Friday, September 03, 2010

Big Brother 12 - Friday Live Feeds Report (including nominations) - Sept. 3

Their housekeeping is getting worse and worse.

Scared by a mouse? Or could it be something else?

At least something happened in the house today -- a "treasure hunt" and the nominations. Excitement by the minute, I tell you. Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Tearing Down the House:
  • After a mundane start to the day, the feeds were blocked with trivia.
  • Yep, that's usually a sign that a comp is going down.
  • This time they returned during the action.
  • BB had made an almost CD-sized "coin" for each of the houseguests, then gave them time to hide their own coin.
  • Then the others had to search. The owner of the last coin found would win $10,000.
  • Although we didn't see all of it, we saw a lot of the action.
  • They tore the house apart!
  • Hayden was out first when Enzo found his coin.
  • Next Enzo was out when Britney found his coin.
  • Britney found Lane's coin, so she's the big winner. She had hidden her own coin in a box in a bag with chicken ick on it in the trash.
  • Then they got to put the whole house back together before nominations.
  • Hayden once again broke something and fussed a few times about how he's always breaking things in the house. Enzo also broke a big urn. The breakages happened in the heat of the coin search.
  • According to BB, the search was supposed to last about a half-hour.
  • It lasted more than three hours.
  • They had discussed the limited possibilities for nominations since Hayden won.
  • More than once Lane said Hayden should just put up Britney and himself.
  • Who is Hayden to refuse?
  • They'll all play in veto and the winner of veto is the sole vote this week.
  • Lane and Britney are on the block. If Britney wins, Enzo will go home.
  • I'm not so sure on Lane. If he sticks to his Britney F2 plan, he'll boot Enzo.
  • If Hayden or Enzo win, I believe Britney will go.
  • We'll see.
  • As I typed this, Britney is talking about there being no big alliances in the house this season.
  • Lane even led her on about "what if there was a four-person alliance?"
  • I can't believe she doesn't see it!
  • Ack.


joyn said...

Maybe Britney is just playing dumb?

Anonymous said...

OM Gosh. That kitchen looks horrible! Glad to see Britney got something. Still - Go Hayden.


Lars said...

Britney wouldn't have to play dumb against a dumber Lane!

I've often wondered how someone could play dumb, with individuals who don't have a full deck to begin with.

Sally said...

I don't have a strong preference among these four players, so I'm not really rooting for or against anyone. Each of them is likeable in some ways, annoying in others. (Just like the rest of us.)

Kind of interesting that the five people pegged as super-smart have all been evicted, while the self-described "not the sharpest" remain.

It's nearly time for my CBS affiliate to finally broadcast last night's BB! I'm eager to see the Jury House segements, especially.

joyn said...

Twice now on BBAD when Hayden was talking game, Lane told him that the DR told him all about Hayden's tricks. Maybe he's lying but he seemed serious. He also told Hayden that Ragan told him all about his (Hayden's) game. I really don't want Lane or Britney to win that POV. Sounds to me like BB production is interfering again. Hayden is looking worried, not only about the POV but about Lane screwing over the brigade. Hayden also told Lane that he is sitting pretty which is true.

joyn said...

BTW, If you're hiding something, it's easy to play dumb.

joyn said...

Now Britney's in the HOH room game-playing Hayden.

joyn said...

Britney is playing hard talk-wise. She knows exactly what she's doing.

joyn said...

I do think that Hayden realizes Brit is full it, tho.

joy n said...

This week ought to be very interesting.

Anonymous said...

Wouldnt it be funny just to see the faces of all the HG's if America gave Rachel $25,000 lol

chris said...


actually if hayden won the veto
enzo would be the sole vote even without the veto
still clearly the veto is important.
I am in the minority that would like to see brit or lane win veto
lane especially to see what he does with it.
brit obviously would vote out enzo!

Anon-MA said...

Stupid question alert: in the final 3, is there PoV or does HoH just evict? I think it's the latter but that doesn't seem right not to give the 1 person on the block a chance to save him/herself and earn a spot in F2.

tbc said...

Sally said...

I don't have a strong preference among these four players, so I'm not really rooting for or against anyone. Each of them is likeable in some ways, annoying in others. (Just like the rest of us.)


totally agree

ML said...

Margo and Laurie-I am out of town and having trouble accessing my email-please add me to Survivor, DWTS and TAR pools if I'm not already in them. I mentioned it before on another post but I know you don't always see it. Thanks.

meb said...

Sally... Thanks for the following statement: " Each of them is likable in some ways, annoying in others. (Just like the rest of us.)"

Yep, yep, Yep!

I was just mean in my own way on the last post, so I needed to read that this morning!

Joyn.. I think Lane is playing Hayden to see if he does get worried. I don't believe Hayden will get rid of Enzo if he has that power later, so Lane isn't looking too good to me right now. All will fall into place once the POV challenge is won as to the final 3.

My preference is a Lane/Brit F2, but I really don't think I'll be upset if either of the 4 win. They all are there in the F4, so they deserve to be there, regardless of how they arrived. Play or no play... they are the F4!

You go F4 !!!

Anonymous said...

I was watching BBAD the night before last and heard Lane talking with Brit. He told her that he use to kill kittens with rock crushers and she didn't react except to say. "Boys do that." OMG! He laughed. After hearing that, as an animal lover, I want both of those two despicable people gone. This isn't the first time Lane has bragged about the pleasure he gets out of killing innocent animals. I don't find anything amusing out of killing a precious animal that deserves to and wants to live just like we do. I'm so done with this season. Go Hayden or Enzo. At least they are nicer people. I hope someone from Peta heard his comments and Lane learns some compassion for the animal kingdom. What an ass. Bring on Survivor.
I'm so done with this show.