Sunday, September 12, 2010

Big Brother 12 - Live Feeds Update, Saturday Into Sunday, Sept. 12

His future's so bright that he has to put on shades to sleep.
Or, so he thinks.

It's as I expected, a thrill a minute with only the Brigade in the house and little game talk at all. Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Delusional Dreamers:
  • Enzo is back to life which is a good thing. He's more entertaining than either Hayden or Lane.
  • Both of them would talk solely sports, Steamboat, and flying for hours.
  • At least Enzo adds a bit of spice.
  • They are all seriously deluded about what's going to happen to them after the season.
  • They seem to think it's all going to be never-ending money to do fun things and Hollywood work offers.
  • They're sadly mistaken.
  • Enzo is upset that Hayden has been telling Lane that he (Enzo) would beat him (Lane) in the final two.
  • I think that if he's in the final two, Hayden has the votes in the bag. He played a good social game and stepped up the comps performance.
  • If it's Lane and Enzo, it's more of a toss-up. Enzo played a better social game, but sucked at comps. Lane played an okay not thrilling social game, but at least performed a bit better. Enzo would definitely have the Brendon and Rachel vote for his social game, his friendship and the DVD they saw of him winning the veto over Ragan.
  • Very little game talk other than of past hamsters from this season and rehashing comps.
  • While the feeds were blocked, they apparently filmed the reminiscing over the rest of the cast for the show.
  • Very little interesting going on at all.


Sydney said...

As loud and kitchy as Lane has tried to be in the DR, I'm sure under the producers encouragement, I think he's pretty forgettable.

I think Hayden has a bod and face and apparently the charisma to have a small shot if he got an agent but I see him married in a suburb someday more likely...

And Enzo, now he's a character, and if the Situation can get famous, he could. But I think he aspires to go home to his wife and baby, Not a bad thing.

joyn said...

I think Hayden is probably doing the same thing to Lane that Britney did to the two of them.

Hayden is worried that Lane may start thinking that he has a better chance of winning over Enzo. So he has to make Lane keep believing that he can't.

Poor Enzo keeps getting thrown under that bus.

Sally said...

It just seems silly that BB keeps these three guys trapped in that house with basically nothing to do for nearly a week. The outcome seemed pretty well determined last Thusday, and six days is a long time to make the odd-man-out stay in that situation.

They should consider revamping the last week's schedule.

ORKMommy said...

Question - what is Steamboat?

BB should have the HG's do some kind of social service project like putting together care packages for the troops, creating art packages for the kids at St. Judes, planting and harvesting a garden for a food pantry. It would keep them busy, serve the community and force them to be together which would add to the social dynamics. What's Allison's number? I'm gonna call her!!!

Jackie said...

Steamboat Springs is a ski resort in Colorado. Back in my ski days, I skied it. Fantastic place, but skiing it is better than never-ending conversations about it.

Justene said...

Excellent suggestion ORKMommy.

Witt said...

I agree with Justene...great idea Orkmommy!

Witt :)

Zoetawny said...

Hi Jackie and all!

I'm on my son's computer because my pc is down again. ::::sigh:::: I have to take it back to the Geek Squad at Best Buy for the third time. After talking to them I think I'm going to have to have a new hard drive installed. It really ticks me off because my HP pc is only three years old and I will loose some data.

I wanted to make a BB winner finale graphic for the blog but it doesn't look like I'm going to be able to by Wednesday. :(


Hopefully you did get the latest BB graphic I sent along with a new Survivor graphic I managed to send last week.

Enjoy the show tonight and may the best man win. ;)


Caroline said...

I totally agree with OrkMom, it would be a fabulous idea to have the Final 3, especially with so much free time with nothing to do, do something worthwhile that could help others. Assembling care packages for our troops, for children in need, or for a hospital or for victims of disasters would be a wonderful , generous thing to do. And the show would receive attention and kudos for doing so.

Anonymous said...

I'm going to agree with someone on another post, I think the only person who would make good tv is Rachel. I certainly would not watch her, but she's got the biggest mouth.

I can't see the other guys doing anything after. Enzo stands out only because he's a Jersey Boy.

Steamboat Springs is beautiful. Onne of the prettiest places in America. It's grown a lot, though. I remember the places in Colorado years ago before they were built up. Vail used to be a tiny little hamlet.

ORKMOMMY, that is an EXCELLENT idea. It should be suggested to them. Give them something constructed to do instead of sitting around and waisting time.

Zoetawny: I do not use the Geek Squade because of that. I've had problems with them. They're hands are tied by their HQ. I found a local computer whiz and am much happier with him. At least he fixed it. Sometimes they get a corrupt file and the only way to fix it is wipe everything out. It's a pain.

Wednesday can not come fast enough.

Anonymous said...

This recap of the season, again confirms to me just why I detest Britney and dumb a** Ragan. UGH.

Nina said...

I actually for the first time finally understand why viewers who watch the live feeds were so turned off to Brendon and Rachel. That fight about Vegas was appalling. I only read recaps and watch the episodes and the edited version of their shomance on TV was much more palatable I guess. I feel like we should all rally behind one player for the viewer's choice prize so Regan won't win it. He still has highest odds since he's got a hardcore fan base that will vote a lot. Perhaps we should all rally behind Enzo? Do we think he has a shot? I'm still all for rallying behind Brendon but I just think that in the end that might be futile.

TerryinCA said...

I have come to the conclusion even Allison Grodner gets bored by the end of a season and has no idea how to wrap it up....she needs to woman-up and make this lastpart more interesting...Jackie you are the only interesting thing about this whole season.
Too bag AG doesnt listen to Jackie, now that would be a winner!