Sunday, September 05, 2010

Big Brother 12 - Live Feeds Into Sunday - Sept. 5

Before the tears came, Britney looked at her nails a lot.

Here are the happenings from the late night hours until early today from inside that Big Brother House of an Exposed Brigade:
  • Since Hayden won the POV, the guys decided that they should tell Britney what's going on with the Brigade.
  • Hayden happened to step out of the HOH room to ask the diary room for "libations" then got stuck there in an impromptu DR session.
  • Meanwhile, Britney went to the HOH where Enzo and Lane laid in wait ... er, were sitting.
  • They messed around at first talking of alliances, then finally broke it to her that they were in a four-person alliance since the first day.
  • But they had to get rid of Matty because "he flipped" and grew too close to Ragan.
  • They explained how the main alliance, along with the side alliance each one had, controlled the vote and offered protection if one should happen to go on the block.
  • Britney claimed that everyone knew all along something was going on with them.
  • But things didn't really sink in until Hayden (after returning to the room) said he wasn't going to use the veto.
  • Then her world came crashing down. It dawned on her she would forever be 4th place and that Lane wasn't going to help her, can't help her.
  • She cried and left the room.
  • The guys stayed up talking about the greatness of their alliance as well as who will take what money home.
  • The common thought is that Hayden will win the final HOH.
  • They're all claiming NOW that they will take whatever happens in good stride and will always be loyal to the Brigade.
  • They think that they will win all the big money prizes -- the 500 grand, the 50 grand and the 25 grand viewers choice.
  • This morning Britney, like Ragan before her, had a long talk to herself/her family/the Internet.
  • She's embarrassed and hopes she doesn't look really stupid.
  • She feels she let her family down.
  • Although she didn't say it, I think she's very disappointed in herself for trusting Lane so much.
  • She knows there's no chance of staying this week.
  • She's only worried about how she'll act between now and then.
  • She wants to have fun, but is afraid she'll cry.
  • Aw, poor Britney. While she does have a mean streak to her, she can be funny, too. After her eviction, three guys who love each other are going to be way boring on the live feeds.

Enzo did really mess up his knee in the one comp.


Anonymous said...

After the shock of it all, Brit settled in and reflected on it all, it was HER fault and she took her licks, she lost! I think over all she sucked it up pretty quick all about moving very interesting how she tells Enzo HE will get her vote IF he makes it to the F2......mmmmmmmmm not Lane, of course, what IF Lane makes it to the F2????

It's all about who wins to get to the F2 now.

Anyone think Brendon will win a pity vote to get the $25k over the vote for Enzo? Or who do you guys think has the best chance for that $25K now?

Chris most intersted in your thoughts.....since all your posts I agree 100% with all the time.

Alice in Wonderland

chris said...

dear alice

glad you agree

not sure who i would give the 25k to
at first i thought brendon but hate the idea of rachel thinking we gave him money cause we somehow like her!
so my vote may go to the brigade person that was ousted in final 3
or perhaps even britney.
I like her, I dont think she is that mean, but I only read the feed reports, not watch them.
There is not one person like a janelle that jumps out at you as a fan favorite.
If enzo makes final 2 I may just give lane the 25k. His side alliance with Brit was genuine and it definitely got the brigade further along. He telling her to put up Matt convinced her more than anyone else. Remember she even thought of hayden as a person to put on the block then.
In addition she protected lane when she considered using her POV but was told lane might go up she decided not to use it.

Sally said...

I hope Britney at least tries to lobby for Enzo's vote. I wonder how sincere he is about being happy to be in third place, with no guarantee of any money, vs. having a chance to beat Brit in F2. It's worth a shot.

I visited Joker's earlier to read about the big Brigade reveal. Those guys, especially Enzo, seem really full of themselves, sure they're the best BB players ever, sure they'll be back for All-Stars, sure they'll have celebrity opportunities, sure they'll win all the big prizes. I'm not so sure.

Joker's daily ranking of houseguests surprised me. For the last two weeks, Britney and Brendon have been in the top two spots, with Rachel usually at number three. Does that mean one of them is likely to win the $25,000? I'd be okay with Brit winning, but really don't want Brendon or Rachel to. (Lane was often number four, with Hayden and Enzo at eight and nine.)

Anonymous said...

With the exception of season 1, this was the most boring BB yet. Tough talk, no action. Limping to a finish.

Nina said...

