slightly aged (40s) theater circuit alphas. I do like them. I think they're going to be entertaining. I even laughed for a moment in the video. But do they have what it takes to win? I guess we'll see. Like Nick and Vicky, they plan to lay low in the beginning, then sprint to the finish.

So, there are the teams. I think we have some entertainment ahead of us, don't you?


Anonymous said...

Thanks for getting this vids up Jackie!

Random Thoughts:

Jill and Thomas: Yawn!!!

Katie and Rachel: Blonde with same hairstyle AND they dress/look alike? I agree on the nametags.

Michael and Kevin: I think this team will be a lot of fun to watch. Michael seems to be very good-spirited about the videos and his sons interests.

NAT and KAT: Why is it that everyone has started referring to themselves as nerds? (I saw Sigourney Weaver do this the other day.) These women seemed very likable, and hopefully, they will be around for a while.

Nick and Vicki: Tattoos aren't for everyone, but I don't give them a second thought. As a couple, the do seem pretty laid back. I could see them hanging around for a while, and providing some entertainment along the way.

Ron and Tony's video wasn't working, so all I can say is I hope they are a fun team. Though 'Theatre Circuit' and 'Alpha Male' aren't words that usually go together.

Overall, I was more impressed with the second batch of racers!


Lifeguard Laurie said...

TAR Pool People ...
1. Becky
2. Ben
3. Brent McKee
4. Buzzmaam
5. Caela
6. Delee
7. dla
8. Donna in AL
9. Donna in FL
11. Dusty
12. Jackie
13. JennasMom
14. Joy n
15. Karen in CA
16. lisanne
17. Lars
18. Laurie
19. Lynn1
20. Margo
21. meb
22. ML
23. Monty924
24. Nana of the NW
25. PDX Granny
26. RBennie
27. Sally
28. SharonS
29. SueGee (in the left coast)
30. Sydney
31. Terry in CA
32. Zoetawny

Pool closes tonight at 9 pm California time.

Please email at if you want to be in the pool!!

RyzandShyn said...

Thanks, Jackie, for the downlow on all the racers. I'll be coming back to see these again after I know who is who from the show.
You are correct about the many blondes. I'm going to have a problem keeping them straight for a few episodes.
Love TAR, looking forward to tomorrow evening.

joyn said...

My cable guide says TAR is on from 8:30 to 10pm. Wish they'd do that every Sunday.

joyn said...

This does seem like an interesting group. I think I like father and son, Michael and Kevin, the best. They seem very close.

Looks to me too, that Jill and Thomas will likely be the bickerers.

Have a feeling that Nat and Kat may be strong competitors.

Nick and Vicki also strike me as bickerers.

Ron says Tony can be an angry man. Hope that doesn't mean another "globetrotter" rager.

Katie and Rachel I'm not sure about yet.

One more day!

Lifeguard Laurie said...

Here are the Pool Picks!

Andie & Jenna: Margo, Sally, Caela

Brook & Claire: Jackie, ML, Lynn1

Chad & Stephanie: Zoetawny, Dusty, Donna in AL

Connor & Jonathan: Sydney, Nana of the NW,Lisanne

Gary & Mallory: Monty 924, RBennie, Lars

Jill & Thomas: Laurie, Buzzman, JennasMom

Katie & Rachel: SueGee, SharonS Ben

Michael & Kevin: Donna in FL, DKNYNC, Brent

Nat & Kat: meb, PDX Granny, Delee

Nick & Vicki: Becky, Karen in CA, dla

Ron & Tony: Terry in CA, joy n

Delee said...

Thanks for posting the teams, Jackie. I have Nat and Kat in the pool so I will remember who I have easily this time. Not sure if my Survivor person is still in, confusing the peeps at this time. Exept Jimmy Johnson!