Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Big Brother 12 - Live Feeds Into Wednesday Dawn - September 1

Finally, something other than pool -- moon sand!

Finally, dishes are getting washed!
They must have run out of clean dishes, I say.

Here's the latest news from inside that Big Brother House of Arrested Development:
  • I last told you of Ragan's attempt, with pretty valid points, to keep himself in the house.
  • Instead of actually wanting to win the half-million, Lane told Hayden and Enzo all about the plan and it became a running joke.
  • Of course, we won't really know anything until Thursday night if indeed there is a tie.
  • They are playing on Hayden's insecurities (although his insecurities are nowhere near as intense as Ragan's insecurities), but I do think that Hayden thinks they're joking and he'll be staying.
  • Britney (why must it be the girl?) decided it was time to wash the dishes since there's a virtual mountain of them.
  • She complained about how long it takes to wash dishes.
  • I don't know. If you do them after each meal, it really doesn't take long even when you do them by hand.
  • Like anything else, if you let it pile up, it's going to be a much larger task.
  • Silly hamsters.
  • Hayden volunteered to dry.
  • Britney made up some of her HOH Hamburger Helper for dinner -- mixing the Cheesy Macaroni with the Stroganoff.
  • If I have Hamburger Helper, I personally go for the Beef Pasta one.
  • But that's just me.
  • Another evening of boredom and trashing people.
  • Ragan just can't get off the Rachel trashing. Heck, she's been out of the house for weeks now!
  • I liked when Britney and Ragan were mocking Kathy, Enzo spoke up and said how nice Kathy was and that he liked her.
  • The real excitement came when Enzo went in the storage room and came out with Moon Sand.
  • Like little kids, they all gathered around and played.
  • Enzo said he wanted to claim a steak or stake a claim or whatever it is.
  • I know it's stake a claim.
  • But Enzo is easily confused with words. It's part of his charm.
  • They're all asleep as I post this.
  • And, the dishes are clean.
  • Wow.


Anonymous said...

I will be beyond shocked if Lane makes a power move and gets rid of Hayden which he should do!!

Anonymous said...

I watched a littel of BBAD,and Ragan is so pathetic, his whole conversation was about Rachel, this obsession can't be healthy for him, I couldln't and wouldn't let anyone that I detest so much,be such a part of my everyday thinking. he just wont let go, so I'm praying that they evict him please, his whinning voice just makes the hair on my arms stand up, there have been several people on BB that I really disliked, but I can't even remember their names, that's just how unimportant they were to my life. Ragan might need professional help when this is over.

RBennie said...

I would love for Lane to get rid of Hayden, but I seriously doubt it will happen.

chris said...

it would not be lanes power move unless brit and enzo forced a tie
if they both vote to evict ragan
there is no tie!

RyzandShyn said...

I just noticed (thanks to my recording device) that here in NJ, Thursday's BB seems to have been moved into that CRAZY 1:37-2:37 Friday wee morning hours time slot.
I'm assuming it's bleepity-bleep football that's screwing it up.
I'm pissed.

Nina said...

I don't think Lane should get rid of Hayden. Regan is just as big a threat as a competitor and Regan would take Brit to the end not Lane. If Lane keeps Hayden, his chances of making F2 are much greater since both Hayden and Brit would take him. Lane would win against Brit and probably lose to Hayden. Lane's next target is Enzo. But I hope Enzo makes it through. And Hayden should not be targeting Enzo since Enzo is closer to Hayden than Lane.

Anonymous said...

My guess is Lane told Brit about Hayden taking the prizes so when she goes to the JH maybe? But, two of the his "boys" will end up in the JH if his plan of Hayden being in the F2 with him at the end. I think he is counting on that a lot to getting him votes? He will need it!

I agree that his best bet to win the 500k is with F2 Brit /Ragan.......but it just doesn't seem to be in the cards.......I think this is the perfect seranio for him to get rid of Brit w/no blood......UNLESS he is forced to do the tiebreaker........lets see then if he can and will do it! Duh, we all know he should get rid of Hayden......

Hopefully we will see some Jury House for some break in the boring end of all this.......for just what going on now is not holding enough interest just some curosity at best...

Alice in Wonderland

Laurie said...

R&S, it's on late here in San Diego, too, due to a Charger/49ers game in SF. Who is getting it on time?? Anyone?

RyzandShyn said...

Good Morning Laurie,
Oh boy! I hope there's some place with no televised game so we can get the blow by blow here.

lynn1 said...

