Monday, September 06, 2010

Big Brother 12 - Live Feeds Into Monday, Sept. 6

It's not much more than a snoozefest on the live feeds and I predict it will get worse once Britney's out. Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of No Controversy:
  • They napped.
  • Hayden, Lane and Britney trashed Rachel once again as Enzo washed the dishes.
  • No, Rachel didn't return to the house. They just can't stop.
  • Britney told Hayden she thought he was dishonest, but that she was over it.
  • They got a deck of cards and have played lots of cards.
  • Apparently they're so over pool tournaments.
  • That could be because they lost their bowl trophy when Enzo lost his clothes.
  • Britney's mother once made it to the finals in casting for Survivor.
  • Oh my. Can you see Enzo on Survivor? Heehee!
  • Enzo and Lane worked out.
  • Britney said she never heard of the word "libations" before being in the house.
  • Lane's happy to have learned such a big word.
  • Jackie hopes to never hear "libations" again.
  • Britney thought Ragan was really vulgar.
  • He was. He was probably the most vulgar and continuously sexually graphic person I've ever seen in the house.
  • Most of it wasn't even funny.
  • Hayden, Lane and Enzo are still up as I get this posted.
  • But, as Enzo said, there is no more game talk, Brigade!
  • Of course, if two of them are in a room, not three, I expect some game talk.
  • But it's not happening now.


ML said...

Thanks Jackie for your late night/early morning coverage all the time. Nice to know I'm not the only one up working at this hour.

You're right about Ragan and his vulgarity. What I read of some of the feeds was unnecessarily graphic frequently. Obviously none of that ever made it to the show. I'm not sure that as a supposed educator that was the best for him to put out there. Of course I know he's not the only one, but still.

After I finally got to see the show, I just chuckle at Lane's DR about the 1 in 4, no 1 in 3 chance of winning, because he knows he can beat himself. Is he that funny on his own I wonder?

ML said...

Btw Jackie, I, too, frequent the old Bachelorette discussion blog that Sydney and others have been using for the Bachelor Pad and assorted other comments. We've got a couple more weeks of 'strategic trash' to view and comment on and so would still like to have that if we could. Thanks again for the platform.

RyzandShyn said...

Good Morning!
Funny that Britney singled out Hayden rather than Lane as a person she thought was dishonest.

I don't know if Enzo has a true sense of entitlement as much as the confidence, bravado, and values common to guys where he lives who grew up as the apple of someone's eye, "My Enzo". From what he has said he is close to his family, true to his friends, and seems to have the wife on a bit of a pedestal (which I always thought is a nice thing). Annoyong, verbose, and rough around the edges completes the picture. It's a Jersey thing.

TerryinCA said...

Jackie I have to say you have dealt with "Much Ado aout Nothing" this season....polite for the most part, boring for the most part season.
After Crazy Rachel left and took her hair extensions with her..they all seemed to just play nice...except Mattyhandsinpants..gameplay...I think we will all be glad to see Survivor where its grity and not so hard to predict!
You are a gem, and your blog keeps us all interested in AG's idea of new and twisted.

Witt said...

Sorry to see it all come to this for Brit. I know there are a lot of folks here who don't like her, but be that as it may, there's no feeling like the feeling she's going through right now, when you realize you've been fooled, -- for weeks, and on national television!

RyzandShyn, I think you hit the nail on the head regarding Enzo. I'll be rooting for Hayden, though, who did make some moves in the game and won comps when he had to.

Jackie, you are the reason we come to your blog year after year after year..."thank you" isn't enough. You've provided a fun place for us to discuss, be silly, and laugh. You rock!

Witt :)

meb said...

Have they had the "I choose not to use the Veto" meeting yet?

Anonymous said...

I'm playing BBAD, and reading the write-ups:

My initial reaction to Brit on Ragan being vulgar is it's the pot calling the kettle black. There was a lot of cursing, but only a couple of HGs took to crotch talk.

Hayden dishonest? In what way more than any other player? More than Lane?


Anonymous said...

Who should Lane, Enzo or Hayden take to F2? Not who would win, but who do they have the best chance against?

My picks-

Hayden takes Lane.
Lane takes Enzo.
Enzo takes Lane.


Sasha said...

I agree with Witt. I'm not really a Britney fan but I do feel kind of sorry for her right now. I know she made her choices but I can't help feeling a bit sorry for her anyway.

I also agree with Jackie (as almost always lol) I think we're just starting the boring last days earlier than usual. I also thank you, Jackie for all you do and the humor and grace with which you do it!

I must have missed if there was a question about it but I'm one of the others who is still using the Bachelorette discussion post for Bachelor Pad posts. Yes, I'm ashamed to admit it but I'm watching what we (ML) are laughingly calling strategic trash.

Thanks, Jackie!

meb said...

I must have missed something too re Bachelor Pad, cause I come over there as well to add my opinion. What's up?

