Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Big Brother 12 - Live Feeds Into Tuesday, Sept. 7

Yawn. It should be illegal not to have mortal enemies in the house once they're down to this point. When a group gets along well, it's boring. I really don't want to hear anything more about Steamboat Springs. Here's the latest:
  • Lane tried to teach Enzo how to fly a plane. They sat in chairs to do it. Okay, that was cute.
  • Construction for a comp started early in the morning yesterday and they've been on indoor lockdown ever since.
  • They're going stir crazy.
  • Maybe they'll get cabin fever and turn on each other!
  • I know. That was mean.
  • I'm sorry.
  • They talked of school days, Lady Gaga, previous seasons, celebrities, ousted hamsters and how bloggers blog about every little thing they do on JokersUpdates.com.
  • I don't do that.
  • They didn't mention this blog.
  • They thought it weird that they had to do goodbye messages and they haven't even had the PoV ceremony yet.
  • They also got the HoH camera early, thus confusing them even more.
  • They usually get that on Wednesday.
  • Enzo thinks he'll be famous when the season ends.
  • Britney told him to prepare NOT to be famous.
  • She's more right than he is.
  • They played cards.
  • It's hard to tell who's going to the F2 with whom.
  • It's a sure bet Enzo will vote out Britney.
  • But when Lane and Hayden are together, the F2 will be them.
  • When Enzo and Hayden are together, the F2 is them.
  • I think, unless Enzo wins HOH, he might be sunk as the country boys will take each other.
  • But don't quote me on that.


Lars said...

We'll mention your blog Jackie.

Love your blog!
Thanks for all the hard work you do.

Anonymous said...

Something is happening today. I have tickets to the house today for a live audience show.

chris said...

guess they dont know the eviction is tomorrow
it would be smart not to take enzo if you are hayden.
not sure if lane stands any chance, think his best bet will be out the door wednesday.
i wonder if hayden and kristen will even attempt a relationship
while he does not bash her he also does not defend her against anything they have been saying.
I am sure she does not like that

Anon-MA said...

Enzo said something about thinking Wednesday was going to be live show and was kind of excited at the thought (they're all bored -- but not nearly bored enough to clean up after themselves, change clothes [Enzo] etc.)

Not surprised Hayden doesn't defend Kristen. That could only hurt his game. As long as he doesn't bash her.

chris said...

not sure what hayden defending kristen would hurt his game at this point.
the guys knew about her.
won't play with the jury either way.
i say hayden wins easily against lane and I for one would like to see lane get some moolah.
enzo may beat hayden and would for surely beat lane.
if enzo wins 2/3 comps he would then be a almost certain winner hands down
i am still undecided on the 25k vote if there is one.
i am wavering between whichever brigade does nto get final two, or brit much as you all dont like her she played a good game.

Anonymous said...

Reading all the comments about the votes for the 25k, Enzo is going to be really surpirsed to NOT get it!!! For he is SURE he is America's favorite and LOVED by ALL.........well, he is hard to truly hate....

I for one thought at a time that Brendon would get it on his game play and how he was the sad puppy to Rachel, but now see that there is a broad number of votes scattered around.

I think the 25k is really going to not be a close call as I once thought. Again, Enzo not getting any $$$$ will be a shock to not only his wallet, but huge to his huge EGO.

Alice in Wonderland

chris said...

so alice who do you think will get it.
I for one will vote a lot for one person, once i decide who
to make sure ragan does not get it!
and matt with his lie about his wife lost my vote too

JOEY said...

Hi Jackie, thank you for your hard work and sorry you have to put up with so much. hope you get some rest soon. may I ask a question that may not be related to the show?? In your blog you said something about lady gaya or something, sorry I am confuse, what is that, please?
thank you and sorry for being clue less. thank you

Anon-MA said...

I think Enzo or Britney will get the $25k (assuming neither are in the final 2). Just my feeling. There's really no one who stands out. Maybe America can vote to give it to a charity instead!!!

As for Hayden -- there is just no upside to him defending her. The only way it "hurts" him is that it puts him in a position of "publically" disagreeing with the last remaining HGs. Why take an adverse position to ANYONE on ANYTHING at this point in the game. He's just sliding along to F2.

As for Enzo never winning anything -- I don't think Will Kirby won a single comp on his way to winning BB. Maybe at the very end when there's only a couple of players left and someone has to win. I suppose the difference is he made it clear he was throwing them. If Enzo is deliberately losing, he's keeping everyone pretty fooled.

Anon-MA said...

