Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Big Brother 12 - Wednesday Live Feeds - September 1

The big excitement of the day ...
Lane caught a praying mantis on his foam paddle.
And tried to sic it on Enzo.
Instead, it jumped at Lane.
He screamed and ran.
Well, not really screamed, but ...

Alas, this was more the norm for the day.

Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Lazy Lazabouts:
  • Britney has taken over the cleaning. She even scrubbed down the counters in the storage room.
  • She doesn't do windows, nor clutter in the bedrooms.
  • Lane got his HOH camera. Fun, fun, fun.
  • Ragan is really annoying me and creeping me out.
  • He still can't get off the Rachel thing.
  • He needs to go.
  • Now.
  • Okay, if not now, tomorrow.
  • He also said that since he's a celebrity, he had to verify his Twitter account.
  • @@
  • They napped a lot.
  • And that's it.


ML said...

Hahahaha Ragan a celebrity! On planet Emo?

Caroline said...

Wow this season and the feeds are positively sleep inducing. It is like taking a sleeping pill most of the time. Zzzzzzzz...

Rarely there is some excitement but it is short lived, and very brief.

Anonymous said...

According to Enzo talking about the DR, "they tell me what to say" then the feeds were blocked and so you figure it out. It has become so contrived. Whatever...

Anonymous said...

ummm, what does yo mean? Trying to place it... is it YOU? or whAT? Yucky loser says yo.

chris said...

Ragan is a cry baby
I think he has some ( a boat load) of unresolved childhood baggage!
He needs to go straight to a therapist or lockdown in some other big house.
he is unbearable to watch at times
and the rachel bashing is old and useless and as he called it himself bullying! Enough already!

RyzandShyn said...

Sounds like Ragan bought a ticket for the crazy train.
Too bad. If he had come down off the drama earlier he could have connected with someone other than just Matt and had something going there.

Lars said...

•He also said that since he's a celebrity, he had to verify his Twitter account.

HAHAAH I never verified mine, didn't care to do so.