Saturday, September 04, 2010

Big Brother 12 - Ragan's Exit Interview

The repeated slow motion of the veto comp shows that Enzo really didn't "tackle" Ragan at all.


RyzandShyn said...

Thanks Jackie for posting the Ragan interview. He's going to be very disappointed with all he thought of Matt once he plays the season back.
At least right there, in that interview, he seemed a bit less frenetic. Maybe he can recover.

ML said...

Ragan is sooooooo full of himself. Hello Delusional, my name is Ragan.

joyn said...

I think Ragan will believe that Brendon got "physical" in that comp until the day he dies. No matter how many times he watches that clip.

Anonymous said...

I am sorry but I will not miss Regans crying, whining, and thinking he is never wrong. I cannot believe he is a professor.
Just listening to his voice now makes my skin crawl. Talk about bashing people...he won't leave it alone. He is 10x worse than Rachel.

Lili said...

I bet Ragan will be torturing his students with rachel stories for the next 5 years. Delusional, hypocritical, annoying as finger nails on a chalkboard, finally, finally, he is gone!

Lili said...

After bragging and plotting for seven weeks about bringing the BG out into the open and rubbing people's noses in it at the perfect moment complete with T- shirts, gang signs, attitude etc, how funny is it that even with 3 BG, and only 1 non BG left they still haven't come out?

Why? Are they afraid Britney will go all Rambo on them and take them out if they use the Alliance word out loud?

Evidently they will only out themselves to themselves when no one but themselves are left in the house.

K in WI said...

Orkmommy, thank you for your post on the last thread. I am a regular reader but not much of a poster here, and I too have been pretty put off by what I consider extremely harsh posts here. I don't recall the last time I was in a group of such opinionated people.

It's just different than other years.

Complain all you want about Britney and Regan, but if not for them, you would have been complaining more about how boring the show was.

By the way, for all who are complaining about Brit picking at herself, she noted early on that she never did that before she got there.

I'd like to see how some of you critics would portray yourselves in such an isolated situation.

Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but I do believe we have a group of mean girls right here (and perhaps not all girls).

Sorry. I should probably have kept my mouth shut.

meb said...

Jackie... I had also taped the Morning Show so that I could see what Ragan said to Julie the next morning. (I know, it's probably taped the night before). The next day when I got to watch it, the whole two hours was preempted by our local weather news which was old news and I fast forwarded through the whole thing. So I missed his interview. Thanks for posting this.. I feel like it was just for me. Because ...

ready for it???

I enjoy hearing Ragan describe things/talk to himself/diary room sessions, good or bad, funny or not, strategic or not so much, whining and crying while he does it... He just has a mind full of strategy involving 'what if' scenarios. This is entertaining to me. Why do I watch BB if I don't want to see these things.

Did I want Rachel out of the house...yes... did I talk about her... yes, to say I didn't like her, get her out; did she entertain me..not really, but did I still watch.. yes... because it's Big Brother.

I'm going to enjoy the rest of the show too. You guys do whatever you want to do that helps you enjoy it as well. Bash away!

If I don't like what you say, from now on, I'll just skip over you! Yep, yep, yep! That's what I'll do!

Go F4! Preferably Brit and Lane! F2...

Again, thanks Jackie!

meb said...

KinWI --- ITA!

K in WI said...

Thanks meb.

Anonymous said...

Crabby and condescending is not a pretty combination. If someone "new" says something you don't like, you could just ignore it.

Anonymous said...

Anon 3:08

That's exactly what we'll do!!!


Anonymous said...


I think it's a mistake to let a secret out that you don't have to, until the game is officially over. That is unless there is a reason to do so.



Anonymous said...

Thank you Jackie, I loved that. It actually made me like him more. He may whine a lot, but he does have a lot of heart. I, too, want to see what he thinks of Matt when he hears he faked his wife's illness.

The only person I disliked in this house, was Rachel. She's so full of herself.

I don't post a lot. I used to years ago when Jackie first started this wonderful site. But, I don't do it as often as I used to. I forgot my user name and password here because I stayed away for too long and couldn't remember what it was. So now I just post as anonymous and put my name at the end.

I really just take what some people say with a grain of salt. They're just opinions. It's too easy to say something nasty when you type it out and are not face to face, so, I ignore it.


Anonymous said...

K in Wi,
I'm with you! You said it soooo well! They bash the HG's and then they do the same. I don't get it. I'm outta here. On my way to another Blog. Thank you Jackie you are always more than fair.

Anonymous said...

What cracks me up is the very people complaining have said derogatory things about the HgS too -- sometimes in the same post complaining about people saying mean things about the players. So very odd. I don't really remember years past being much different although some seem to pine for the good old days. There has always been a fair amount of hg bashing. It's kind of part of spectator 'sports' to an extent.

Jackie you do an awesome job and I have been happy to contribute in other years and will gladly do so again this year.

Anonymous said...

K in Wi,

I never noticed Brit picking at herself, until I read it here and then I started seeing it. I missed her comment about not doing it outside the program. However, stressfull environments are known to bring 'tics' out in both people and animals. (Although I don't know if 'tic' is technically the correct word for this type of repetitive movement.)


monty924 said...

