Saturday, September 04, 2010

Big Brother 12 - Live Feeds Saturday, Sept. 4 - Including POV

Before I get into the news of the day, I'd just like to comment on comments here. Now, the houseguests put themselves in the public eye. I've always allowed opinions both good and bad about them. What I don't allow (and usually remove) are comments about fellow commenters. That's pretty much how I've run the blog year after year.

Of course, I don't want anything slanderous or outright lies about the houseguests -- those will be removed. But they put themselves out there and know that their actions are going to be nitpicked and they're going to be both loved and trashed dependent on how they're perceived by the public. You needn't "defend" your favorite nor try to convince others they're out of line if they don't like them or mock them. We all are free to like or dislike the hamsters and to mock or praise them as we see fit. Not so your fellow posters on the blog -- I don't have enough hours in my day to deal with flame wars.

Back to your regularly scheduled live feeds report ...

Here's the news from inside that Big Brother House of Top Heavy With Testosterone:
  • Although they went to bed rather early (for them - 1 AM their time), BB didn't wake them up until around 10 AM.
  • Then they didn't want to get up.
  • They woke up to an indoor lockdown with construction noise coming from the yard.
  • Britney tended to her finger, cut while searching for the "coins" yesterday.
  • Apparently it's bad enough of a cut for the show to call in a medic last night.
  • Lane and Hayden talked about how they think if Britney gets in the final two, she'll win.
  • Yet WE know Lane actually wants her in the final two with him.
  • But he's not telling Hayden that!
  • The boys bragged Brigade ... not to Britney, mind you.
  • Britney told Lane she feels like Ragan did last week, shunned.
  • He denied she's being shunned.
  • She has been leaving the guys alone going off napping and things.
  • This is the time she should be with as many of them as much as she can.
  • Lane ended up getting perplexed with her after telling her she went off to bed early and everything. He told her he won't baby her.
  • Lots of small talk, then napping time.
  • BB apparently gave them some more Dollar Store kids toys to amuse them.
  • As I get this posted, the feeds have been blocked with trivia for a few hours. It should be the PoV comp.
  • I will post the results when I know them.
Yes, Hayden won.


Laurie said...

Thanks Jackie, I like how you said what you said about off of us who post here. You have a great place here and we don't need any in-fighting, speeches, chastising or shunning! :)

I am in an LA suburb for a few days and it is so hot and dry here. I would have napped all day if I could have. It is hot and dry and this hamster is begging for a cool-down. Please!

Laurie said...

So, yeah, that should have said "what you said about ALL of us" ... I blame the heat.

RyzandShyn said...

NP, Jackie.
I for one am not going to make it to see who won, all that fresh air today knocked me out.
They should have bought this bunch those dollar store Whoopee cushions. I could see shenanigans galore :)

joyn said...

Cannot wait to hear of the POV results. Afraid my pool guy, Enzo, will be starting his exit countdown soon. But expecting the unexpected is also to be expected so ya never know.

Jackie, have I told you lately how much I love coming here and have for about 4 years now? You make the best of these reality shows a much bigger pleasure to watch. Though I know it must cause you occasional headaches, you are so very appreciated. Thank you for being here for us.

monty924 said...

Feeds are back. I think Hayden won.

joyn said...

Whoa! Maybe we are going to see Britney open that door!

chris said...

looks like enzo will stay and brit will go
unless lane can convince hayden to change noms
enzo is the only one who votes.
lane better watch his back
wonder if brit wil campaign against him?

realize that if hayden continues to win comps he will get the jury votes!

Jackie said...

Hayden won the PoV -- I added a bulletin at the bottom of this post. It was some kind of puzzle about events/hamsters.

joyn said...

I just can't see Britney getting to Enzo to save her. And Hayden just might be bugged enough with Lane to take Enzo to f2 instead.

And Chris may be right. Hayden is on fire at this late date in the game. It has to impress even Ragan and Brendon. If Britney does go out this week, she may blame Lane for not saving her somehow and give her vote to Hayden. Maybe?

Caroline said...

