Thursday, September 09, 2010

Big Brother 12 - Live Feeds Update - Feeds Return

11:56 PM ET - We have theme music and fishcam.
12:00 AM ET - Live feeds unblocked. Enzo wants to shave the back of his neck.

I'm waiting for mention of who won the first part of the HoH, then will update this post.

Hayden is cutting/trimming Enzo's hair ... no mention yet.

12:51 AM ET - Lane is trying to study HoH and other comps, so he didn't win I don't think. Hayden is with him, but quiet. I believe he won the first part -- he was complaining earlier about how much his hands hurt.

12:57 AM ET - Pretty much confirmed that Hayden won the first part. Lane, studying, mentioned to Hayden that he hasn't seen Enzo studying at all. Of course, why would Enzo need to study unless he's in the second part of the HOH tomorrow with Lane?


ML said...

Hayden appears pensive in your picture, Jackie. After seeing him the last few episodes I can see why people feel he would win. He does have a very kind, tactful way about him, and he was that way with Kristin, too. Enzo is like a bull in a china closet with his words. He seems to be knocking people's feelings around right and left with his careless prose. And God love him, Lane is just......... I can't find a kind word for it. But he totally cracks me up.

Nana from the NW said...

ML--I agree. I am liking Hayden more and more. I thought he was genuinely upset over hurting Brit. After reading his convos. he seems to have come from a humble background and is very close to his grandparents....he can't be all that bad!

Just read at Joker's that Lane/Enzo talking about the comp. tomorrow....could that mean that Hayden won? I just don't see Lane winning the next round. He really isn't the "sharpest tool in the garage".

I felt bad for Brit. tonight but I still don't like her. She has continually trashed everyone that has left the house....unneccesary.
Since most who vote for America's Favorite only see the TV show she will probably win. The show hasn't shown her true colors.

Thanks Jackie for staying up!! You're are a true gem!

ML said...

As for the $25K, Merilee I agree with you. Brendon would get my vote. Those who didn't even make the jury would not even get consideration, even though they're eligible. Of those in the jury house, Rachel no, Kathy no no, Matt absolutely not, Ragan his $20K is more than enough to pay for therapy and more than decent remuneration for his measly saboteur services, Britney no for reasons stated at the end of tonight's show post, and Enzo or Lane no because they may have been likable, but Hayden was likable and won competitions. So if Hayden is in final two then Brendon is most deserving of $25K.

Whoever said it before about people doing strange things for love was right. However, Brendon sans Rachel not only continued to be strong in competitions, but was surprisingly strong socially. He had an entire house against him yet he persevered, and without blatant lies and manipulation, but despite it from others as well. He gets my vote.

Anonymous said...

Lame is studying with the help of Haydem so maybe Hayden did win phase one of HOH.

Jackie said...

They (Enzo and Lane) talked about the live show, not the comp. Jokers tends to have some misinformation at times.

But it's looking like Hayden did win the first part -- Lane is studying.

monty924 said...
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ML said...

Haha Anon 12:54, 'Lame' is studying, as in 'lame brain'. You got that right. I guess you found the right word for it. Is Hayden helping him study so he can face Lane in the final round because he knows he can probably more easily beat 'Lame' if the comp is anything remotely mental?

Anonymous said...

is julie pregnant again???@!

joyn said...

I think Hayden deserves to win the whole shebang. This guy is putting his all into the comps and doing very well at them. He's obviously studied the trivia and is obviously physically strong enough to beat Enzo and Lane repeatedly.

Although it's not a popular choice here, I'm voting for Enzo to win the $25,000. He's my guy in the pool and I like him. I think he played a better social game than Lane.

I like Britney but don't love her. If not for Lane, I think she'd have been gone weeks ago. He protected her, even from the brigade.

joyn said...

Jackie's post is up over on TV Squad.

ML said...

I agree JoyN; Hayden deserves to win. Of course I hope there's no upset in round 3, because I'm not sure either Lane or Enzo would take Hayden to F2. If one of them does win and take Hayden, it would be yet another testament to Hayden's likability.

Live Discovery Channel said...

Quiet true i agree with you ML even i also like Hayden and i think he really deserves to win.

ML said...

Once we get the F2 tomorrow, it's going to be a very long, boring week waiting for a winner and even longer waiting for Survivor to finally start!

joyn said...

Britney has Lane and Hayden convinced that Enzo would beat them hands-down in f2, so I'm kind of doubting that either want to go that route with him. I mostly just don't want Lane to win and doubt that Enzo would have a snowball's chance in Hades.

I'm heading off to bed. On BBAD, the "boys" are all sleeping.

Anonymous said...

:-) I've always liked Hayden. :-D

Go Hayden! But it's not over with yet. He still has to beat the person from the second comp.

Enzo has always been rough around the edges. Being originally from the N. East, I could say it's the nature of many there, but I've been all around and, there are so many like him, it'd make your eyes pop out. LOL

Lane makes me laugh, he's so clueless sometimes, but how can you not like someone who compares his feelings for Britney to his pet dog. LOLOLOL.

I really like Brit for the 25,000.
She really worked hard to get there. The damage had already been done for Brendon. He was more likeable without Rachel, but his fate had already been set. I woud have liked to have seen him without being a part of Brachel. He's a strong competitor, he would have done well if he had not hooked up with her. Losing Kristin was the best thing that happened to Hayden. Look how well he played after she left. Brendon too. But, he knew he was in trouble once Rachel left.

I don't know about Enzo being able to beat Hayden, maybe Lane, but not Hayden. It's really hard to say.

Go Hayden!!