Thursday, September 09, 2010

Big Brother 12 - Live Feeds Into Thursday, September 9

I look like [bleeping] Sonic the Hedgehog!

The feeds, which should have never been blocked, returned at midnight last night. We found out that Hayden won the first part of the HoH competition -- not a shocker at all. Here's the skinny from inside that Big Brother House of Brigade Buddies:
  • Hayden cut Enzo's hair. It's a bit lopsided and the neck hairline in the back was all werewolfy.
  • Lane trimmed the back of his neck.
  • Enzo delicately trimmed the top and then freaked out because it was uneven.
  • Now, the man just has bad hair (or lack thereof) up on top. A small pair of scissors just isn't going to help it.
  • Enzo also trimmed his nose hairs and shaved twice in a row.
  • Is he planning on kissing someone?
  • Won't he have to do it all over again in the morning since they're talking about going to bed?
  • Lane studied house events using playing cards. Hayden helped him.
  • Enzo thinks the finale is tomorrow (today).
  • He's wrong, but then again, he's Enzo. He's usually wrong.
  • Both Lane and Hayden said that the diary room has been telling them to weigh their options and that taking Enzo to the final two might be the right decision.
  • Damage control for the Britney "don't take Enzo" bit? I don't know.
  • They napped for a few hours, but it looks like they just can't sleep with all the excitement ahead.
  • Lane thinks no matter who he goes to the final two with, he'll only get second place.
  • He's probably right.
  • Enzo asked Lane if there are Italians and pizzerias in Texas.
  • Both Hayden and Enzo are convinced the finale is tonight, but Lane doesn't think so now.
  • For once, Lane's right.
  • After snacking and talking how far they've made it, a bit of back patting ... they're off to bed again.

Lane looks at the Memory Wall, either reminiscing or studying.


RyzandShyn said...

Well, good for Hayden, he certainly has stepped up lately.
I agree that Brit hammered home the fact that Enzo would win if in F2, particularly in that scene we saw of her and ayden sitting in the HOH bed looking at the memory wall.
I think that if Hayden looked at it again, without Brit in his ear, and went person by person, he'd find that he and Enzo are more evenly matched than he thinks in eliciting favorable votes.

Lorraine said...

Good morning all. I really need to get a life. I woke up twice during the night wondering who won the first part of HOH. I'm glad it's Hayden. Hope it's Hayden and Lane in final two.

Thanks Jackie for all you do.

TerryinCA said...

yep Im hoping for Hayden, dont know why, but Enzo didnt really charm me and Lane, although I really really like him, I think he would be better off with the 50 thou......dont know why I feel this way but I do

meb said...

I hope Lane wins Part 2 of the comps.

Refresh my memory, after part 2 is won, the two winners of 1 and 2 play each other, right? ... why?

It's the jury who decides the winner. I confoosed.

ORKMommy said...

I'm kinda rooting for Hayden at this point because I don't think Lane or Enzo can beat him. I also hope Enzo doesn't get to F2 because it would be awesome to have his precious BG, his brainchild, send him to the jury house empty handed!!

JohnNClaire said...

meb, glad to know there are some early birds out there reading jackie's blog with me! :)
The winners of the third part play each other to determine final HOH and who goes home, ultimately deciding the final two.
memory comp between Lane and Enzo should be interesting - they might BOTH LOSE! LOL!

JohnNClaire said...

sorry, to clarify, the winners of parts 1 and 2 play each other in the third comp to determine HOH, etc....

Anonymous said...

Glad Hayden won. I hope he wins it this year. But my vote for the $25000 Favorite houseguest is Brit!

Anonymous said...

Soooo glad Britney is gone.

Caroline said...

At this point, I hope Hayden wins as he deserves it for playing a good social game and winning all these comps in a row.

I hope it is Lane and Hayden in Final 2 because Enzo with his bragging, his ego, his insistence he is so great and he will be so famous and make history is causing my eyes to roll in the back of my head. LOL

Caroline said...

Also, I think Britney accepted her fate very well once she had a chance to process it all. She came to terms with it like the following day after they told her. And she looked great last night for her eviction and she was very composed and smiled a lot.