The only reason I hate to see Britney go is she is the last girl. It is not like I was a huge Britney fan as frankly, never liked any of these houseguests this season. And it has been quite the boring and predictable and lack luster season for some reason for me.

I just do not find it entertaining to watch feeds or shows of all guys as that is like watching some locker room or frat house...especially when the guys are all young.

So I admit having a female in the mix for final 3 interests me more.


Lars said...

Enzo vote out Britney!!
Glad Hayden won POV.
I hope Hayden and Enzo
find out about Lane's plans
( Taking Brit to final two )

I tend to believe Hayden already suspected thus tried his hardest to win, leaving noms the same.
There's something about Brit, I just don't like.

Call me Nit-picking however none of my female friends, have ever flipped me the bird, in fact they find it disgusting, while Brit says and does things in a jestful manner, it's also her hidden way of being hateful, later claim she was only joking.


Anonymous said...

My friends and I were growing tired of 'Steamboat' talk, so we've started doing something about it:

Now when someone says 'Steamboat', we say, "Lets go to Candy Mountain, Charlie!"

Then we drink.

Anonymous said...

Jackie your post tonight reminded me of when you were our great moderator on the AOL boards. You also made me miss those days so much. You were the best there was on those boards, and had to give us those instructions all the time (we were slow learners :).


Jennasmom said...

Guess I'm happy that Hayden won POV -- I have him in the pool.

But I sure don't want to see Brittany go. If we think the hamsters are dull now........

SueGee said...

I'm at a point this season where I am ready for it to be OVER! Of course BB being over means its Survivor and TAR time and I so much more like those shows (and people)!!! BB has just been it for me this year at all.

Bring on Survivor & TAR Please

Sue on the Left Coast

SueGee said...

"BB has just been it for me this year at all."

Correction: NOT been it

Sue (who remembers those wonderful days when AOL boards were the place to be)

Anonymous said...

The BG outed themself to Brit. They (mainly Enzo) are going on and on about how much of a materpiece it was and how great they are. Brit is underwhelmed to say the least.

joyn said...

Now they've told Brit that Hayden will not use the POV and that she's going out. She seems a little stunned at the moment.

Now she's crying.

Justene said...

I think Britney is shellshocked and her brain is working a mile a minture for a way out of checkmate.

Weather here in the LA area -- I opened the door and it felt like the heat of the oven. I don't think it gets like this often, even here.

And as I write this -- she is crying.

joyn said...

Brit left the room. Now they all think they shouldn't have told her.

Anonymous said...

Yeah she went from underwhelmed to being very upset once it really sunk in.

joyn said...

They told her all about the brigade and all their moves throughout the game. These "boys" really did have strategy.

joyn said...

I think what they told her about their alliance surprised her too. I don't think she suspected how well the alliance had worked for them. Like they weren't quite as dumb as she might have thought.

joyn said...

Enzo said the only comp he threw was "the knockout". Not sure which one that was.

Justene said...

I think Enzo is better than I even thought. He has moved onto F2 strategy immediately. He told Lane to stay and talk and when Lane went, he kept talking to Hayden anyway. He is upfront and focuses on the next move.

joyn said...

Lane said he was going to the bathroom. I'm wondering if he's off talking to Britney. He seems to really feel bad. So do H&E.

monty924 said...

I think Britney's in the DR. Lane was in every room downstairs and Britney was no where to be found.

I feel bad for Britney and it made me sad watching her cry, but she actually brought this on herself. She had an opportunity to do something with Ragan, and she didn't.

Still love her. :)

joyn said...

Lane is back. I have to say I'm really impressed by these guys. They've been playing this game all along and obviously doing it well. They're still here.

joyn said...

Yeah, I feel sad for Britney too.

joyn said...

Brit really thought she was going to make it to f2. This brigade confession has thrown her for a loop. I'm glad she got that $10,000.

Anonymous said...

Man....If their heads get any bigger....they won't be able to get out of the HOH door!!

joyn said...

Enzo is telling Hayden he's the best player in the house and has been since the game started. He's serious, too.

joyn said...

You have to give these guys their due. They stuck together since day 2. Lane may have veered off a bit but they are here about to become f3. They deserve to be where they are.

joyn said...