I forget that Dalton Ross does BB as well as Survivor. His interviews always make me LOL. I love the GoBritProduction influence. :)

Joyn, did you see Britney and Enzo talking about ED and Daniele? I don't remember if it was BBAD or later after BBAD was over. She was saying that Daniele did nothing in the house or game and that ED took her with him to the F2. I had to laugh at that and think that Daniele would be offended. The girl set a single season record (or maybe tied Janelle) for Vetos and won HOH. I don't call that 'nothing'. I love Brit, but she gets her facts messed up often.

Anyway, I want this PoV comp to get on the ball here. Watch them wait until tonight when it's dark. Ugh!!!

joyn said...

Monty, yes, and she also said she didn't remember who Jen was ED's season.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for putting up the video!

Random thoughts:

'This was a season of friendships, not alliances.' -Ha!

Nice rationalizations regarding Matt.

"I don't want to take anything away from those victories, BUT..."

The interviewer and Ragan both ignore the fact that some of Ragan's alone time went beyond just isolating and studying.

The interviewer prefaces the Otev comp with "He muscles you out of the way..." Really?

Ragan ends with, "I'm not willing to literally to walk on top of somebody..." Just watch the video!

"I don't throw the word hate around..." Once more, can we go to video?


Anonymous said...

It's just different than other years.

Umm... No it's not,
every year Dancing with the Stars, AI... proclaim it's the best cast ever, lack for a better word..
People in general complain about anon's..
Complain about " New " ppl.
How can anyone take offense, words written by someone they don't know?
PPL need excuses for their own anxiety, anger, sadness, bottom line, its not the comments others write, its lack of comments you may not be getting from hard work your doing at home!
Ask whomever to help you with chores!
Don't dove hunt!
You change babies diaper!
Tell your grand kids your name isn't Ms. Charity!
Enzo/Hayden final 2, production may want Brit/Lane but they are all fired after this season, because I am the new boss!

Ms. Charity

PDX Granny said...

I don't go searching for the different interviews posted, so love it when someone else goes to the trouble to do it for me. Thank you, Jackie!! I enjoyed it.

It looked like the HG's get to see the interviews. Was I really seeing that right?

RBennie said...

I guess they will be doing the POV comp tonight. The HGs have been on indoor lockdown most of the day. I'm hoping it is the morphing comp, because I think Brit will be better at it than the boys. That is if she doesn't let her nerves get to her. She was driving me nuts in that HOH comp. I kept yelling at the TV - slow down Brit, take your time and concentrate. I guess she didn't hear me, LOL.

PDX Granny said...

MEB, I agree about Regan. Like him or not, he is enertaining. Sometimes I laugh at (or with) him, sometimes I just sit and shake my head. I was sorry to see him go, but somebody had to.

With Rachel, she was a good enough player, but was just sooooo annoying! Just her voice and laugh alone was enough to make me want her gone. Then adding in the "between me and my man" comments, she was just too much.

I would have respected Matt's game play much more had it not been for the lie. I know it was his strategy, but my own feeling is that it was wrong, wrong, wrong!

Of the four left, I think Brit has played the best game. Not only has she won comps, but she's talking the game as well. The guys have either thrown the comps, or just plain messed up. They may be winning now, but from a sheer numbers point, the odds are in the favor of a Brigade member winning.

I'd like to see Brit and Lane in the F2. Mainly to see how the other guys would end up voting if she actually made it, and it was because Lane went to the other side.

Anonymous said...

To all Complainers,

Posters and hamsters are different species. Hamsters eat their own. Posters do, or should not. Though honestly, it doesn't bother me either way.

We shouldn't 'judge' houseguests and celebrities because we don't know them?

Tom Cruise. A few decent films. Believes in the alien ruler Xenu.

Paris Hilton. Rich. Sex tape. She was holding the drug-filled purse for a friend.

Sandra Bullock. Great actress./ Jesse James. Ex-bodyguard, Motorcycle personality. A man previously married to a porn star and who cheated with a woman covered in tattoos.

Montana Fishburne. Wealthy family. Did porn to become famous like another person who did a porn tape and got famous.

Snooki, Lindsay, the Gosselins. The Housewives of ???, Andy Dick, Mel Gibson. The list goes on.

How many of you DON'T have judgemental reactions to at least some of these names?

No 'judging'? I say, the hamsters wanted in the game, and our comments are a part of it.


Maybe. Except, I'm not a public figure...

in this Galaxy!


Lord Xenu

meb said...

PDX Granny... I don't think the hg's were seeing the interviews... they were showing Ragan talking with Julie at the same time he was being interviewed too... just a lot of production from whoever was doing the interview video.

The hg's were probably sitting listening to Julie, and they inserted Ragan to make it appear they were watching him. He was probably sitting there with them but off camera...

Anonymous said...

Meb - sorry I haven't commented lately. Me and the BB eye have went back to occasionally lurking.

Once I lost Brandon things haven't been the same for me and the show this season.

Thanks for the shout out!!