Call me crazy but I am not convinced that Brendon and Rachel would automatically vote against Brittany.
I know Brittany has talked behind their backs but she was not the one repsonsible for Brendon leaving. Plus Brendon tried to make friends with her and even chose her to be his handcuff partner.
It was the brigade that sent Brendon out. So he may be more upset with the guys than with Brittany.
Rachel thought that Brittany's mocking her with the hair extensions was a form a flattery. For a while Brit and Rachel were BFF, at least in Rachel's mind.
I may be totally off base but I won't be betting the rent money on Brendon and Rachel voting against Brittany.

RBennie said...

I have had that same thought Lynn. If Brendon and Rachel were serious about wanting real competitors to make it to the end, then there is a good chance that they would vote for Britney if she makes it to F2. She is the best competitor that is left in the house. I think Matt's vote could go that way too. He wasn't feeling any love for the brigade by the time he left. Kathy's vote is the big mystery to me. I have no idea what her thought process would be as far as picking a winner goes.

Lili said...

I'm with Nina and lynn1, Lane not going along with the grand Ragan plan does not mean he is choosing friendship over 500k.

I have watched plenty of BB and Surviors in which I was very surprised by how some members of the jury voted. Everyone in and out of the BB house seems to assume they know exactly who everyone on the jury will vote for: Hayden.

So the thinking is if Lane wants to win he has to keep Ragan, end Enzo, and have Brit and Ragan "help" him toss Hayden.

But if Lane did that: 1)Why would any of the other 3 BG people vote for him the 500k? and 2)If Brit or Ragan won the next HOH they could easily choose each other over Lane.

When Jeff believed Natalie's lies last year and turned on his own alliance he was the next to leave. If Lane turns on the entire BG he may suddenly find himself scrambling to stay let alone win.

Who knows, nobody knows, I just think Ragan's plan is no better or worse than the plan Lane already has: F2 with Hayden or Britney depending on who wins what next.

Besides, think about it, Lane is the last man standing in the house that still has two working alliances, he is currently in a very strong position, why throw all that away and go with Ragan of all people?

Lane I say do us all a favor and boot Ragan out, I cannot take any more Rachel bashing, finger counting, fetal positions, annoying voices, tears, Kristen adoration, pontificating, blackout drunk stories, or chewing with mouth open noises!

Anonymous said...

Once upon a time, I had a falling out with a coworker. I was wronged, and like Ragan, I bitched about it all the time. One day, I asked a friend from work what he thought about the situation.
He told me that everyone was sick of hearing about it regardless of who was right or wrong or who did what to whom. I'm still grateful for his honesty. The next day I took the person I was fighting with out to dinner, and buried the hatchet. It was the best thing in the world for me, and I felt instantly better.

This is also not the first person he has had issues with. He's mentioned being a loner, a brother that he rarely has contact with, etc.. He needs to let his anger go. It's not doing him any good.

Sally said...

RyzandShyn and Laurie,

Thursday's BB is preempted here too, for a preseason Packer game. Our CBS affiliate feels they must rebroadcast the game at 1:37 a.m. Friday, so they won't air BB until 1:37 a.m. Saturday. They seem to do this every year, delaying BB a day and a half.

Makes no sense to me. I'm a Packer fan, but, this is a preseason game, and the starters won't play much beyond the first series. Who's going to watch the game in the middle of the night?

I'll be relying on the folks here to keep me informed about what's going on.

Anonymous said...


People always make those blanket statements that they want to play against 'real competitors'. They don't want 'floaters' going to the end. They want to be there with someone else who 'deserves to be there.' It's all rhetoric.

The only time anyone might want strong players in the game is when they are in your alliance and helping get you to the end. You DO NOT want them with you at the end.

And what defines a 'strong player' is completely open to interpretation.


RBennie said...

Brendon and Rachel's interpretation of a competitor was all about winning comps. I do agree though that people will say oh it's a game and the best player should win, but when it comes down to voting it's almost always personal. I think that Brendon really did like Britney and honestly wanted her to work with him, she just wouldn't cooperate, LOL.

Anon-MA said...

Maybe Lane ran to tell the boys so that 1) he couldn't be accused of talking behind their backs (he so tries to keep clean hands; and 2) maybe he wanted to gauge reactions and see if he was approached privately later with a "hey, maybe this isn't such a bad idea...lime a trial balloon.

Maybe we are all just sooooooo bored, we're making stuff up at this point!

I agree with the comments that it's all rhetoric(a polite way of saying BS). They can say they want 'real' competitors etc. The name of the game is to get to the end. If you make it this far, generally you are playing a better game - either by flying under the radar/not p***ing too many people off or by winning comps when you need to. It's all the same to me -- you found a way to 'survive.'

