Saturday, July 16, 2011

Big Brother 13 Live Feeds Bulletin: PoV 7/16/11

Ah, the game gets interesting -- Adam and Dominic (the nominated duo) won the Power of Veto.

Might I suggest that Brendon and Rachel go on the block?

I know. I'm just dreaming.

A full report of the day's events in the house will be posted late tonight.


Delee said...

I was just thinking you had a nap after your outing and here was a post.

Sad I will miss seeing the POV comp, but have BB on a season pass, so I will be behind!

meb said...

I am so glad they won because I would rather Dominic stay than Adam, and I don't know who would really have gotten voted out with this duo. Now I wonder who's going to be going home... no saving one of them whoever Jordon (Jeff) puts up on the block to replace D&A...

I don't trust Cassi... but I can't decide if I like her regardless. I think she would play a very strategic game if she can be in the house when they start to play as singles.

Thanks Jackie.. enjoying your posts. I've actually watched two of the BBAD's and can honestly say I DO NOT KNOW HOW YOU DO IT with the live feeds!

~~Silk said...

A few posts back someone mentioned that at least before Kieth left, he'd "got" the virgin.

That's had me bothered ever since. The only virgin I was aware of is Dom.

Um, uh, huh? What'd I miss?

Ellie kenon said...

I just don't get the interest in this show. i have tried to site and watch it with friends but i just cant seem to become interested in these people or watching what they do while locked in a house.

ceemurph said...

Its so annoying that they've already played for the POV and CBS hasn't even aired the noms yet. This schedule is terrible.