Thursday, September 02, 2010

Big Brother 12 - Live Feeds HOH Coverage - Sept. 2

As I get this posted, the feeds haven't returned. Once they do, the latest news will be at the top of the post.

9:20 PM - The feeds returned and, though not voiced, Hayden has the HoH key while at the table.

9:23 - Now it's voiced, official -- Hayden is the new HOH.


joy n said...

Thank you, Jackie!

monty924 said...

Hayden won HoH

chris said...

now who does he put up alongside britney?
and who will win the pov?
and who will they vote out.
i think enzo without pov is a goner

anonymouse said...

It doesn't matter really who he puts up. Whoever (of the other three) wins the veto gets to decide who goes home.

ORKMommy said...

Oh Brit...oh Lane... You had your chance and blew it for friendship! Silly hamsters!

I think Hayden will put up Brit & Lane because Lane has shown that he's not that into the brigade anymore. Unless Brit wins veto, she's going home!

meb said...

Brit just kept trying too hard and she lost it all by herself. Hayden did have an easier time holding onto his balls... uh... the balls.

ORKMommy said...

anonymouse - Not if Hayden wins POV. He doesn't have a vote. If it happens to be Brit & Enzo on the block and Lane is voting then Hayden really has no say in the matter. I think if that were the case Enzo would go home. Hayden has to be careful of who he puts up if he wants to make sure Brit goes home!

Sally said...

Thanks for keeping us posted, Jackie. Guess it's a week when the POV winner has all the power.

monty924 said...

ORK, I agree. Lane and Britney blew it this week. I think we can safely say he'll put Lane and Britney up. If Enzo wins POV, he could conceivably vote Lane out. Will he do it? I doubt it. If Hayden wins POV, Enzo would still have the vote, if he isn't on the block. If Brit or Lane win, Enzo goes home. I still think that Lane will take Britney to the F3 over Enzo. F4 POV is always put these events in order. Ragan would have torn that up. Will Britney? I'm not so sure.

Britney, you DA girl. You had a better chance with Ragan, Lane and Enzo than Lane, Hayden and Enzo. DUH, big time. My rant is over, LOL.

Anon-MA said...

I think he puts up Britney & Lane. Enzo would vote to evict Britney. Hayden has to figure that Lane might not. Then it's a 50% chance that he or Enzo wins PoV and leaves nominees alone. If Lane wins POV Enzo goes home I think. If Britney wins POV, Enzo also goes home.

Witt said...

You all are right, Brit and Lane will go up. Brit is gone unless she can win POV. It could happen!

Witt :)

P.S. Joe in NY...we started classes this past Monday. Don't worry, it won't hurt. ;)

Anon-MA said...

Going back to the show -- I was a little surprised how very strong their reactions were to Matt's reveal and how blasé he was. I didn't know Kathy was a cancer survivor, but it definitely stirred something in her seeming a bit beyond the lie about someone she doesn't even know.

I think Matt has some social deficit (for want of a better phrase). He told that lie (that seemed to cross a line in all normal people's way of thinking), he smiles or laughs inappropriately and generally seems awkward to me. Not in a mean way actually; in a "there's just something a little off about this guy" kind of way.

I agree; Rachel has a stache going on there. I also agree that she is done with Brendon; you could see it on her face before she tried to cover it up with the old "I'm disappointed because you deserve to still be in there," double-talk.

I thought that Brit would have been the favorite in that comp too but it was clear from the start that Hayden brome strong from the gate and no one was catching him because he had a rhythm going.

Anon-MA said...

*broke not brome

Joe in NY said...

Thanks, Witt. But I'm already losing my voice and I haven't given my 1st lecture!!! LOL

Silly hamsters, you had your chance...

Anon-MA said...

Since I seem to be on a role...I thought Hayden's taped goodbye message to Ragan about how he represented gays well (my paraphrase but that's what he said, twice) was pretty out of line. Who knew that Ragan was playing to be the standard bearer for gay men everywhere. Jeez.

Lifeguard Laurie said...

***off topic - TAR Pool***

I'm the lifeguard for the TAR pool this season. If you want in, please email me at

lynn1 said...

Bye Bye Brit. You have no one to blame but yourself.

joy n said...

Laurie, hope you got my message.

Anon-MA said...

They're toying with the idea of putting up Lane & Enzo and backdooring Britney. I suspect that's idle chatter and when push comes to shove Brit goes up.

