Friday, September 03, 2010

Big Brother 12 - Live Feeds Into Friday Morning, September 3

Hayden says, "I'll never see the inside of the jury house."

The epitome of boring live feeds in a single screen cap.

Not only did they NOT return the live feeds until after last night's HoH comp was over, but they trapped the hamsters inside with nothing to do. So they napped. Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of the Final Four:
  • It's interesting how they cling onto any bits and pieces of the audience at the live show -- from glimpses to hearing them laugh or applaud. I don't recall others doing that so much in past years.
  • Lane told the others about his talk with Julie, calling himself a dodo ... but didn't tell them about taking Britney to the final two.
  • That is, if he gets the chance.
  • Enzo advised Hayden to wait and let Britney talk to him, make her think she's safe.
  • Lane looked worried a lot -- he might be losing his Britney.
  • Enzo, a bit self-confident for someone who constantly loses comps, went as far as to suggest that Hayden put himself and Lane on the block.
  • Of course, it doesn't really matter who goes on the block as the power of veto winner will hold all the power this week.
  • BB returned their glasses and silverware. Lane had just finished eating a bowl of cereal when they discovered them.
  • They think the next comp will be the faces morph. It should be, but you never know.
  • Grasping any clue to the outside world, once they could go into the yard,they found a soda can in the with a new amusement park ride advertised.
  • Hayden opened up his HOH room. A letter from his father, a new string "bracelet," some Corona beer.
  • Enzo is really playing up to Hayden now.
  • This isn't too great for Lane because someone needs to be friends with Britney (him) and it distances him a bit from Hayden.
  • Enzo even spent the night with Hayden in the HOH room.
  • No, not like THAT!
  • Enzo hopes he hasn't embarrassed his wife too much by losing so many comps.
  • Forget the wife, think about the entire state of New Jersey! Sheesh!
  • Enzo thinks they should hang out more with Lane so that "Britney doesn't get in his head."
  • Um. She's already there.
  • Enzo is really working the Brigade status. After all, that's been his only big move in the game.
  • Right now, I believe Hayden will want Britney out, then Enzo.
  • Enzo doesn't know that.
  • It's all going to hinge on POV.

Oh, joy! Another HOH room!


Della said...

I have one thing to say "Britney, GO HOME!! I'm sick of watching you pick at yourself! It's a wonder you have any skin left". I hope she takes Lane with her. Does he really think she has any interest in him? Uggg. I want them both to just go away.

JimmyB said...

My impression of Britney (personality aside) is that she's had her game face on the entire time; at least after the first week. I give her credit for that.

I'm in the minority--but I like her sense of humor. Of course, I only see what's on TV...

Anonymous said...


I'm with you get Britney out immediately and take wimpy Lane with her, he was so stupid he had a chance to get Hayden out and he clung to his friend (his I'll take my chances with this $500 amd take Hayden to the F2, he couldn't beat Hayden if he had a hammer). Hayden is right he will not see the inside of the Jury House, I just wish Enzo could win POV, I'm hoping he could at least get the $50K, I dont want Britney to get anything.

Angie in KC said...

Wow- Harsh words--

I think Britney for not being in a big alliance has done really well. I applaud her for her POVs and staying in the house against the boys-- I hope she wins POV and has all the power, at least she has some personality. She's smart and funny, and a little cynical too. Which makes for good tv. BB needs to get them to do more than lay around-- like the dancing that was great and funny- good tv.

Hey also another big Prop to Brit- in past seasons we see people in relationships do bad things, she has been 100% faithful to her beau on the outside-- says something good about her character.
Just saying....

Angie in KC

JimmyB said...

And worth mentioning; it's a given that the HG's are usually pretty immature. Britney's actually the youngest at 22 (or did she have a birthday in the house?) Hayden and Lane are both 24. She comes off a bit more responsible than the others.

I'm not sure that Hayden has had one adult responsibility a job. Lane's not much better; what he has doesn't sound like a job.

Joe in NY said...


I'm not sure you can say Britney isn't in a "big alliance". She's tied to Lane and Lane has protected her from his Brigade alliance (if you can call it that).

Frankly, almost all the hgs were in the same big alliance for 75% of the season: the anti-Brenchel alliance.

Justene said...

I am cynical enough to wonder if Britney saw how bad the showmance was and decided against that. She was also burned by the Monet alliance early so there was little incentive to go there.

She's had a very reactive game play. Brendon's HOH, I'll make a deal. I'm HOH, I'll disregard the deal. Even with Lane, she disregarded him when she was with Matt and Ragan.