I have a feeling that no matter which two end up in f2, the other one will get over it quickly. These guys are tight.

I wouldn't have thought that before tonight.

joyn said...

Enzo says he really believes that Hayden can win this and he says he'll be happy if he at least gets the $25,000 for third,

joyn said...

I know this would be a whole different thing if Lane or Britney had won this POV. (Lane says he threw it.) Who knows? So Lane is my third choice for winning the whole kit and kaboodle. He probably would have screwed over the other two. But now I'm more excited to see how this all finishes out.

joyn said...

Monty, you're right, Britney has to be kicking herself in the butt about now. Ragan tried to tell her.

monty924 said...

They are tight, and I've actually enjoyed watching them tonight. They do deserve it on many levels. Their strategy was brilliant in controlling every single vote.

Jackie, shout out to you. Enzo just said something about Jersey being embarrassed by him. I LOL when he said it and thought of you. :)

joyn said...

I was wrong earlier. Lane and Britney were both using each other. It wasn't just Lane being turned by a pretty face. These guys really feel bad about her crying.

joyn said...

I, too, am so glad I stayed up to watch this tonight. I feel better about all of these hampsters now.

Can't believe I'll be hitting the hay at 3AM.

joyn said...

Eight comp wins for the brigade, counting Matt's. That's not bad at all.

joyn said...

Well, gonna shut the pute down for the night. BBAD almost over.

G'nite, all!

Anonymous said...

Jackie, I think you rock! I so love your blog!! Have been reading them for years!!! Keep up the awesome work. I enjoy everything you do for those of us who love TV.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Jackie.

GO HAYDEN! Can't wait to watch this on TV.

Thank you so much everyone for staying up and watching the live feeds. It is so much appreciated.

Poor Brit. She really did try hard. Feel bad for her. However, I can't believe she didn't see this before. I'm actually impressed with these guys.


ML said...

I wonder if they should have told her this early. It gives Brit plenty of time to work on the guys, and/or just makes it harder to live in that house for another four days. I wouldn't necessarily count Brit out just yet. Who knows what she might do to cause a crack. If she was truly just using Lane, she could exploit their closeness to upset Hayden and Enzo and maybe they might save her. Let's see what that southern charm can do now. I hope their Brigade is strong enough to withstand 4 days of Britney badgering lol.

Joe in NY said...

Much as I like Brit, I can't really feel sorry for her. Kristen told her way back when and she didn't listen. Ragan told her, even Brendon suggested it, but she just couldn't get over Brenchel. And she relied too much on her ability to manipulate the boys...understandably since that is probably 2nd nature to her.

Weird season. Don't care who wins.

I would have though they would have waited till after the POV ceremony to tell her. I'm actually surprised Lane would ever tell her, since he probably lost her jury vote. He's the one who blatantly lied to her about NOT having an alliance with the boys. Was this Enzo and Hayden's way of neutralizing Brit's jury vote?

chris said...

hey if it weren't for lanes side alliance/friendship with britney they would not have been able to get this far.
She got matt out for them, listening to them tell her what to do.
and she was on board for getting ragan out!
She knew she could trust lane, and I think he would have booted enzo if he had the chance, brigade or not!
In any event the brigade outing themselves was probably their attempt to make sure Lane does not get her vote if in F2.

meb said...

Oh phooey! At least she has a few days to work on Hayden to take her off the block. She started that in BBAD Friday night. She had him thinking, so I hope she can get her wits about her to convince him if he's playing for the win, he needs to get rid of Enzo and take her to F2. It's her only hope!

~~Silk said...

I don't get the feeds, so I really appreciate you folks posting things that happen, as they happen. This series of posts has been a joy to read. Thanks to all of you for keeping the rest of us informed.

("Just the facts, Ma'am." And the theories. Cool.)


Anonymous said...

I had hoped the guys would have kept the BG a secret until the end, and this is why. Brit is crying and upset. The guys feel bad for her. She will remain upset, and then probably work even harder to chip away at the BG.

They could have avoided the drama if they had just kept her in the dark a little longer.

The crying?

