Thursday, September 23, 2010

TV Tidbits and Stuff

My season premiere review of The Big Bang Theory is up over on CliqueClack TV. Sheldon had a date with Blossom ... er, Amy (played by Mayim Bialik). After the horrible skit on last night's The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson, it's good to see they weren't tainted. I was so happy when Jim Parsons won the Emmy for his role. Although I do think it comes easy -- he seems quite Sheldon-ish himself.

If Tim Curry is going to have nasty funky teeth, he should just be Pennywise the Dancing Clown (from Stephen King's It). Last night's Criminal Minds finished off the storyline we left off with at the beginning of the summer. Curry, although a very twisted "unsub" who became "knownsub," was creepy ... but nowhere near the performance as Pennywise.

I loved the flashbacks in time with the mother and son (Curry) as a child, all playing Leonard Cohen tunes. The music just so fit into it all. Cohen's poetry and songs have intrigued me for decades. The best video for "Dance Me to the End of Love" (one of the songs featured in Criminal Minds) is this one. Trust me, it's very beautiful and touching.

In other show talk, I fear the new show The Defenders didn't keep my attention. I was looking forward to it as I've always liked Jerry O'Connell. But it just didn't do it for me. Sigh. Perhaps if they brought back the original The Defenders from the early 1960s with the Brady Bunch father Robert Reed and E.G. Marshall, I might watch.

Tomorrow night, besides getting the rest of The Amazing Race teams up, I plan on watching CSI:NY and Blue Bloods. I'll admit being a bit partial to NYC-based shows as it's cool to see places I've actually seen! I'm a cop show buff, so I do have high hopes for Blue Bloods. We'll see.

Don't forget ... only two nights left of dancing animals on The Late Show with David Letterman!

We all float down here ...


Lifeguard Laurie said...

TAR Pool People
1. Becky
2. Ben
3. Brent McKee
4. Buzzmaam
5. Caela
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7. dla
8. Donna in AL
9. Donna in FL
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12. Jackie
13. JennasMom
14. Joy n
15. Karen in CA
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18. Laurie
19. Lynn1
20. Margo
21. meb
22. ML
23. Monty924
24. Nana of the NW
25. PDX Granny
26. RBennie
27. Sally
28. SharonS
29. SueGee (in the left coast)
30. Sydney
31. Terry in CA
32. Zoetawny

It's a big pool, isn't it? If you want in and don't see your name, please email me by 9 pm pacific time today (Friday). That's when the pool closes and teams are randomly chosen.

joyn said...

I love Tom Selleck but as everyone here knows, I'm a bigger Jimmy Smits fan, so I'll be watching Outlaw tonight.

I didn't care for The Defenders either.

Lifeguard Laurie said...

I shall be watching one and recording the other. We did enjoy the premier episode of Outlaw last week!

joyn said...

One of my guilty pleasures is that I watch and tape everything that has Jimmy Smits in it.

JimmyB said...

For me, much to my surprise, I enjoyed Outlaw and The Defenders more than expected. (Best to have low expectations)

Outlaw got bad reviews; but the pilot episode was pretty good. The Defenders was a little more serious (not just silly) than I thought it would be--which made it better.

I'd prefer if these updated versions of shows like Defenders and Hawaii Five-0 would have remained loyal to the originals. But I'll keep an open mind--I'm just glad to have soemthing to watch!

Lifeguard Laurie said...

joy n, Jimmy was on Ellen today and he was adorable. Some good/funny pictures of him from his earlier days.

I don't see it on youtube yet.

meb said...

Dance Me To The End Of Love... Jackie as I watched Criminal Minds and this haunting song played throughout, I was mesmerized. What a great follow-up to last year's ending. I missed Eric Close being in more of it this episode. He's a really good actor and he's cute.

Tim Curry is plain scary... I don't care what parts he plays.

Thanks for linking the song. I went and watched it just to hear it again.

Sydney said...

Ok, Jackie, that is the first clown that has ever freaked me out. I know people that have clown phobias and I've never understood it... until now.

Sydney said...

Ok, Jackie, that is the first clown that has ever freaked me out. I know people that have clown phobias and I've never understood it... until now.