I like Enzo, of course. I think he has played a very clean game. He even went to Matt and told him he would vote him out when there was a choice between two Brigade members. The DR sessions that have aired show him identifying exactly who he would want out so he keeps moving up.

Nina said...

I don't think it will be the morph comp. That one is very time consuming for live tv and POV is live on Wed. So my guess is it'll be something similar to what Jordan and Natalie had to do with the basketballs and putting the HOH's in order. Enzo better memorize the HOH order.

Nina said...

Or the comp has to be something the four can do at the same time.

Anonymous said...


'Reactive gameplay'. Perfect summation to Brit in the BB house. She warms up to whoever has the HoH.

Another thing I like about Enzo, his DR sessions match very closely what he says out of the DR room. He is also the only one that I can remember saying that this is a game for 500K, and he isn't there to make friends (Paraphrasing.)That would be great if it happens, but it's not what he's there for. Shows he has kept the game in perspective.

And with the above written, he is still arguably the best liked of all the players.


Anonymous said...


Brit turned 23 a week ago. I don't know how responsible she is or isn't.

It was funny to hear her bash the guys for being dirty. And then Ragan calling her on it.

As another poster wrote, it was Kathy, Brenden and Andrew that had previously done of the wousework.

Outside of BB, it sounds like she, Hayden and Lane are all planning trips together. Wonder how Nick will feel about that?


Anonymous said...

Angie in KC,

I think Kristen also had a boyfriend or something outside BB this season, didn't she?

As for giving Brit props for being faithful, I can't do it. I have my own opinions about how her behavior could possibly be interpreted outside of the house, but I know I am in the minority, so PUTTING THAT ASIDE... I still can't give her credit for remaining faithful for a couple of reasons:

1) Even if you are the type of person that would do that, you still wouldn't necessarily want to do it in front of a national audience. She could just be smarter than other hamsters. (There are lots of things that she hasn't done this season, so I think you can't read too much into that.)

2) When you're in a committed relationship, you're supposed to be faithful!

(For some reason, the above reminds me of Hayden's comments to Ragan on being gay.)

It just strikes me as odd that we think it shows that she has good character because she didn't cheat on her fiancee while appearing on a TV show. Is the bar for what passes for good character really this low?

It also seems extremely biased against women, since no one has written that Enzo or Matt have good character because they didn't cheat on their wives. Because again, we EXPECT it.


Anonymous said...

Britney is the epitome of the pretty, popular, mean girl from high school. She may be pretty on the outside but she is as ugly as can be on the inside. She has nothing but negative comments and makes fun of everyone else. She is just not a nice person and I find it kind of sad that people actually like her.

Anonymous said...

So losing comps is the thing about Enzo that embarrasses New Jersey???

That's a pretty high bar!

Joyce said...

If any of you watch BBAD you know Enzo has NO manners. That is what will embarrass NJ. He chews with his mouth open smacking every bite. He belches loudly and never says "excuse me". Ragan did that too. He does have a wonderful personality though.

I don't think I will be disappointed with any of the final four winning, they've all played a good game.

My WV was ratedic. Not going to touch that one.

JimmyB said...

Sorry, but I'm still finding these comments about Brittney "not being nice" just a bit pollyanna.

I don't think it really matters all that much. If I was going out on a date with any of the women in this house (from day 1)--based just on personality--I'd pick Britney.

...Maybe I don't like "nice" girls. And I think many of her comments are her sense of humor. At least she has one.

ORKMommy said...

I still maintain that Britney isn't a 'mean girl'. All she does is talk trash about the other HG's but so does everyone else. Is Enzo a 'mean guy' because he's done the same exact thing! So has Hayden, Ragan, Rachel, Brendon, Matt, etc... Are they all 'mean people'?

As far as her reactive strategy goes... It's what's kept her in the game. BB is always changing depending on who has the power and if you're not ready to change with the game then you're gonna loose. I work in the eCommerce IT field and it changes almost daily. If I'm not ready and willing to change with the times then I'll be out of a job!

Joe in NY said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Joe in NY said...


They ARE ALL mean people. I said it earlier. 30s and under are so self-absorbed and so conditioned to internet anonymity that they think nothing of trashing people behind their back. My students do it all the time, telling me what awful people their other profs are...sometimes on very personal things like hygiene etc. Never seems to dawn on them that they are talking about my colleagues and, sometimes, my friends.

That said, I don't think Brit is much worse than any of the others. It is just 20-something cattiness. I also, however, don't think she's any better than the others. It's a very meh cast

Anonymous said...

