Saturday, September 04, 2010

'Big Brother 12 - Live Feeds Into Saturday Morning - Sept. 4

A thrill a minute.

Hmmm ... for the first time since I've been doing this, I have a bit of trouble with reporting any news from inside that Big Brother House of Britney and da Boys. Let me give it a try:
  • One thing I don't believe I mentioned in my last report is that Britney is the one who cleaned up the mess from the coin hunt.
  • The bedrooms remain a mess.
  • Same as it ever was, same as it ever was.
  • Enzo made a huge thing about washing his own plate after eating aimed specifically at Britney.
  • But she's the one who does the most actual cleaning these days.
  • They heard someone over the fence shouting that "Big Brother rules!"
  • I miss the days of Miss Kitty with her megaphone, people throwing candy, etc. That's back when it was a real house, not just a studio on the CBS lot.
  • They're all worried that Britney will win the veto and blow all the Brigade plans.
  • I don't think Lane is as worried about that as are Hayden and Enzo.
  • They actually went to bed fairly early for them -- about 1 AM their time.
  • And that's just about it.


ML said...

Margo and Laurie-I am out of town and having trouble accessing my email-please add me to Survivor, DWTS and TAR pools if I'm not already in them. I mentioned it before on another post but I know you don't always see it. Thanks.

ML said...

Omg my wv is reaphoe. I sthat what happened when Brendon got to the jury house?

RyzandShyn said...

I took a read through some of the earlier posts I missed and wanted to say Welcome Back to Zoetawny! I've missed those fun screen captures you embellish each year for Jackie to show us. Glad your computer is back to you.

I'm leaning toward being more excited than ho-hum about the rest of the season. I want to see if Brit and Enzo can hang in there.

wv:evantsh: I think Brit will have the evantsh in the morph comp.

Lifeguard Laurie said...

Good morning everyone!

ML: You are in the AR pool as of this morning.

Why am I not surprised to read about Brit doing the cleaning up and Enzo giving her the look for having to clean his own plate?

Jackie, thanks for all you do to make this show more interesting than it really is!

Everyone else, remember to support Jackie by sending her a donation for all she does. You can click the button for that on the home page!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Laurie!

ML said...

Sorry not anonymous. I guess I was so excited for something other than hamsters I forget to put my name. Thanks for the pool Laurie!

Nana from the NW said...

boring, boring, boring.........and I believe that's what it will be the the next 10 days. Not really excited to see any of them win...glad I'm not voting!

It was funny that BB thought the "treasure hunt" would take 1/2 hr. and it lasted 3 hrs. I think that's the most physical activity Brit has done in weeks. It should be fun to watch even though it sounds like BB production had a hand in Brit winning.

Thanks Jackie for enduring this season and providing some laughs for us in your daily reports.

ORKMommy said...

It's in the 50's here and I refuse to turn on the furnace so I'm crabby this morning! I'm going to apologize for my crabbiness right off the bat.

I used to enjoy coming here and discussing the show with everyone while I watched it, this year I don't even remember to do it until about half through the show. Everyone is complaining about how boring the hamsters are this year but I have to complain about a lot of the new people here. It drives me nuts when I see people bashing the HG's in a comment and when someone points out that they're behaving the same way they try justify it. Can't the HG's justify their behavior too? They're playing a game for $500K, they're stuck in a boring house with nothing to do all day. Those of us on this blog have nothing to gain or lose by watching AND we can escape the game whenever we want. I've always said that we can't say how we would behave in the same situation and we have no right to judge the HG's for what they're doing. Everyone thinks we know who the HG's really are because we watch them on TV a few times a week and read blog posts. That doesn't qualify 'knowing' someone. Does that mean I know Julia Roberts because I've watched her in a lot of interviews? Do I know Tom Cruise because I watched him jump on Oprah's couch? No, I don't think so.

Thanks for all your hard work Jackie. I've enjoyed your blog for several years. I'll continue to read your posts to get my updates but I don't think I'll be participating in the hypocritical comments much more. It's been real...

Anonymous said...

Oh my~~~Everyone has an opinion.
MHO is that Britney is a post girl for bad behavior. End of story.
I hope she leaves this week. JMO

joyn said...

Britney was working her game big time with Enzo and Hayden last night. She's good at it too. I don't think Hayden was falling for it.

Hayden is much more worried about Lane tho. I really worry about BB production "steering" things a bit again. Lane told Hayden twice last night that the DR told him to watch out for "Hayden's tricks". It may be a ruse on Lane's part but it really has Hayden worried about Lane's loyalty to him.