Lifeguard Laurie said...

Got it Joy n. Here's the pool so far:

1. Becky
2. Donna in AL
3. Donna from FL
4. JennasMom
5. Joy n
6. lisanne
7. Laurie
8. Lynn1
9. Margo
10. meb
11. Monty924
12. PDX Granny
13. RBennie
14. Sydney
15. Terry in CA

Justene said...

Aargh, the show is pre-empted here on the West Coast! What are they doing playing football at this hour?

monty924 said...

There is no true back-door at this point. Lane, Enzo or Britney will go home no matter who Hayden puts up. Britney's only true hope is to win the POV and then her second hope would be if Lane won. I'm not putting any real hope in Lane winning, unless he has been playing dumb this entire season. I don't think that's even a factor at this point.

Britney needs to win the POV... pure and simple.

monty924 said...

Side note and ***OT***

Thanks Margo and Laurie for adding me in with the upcoming Pool Party fun for the fall! :)

Anonymous said...


I realize that Matt's lie crossed a line for a lot of people, but I think his smile/laugh was just because he felt awkward and nothing more. In these programs, people lie. Everybody knows that going in.

People who excuse some lies as gameplay, but then say other lies (like Matt's or swearing on your children) are out of bounds crack me up.

"If I save you this week, do you promise not to put me on the block next week?"

"I promise."

"Do you swear on your families lives you won't?"

"No. You got me. I'm gonna put you on the block."

It's a game. I'm sure he expected fallout from the lie, but he took a shot. And when Kathy was tearing into him, he was probably thinking...'It's just a game.'

I wish my dish hadn't dropped the signal because I missed Hayden's comments. But he strikes me as a young jock who has probably never had any gay friends or spent much time around gay people. He was probably just trying to say something nice. (Failing miserably, but trying nonetheless.) That said, Ragan had more than one conversation alone and with others about being gay and how he would be remembered. And thinking back, I'm pretty sure that most of the utterances of the word 'gay' came from Ragan. So it's really hard for me to find any fault with Hayden for not seeming more enlightened. I'm older than he is, and the politics of race, gender and sexuality much less the speech around them still confuse me.


Sydney said...

Yo Lynn-- just shouting out.

I of course didn't realize this was up here and was commenting to several of all of your comments on the last post...

Sydney said...

MEB! (snicker)

cha cha said...

Not sure what Enzo was sayig a little while ago but whatever it was Britney heard it while they thought she was in DR.

In the HOH comp as soon as I saw what it was I thought Hayden had it. He is a baseball player. He had a great grip. Not to hard not to soft.

HOH really doesnt matter this week. It is all POV. Hopefully Brit can pull it out and control the vote.

I just realized that I wont be seeing next Thursday's live show. That is the opening New Orleans Saints game. I will be there. The only issue is my service for my iphone sucks in the superdome.

Anonymous said...

Funniest moment of the evening:

When Julie was speaking to Lane about his gameplay...


I couldn't have laughed harder if he had stared blankly at the screen and mumbled something about a money tree.

He is simply much better at working out.

Sydney said...

The lie Matt chose was so upsetting simply because Kathy had suffered from cancer herself, and had probably listened to Matt sympathetically about it, completely relating due to her personal experiences. She probably shared some of those in the long hours they were all together, thus investing even more personally, so she feels twice as stung. Maybe she should have known better than to trust someone but when you are in a house with no distractions 24/7 for weeks and weeks on end, some people do actually get close and are not ALWAYS thinking of the game.

That said, she was there to play a moral game in a place not known for it.

Rachel said that Kathy had gone thru a battle for 10 years... That to me warrants her reaction, though I agree with whomever said they are still in the world of the show.

People do lie to get ahead and it should be expected, and people do things in these games to get ahead. Inexplicably, some, like Dr. Will are forgiven and others turn guests off and even a long time later they are considered slime. Who knows... but in this case, I think Kathy's response was justified and normal regardless of being on the show or not.

I agree with the commenter who mentioned they think Matt is inept socially.

monty924 said...

Just an honest and courteous comment to the Anonymous posters here at Jackie's blog. I've been reading over at the last post, for reference. If you have your feelings hurt or want to argue with someone... please leave a name so that people can respond to YOU.