OMG~~~Thank you Della and the others who call out Britney for what she is....The ultimate mean girl. She loves to pick on everyone and make fun of them. In fact that is pretty much all she does. She does not clean the kitchen or help out in any way. She does need to go home and take that lazy Lane with her. They are both at the bottom of the barrell.
I have not really been on board for Enzo except the first part of the season. But now I think I am going to hope for some miracle with Enzo winning. Hayden has been lazy and boring the whole season....besides....his hair alone is enough to make me gag!!!

Anon-MA said...

Ben -I do agree with you that Britney is only doing what she is supposed to do, but let me add that Enzo and Matt haven't had any "takers" so it's easy to be loyal. Married with kids is also a different commitment level than recently engaged (to someone her parents obviously haven't bonded with yet since they're okay with her bringing Lane home -- WTF's up with that yo, as Enzo might say. )

I agree with Joe that it's a generational thing in terms of their behavior. :-(

FA (Formerly Anon) said...

Since the hamsters themselves are so boring, let's go to a meta discussion.

I've been thinking about the notion that we who post here with criticisms of the hamsters are effectively the same as the hamsters we bash for doing the same thing.

But is that so?

I don't think so.

In real life, I don't find myself speaking about others the way they in that house do. I can't even tolerate when someone speaks to *me* derogatorily about someone (exception being public figures, not personal associates).

But this particular message board on the net is specifically designed to discuss the hamsters, who themselves agreed to be televised so that people can watch and talk about them! I find that set of circumstances really different from everyday life.

OTOH, one can argue that their being in the BB house is just as unusual a circumstance; except that it seems they take their general predispositions with them into the BB house. Britney honestly seems like the sort who talks trash about her associates in real life. She's so very practiced at it. Ragan too. The others, not so much.

Anonymous said...

I have heard Britney almost bragging about being at work with her best friend and what they love doing is talking about people. She also mentioned that in church she and her mother do the same thing making fun of what people wear. She is it is her normal behavior. Age or not....she should grow up. I hope she see's herself for what she is and learns a lesson from the disgraceful way she has behaved. What she does is NOT game...its mean spirited.
AND...she has the nerve to talk about Rachel. SHE IS NO BETTER.

Anonymous said...


Maybe she isn't a 'mean girl'. Maybe it's the way the program is edited. And yes, at some point, everyone in the house badmouthed someone.

But Ragan and Brit brought it to new levels in terms of what was said and how often they said it. IMHO That is the major distinction between them and the other HGs. (i.e. I do not remember the other HGs having graphic discussions about Rachel's crotch.)

As far as her gameplay, You're right. It's gotten her this far. I don't question her gameplay's success. I simply don't care for that style of play.

You mention the workplace, and staying on top of changes; however, that is quite different from cozying up to the boss, whoever the boss. There are unkind names for people that do that. And when I do see that in the workplace, I don't care for it. Oh, it can work. But it makes me think less of the people that do it, and the people it works on.


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Anonymous said...

When you mention that the others did not talk about Rachel's crotch...only Britney....SO TRUE!Do you recall her very candid talk about Kristen.....its so vulgar I don't want to repeat it....but Britney repeated it constantley while Kristen was in the house. She and Monet mentioned it over and over.
It was very bad language IMHO. She loved calling attention to it when the boys were around. Ewwwwwwww

Anonymous said...


That's my whole point. She is supposed to be true to Nick. So, I can't give her any credit for not cheating.

As for Matt and Enzo. I'm confused. Should they get more or less credit for being in a marriage? Or do they get zero credit because they never had a chance to cheat?

I know it's silly, which is my point about using 'not doing something' as any indication of character.


Justene said...

I prefer the Enzo proactive gameplan. I prefer to know that my business plan would account for changes in the market. Imagine redesigning your website every week -- not planning a regularly schedule new front page, but redesigning the whole thing. It would engender the type of criticism I have for Britney. When and if she gets to the F2 and people look at how she played the game, I'm not sure it gets much respect.

Enzo could talk about how he remained loyal to the Brigade until it came down to a choice between 2 Brigade members or, like Matt, they had been disloyal.

So far, with Matt, he was upfront about it. We'll see if he tells Hayden or Lane the decision if it comes to that.

Anonymous said...

I'm not bashing Britney I'm only commenting on her behavior, I dont feel that she has come into the house and became a changed person, she is who she is. did you hear her last week telling Lane what he better do or not do. she is mean spirited I dont care how you look at it, just as others here want to speak about Rachel being a "Vegas Girl, she is who she is also. So looking at and watching them both has been pretty disgusting, and let's not leave Matt and Ragan out.

Anonymous said...

I wish Hayden wouldn't get so cocky. He really doesn't know if he's in the final. Too much can still happen. :-(


Anonymous said...

