Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Big Brother: Dynamic Duos? (video)

Hmm ... dynamic duos from the past? I'm still waiting on cast announcements.


chacha said...

I was poking around and it was posted that there are two different sets of HOH pictures floating around. Could there possible be to rooms this year?

Jackie said...

It could be. They're more hush-hush right now than they've been in the past at this time.

chacha said...

this is what I read on antoher site


We received word that several versions of pictures have been circulating of the Big Brother 13 house. Two versions of the Head of Household room and the backyard couches have been circulating on the Internet. We received word that recent changes were made to the house design in several rooms, which is why different versions were released. We can confirm which pictures are correc

The HoH Room, with the Orange Accent and the Hedges are the Correct Room.

chacha said...

that britney from last year really has a good BB eye. She was saying that the outside chairs are the nom chairs from last season just re upholstered and the nom chairs have been sent outside. I did go take a peek at a few pics from last year and she is correct.