Thursday, June 30, 2011

Big Brother 13 Cast Part 1

Okay, they're up on the CBS website. Off the topic of this post for a moment -- I can't get the Julie Chen house tour video to stop autoplaying. If it plays and annoys you, just pause it please. My apologies. I hate autoplaying videos and ads.

Up first is Porsche Briggs --

Porsche Briggs, age 23, is a VIP cocktail waitress (where have we heard that before?) from Fort Lauderdale, but now living in Miami Beach. Yes, she's pretty and seems way typical of BB gal hamsters. In her bio, she claims that Natalie Martinez was her favorite player. Oh, no! Jessie's Natalie! Now I have a bad taste in my mouth. Patoouie! She says she lives in a bikini. Yuch.

Shelly Moore--

Shelly Moore, age 41, is an outdoors industry executive (whatever!) from Centerville OH, currently living in Prairieville, LA. There are things I really like about her but there's something about her I'm not so keen on. I like that she's not going to be a slutty showmance gal or exhibitionist. That I'm totally on board with! I even like that she likes Jeff and Jordan. But I can't help but wonder if she might end up going on a kitchen/cleaning martyr trip or something. I just can't nail it down, but there's something not so likable about her (for me, at least). How about you?

Lawon Exum --

Lawon Exum is 39, from Urbana (Il.), but living in Inglewood, CA. He's a legal file clerk (with obvious delusions of glamour). He seems to think he's all that, but I think the house will knock him down pretty quickly. He doesn't seem to have a real strategy other than he thinks he's all that. The only thing going for him is that he likes Dr. Will.

Keith Henderson --

Keith Henderson is 32, a human resources manager from Bolingbrook, Il. Hmm ... so far he does seem to be the only one of this groups with an actual strategy. We'll have to see if the "Angels" come around. I find it interesting that he has an identical twin brother -- can't help but wonder if we might see some switcheroo at some point! For an HR manager, he's coming across as quite sexist. But we'll see how that goes! He wants to be an actor. Yeah, past hamsters have been so successful at that, eh? Jen from BB8 was his favorite. Will be interesting if Dick gets on the show ...

Part 2 will be posted later today! Stop back!


chacha said...

all I can say if Natalie or Jesse end up on here I am not sure how long I will watch.

Laurie said...

Hi Chacha and Jackie! I'm already thinking I'll watch the live eviction show and catch the rest of it on Jackie's wonderful blog. That is about all the time I want to spend on this show unless something has dramatically changed.

chacha said...

I wouldn't mind all but four people returning. Of course those are nat/Jess and Bren/Rach..
I can't say i wont watch just to see what happens but like usual i am days ahead of the show because of Jackie- who is awesome and jokers which keeps me in the loop also.

Dr_Celine said...

I would LOVE to see Will and Evil Dick in the same house! I vote for Will and Boogie (and their fake phone calls), Jeff and Jordan, and Evil Dick and Danielle. Sounds like a GREAT long as Jesse is not there....or Brenchel.

scott said...

Hi Jackie looking forward to your blog as I do every season. Keith will be one of if not the first evicted. I wish they werent bringing any old players back unless it was an allstar season. That said just no Brenchel or jessie!