There's nothing wrong with crying. It's natural and healthy. But as a guy, it can be frustrating as hell.

In the otherwise forgettable movie A LEAGUE OF THEIR OWN, there was one great line:

"There's no crying in baseball!"


~~Silk said...

On "Sunday Morning" today, it was said that "Jersey Shore" perpetuates the stereotypes of Italian-Americans. It occurred to me that this edition of BB is full of stereotypes. It's like the producers said, "lets go get the absolute epitome of:
The Pageant Queen
The Jersey "Don"
The Genius
The Vegas Showgirl
The Cowboy
The Gay Guy
The Oddly Inept
The ... whatever"

Perhaps that's why we have such a strong reaction to their personalities, because we see the stereotype, and don't like it.

Perhaps that was the plan.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Jackie for your comment about what folks write here. Its nice to know we can have an opinion without feeling guilty for saying it.

I am glad the boys told Britney. I do feel differently about the boys after listening to them last night.

I am thrilled Britney is leaving.
She had plenty of HG that told her what was going on and she was too focused on her obsession with Rachel and Brendon. Bye Bye :)

joyn said...

One thing I forgot to mention last night. The brigade decided to out everything while Britney wasn't in the HOH room. Hayden went to take a shower and Britney came back. Enzo and Lane told her all about the brigade and a lot of moves that she didn't know they'd made. She was genuinsly surprised. When Hayden came out of the BR, they were all talking about the brigade stuff still. Hayden asked if they had told her everything and L&E said yes.

Hayden assumed they meant the POV thing too. He then blurted out something about her now knowing she would be out after the POV. She looked totally shocked. Then L&E told him they hadn't gotten to that part of the convo yet. That's when Britney started crying and left a few moments later and then was called to the DR. The guys really felt bad for her. Made them think momentarily that they maybe shouldn't have told her. Later they decided it was right to tell her now instead of later so that she knew what was up.

Chris, you're right about if Lane had won POV, he would have gotten rid of Enzo. Hayden and Enzo are very aware of that. They kept asking him to come clean and he never really did. I'm pretty sure that Hayden will want Lane there in f2 with him because he's fairly sure that he would win against him now. He still expresses some doubts because he knows you can never take anything for granted in BB. But because Lane was exposed to Britney, H may well have her vote. Plus they're still worried that Enzo would beat them in f2 because he made no enemies in the house.

Enzo seemed very sincere about being okay with even third place. He knows what's going on and is very proud of the Brigade "history".

They really do believe that they'll be famous but also believe it will be temporary so they hope to take advantage of that.

joyn said...

Also Lane feels that Britney will be very pissed with him when he sees her again (she was still in DR when BBAD went off) so he is dreading that but he also said now that everything was out in the open, it was a big (paraphrasing here) load off his mind. I guess because he doesn't have to lie to anyone anymore.

Holly C said...

I hope Enzo wins at this point. He skated through with the Brigade...doing absolutely NOTHING and then when it counted he pulled out the stops and won! Plus he is such a likable, funny guy! He made no enemies in the house and stayed under the radar...especially during other hamster meltdowns! GO JERSEY!

and Thank-you Jackie for keeping me in the mix! I love spoilers!

Anonymous said...

Since Hayden won the PoV, he's keeping the Noms the same. This means that Enzo who is fiercely loyal to the brigade, because he's the one who created it, and is the only voting this week, WILL vote out Brittney!! Yeah, the wicked witch finally got her karma. Bub bye Brit. Wah wah! I'm so sick of the her voice and constantly bad mouthing other people. Go Brigade, Go Hayden!!

monty924 said...

Britney is getting her mojo back. She's actually very funny talking to the feeders in the BY this morning. She's accepting her fate and talking about people she'll see in the jury house. Funny Britney stuff.

I still love her, and I plan to vote for Britney for the 25K if they do it this year. She made the feeds and the shows fun with her DR comments and all the Just the Tip shows for the feeds in the HoH this summer.

Love to Brit! :)

joyn said...

Really glad to hear that, Monty. Can you imagine how Rachel would have reacted to the news if she'd lasted that long? I shudder to think!