The original MAP.

meb said...
My gosh people... some of you talk about how Brit bashes everybody in the house and all some of you do here is bash HER 24/7. OK, you think she's mean... we get it.. now can we give it a rest?!!!

Anon 1:22 Said paraphrasing Jackie: So losing comps is the thing about Enzo that embarrasses New Jersey???

"...That's a pretty high bar! ..."

There you go again anon...picking on our benefactor... I'm assuming you're MAP! I have to group all you Anons together who won't give us a 'name' of some sort so we can identify you!

I guess I'm feeling mean this morning..

9/04/2010 9:38 AM

Anonymous said...

Meb - and I repeat my comments from last month were in jest. I wasn't purposely picking on the moderator (benefactor).

Hopefully you're in better mood when you read all of my replies.

Now, lets get back to bashing that evil, sneaky and backstabbing Britney


chris said...

pov going on for the last hour
i presume, since trivia playing

chris said...

I for one am rooting for britney or lane to win pov.
I want to see if lane actually gets rid of enzo or sticks with brit?
I also want to see if brit will ultimately take lane to final two.
and as much as I like the meow meow
he really has not done much.
I do think however that his not doing much is a strategy
(except he did not throw comps, he just could not win)
however he did start the brigade, he put together a team, each with some redeeming helpful qualities to get them this far.
Brit on the other hand was a target early with monet, saved herself, and has won some comps.
Her social game seems ok among the others, not someone some of us like based on live feeds, but someone they still like.
so... all in all we can make a compelling argument for anyone of the remaining 4 to win.
I personally did not like ragan since he could only see the bad side of rachel but not anything bad in himself.
not a rachel fan either by the way!

Anonymous said...

I guess I'm feeling mean this morning..

9/04/2010 9:38 AM

9/04/2010 9:13 PM

My Pa adds " Howdy Folks " ya'll that feels mean in thy mornin-
Is Hung-over or real bloated and constipated.

Anonymous said...

Don't complain about anything!!!

Everything is just peaches and cream. We love everyone.

Don't give an opinion unless its presenting wonderful comments about the HG!!

LOL Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Sally said...

The anonymous posters remind me of snipers. They lurk in the background, step forward to take a shot, then retreat again, leaving no sign of an identity. They don’t own their opinions, don’t engage in regular discourse and seem to attack and insult others just because they can.

I don’t know if there’s one anonymous poster who makes multiple comments here or a multitude of people who make one or two posts. But I do know that an opinion from an anonymous cyber-being adds little to the conversation.

I'm with Penny: I choose to ignore them.

joyn said...

I said earlier that I hoped Britney or Lane wouldn't win the POV. Mostly because I've grown a bit attached to the brigade and Brit was turning Lane's head against the brigade. I realize that Brit is playing a good game, especially in the last days of BB as all should be doing. I just don't think that Britney has been honest in her friendship with Lane, but again, it's part of her strategy, I guess. Lane isn't all that bright and it was inevitable that someone in the brigade would "turn" at the very end.

All in all, it doesn't really matter to me, either, who ends up winning. Since I have Enzo in the pool, I think it would be a real kicker to see him win but doubt that he has much of a chance.

I don't get why they believe Brit that she has no chance of winning up against any of them, but Lane bit and will get what he deserves if he comes in 2nd.

As long as the winner can't be Rachel, Matt, Ragan or Brendon, I'm okay. I only say Brendon cause anything he would have won would be sweet-talked out of him by the phony redhead. Since he won nothing, she'll have no further use for him sooner than later.

I'm just looking forward to seeing how all of this pans out and then I start looking forward to Survivor.

Did I hear it right that next Thursday is the finale?

RyzandShyn said...

Seems that the feeds have been down for quite a while now.
I bet it's going to seem like a long time from now until Thursday for the POV winner.

chris said...

julia said the finale was the 15th
so that would be next wed
this wed, live eviction
not sure when 3 part hoh starts seems like wed, and finishes thursday?
we will know final two by sunday?

chris said...


wed is live eviction
seems it will only seem a long time if lane wins veto.
since both brit and enzo are hoping he evicts the other.
if brit wins it enzo knows he is a goner

RyzandShyn said...

Thanks for the correction on the days. I didn't realize that.
Yes, it would be worse for Lane, but I bet anyone would just want to be done with it and not have the tension prolonged.

RyzandShyn said...

Me too. I'm excited to see how it all pans out especially for Brit and Enzo.
Looks like TAR starts a bit later in Sept. than Survivor, but cool that they'll both be on each week. Top Chef is almost over, but Project Runway has a bunch more eliminations to go. I'll be in Reality Heaven :)

joyn said...

Thanks Chris, I figured I must have heard it wrong. Couldn't figure out how they'd get all this done in a week.

joyn said...

RyzandShyn, yeah, by the time BB gets this near to the end, I'm almost relieved that it will be over soon. This is a very time-consuming show. Have no idea how Jackie does it all, bless her.

I'm also going to be in reality heaven with Survivor, TAR, and the rest of Top Chef and Project Runway. I am so a reality junkie!