Joe In NY,

I know how you feel about technology conditioning people; however, trash talk aside, self-absorbtion has never been limited to the young.


Anonymous said...

Joe in NY

THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, you are so correct about how the whole house had an alliance against Brenchal, it might have been warranted but was it right to just continuely bash her long after she had left the house. The othr night they all laughed at how poorly Brendon did in the bowling comp and they floated through all the comps,Britney not tryiing to have an alliance with Brendon was solely because she knew that Lane would protect her from the Brigade, and he was dumb enough to listen to her tell him, that he would only win against her. Does he really think that should he win POV and take her with him to the F2 withh him, that the Brigade would give him their jury vote and he WON'T beat Hayden. So I guess he would rather have the $50,000. These people this season have all been delusional, with all this friendship nonsense.

Lars said...

I don't think Brit is pretty, I think the girl in my video is much better looking!

Laurie add my name to Survivor Pool.


monty924 said...

The feeds are back after a long while of trivia. Looks like another Pandora's box. Hayden is no where in sight and Brit, Lane and Enzo are looking for something hidden in the kitchen. Maybe a key to unlock Hayden.

The camera keeps panning in on the compost box.

monty924 said...

I can't figure this one out. It appears to be something like the missing veto challenge they did in S8.

They're looking for three coins hidden somewhere in the kitchen. The kitchen is trashed and they haven't found anything, and Hayden is missing.

There's 10k involved also. Hmm

JimmyB said...


I guess Britney could be a murderer as long as she doesn't say "mean" things about other people.

monty924 said...

Confirmed. They all hid a coin and they have to find the others' coin. No one will give up their location, so they are pretty much at a stalemate. Enzo found one, so he found Britney's or Lane's but they aren't saying.

There is a 10K prize involved.

monty924 said...

Britney was just talking to Hayden (off camera) in the BY. So he's been out there the whole time they've been in the kitchen.


Lifeguard Laurie said...

You're in the pool, Lars!

monty924 said...

Britney just found Enzo's coin. He's eliminated and out on the couch with Hayden.

monty924 said...

Only Lane and Britney left to win the 10K. :)

Nana from the NW said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
monty924 said...

Britney won. She found Lane's coin. YAY! Brit at least gets 10K.

Nana from the NW said...

OT--add me to the Amazing Race pool...I love to swim!!

As for BB...this must be a luxury comp. they are doing. Do you think it is being done instead of the clothing comp.?

Aren't nominations done today??

And what's with having a Pandora's Box with all of the HOH's. It tends to take the "reward" out of the whole idea that one HOH would receive it. Maybe these HG were so boring that they had to do other punishments(from Pandora's Box) to create something for the shows. Especially, since the sabateour missions were a joke!

monty924 said...

Nana, I don't think it was a Pandora's box now. My first thought was that because Hayden was missing. I looks like all four of them participated, but Hayden was already out and in the BY when the feeds returned.

I thought they'd do a clothing luxury also to give Enzo a chance to win some new duds, but it wasn't that. It was a competition for 10K.

I'm glad Brit won it because she's out of there if she doesn't win POV and then would have to win two of the 3 final HoH comps. It could happen, but I doubt it will. :)

Joe in NY said...

Just out of curiousity. If the F2 ended up being Enzo and Brit, what would he wear? LMAO

Zoetawny said...

Loved the second picture, Jackie. What a lazy usual in the BB house. I just emailed you a new BB graphic and the first Survivor Nicaragua graphic for the blog.

I finally got my pc back from the Geek Squad at Best Buy. I had to take it back a second time because I was still having problems. I'm not sure if I'd recommend them but I didn't know where else to take it.

I was stunned to see "duh" Enzo win the POV. I wonder if he had been throwing comps all along but I doubt it.

I know everyone has moved on already but had to mention how hot Julie looked last night.

My DH loves Britney but I'm not sure if it's because of her looks...ya think? ;)

Matt sure took a beating and kept on ticking at the jury house. Matt didn't seem to flinch much. His deception about his wife's illness was rude to say the least.

Will Rachael stay with Brendon now that he's not going to win the $500K? I'm so glad I don't have to see either of them in the house any longer.

I hope everyone on the East Coast says safe with Earl on his way.

Oh, my word verification says arhappie. I am happy I'm online again. ;)


PDX Granny said...

One of the great things about this place is that we all have different opinions and are able to share them. For the most part, those opinions are listened to and accepted, even if not being agreed with. For myself, I let my opinion be swayed with every new post I read. : )

Personally, I like everyone that's left. It's refreshing to me to have a group that gets along so well, instead of like some of the previous final few. The only problem with their camaraderie is it's boring. There's not enough excitment in the house for us watchers.

