Tuesday, June 28, 2011

A Look Inside the Big Brother 13 House

Yep, it's coming up on us soon! July 7, to be precise.

Last week there was a press day in the house and now there are photos floating around the web. Since I obviously didn't go, I'm linking to photos I've found.

The Jokers Updates site has images of the whole house. Since it's kind of sleazy to copy all the photos and share them here, I'm advising you check out the whole house at the link above and I'm just putting a few in here.

The Kitchen

Note there are fourteen places at the table and on the memory wall. It's going to be a full house this season! The overall tone to the main section of the house is a more mellow earth tones look than in some previous seasons.


Only two bedrooms were accessed on Press Day and one is just a bit odd. Could the second one above be some sort of Have/Have Not scenario?

Check out the rest of the photos on the Jokers site and stop back here to let me know what you think!

My thoughts:

I'm not sure why there are two bicycles in one shot. The yard isn't that big! Where will they use them? The "tattered" bedroom is interesting. If it's Have/Have Not, it's certainly not as brutal as last season.

Still waiting on casting announcements. I fear it will be a bunch of pretty model wannabe bartenders with the partying theme of the promos. I'd really like to see a good mix of ages!

Update: Another site with an additional bedroom/bathroom shot is Quirkydude's site.


Margo said...

Don't like the new colors. bluhkkk.

Just over a week till the fun begins. Woo Hoo!!


Delee said...

Looks to me like a sporty season with bikes-surfboards and decor! Joker's does say the backyard is Venice beach design!

I would not like the futuristic bedroom, I would kill myself getting out of those beds to hit the bathroom!

Jackie said...

I prefer our OBX house!