I've posted at Jackie's since S6. Back then, I was anonymous but always signed my posts as MM. If you don't sign anything, we have no idea who to respond to and it brings on blog wars. We don't enjoy those here, so sign a name or identify yourself somehow.

Thanks! monty

Anonymous said...


I agree the lie was horrible and would never do it myself. That being said this is not a game based on morals. Even "father" Dan did some shady things. It is a game to win 500,000.00
All players through the past 11 seasons have lied in one way or another.
Its sad that Kathy battled cancer for ten years and am glad she is better, but I just can't shake the fact that she had prolonged cancer and is still sick with something(not sure she ever said) and she SMOKES.
This is comming from a smoker. I am not condemning our condoning, but don't understand why she is still smoking?

cha cha said...

I couldn't get my name to come up on the last post. Comp and internet still screwy


I agree the lie was horrible and would never do it myself. That being said this is not a game based on morals. Even "father" Dan did some shady things. It is a game to win 500,000.00
All players through the past 11 seasons have lied in one way or another.
Its sad that Kathy battled cancer for ten years and am glad she is better, but I just can't shake the fact that she had prolonged cancer and is still sick with something(not sure she ever said) and she SMOKES.
This is comming from a smoker. I am not condemning our condoning, but don't understand why she is still smoking

monty924 said...

Cha Cha, I don't believe that anyone of them is above the other. They all do and say things that they condemn the others for doing.

Kathy is a great person and her feelings were hurt because of Matt's lie. She'll get over it, and if not... it's too bad for her. All of these hamsters should just embrace the experience for what it is.

Anonymous said...


I know why Kathy was upset. Your description was spot on. And my feelings go out to people like her.

Yet, she went into an environment to play a 'moral game in a place not known for it'. I disagree with you on the 'morality' part of it, but I take your point.

But if you will allow me, and hopefully without sounding too crass:

If I walk into a strip club, I shouldn't get too upset if I see a few boobs.

As for Matt being socially inept, I think it's just the opposite. In fact, this is the first time in the whole season where I have read something like this about him. And we knew long ago that this was a lie.

Without upsetting her further, what could he have said? It's clear that he didn't think what he did was wrong within the confines of the game, and BB didn't call him on it. Here is a guy listening to people question his soul's ultimate destination, and in his opinion (and BB's), it was just gameplay. I think he did well just being polite, and not laughing.

And again, not laughing at Kathy or cancer, but at trying to applying concepts like 'the soul' to gameplay in the BB house.


Anonymous said...

im with you, i think somethin in truly wrong with matt, he is a tick away from bein insane....thin line there....:>

Joanie said...

OK, so I'm a little slow sometimes, I'm watching BB live here in Los Angeles, it started at 10 after the SD/SF football game. I usually start the show a little late so I can FF through the ad breaks, we it only has taken me 3 breaks to realize this is live.

Joanie in LA

Judy said...

This is a repeat after I finally got my account straighten out...
Just a reminder to all...

I haven't commented much,, but one thing I have to say, I have read all of Jackie's hard work,,, Don't forget to leave her a little sumpin sumpin in the Jackie fund.... Thanks Jackie,, did want you to be forgotton.

Anonymous said...

Thank YOU SO MUCH, Jackie! You don't know how much this has been appreciated. My dang wireless decided to go out and I had to connect directly up to my box. Yuk.

I am glad Hayden won, I know others do not like him, but I really do. Lane is such a ditz. I'd like to see Hayden, Britney and Enzo be the last three.

Yay, Haden. ;-)


ML said...

Please Margo and Laurie, include me in pools for Survivor, DWTS, and TAR. Thanks!

JimmyB said...

I actually think that Matt is basically a very honest; almost honorable person.

It was a crappy lie (I suspect he's not used to telling lies); but he did other honorable things while in the house. He copped to the lie immediately upon his arrival in the jury house--didn't have to say anything.

And Kathy? Get over it. Rachel? I don't buy your act for one moment. Brendon? He couldn't have cared less.

gaylos said...

Hey, I don't know who is the lifeguard for the Survivor or DWTS pool, but could I please be included? thanks!

lynn1 said...

HI back at you Sydney.

Cha Cha I will be at the game Thursday night too. Our seats are in section 308 Club Level. Maybe we could meet up at the smoker's porch. I go to Gate B smokers porch where do you go? You can update me on BB if your phone works in the dome.