I'd like to add that I find the comments by houseguests about someone not needing the money to be super dopey. This game is not based on who needs it the most. It's supposedly merit based -- who deserves it most based on how they played the game. I suppose that would be a different reality show in the making "Survivor:Sob Story"

Must be lunch time - I'm feeling cranky!! Sorry guys and gals.

Anonymous said...

I am relatively new to BB, so I will defer to all of you on this.

But having watched SURVIVOR since season 2, it seems that people generally tend to vote for the person who they like more or at least dislike less. (see Rob and Amber) And they don't usually forgive and forget. Even in seasons, where of the two finalists one was clearly a dominant player (Colby or Russell, for example), they find reasons (rationalize) to vote how they want to vote.(From my feelings are hurt, and he voted me out to he broke an alliance with me, regardless of the fact that he did the same to everybody who played with us, and I knew this when I made the alliance. Ha!)

Does this person 'deserve' to be there? Always an incredibly vague question. Do people ever ask this in other competitions? Do they need the money? How are they going to spend the money? These should in no way affect the voting outcome, yet do.

Can somebody tell me how BB voting history compares?


Anonymous said...



I love it when people grandstand about who deserves or doesn't deserve what.

When they say, he/she doesn't deserve to be here or he/she doesn't need the money: I only hear, 'I deserve to be here. Give me the money.'


Joe in NY said...

Frankly, I think Enzo needs to get rid of Hayden more than Lane. Enzo is the bottom of the brigade and Hayden and Lane are both more physically fit than he is (and possibly smarter). He stands a better chance with Brit and Ragan. Hayden and Lane both used Enzo as a pawn and made their feelings very clear about it.

Ragan should give the speech to Enzo as well. If Brit and Enzo both vote Hayden, they don't need a tie breaking vote from Lane.

JimmyB said...

Regarding the Brendon & Rachel vote: He'll want to vote for the competitor; she will want to vote strictly on emotion. It's whoever wins that "argument".

Anonymous said...


So, I guess that means Rachel will be casting two votes. Ha!


RBennie said...

Ben, re your question on voting history, that subject has been debated on this blog many times. I am of the camp that believes it always comes down to personal feelings rather than game play. The HGs make up all sorts of reasons why whoever they voted for played the best game, but imo they vote for who they like the best or hate the least (whichever the case may be).

joyn said...

My cable guide is still listing BB, Thursday night at 8pm. (Rochester, NY area)

JimmyB said...

Ben--I kinda think yes.

lynn1 said...

Far be it from me to explain how or why these folks vote as they do.
I am at a disadvantage in predicting how the hamsters will vote because I am not a 20/30 year old with a delusional mindset.

JimmyB said...

My guide is showing one CBS station with the game, and the other CBS station with BB. Always unreliable, hopefully it'll be on the one.

Lars said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Lars said...

My favorite final two was Dan and Memphis.
Memphis knew Dan would win.
Memphis still wanted 2nd.

Ollie,expecting Dan to keep his word, ( Following Dan's HOH Win ) Made one of the craziest deals with Dan in BB History,
voted for a Dan victory.

I believe Jerry who called Dan Judas voted for Dan.

These players voted for whom actually played.

Within the last 2-4 seasons of Survivor they've voted AGAINST WHO actually played.

Defended win as to whom played the better Social game.

I don't recall BB Housemates, nor Julie ever using " the Social " excuse until Jordan won. BB has always been about lying, " throwing people under the bus ".

monty924 said...

I have two CBS affiliates as well. One has BB and the other has NFL.

I think most BB jurors vote personal. You only have to go back to S8 and hear Jessica say, 'I'm voting for the Donato that I enjoyed the most', or something close to that.

I always hope that they will vote for who played the best game, and in some cases they do. ED was one, so was Dan, and even Jordan against Natalie.

S6 was a joke, and clearly Maggie won because the nerd herd, minus Bo, was never going to vote for Ivette. Ivette also lost on the personal with Rachel and Howie.

joyn said...

Just checked my guide again. I also have 2 CBS channels. The one in Syracuse has the game. The one in my area has BB.

The Giants are playing, my dh is happy for that. I'll be happy if that guide doesn't change for BB.

Anonymous said...

The answer to why Britney (the only girl) having to do the dishes can be summed up by a nice little joke : Q: Why did the woman cross the road? A: Who cares? What's she doing unchained from the stove in the first place? I was nice and omitted some expliteves from the joke for the ladies. Enjoy.

~~Silk said...

I get CBS out of Albany, NY, and the online schedule shows BB on at 8 pm both Wednesday and Thursday. I'll be out for dinner Thursday evening, though, so I'll have to watch it on YouTube Friday morning.