I really feel Brendon deserves the juror's prize money. He was a true warrior in comps with a target on his back from week 1. Dude played a tough game as a member of the side of the house that everyone was against the entire time. The brigade's successful secret alliance is owed to Brendon as much as themselves b/c if Brendon had left the game much earlier, Hayden or Lane, as the other strong alpha males, may have been perceived as targets and taken out. Britney already won 10,000 dollars and her game was good, granted, but she was warned by Kristen and Regan about the brigade and she just didn't want to listen. My biggest fear is that America chooses to give Regan more money, so please everyone,don't vote for Regan. 20,000 dollars is a lot already and his game play does not deserve more than that.

Anonymous said...

Random thoughts on last night's BBAD:

I'm still not sure what they gained by telling Brit.

Hayden wanted to get showered and dressed before talking to Brit because it would be on TV! Ironic, to say the least, since he missed the actual alliance unveiling.

Brit's statements that people knew there was an alliance or alliances conflicted with both actions earlier in the season and later statements in last night's conversation.

I actually came to respect the brigades alliance more as they explained/replayed everything to Brit.

Enzo made a call I agree with: Maybe 4-6 months of being able to make money off this experience. Lane said something about making appearances at bars where they would be paid. Enzo is realistic. Milk it for every dollar before it ends.

Enzo had Hayden list Brit's reasons why he (Enzo) would/could win the 500K. After hearing them, Enzo asks Hayden to tell him again because it sounded good and he wants to use it for the jury if he gets the chance!- TOO FUNNY! AND THAT HAYDEN DID IT MADE IT EVEN FUNNIER!!! ROFL!!!

I love the fact that Enzo is a pragmatist. Expensive TV? Sell it and give the wife the cash for a birthday present.

Right after Brit left in tears, Enzo makes a statement like, 'Well, that went about how I expected it to.' He is definitely the funniest one this season!

The guys felt bad for Brit, and wanted to help, but it seemed more than anything they were just glad she left the room if she was going to cry. Can't say I blame them. What exactly could they have said?


"There's no crying in baseball."

Anonymous said...

I think Brenden deserves the 25K. Call it the underdog vote. He was targeted almost immediately and hung in for a long time.

As to F2 outcomes:

Hayden/Enzo: Enzo (tough call)
Hayden/Lane: Hayden (no brainer)
Lane/Enzo: Enzo (no brainer)

Unless there is a bizarre upset, I think Lane will definitely go to the F2 and lose.


joyn said...

I hope that if Enzo doesn't make it to f2, he will win the $25.000.

Britney kind of screwed herself with bad decisions along the way and she already has $10.000. But I won't be po'd if she does win it.

I was rooting for Brendon but as hard as he fought to stay in the game, he made some really dumb moves too. Besides, Rachel will dump him quicker if he doesn't win a dime. Though he might disagree, that would be the best thing to happen to him when this is done.

I don't want to see Ragan get it either.

chris said...

ragan NO NO NO
i will vote a zillion times for someone else just so ragan does not get the 25k

Anonymous said...


Actually what I meant to write was Brenden should get the 25K before everyone but Enzo. If Enzo doesn't get the 500K or the 50K, then he (Enzo) should get the 25K.

I understand why some do not to want to give Brenden the prize because of Rachel. But he's the only one besides Enzo that I feel deserves it.

Just my opinion.


Anonymous said...


I feel that way about both Ragan and Britney.

Matt played a strong game, but his gameplay sort of imploded.

Lane has just never clicked with me. I don't dislike him or like him. To me, he came off as a very meh. I don't know if it's his gameplay or personality or size.

Whenever I see Lane, I think of a rock. Not THE ROCK! Not a boulder, just a rock. Like in "It's the Great Pumpkin, Chalie Brown!" Charlie wears a sheet with a dozen holes for eyes cut out, and the kids are walking away from a house talking about their candy. Someone asks Charlie Brown what he received? And he replies, "I got a rock." This is how I feel when I watch Lane.


joyn said...


Yes, Enzo is #1 on my list too.

I probably won't be making comments during tonight's show. My dh is working weird hrs. and I have to pick him up at 8:30 tonight. Will definitely be taping.

RyzandShyn said...

If we get to vote, I'd give my vote to Enzo if he isn't in F2 or to Britney. I'm happy with the way the boys conducted themselves when they told her.
It's hard to feel sorry for her because Kristen told her, Ragan told her, and all the signs were there, yet I do.

Anonymous said...