Witt said...

Hayden will win and should...he seems like Dan, being able to win by winning comps, being nice, and WITHOUT being a total jerk (yes, ED and Boogie, I mean YOU!).

I'm voting Brit for the 25K prize!

Witt :)

ML said...

JohnNClaire said:

"memory comp between Lane and Enzo should be interesting - they might BOTH LOSE! LOL!"

I've fallen and I can't get up... from laughing.

Nana from the NW said...

The memory comp between L/E will probably have to be decided by a tiebreaker(with a score of 0-0)....the tiebreaker better be pick a number between 1-10 and whoever is closest wins!!

Glad Hayden won and at this point I hope he wins it all. But if a miracle happened and Lane or Enzo won HOH they should take each other to F2. No one is going to win jury votes against Hayden.

Wonder if we will see the "Bra-gade" t-shirts tonight?

Anonymous said...

jackie, are we going to see part 2 and 3 of the hoh tonite and see someone go home as well? im assuming sundays show is just a flashback to old shows and of course wed is the finale. confused this year, go figure LOL
debie in HOT calif.. well not today anyway lol

Sydney said...

Sasha and ML, would you send me an e-mail at Had a Bachelor Pad question for you. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

I am so glad Britney is gone. I hope she doesn't win the money. She did WAY too much repeated bashing. She can join Regan and continue in the jury house.

I don't care which boy wins. This season remains the most boring ever.

Anonymous said...

Put us out of our misery and get this show over with. Can't believe that they are going to stretch it out another week. No matter who is left, it is going to be even more boring than it has been all season!!

I would MUCH prefer to see Survivor three times a week instead of the crap that CBS has subjected us to this summer with this awful cast. I read that their ratings were up 6% over last season, but the same article theorized that it was because there was little else to watch on network TV (and I agree).

Sure hope we see Enzorific leave tonight. That way his nappy haircut won't go to waste on the other BG guys. He is a legend in his own mind. Sure maybe he has played a decent social game, but IMO, a player has to be a bit more well rounded to be considered in the end game. Enzo has no game (but then again, Lame does not have much more either).

I look for a Hayden win and (since we can't give it to Jackie) will vote to give Brit the $25K. She really did play a good game against some really bad odds.

cha cha said...

After watching Julie's interview with Brit this morning I am waiting to vote for America's player. I will definetly vote for her. I do know she was mean at times(o.k. alot) but they all were.

I can't wait for tomorrow morning to watch tonights episode. I will be in the Superdome for the football game and my cell service isn't so good to check updates.

Hope everyone has fun at the pool tongiht

WHO DAT!!!!!

RBennie said...

Brit gets my vote for the $25K. I was impressed with how she handled her eviction last night. Yes, she fell apart for a bit after finding out about the Brigade, but who can blame her. I didn't like the way Enzo seemed to relish rubbing in every detail of the Brigade's accomplishments to her. Hayden and especially Lane clearly felt terrible for hurting her, but Enzo was loving it. I wonder how he will feel when he's a casualty of the Brigade.

chris said...

As soon as the comp began i knew it was haydens
lane is too big
hayden is an athlete or was one.
Brit would have been slammed was also my thought
I like her despite all the comments here about her being mean
i will give her the 25k vote
and I vote for her to give the relationship with lane a try too

Anonymous said...

I'm glad Brit is gone. I was never a fan.

That said. Brit did manage to get in both Hayden's and Lane's ears about Enzo. It didn't keep her around, but it screwed with their heads but good.

I now think Brit WILL win the 25k. BUT NOT BECAUSE SHE DESERVES IT. I believe that America will favor her for the very sexist reason that she was a pretty little blonde girl who lived in a house with three men who conspired against her and were mean to her and she cried. Let's be honest. No one would have felt the same sympathy if there was a man in the same position being told of the alliance, or if it had been Ragan crying when Hayden said he wouldn't use the veto.


It may have been an honest outpouring of emotion, but on a basic level, it's also very manipulative behavior that works.
Sadly,that scene probably earned her some votes toward the 25k.