I just asked, but I'll ask again .. has the veto meeting been held.. not the comp, the meeting.. If not, Britt can still wear on Hayden to take her down... if he wants to be assured of the big money, she should be in the F2 with him...(if he's in the F2). So question is, even tho he told her he wasn't using it, did it happen yet?

Anonymous said...


To answer your question, the actual veto meeting has not been held.


monty924 said...

Happy Labor Day! Its our last day to wear white shoes. :)

I'm ready for my summer addiction to be over with. I've stayed up way too late watching the feeds all summer, and especially this weekend.

The only thing I have to say about all the trash talk, this summer, is that the hamsters are equal opportunity bashers. Last night it was Rachel, Brendon, Kathy, Andrew, Kristen, Ragan...

Hope everyone enjoys the last holiday of summer.

Anonymous said...

I'm going to repeat what others have said: Jackie you are wonderful. I don't know how you do it. Do you sleep? You've been blogging for ages; and doing it wonderfully. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

I did not know people were using the Bachelor discussion board for the Bacchelor Pad. I've been watching it, don't know why, (I've never been a David, Natalie, or Elizabeth fan), but I've been watching it.

I really appreciate those who have live feeds for telling the rest what these snoozing sloths have been doing "off camera". Never knew how vulgar they talked in their bubble. I don't mind trash talk, nor do I mind some language, but when someone gets a little too graphic, it can be a huge turn off. Wow, Ragan, wow.

I'm still rooting for Hayden, but I, too, feel badly for Brit. You got to give the Brigade kudos for sticking together, though. They stayed loyal. We'll see how nice they are when they have to knock each other out to get the win; I wonder if they will be loyal then?


Anonymous said...

Wouldn't it be funny if Rachael won the $25,000 this year? I know it's totally impossible but i'd love to see the reactions of Ragan, Brit and the boys, lol. I actually hope Brendon gets it because I doubt Kathy would get it either.

Nana from the NW said...


Nana from the NW said...

Please excuse the prev. post....tried to delete and froze my computer!

I do feel a bit sorry for Brit. but only because of her "talk" to her mom via the cameras Sunday morning. It sounds like she has lived my her moms standards and criticism most of her life. She made several comments about eating pancakes and her mom would be lecturing her about getting fat. She said she would work out everyday until finale so she won't be fat for the show! Commented about the image she been perceived and hoping that her mom won't be mad...etc. I knew she was a pagent girl from toddler until teenage years but WOW. That's why I hate the Toddlers & Tiaras shows.

Who do I think would be good choices to take to F2?


All because Hayden is well liked and his really stepped up his game.

Hayden needs to take Lane because the jury likes Enzo.

I too am watching Bachelor Pad and commenting on The Bachelorette site when I can....another summer guilty pleasure(and nothing else was on TV).

Jackie--try to stay awake during these last few days....other than the comps. it's going to be YAWN!!

monty924 said...

From what I can gather the POV meeting will be held tomorrow and it will be taped as if it is happening on a Live Eviction on Wednesday. Julie said there would be an special eviction on Wednesday and the start of the first HoH competition. So I guess if we get to see any of it on the feeds it will be on Wednesday after the show airs in the east, hopefully.

They'll do the seccond HoH live on Thursday, probably like last year, and then the Sunday show will be the F3 all talking about the season. That would be soooo much better if Brit was in the F3. Catty, snarky, whatever you want to call her, the girl is funny. IMHO

Lisanne said...

I missed last nights show. They had a telethon on instead. Anyone know where I can watch it?

meb said...

Thanks Ben... and Monty...

So then I'm not counting my gal out quite yet. She still has some time to get Hayden to change his mind and take her off the block, saving her for the F3. She has good logic for him doing it.

He'd be a lot smarter to do that and she votes off Enzo... I think Enzo will win it all if he goes to F2.

Lifeguard Laurie said...

You can watch it on CBS. Here's the link:

Lifeguard Laurie said...

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2. Delee
3. Donna in AL
4. Donna from FL
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12. meb
13. ML
14. Monty924
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20. Sydney
21. Terry in CA

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monty924 said...

Sorry, I just read my Dodo moment on the last post. If they start the first HoH (endurance) on Tuesday night, I'm hoping they will show it on the feeds on Tuesday night.

I'm not holding out any hope on that. Sigh!

SYDNEY said...

Penny-- come over and comment on Bachelor pad with us.
For those who asked, I went to go to the Bachelorette discussion sidebar that Jackie had se up for us to say I would not be there 2 nite cuz I'm traveling back home and didn't see it there anymore. I assumed Jackie had done some cleanup of outdated links or I could be blind but I asked if it could be re-activated since we all just kept going after the bachelorette to bach pad, which has a few more shows to go. I actually check there for new comments thru the week and poof, 'twas missing.

Going to make a thank u donation to Jackie for another sleepless summer (on her part) while working full time. Please join me in donating whatever you can. :-)

Survivor and Tar soon!

Many thanks too to our pool monitor for BB. My guy andrew got ousted early.