Of the 4 left, my opinion (until someone changes it for me) is that Brit is the only one who has really played. The Brigade went thru most of the game throwing comps, and thanks to Rachel, being lucky enough to have most of the attention on getting rid of someone else. I can't see that it's due to any great game play that most of them are still there.

Brit has not only won comps, but she's been able to talk her way into being kept safe. To me, that's not so much cozying up to the HOH, but smart game play. Besides, she's funny. At least IMHO. : )

Regan is the only one I've seen really studing hard. I don't have the feeds, so don't know what the others are doing to prepare. Can anyone tell me?

WV = angshoo
This is what I keep saying over and over again as I sneeze from my allergies. :(

Lifeguard Laurie said...

Nana from the NW, you are now in the pool.

Just a reminder to everyone else, please email to let me know you want in the TAR pool. I might not see a request in the comments here. Often I just skim them!

Angie in KC said...

Love her or hate her--- just like Rachel-- Britney is good for TV-- if all three boys end up in there the last week-- will I watch?? I dunno, they are so boring maybe I will just come here and read who wins and I love BB. Always have, but these people are a snore. Britney at least gives us some spice, even if its bad spice.

joyn said...

I'm not a big fan of Britney either but not because she says mean things. She and Ragan probably hold the record this season for saying mean things but they've all done that. I rooted for Evil Dick and he was the king of meanness at times.

My dislike of Britney comes mainly from her threats to Lane on BBAD several days ago. One being that if he put her up, and she won POV, she would save Ragan. The babyish remarks about Lane liking Hayden more than her bothered me too. Very princess-ish. It made me believe that her "friendship" with Lane was ALL gameplay. He's not the brightest bulb in the house and I believe she sensed that from the beginning and latched onto him as a quasi-alliance. I think she's a little nervous now that Lane may not be making the moves she expects him to make, i.e., get her to the end of this game. I really believe the friendship is only a friendship as long as Lane does what she wants him to do. When he doesn't, it ruffles her feathers.

She wants him in the f2 because she knows she will win the votes over him. If he screws over the rest of the brigade which is what she wants him to do (blood on HIS hands) she gets their votes. Ah, Lane, you let a pretty face turn your head. That pretty face will stab you in the back repeatedly when (if) you make it to facing the jury.

I also don't like that she kissed up big time to every HOH, even Rachel and Brendon, until they lost their titles, of course. She wasn't the only one to do that but she was really good at it. She even had Rachel and Brendon believing her.

I have my doubts that Britney likes anyone in this house. The little princess in her learned at an early age how to kiss up. And she's executing that lesson well.

Just my personal opinion.

Anon-MA said...

Brit & Lane are nominated -- no big surprise

joyn said...

This will be the most important POV of the season. They will ALL be scrambling hard for this one.

Anonymous said...

If anyone is interested, on tonight's episode of THE SOUP with Joel McHale, there was a very short clip from BB. It was pretty funny!

I'm sure it will be repeated all week.

(I would describe the clip, but I don't want to spoil it for anyone.)


Anonymous said...

Brit and Lane made a huge mistake evicting Ragan who had a great point.

Had Lane the guts, he should have broken things off with the Brigade and formed an alliance with Ragan and Brit who would have surely beat out Enzo and Hayden, both of whom were pretty much gauanteed to win if put up against the other 3. Plus Hayden, yesterday, was the strongest player in the house, physically and socially next to enzo and they had the opp to get him out and blew it!...bye bye Brit and Lane, Enzo and Hayden are in the final two and Enzo'll take it.

meb said...

My gosh people... some of you talk about how Brit bashes everybody in the house and all some of you do here is bash HER 24/7. OK, you think she's mean... we get it.. now can we give it a rest?!!!

Anon 1:22 Said paraphrasing Jackie: So losing comps is the thing about Enzo that embarrasses New Jersey???

"...That's a pretty high bar! ..."

There you go again anon...picking on our benefactor... I'm assuming you're MAP! I have to group all you Anons together who won't give us a 'name' of some sort so we can identify you!

I guess I'm feeling mean this morning..

Anonymous said...

If people could go back to see other BBs, it's been meaner in the past. I've seen some pretty nasty stuff in the BB house. These HGs do not have the market on mean, pettiness, self absorb, or nasty.


PS: Zoetawny,

I've gone to the Geek Squad and won't go back. It's not the people at the store personally. They are only allowed to fix specific things, the rest has to be sent in to their HQ. There are some VERY knowledgeable geeks, but they aren't allowed to use their talents. They sent mine away and I had problems. I won't do it again.