Thursday, September 16, 2010

Big Brother 12 - The Full Julie Chen Interview Video

I'm basically taking the entire day off -- read that as collapsed, even missed the FedEx man due to napping. But I figure folks would like to see the entire Julie Chen interview with Hayden, Lane and Enzo. Here goes:


Witt said...

Thanks a bunch for posting this. There are other interviews floating around that are just two minute snippets, and this was really good because it was a good size. I had to smile when Lane was talking about Britney.

Thanks a MILLION for all the time you put in, year after year, for our enjoyment. You rock!!

Witt :)

joyn said...

Glad to hear you got some much needed sleep, Jackie. FedEx will return.

I still wish Enzo had won something if only to mske things easier for him and his family.

Anonymous said...


Thank you so much for all your hard work. It does not go unnoticed!

Julie seemed to truly enjoy this interview! Three young men, all good looking and each with different engaging qualities!

Like Joyn, I do wish Enzo had left with something more tangible because he is the one who was working two full-time jobs before the show. But Meow Meow, wherever you are, I send you my best wishes, and I hope to see you again! (And I actually think it is more likely with him than the rest that he might show up elsewhere sometime because he's funny, and he handled losing like a champ!)

To all the people who have posted comments here this season, I enjoyed reading all your opinions (Even those I disagreed with!)! You helped make the season for me personally!


Donna in AL said...

Thanks Jackie, this is the best clip! So glad you have the day off and got rested up. I am sure Vincent was happy! I will miss you posting something everyday for us to read. While I do not comment much, I always come here and read.

These three guys seem so much more real in this than they did in the house! I wish Enzo too had won some money to take home to his wife and child.

See you all next Wednesday for Survivor.

cha cha said...

Thank you again Jackie for an unbelievable job posting.
Maybe next year I will be able to figure out how to post on my iphone during the phone. Maybe I will get an ipad for xmas.

Also thanks commenters, its been great. Hope yall have a wonderful survivor season and I will read with you each and every sunday(which I do first thing in the a.m.) and jump in the pool with you next July.

Nana from the NW said...

thanks Jackie for the video. I enjoyed watching the boys banter.

It has been another good season here at Jackie's.

As for prizes/money.....
Hayden is leaving with $500,000, a trip to Hawaii and an additional $5,000 from the comp. As well as his weekly stipend $7500.($750 x 10)
Lane got the weekly stipend
Enzo won a 50" TV
Britany won $10,000

They all left with something.

Enjoy your day off.......

Nana in the NW

RBennie said...

Thanks for posting the interview Jackie. I enjoyed it alot.

RBennie said...

They made out a little better than that Nana - Lane got 50 thousand, and Britney got $25 thousand for America's favorite.

ML said...

Enzo is not happy at all. I do think, though, that of the three guys, he is most likely to appear somewhere other than his hometown. I can't see Lane ever doing anything again. His comment about Brit being too short to produce athletic babies shows he has brains, let alone tact. Even Britney doesn't deserve to have someone that lacking. Hayden deserved to win but is otherwise dull.

Now it's on to Survivor! See you all there.

ML said...

OOOOPPPS! I meant NO brains.

Tina said...

Thanks so much for all your hard work. I did not post here often but I came here to read all your updates I loved them all. You work so hatd on this yr after yr and i love it! I will be back for surivior updates and others along the way!! Thank you for all your hard work

joyn said...

I wonder if Nick, Brit's fiance, will be responsible for the fire damage to their rental house. He had moved her clothes and stuff in aftet she left to start BB. She was to move in after the season ended. I read that most of her possessions were burned.

He apparently didn't put out the grill fire completely.

ORKMommy said...

I just totally fell in love with Lane! He's so funny and not as dumb as he wants people to think!!

JimmyB said...

They really should give the 3rd finalist a $25,000 consolation prize. (Aside from the "America's Choice" prize)

I was never an Enzo fan; but he deserved it...just for making it that far and then getting nothing.

Becky said...

Jackie, thank you for hanging in for a rather dull season. I don't think most of us would have made it.

I agree with OrkMommy, Lane isn't as dumb as he puts on. He is just a "good ol' TX boy" who has the part down pack.

I have wondered about Nick being held responsible for not getting the fire completely out. I look for the owner to file to recover for the damage done. And I look for Britney to give him the boot and refuse to help out. She didn't appear to be the most tolerant personality. I look for her to dump Nick and go after Lane.

Sydney said...

Thank you for that Jackie - it was good to watch. I wish they would show the contestants with their families. I have to go back to watch the one with Enzo's wife and baby... missed that one.

Thank you for this whole season of work. I'm glad you got some S-L-E-E-P after a nice after b-day off.

And MANY thanks to the commenters, which I just wish would continue with us on to the next round of shows -- every one of you. I get separation-mistiness when I know we won't hear from some of you for a whole next year. *sob* I hope to see some of you still in the weeks and months ahead.

Anonymous said...

If Brittany doesn't want Lane, I'll take him! I liked Hayden, but wish my Texas boy had won.

Thanks Jackie for making another BB great fun.


Jennasmom said...

Thanks for the interview, Jackie. You are the best!

Like you, Sydney, I'll miss hearing from some of the folks who only watch BB. Hope everyone will at least remember to check in on Sundays to see Jackie's great photos & make an occasional comment to let us know you're alive & kicking.

Anonymous said...

The Soup had a clip of Lane. He didn't sound very bright with his reply.

RyzandShyn said...

I know I probably heard that there was no wrap party anymore with the fun gag reel, but if I did I had forgotten and went looking for the pictures and write ups of a wrap party and the usual camera phone recording of the gag reel.
That Vegas Bust thing looks like no fun at all. I had trouble sitting through any video from it.
Too bad.

RyzandShyn said...

lol...not Vegas Bust, Vegas Bash.

Anonymous said...

Brittanica update on TMZ this morning! It seems she's heartbroken she might has to use some of her money for 'repairs' to the home. Except, it's a rental. So the property reprairs are probably just on the owner who everybody forgets. And she didn't have renter's insurance, so she's basically out her stuff. Sounds like a plea to America to send her more cash!

Surprise SURPRISE...She is also thinking about staying in LA to pursue TV work. This after telling the BG they were not going to be famous.

The TMZ commenters nailed it... the term 'wall-eyed bi-yatch' was used a lot. They did forget to add that she has no ass.

joyn said...


I also read that TMZ report and it said nothing about Britney being "heartbroken" about having to use her winnings for the repairs. Nor did it use anywhere the term "wall-eyed bi-yatch" in reference to her.

She mentioned that she liked the LA area and might pursue a job as a sports reporter.

At least get your "facts" straight.

Anonymous said...

I hope Briney goes home where she belongs. Enough of her. If there is anyone who would be entertaining to watch its Enzo. None of the others.