This is going to be an exciting week.

joyn said...

Orkmommy, I agree we've had some unpleasant moments on this blog this season with anon commenters, particularly when others are personally attacked for their views, which make it difficult to ignore at times. Makes it worse when they're nameless. Also makes it unpleasant when they repeat themselves endlessly.

RyzandShyn said...

My buttons have also been pushed by those same type of remarks and I've responded (at times) with what I feel are reasonable, thoughtful responses, to no noticeable change or response.
Most people don't respond to those remarks at all, and that's probably the ticket we should be holding. Skip over it and move on to a discussion worth having.
Funny, but my VW is wisers: Not responding is wisers than responding sometimes.

Justene said...

I am fascinated that the HGs are convinced they are famous. I can understand the first season when one of the women wanted to be an actress but how many famous people are there since then? Jeff and Jordan are reality show famous, having gone onto TAR and now Jeff's show around the world.

Enzo thinks he will get a movie script and the conversation bet Lane and Britney on BBAD about the Super Bowl was just odd.

It reminded me of little kids talking about how they will will the best ballplayer in the world when they grow up.

~~Silk said...

ORKMommy 11:40 AM - Yep. You nailed it.

Anonymous said...


I agree that a lot of people of reality programming do get caught up in the notion of 'celebrity'. But on BBAD, IMO Enzo was joking about getting a movie role. He said he would like to be in a movie, but lots of people feel that way. He was just riffing on the questions he would be asked, and what his responses would be.


Anonymous said...

I have to give it to Brit. She is working the boys hard from every angle, but she ALWAYS brings it back to, 'I would never win against you.' She is playing to their egos and downplaying her place in the game. I don't know if the fellas believe her or not. But it's a pretty good sell.

And should she make it to Final 2, it will interesting to hear how much that argument changes.


Anonymous said...

Ork Mommy - WOW - I'd say you hit the nail right on the head. You are cranky.

Anonymous said...

Wow...Are we not suppose to give our true opinion in here for fear it will annoy someone?? I don't think people are bashing HG...they reacting to how they are behaving on TV. Yes its a game and there are those in the game that represent very bad behavior and others are just plain boring. OMG, they ALL think they will be famous celebritys. LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL

Anonymous said...

Anon is P

Anonymous said...

OrkMommy, please don't go. You've been here so long and I've always enjoyed your posts!

Glad to see you back Zoetawny I love your graphic designs!

It's like I said in a prior post, "we" complain when it's borinng and "we" complain when "we" think they are evil. This is a GAME for $500,000. They play their own way to win. I kind of like the idea that they are playing with loyalty. With these complaints, I am betting BB turns it around next time and brings in some of the meanest and pettiest people we'll see yet. I just dislike petty people. It may make for good television, but it sure doesn't look good.

I just overlook the nasty comments. They're comments and it's too easy to post them when you are on the internet. They are not face to face.

I don't post like I used to when Jackie first started this site. I have a screen name and password, but forgot it and everytime I keep on trying to sign in, it gives me a problem, so I post anonymous and then sign my name at the end.

I agree, these guys have nothing to do all day long. BB gives them nothing, so do what they can do to
occupy themselves. We may think their conversations are boring, but it would drive me nuts to be in a place where there is nothing to do.


Joe in NY said...



There are always a few anonymous trolls anywhere you go on the internet. We just need to learn to ignore them.

Kind of funny, shows you about perceptions, but I actually thought we had less of it this year than most. Might be because I've been personally attacked less! LOL.

Stay with us, Orkmommy. We don't always agree, but I hope we always respect the disagreement.

As for the hgs this year. I kind of think I like them all less than in previous years, but I also think I hate them all less than in previous years. LMAO. What I mean is that they are all sort of just "okay". There hasn't been anyone I could get behind and cheer, but (since I didn't mind Brenchel as much as some of you) there really wasn't anyone for me to really cheer against.

I didn't like Matt, but I didn't hate him. Rachel annoyed me, but I didn't hate her. I find Brendon, Andrew and Matt to be a little creepy at times, but I didn't really hate them. Brit and even Monet kind of cracked me up but I never could get really emotionally invested in their winning. Ragan really wore me down with his drama, but I didn't hate him. Hayden, Enzo, Lane all had moments that made me laugh but it was just hard to really get up and cheer for them.

I just kind of feel...meh...

BUT, I love me some OrkMommy!!! So stay with us!

wv is "misice". Brendon was hot for Rachel, but she was misice! :)

joyn said...

I'm with Joe, Orkmommy! We'd miss you! If we ignore piss ants, they might get bored and go away.