As if this isn't getting boring enough -- I just read that CBS is blocking live feeds until Wednesday night. Seems like they are filming tomorrow's "live" show today and don't want spoilers. UGH.

Anonymous said...

Hi Chris!

I honestly don't know who will get the 25k at this point, but am limited to this discussion board and a few friends who watch BB, and they are not sure either at this point? This season is unlike any other that I have watched or remember. Possibly because of the 4 guys pulling off the alliance so well.....and all the attention on Brendon/Rachel to take up so much of the season start. It limped along......the biggest surprise to me was the lack of Lane winning a comp, with all the muscle! Not one physical comp? Plus he dodged very well not being a HAVE NOT, he avoided that at all cost, even winning if you ask me! What a pussy for such a HE MAN!

I am looking forward to Survior now. It is the best of all the reality shows to me.

Who would I like to win the 25k...Enzo I suppose......just on the fact that he entertained me the most. He is a character and seems to be a good husband and dad......just DON"T WANT Matt......for same reasons you do!

Also, Kudos to you Jackie, you are the best! Thank you for this site!

Alice in Wonderland :)

crhis said...

the brigade members are not Dr Will
and rachel is not janelle
Don't know who threw what comps but lane et al knew matt had their backs in endurance, and brit had lanes back and could be swayed
ragan had matts back and also could be swayed.
so like them or not they played it well
maybe not like we like to see but still
i may still give brit the 25k

Anonymous said...

Lane planning to take Hayden to F2 if he wins? That is a mistake on his part. I don't think Lane can win against either one. But IMO he stands a much better chance against Enzo. Right now, to hear him talk, he is just planning on losing to Hayden in F2. Not much of a plan!

Tired of hearing Brit say that she gave up so much to go there and lose. She is walking out with roughly 20K. Jeesh! It's that attitude that's always put me off. It comes off spoiled.


Anonymous said...


Your last line on Lane had me ROFL!!! Hamsters bashed on Kathy and Andrew as floaters, but like them or not, they had bigger personalities. Lane has been a nonplayer to me. Physically there, but for the most part having little impact on the game or the viewers.

Personally I want to see Enzo get the 25K if he doesn't get the 50 or 500. (He was fun to watch.) After that Brenden.(He hung in for a long time with a target on his back.)


Anonymous said...

Too bad there is not a write in vote for the $25K....We could vote it to Jackie!!

Anonymous said...

Jackie, thank you, thank you. I don't know how you do it. You must drink A LOT of coffee or snooze at work....;-)

So, we won't get any info until tomorrow? Bummer.

I think each year we complain if the guests are too evil and then complain if they are too friendly.

I think it's nice for once to have a group of people who are a friendly bunch. I know it doesn't make for good tv, but it's great loyalty. I just wonder how they'll act when it gets down to 3 people. Won't they have an endurance test? Of them, it's hard to say who can hang on the longest.

If Hayden gets too sure of himself, he might give up early thinking both Lane and Enzo will take him. It's hard to tell at this point. I'm still rooting for Hayden.


meb said...

Anon 6:13am... well if you're going to a live audience show... YOU CAN MENTION JACKIE'S BLOG.

~~Silk said...

Keep in mind that the majority of people who will be voting for who gets the 25K do not watch the feeds or follow the running online commentary. They'll vote on what CBS chose to show them on the broadcast. That changes things a bit.

cha cha said...

I canceled showtime last night. Guess i did just in time.

I still have the feeds but wont need them till after thursday.

ML said...

Joey, I don't know if anyone already answered your question, but are you asking who is Lady Gaga? If so, she is a very popular current day music star. She is famous not only for her music (of which I am a fan) but also her wild, unusual, over the top videos, stage performance and manner of dress. She is extremely talented, even without all the attention seeking behavior. For that reason, I do think her music will stand the test of time, somewhat like Madonna.
PS- if that's not what you meant then nevermind.

Anonymous said...

Iam so hoping that the brigade sticks to their plan and send Britney home. YEAH. Britney it's called Karma. Justified or not she treated Brendan like crap, when ever he tried to align with her, she showed such disdain for him. and even after she helped get him out of the house she continued to trash talk him. I don't feel sorry for her not one little bit, she got just what she deserved and was played by Lane. In my opinion
she certainly doesn't deserve that 25K She should be happy to get that $10,000 she won.

Anonymous said...

I will vote for Britney multiple times to win the 25k.

Enzo doesn't deserve anything. He really is vile.

They all say mean spirited things but Enzo's remarks have been really racist along with homophobic

Anonymous said...