She's fresh in America's mind as the voting starts. The little sister to the boys for the last couple weeks, she came off as sympathetic due to both the boys creating the big scene by telling her and with some help in the editing room.

Brit made comments about not seeing the alliance because she thought she was friends with everyone, and didn't realize she was the outsider; though, Ragan saw it, and told her. This led to my last insight on Brit and Ragan:

From their personal histories, it makes sense that Ragan picked up on the alliance because he has been the outsider in life (i.e. his high school days), while Brit who has always been a member of a group would not. I'm not finding fault here, and it doesn't affect the game. But for me, this explained to me part of my reaction to Brit this summer.

Brit did have one of the best speeches this summer. Her closing comments managed to express love and admiration, and be stirring. And, of course, coming of the tails of the big scene, I'm sure it won't hurt her in the voting. Something she would be aware of from her pageant days. So, I have to take my hat off to her.


Anonymous said...

The boys agreed to tell Brit about the alliance in advance. Even going so far as to talk about where everyone would be sitting. They said she deserved to know she was leaving (just like they did with Matt), that she was a friend, and they respected her play. Even Lane agreed, though he initially wanted to keep her in the dark because he thought it would lose him her vote.

What the video edits nicely is that Hayden was called into the DR (video makes it look otherwise), so he missed the bulk of it, and Lane clearly still didn't want to tell her (though as her friend, he should have been the one), so that left it to Enzo. IMO anyone dropping that bomb wasn't going to come off too good.

Sure, Enzo brags about the brigade. They all do, but he never talks about the BG as if it being led by him alone. His perception of the BG outside the house is inflated, but all the members feel that way. He just talks more... PERIOD. Neither Lane nor Hayden will ever be accused of being wordsmiths.


Anonymous said...

Random notes:

I hope Enzo makes it to the F2 one way or the other. From what I've read here, even production knows it will be a snoozefest/blowout if it is Lane/Hayden.

Enzo needs to come to grips with his lack of hair. He isn't the first bald/balding man to start to grow into this obsession. He reminds me of someone I know who wears a toupee and still fusses with his 'hair' all the time. (And I write this as someone whose hair is a lot thinner now than 10 years ago.)

Lane wussed out by not telling Brit himself, and his Brit/dead dog comment struck even me (someone born and bred in the south) as, at best, an extremely poor choice of words.

How much does it say about Lane's gameplay that everyone wants to take him to F2? He doesn't even have to try in the final comps.

Lane/Rock/Lame was either throwing the POV comp, or couldn't do it. Neither make him look good.

Lane= Meh

Brenden's showmance hurt him with the Rachel haters. And offering himself up in her place seems to be an even more undefendable action. Why this gesture bothers people so much more than other comments/actions from some other players puzzles me. Still, he hung in with a target on his back longer than any HG could have imagined. People don't have to vote for him, but I seriously doubt if any HG from this season except Hayden could have come close to the same.

Should Hayden win it all I hope he does something worthwhile with it. For some reason, I feel like it would be like giving it to the kid that cuts my grass. He's also a baseball player and a very good kid WHEN he has 'grass money' in his pocket, but I would be very worried about him with 'kiss my ass money' in his pocket.


PS To anyone who might be thinking to themselves- Yes, I have thought and written way too much about BB today!!! What can I say? It has been a very slow day at work.

Anonymous said...

LOL. Too funny. Poor Enzo. I think Sonic is cute....Enzo...well, he's okay, but not a Sonic. LOL.

I don't know. Could Enzo really beat Hayden? Maybe. Sure, he came up with the Brigade, but he was more behind the scenes. Hayden really came out when Kristin left. He really pumped up his game play.

The winner of the 3rd compitition gets to choose whom he wants to compete against him for the grand prize, then the jury selects the winner. So, no matter what, we know for sure, one of them is going to the jury house. It could be Hayden, we do not know.

Every end of BB is boring. I thought it was more boring when Boogie was in the finals. Could not stand the guy, and to me, he was so boring to watch, it made me want to cry. I think the only exciting last week of any BB was BB2 with Will and Nicole.

