Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Big Brother 12 - Live Feeds (or lack thereof) Update, Tuesday Sept. 7

THEIR sink, not mine!

The live feeds have been blocked for most of the day and will remain blocked until after tomorrow night's show. However, since they're taping the eviction and the HoH comp in front of an audience, there are spies.

Britney was voted out by Enzo, as expected. The comp has them swinging on vines, rain, and banging into things. I predict Hayden on that one, but don't really know.


Sharon S said...

I didn't realize she was getting evicted early. Wasn't thinking I guess. Poor Brit. Does she go to jury house, or is she stuck on her own locked in some hotel room?

As much as I wanted anyone but a brigade member to win (well, not Rachel or Brendon either), Hayden is my pool pick. Too bad my luck has been wasted on him -- I should have bought a lottery ticket the day of the pool assignments instead!

Justene said...

I suspect Brit didn't realize she was getting evicted early either. I wonder how they all reacted to the time change.

Non-Hamster Matt said...

She goes to the jury house, as will whoever gets evicted last.

They accelerate it for the TV schedule. The season finale is Wednesday, Sept 15. If they go by past years, they're doing the endurance and skill parts of the final HOH now, so that Wednesday's show can be a normal "eviction" show and Thursday's can be the conclusion of endurance HOH part 1, the skill HOH part 2, then the live quiz and the final eviction.

While the final hamster goes to the jury house, they'll air a "best of" on Sunday, "including never-before seen footage!" while giving the hamsters time to regroup, talk game on camera, quiz the finalists, get back to Television City, and so forth. Then the live finale on 9/15 at 9 PM EDT—following the premiere of "Survivor: Nicaragua."

I don't know why they have so much to wrap up at this point, but they always shift up the aired parts and leave plenty of time in the past few days to do something, whatever it may be.

Kate said...

Thanks for posting what you could Jackie. I guess I'm not as hard core as most of you so can someone please remind me how the 3 part hoh competition goes. I gather all 3 are playing, including Hayden, last week's HoH.

Then does the eventual HoH just evict one of the 2 remaining, or does he nominate one and then they play for PoV to give the nominated one a chance to get off the block?

Thank you all!


Sally said...

Yeah! Jackie gets a day off, with no live feeds to worry about!

Wouldn't it be funny if there was no "viewers choice" award this season? I don't think I've ever heard houseguests talk about it as much as they're doing this year.

Anonymous said...

i suspected, since Jackie said everything was being done early...photos, etc.

this season was a snoozer.

it's really hard to believe that the brigade was actually successful. but not one other person made a move.

next year better be great!

-susan in kansas

Anonymous said...

BBAD is previously taped stuff because Brit is still there. They are making tee shirts. Anyone else notice that Enzo sticks his tounge out like a little kid when he is focusing on something? He has done it in a couple of the comps and ne just did it while he was drawing on a shirt.

He also did it when he set up a game of Jenga (with his tounge sticking out), but alas, he is still an idiot....He only put two pieces of Jenga pieces per layer. I don't know how his brain functions. How can you expect to remove ANY piece without the whole thing falling down!! I guess he has lead a sheltered life never having played a game of Jenga before.

Anonymous said...

WOW...BBAD has a "live" icon in the lower right hand side of the screen but OBVIOUSLY this is pre-recorded footage. Is that NOT false advertising? This is not live and it makes me mad that they are "selling" it as such.

Anonymous said...

It seems they realized another week of feeds would produce zero interest. I think we can agree the "saboteur" was silly and there is a shelf life on Pandora's boxes. Sorry about the spelling, but I also felt like I wasted my time and money on this season.

Anonymous said...

Looking for something sharp...in case Enzo wins. I hate posers.

Anonymous said...

Go away spammer. I shun you!
I can, I was born in Jersey!

If I'm not mistaken, let me be the first to wish The Amazing Jackie a Happy Birthday. AS old as I am I party alllll week long. Hope you do also.


Anonymous said...

I am SO over BB. Paid for 24/7 coverage. That's all for me. I am shunning the next BB. BAH!

Nana from the NW said...

The HGs figured out they are going in FF on Monday when Hayden did his HOH blog and got his camera. Monday night Brit told Lane it was probably her last night in the house.

I am glad I didn't pay for the feeds....I would be pissed to have paid for 24/7 and have BB block the final comps.

Thanks to all you who have kept us informed of all the "behind the scenes" events.

Bring on Survivor and TAR

Anonymous said...


Thanks again for all the awesome work you do every year on this blog. I just happened upon it I guess about 4 years ago when you were with aol, and I became addicited. I have and will continue to show my appreciation.

Anonymous said...

I already had Showtime as part of my satellite package, so at least I am not out any coin for the season.

I would prefer if Pandora's Box was much more of a crapshoot. That the person opening the door knew there was something great and/or something very bad being released, but had no clue which they would get. As it was, meh. Except for the diamond power of veto and a mistaken belief that Matt got cash, where was the drama over opening the door at all, or suspicion over what the opener may have received?

The saboteur is a good idea, but Annie got voted out week one, AND the actual sabotage that Ragan did was...meh. Crank it up, raise the tension in the house, or dump it as an element of the show.


gaylos said...

Lost my first comment, so here goes again:

Couldn't help but notice the "Happy Birthday Jackie" posts... if it's true then I hope you have a great one! You share a birthday with my husband!!!

WV is "tortai". One tortoise, two tortai!!! Lol!

Lars said...

Jackie's Birthday is Sept 15,
However-- it's not to early to celebrate.

Thanks for all your hard work Jackie.

Lars Eller

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Jackie and thank you for all your hard work this season of BB. You are the best and you have a huge fan base!! Everyone loves you.

Its not politically correct, but, YIPPEEEEEEEEEE she's gone!!!!!

I too am in a position where I have been no fan of the Brigade, but that speaks volumes about this season. There was not one person I was on board with from the start.
I hope next season is better and they use a different casting agent.


Margo said...

Miss Jackie is going to have an extra special birthday next week. Her presents are the end if BB and the beginning of Survivor. We can celebrate all week but her actual b-day is next wednesday the 15th. I think she is gonna be 29. : D

Margo said...

The Survivor & Dancing with the stars pools are still open if anyone wants to play. I have several people already on my list which is unfortunately at home. I will post who I have so far tonight. Please send me an email to igorsant@aol.com if ya wanna play.
Laurie is manning the Amazing race pool this season and has set up a cool blog lifeguardlaurie.blogspot.com


ML said...

Hey Margo, don't mean to pester you but I'm still having the email troubles. Hopefully I'm already in the DWTS and especially SURVIVOR pool. Looking forward to your list tonight!

Margo said...

ML you are on both lists!! Never fear we still have time to add more names.

RyzandShyn said...

Looking forward to the show tonight anyway. It's been a strange season.

OT: Jackie, heard on the news about the commotion in Plainfield concerning the radio spots for the special speaker you reported they had come speak about gang related things. 20K? Insane! Glad it's being investigated.

Anonymous said...

i stopped watching last week. don't care who wins. ready for survivor and the apprentice. jackie will you be reviewing the apprentice? -jeannemarie

monty924 said...

I'm ready to party and find out what they've blocked for the last 24 hours. Grrrrrrrrr

From a feed watcher to the others, it has been sooooo frustrating (compliments of Daniele Donato). :)