Anonymous said...

who won pov. zzi was un the emergebcy room

Anonymous said...


Sally said...

Anon at 3:44, In an earlier post, Monty924 said that she thinks the POV won't be held until tomorrow.

I want to join the chorus singing Jackie's praises. She makes her BB coverage interesting and entertaining, even when the houseguests give her very little to work with. Jackie rocks!

I'm also joining Sydney and others in encouraging everyone who enjoys this blog to send a contribution to thank Jackie for her incredible dedication. I sent mine earlier and it's a very easy process--just follow the link in the sidebar.

Anonymous said...

While anything is possible, I hope Hayden doesn't save Brit- For his own sake! Everyone seems confident that Hayden will make it to F2 (over Lane and Enzo) based on his previous wins. If this happens, he will take Lane and win.

Brit is better at comps than Enzo or Lane. If she wins, she will take Lane. And she could win.

That's a lot of ifs, coulds and possibles, but one things is certain, Lane is definitely going to the F2 because EVERYONE thinks they can beat him.


Anonymous said...

Did anyone make a big move this year? this season sucked.


monty924 said...

Anon 344 and Sally,

The POV meeting will be held tomorrow. Hayden won the POV... all that's left is to see if he will keep the noms the same in the name of the Brigade. I think so! :)

monty924 said...

I'm not contradicting my Britney love, but...

She won two POVs by sheer luck. She dropped out of the timed one and beat Enzo, I think, by 14 seconds. She also won the crap shoot Pinball POV. The only POV where she showed real moxie was the bowling POV, and she was driven by pure GRABOOH. She is good with house knowledge, but Hayden proved that he was better. I'm not sure Britney is competitor that they or many of us think she is.

I still love her though, LOL!

monty924 said...

Until she's out of there!

Caroline said...

Lane is one perpetually confused guy. His DR do not match much of what he says the rest of the time.
Maybe his brother is right. His brother says he knows when Lane really likes a girl and the signs are there , according to brother. I brushed it all off until I saw his DRs. I think he is jealous of Nick and I believe he did want to take Brit to Final 2,. I think he could have won against her in tha scenario. As this season more than other seasons, has been quite personal. Many of the nominations and evictions have been personal and Jury hates Brit. So there is where I think Enzo and Hayden are wrong. I think they all could beat Britney in Final 2 scenario. They may regret not taking her ,..well the losing person will wonder about that always. Ie if Enzo would evict Lane, Brit would have to get closer to one of them.

May said...

When Brit leaves, I think I would pay money to see Lane do what Hawkeye Pierce on Mash finale did when he said goodbye to Margaret. It left her stunned and speechless. LOL! It would make good tv.

People on Jokers flamed me because they said it would be hugely disrespectful and just the most awful thing anyone could do. I guess I am getting old as dirt as there was a time when something like that would be considered to be gesture of a guy who obviously had a crush on a girl but no chance to say goodbye.

I guess that is all forbidden now in society. And I am quite progressive actually but found it funny. Guess I am alone.

RyzandShyn said...

You're not alone, but I guess I might qualify as old as dirt too. I wouldn't have understood all the negative coments you say your suggestion brought on either.
That would be a perfect parting scene before she opens the door to Julie and jury.

dla said...

Anyone watching Bachelor Pad?!?

I bet the ladies that just left in limos rue the day that they didn't listen to Gia, Wes and crew, and break up the couples!!

Buh bye...

Anonymous said...

I don't know if Enzo would really win over Hayden. Maybe Lane, but he really hasn't fought that hard, except once. The others even complained about that. They might look at that as him coasting a long because of his alliances. Brit might surprise us, but I do not think the guys will give her a chance to prove otherwise. I do not think she'll vote for Hayden if he's in the Final 2, her vote will go to Lane or Enzo.


I agree with you DLA. I think it was kind of unfair on the Bachelor Pad tonight. They stacked the deck for the couples. Very unfair, IMO. They wanted to have David, Kiptyn, Kovacs, Elizabeth, Natalie and Tenely; or they would not have this type of contest and left it up to the guys. They knew who the guys would pick. The girls AND the guys are catty and superficial.

Last week was what hurt them. They talked Krisley to vote against Wes; only because she believed Dave. Stupid. You are right, they were warned.

ML said...

OT- My favorite Bachelor Pad line of the night was Kovacs talking about pairing up with Elizabeth after the show long term: 'I don't know about that; she's definitely got a screw loose'. We knew that before she ever left Jake's season.

chris said...

I am among those of you that would like Lane to profess his like for Brit on her way out or in his goodbye message.
I love those kind of endings.
hey these other reality shows have produced more couples than the bachelor or bachelorette!
loved watching Rob fall hard for Amber on survivor.
and I loved watching jeff and Jordan develop a friendship and then a relationship.
I am a sucker for a "pretty woman" ending.

dla said...


Anon: sooo true, they had all the time and warning in the world to split them up...

ML: that was a great line!! And, correct - wackadoodle from the get go! Kiss me, kiss me not...