GO BRITNEY!!!! that is HOME I mean.

Donna in AL said...

It looks like my pool boy, Enzo is going to do well. I am not particularly thrilled with him but he is likable. I would much rather Brittney win but that is not in the cards! I will vote for her to win the $25K if they have that again though.

Jackie, thank you so much for the late nights and early mornings of pure boredom for you to watch all this and your great reporting!

I am looking forward to Survivor and TAR and hoping it will be a bit more flavorable!

monty924 said...

The feeds will be blocked until the show airs tomorrow night.

As far as spoilers go, there are bloggers at other sites who are attending the taping today. The new will leak out after the taping. We will at least know if Britney goes to the jury, or Enzo/Lane if Hayden uses the veto on Britney. I don't think that is going happen.

Anonymous said...

The 25K and America:

Brit and Ragan have a lot fans, but also hardcore haters. They really split the audience. Look at the posts here.

Brit also get will a few sympathy votes for being the last girl AND being alone against the BG.

Matt won't even be in the running. His lie, and ending gameplay lost him a lot of votes.

Lane and Hayden don't have many haters, but... meh. There is not a lot of energy behind the posts I have read about them.

Sometimes I think Enzo might have more fans in the house than out. I think he's very funny, but his humor is lost on a lot of people.

Brenden. I wouldn't mind seeing him win. He was a good underdog. But he suffers from being associated with Rachel, and having been out a few weeks at the time of the vote.

If the voting is done mainly by the broadcast viewer, as much as I don't like her, I think Brit could win it, but I'm hoping it's Enzo or Brenden.


ORKMommy said...

Silk - I'm with you. If people vote only on what the broadcast showed them then Enzo should win hands down. They never really showed him in a bad light. I don't have the feeds but from reading stuff at Joker's he was right up there with the rest of them when it came to bashing his fellow HG's. They jsut didn't show that much on TV.

meb said...

My votes will go to Britney. I just liked her from the beginning and continue to like her. I think because she managed to get to the F4, even though she used Lane to do it, she's deserving of the $25K and I call that game playing.

I vote for her too. I'm still holding my breath to see if Hayden stays loyal or goes after the money. If he's after the money, he'll keep Brit around.


Anonymous said...


Why would keeping Brit help Hayden?

Wouldn't his chances of actually GETTING to the F2 be less?

Anonymous said...

Brit was funny advising Enzo to prepare NOT to be famous. It was a weird exchange. The boys are being silly at this point just trying to pass time and keep their energy up. Brit's advice seemed to come more from where her emotions are. (She's being voted out, and she's unhappy.)

Enzo's face was serious as he listened, but the advice was unneeded. Everything he has said outside this has been that whatever fame they will experience will be very short-lived.

She should have this talk with Lane and Hayden or at least advise them to temper their behavior in regards to celebrity when they go to Steamboat. Afterall, Lane is the one who mentions fighting the most.

JOEY said...

Hi ML, Thank you for your help.
it was with reguard to what Jackie wrote in this blog that they were sitting around and just talking about schools days, lady gaga, previous seasons, so that why I ask my question as I have no idea. and if it is music person, then I really am clueless Joe, as being deaf since early age, I have no idea about music stuffs and pay no attention to it so I am asumming that you are right and that what Jackie ment.
so thank you for clearing it up.
I still don't know who that is but will ask a hearing person.
Thank you for the help and sorry for long post.
Thank you JOEY

meb said...

Anon 5:52 If Hayden kept Britney, and he actually got to F2 with her, he would have ALL the votes except maybe Ragan... If he takes Lane or Enzo, those votes are going to be split, plus I think Enzo will win it if he ends up in the final 2.

If Brit and Lane end up in F2, I believe she has a chance, but the least she'd get is the $50,000 (not counting the $10,000 she already has).

Just good game play for Hayden, but he'll probably play the loyal card rather than the 'assured to win' card.

meb said...

And yes... all this is premised on the fact that Hayden ends up in the F2 throughout all these scenarios.

Joey.. I haven't noticed you posting before. Welcome to Jackie's blog.

monty924 said...


Brit was evicted! The HoH sounds like a repeat of the jungle vines from S10. Can't they come up with something new??? Ugh!

~~Silk said...

[New post is up.]

Anonymous said...



Sydney said...

Hayden is a country boy?? I thought he was a rich midwest or california kind of kid (I didn't get to read their bios! Darn job! left me no time!)

Also, if Lane knows how to fly a plane, he ain't that dumb.