I'll be watching!

Mainly though, I'm just waiting on Survivor.


Anonymous said...

Even though they asked the question, 'Who will tell her?' several times, it's funy that they (Lane and Enzo) still basically went ahead with it with no idea of who would start. Just lots of bowed heads and staring over at the other guy. They made a faster decision about where everyone would sit!

Hayden still kills me that he wanted to get dressed up for it because it would be on TV! Sometimes you forget how young these guys are.


JOEY said...

Hi may I ask a question?
Will Hayden be able to play for HOH again after the eviction or will he be sitting it out like all the others ones? Is the next POV the one thing all of them want or is the HOH person also in f2 ?
Thank you for your help and patience.

chris said...

joey the next hoh is a 3 parter
they all play (the remaining 3)
the winner of the first part sits out part 2
the winner of part 2 competes against the winner of part 1 in the third part.
the overall winner (the person who wins 2 out of the 3)
picks who they want to sit against in final 2 for jury votes.

Anonymous said...

Britney can't get out of there fast enough for me and she won the 10k. D for Done with her!!

I am back to Enzo. Hearing him last night made me get on board for him. He is quite amusing and I believe what he was saying last night. He does seem honest....not that it really matters.


chris said...

well kristen tried to tell her that there must be an alliance since Hay was not compaigning

no one listened to her that is why she was booted.

brit did not want to beleive it since her alliance with lane helped her and keeping kristne may not have.

ragan didn't really tell her, if he was so sure he should have been working on that long before matt left when he realized what was up.

so cant blame her for that since ragan was desperate when he tried to even talk to her and again she trusted lane

ORKMommy said...

I would agree that Brendon deserves the $25K IF he hadn't been willing to leave so Rachel could stay. Giving up on the game for another person tells me that you deserve to go home empty handed!

Anonymous said...

If someone gave Enzo $1.00 every time he said "YO", he would be a rich man!!

I wish Lame could talk Hayden into using the voto on him so that he could be the one to evict Brit just as a favor to Lame. Then I would like to see Lame turn right around and evict Enzo.

Watching all his Enzoisms on BBAD this season has really turned me off. He is so full of himself and I will hate it so if he wins anything. Give him the Penguin suit as a consolation prize and kick him to the curb!!

JOEY said...

Thank you,CRIS for the help and explaining all of it to me. Thank , I apreciated the help.

Anonymous said...


I feel similarly everytime someone started talking about wanting the show to be over. Or when they 'checked out' emotionally, went somewhere curling up isolating themselves...

As for the actual act of asking to go home in place of Rachel, I wouldn't have done it. In fact, I thought it was stupid. But in a game of so much deception and backstabbing, it was refreshing to see someone do something selfless.


Anonymous said...


chris said...

you are welcome joey!

billybrownbear said...

I for one do not like that they ousted themselves to Britney before the eviction. It seems kinda cruel to me since she already was pretty sure she was going home, but now she knows it. I understand that I'm in the minority here but my vote is going to Britney or Ragan. Looking specifically from a gameplay standpoint more than a personal standpoint. Britney won how many POV's and one HOH and survived to the final 4. Ragan was a fierce competitor time and time again. Brendon didn't do enough for me to make up for the fact that he just flat out gave up on the game in an attempt to keep Boy George in the house. Like Ork said, once you give up your spot that tells me you don't deserve anything.

As for Lane, Hayden and Enzo; of those three I think Hayden deserves the win the most. Lane and Enzo just rode the wave when Hayden and Matt one HOH. Sure Enzo played the social game but he won 1 comp the entire time and if you ask me it wasn't even a very difficult one. When Lane actually did win HOH he didn't even want it because he was worried about having to make a tough decision.

As a whole this was such a boring season that I haven't even watched an episode in over a week and this is only my second season watching. I got so sick of the Brendon/Rachel lusty showmance that I would literally change the channel if I saw it was just going to be the two of them for any amount of time. Half of the competitors didn't do much of anything, the saboteur twist was a complete failure, and while I'm not a huge fan of drama the entire time sometimes they just got along a bit too well. Will I watch again next season? Yeah, probably. Do I care who the big winner is? Not so much.

billybrownbear said...

I forgot one thing. Thanks Jackie for all of your updates and hard work. I watch BBAD a few times and was bored out of my mind so I can't imagine what you've gone through watching live feeds for so many extended lengths of time. The updates are great though and all of your work is appreciated.