Hayden is a poor college student. If I were college student, I could think of a lot of things to do with the money. I don't know, I kind of like how Will thought...remember, when asked what he'd do with the money, he said go on trips, buy things for himself, etc...not once did he say he'd give it to charity. I had to laugh, if it'd been anyone but Will, we may had been offended; but it was funny.


Anonymous said...

oops the last Anonymous comment was by me


chris said...

hayden was really impressive with the pov! wow that was amazing
no one came close
lane was just completely useless
the next part of the hoh is always a timed thing so i am not sure if lane can win.
he if as as quick on that as he was on the pov uh oh
truthfully if i am enzo or hayden and i get to choose who goes to final 2, it would be lane!

Anonymous said...

I was hoping Lane and Britney would have been the last two standing. One thing for sure Matt is gone. I missed the eviction of Regan and wished he would have made it to the finals. I am glad he won the $20.000.

I need to get a life once this show is over.

RBennie said...

Yes, Hayden did surprise me by how good he was in that POV comp. I think Brit messed up by trying to find all the answers before putting them on the board, but she probably would have lost anyway, because Hayden blazed through it. At least that's the way editing made it seem. Lane and Enzo were both disasters.

chris said...

I think Brit was being completely genuine with Julie
She seemed to handle herself quite well, she did not bash anyone,unlike ragan who could not resist the rachel bashing at every turn.
I think Brit handled it all well when she learned her fate at the hands of the brigade or as enzo would have the tshirts say BRA gade
so I will continue to vote for her to get the 25k regardless of her winning 10k
lane has won nothing so i hope he makes final two.
enzo is ok

chris said...

part two is always a timed thing
not particularly a memory thing altho you do have to know some facts hahaha
seeing as how lane could not recall squat i think he is doomed unless hayden wins two out of the 3 parts.
the third part is a crap shoot based on what they think jury members have said. the answers are not always what you think.

Anonymous said...

Brit clearly gave up playing the game after the guys told her of brigade, unlike Brendon, but people will never find any fault with it.


Anonymous said...


Again, your posts could be written by me......I too can and will vote for Brittney for the 25k!

I did not like her much during the season at all, she annoyed me, but was wickedly funny with her remarks and spot on...even if vicious. One does have to remember the material she had at hand to work with ( Rachel and Brendon) and condiitons she was under at the time....

BUT, the way she handled herself being dooped big time with egg on her pretty little face, was quickly recovered in a MOST gracious way. She licked her wounds, conceded graciously, and exited the same way.....looking fabulous and heartful at that! IF I had been her Mom/boyfriend /sister/friend/whatever, I would have been proud of her at that point and time. SHE DID SURPRISE ME.......others did n't come close under those circumstances and didn't go as far with dreams of $500,000 soooooo close either.

Yes, Chris , I agree again with you. And, she will get my vote over Enzo now or possibly bleeding heart /struggling against all odds against him for as along as he did, Brendon.

I think Hayden will win, Lane, comes in second. Enzo goes home with bad haircut, and lets see how well he reacts to all of it if this is how HE ends up?

Alice in Wonderland

Anonymous said...

Speaking as someone who isn't an ex-sorority/beauty pageant girl, Brittany is being wegihed differently diffrently by people than other contestants because of how she looks as much as anything else. Yeah, she came close, but no cigar! She just expected it to be given it the same as her whole they have her whole life.

Two people will go home after her who won't win, and they won't cry and talk about how they watsed their summer for thousands of dollars. And if they did, people on this board would make fun of them. So why is she held to a completely different standard? Because she's a cute little blond! When Lane loses, give it to him! At least he's not whiny!

Bye Bye Miss Brittany, I won't miss you!

Brenda Cowers

ML said...

Touche' Alice in Wonderland, love that description of Brendon. I'm still voting for him.

Ben, you are spot on, period, especially on Britney. The show may lag now, but reading y'alls' comments (read tomes, Ben) =] is quite interesting.

monty924 said...

I'm rooting for Lane tonight. I don't know why, but I am, LOL.

I watched Britney's extended interview and the audience LOVED her. She's still my vote for the 25K.

Anonymous said...

I did not like Brit's way of mocking others but she has my vote for fav houseguest after her classy exit last night.

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