Friday, July 22, 2011

Big Brother 13 Live Feeds Bulletin - Nominations and More 7/22

Another long feeds block endured.

First (as I'm still waiting for them to talk more about noms), they're talking how David Hasselhoff seemed to be on some kind of drugs and how far downhill he's gone. Oh my.

Okay, it's Adam and Dominic on the block.


Laurie said...

What? DH back on the drugs? Please say it isn't so!

Oh wait, he can go on Celebrity Rehab and get more time on the small screen. It's a plan!

Dr_Celine said...

LOL Laurie...except that Celebrity Rehab is currently in its final season. NO CR for David!! If anyone needed rehab it was David...remember his "hamburger video" that he had his daughter take of him?? Ugh. He thought that it would deter him from drinking again if he saw himself in that video...well it didn't deter him.

Caroline said...

Yikes, if that is true, that is so sad. I feel badly for his kids as it is incredibly sad for kids to watch their parents struggle with addiction.

Of course with the HOff, he is always a bit eccentric, so perhaps it is hard to distinguish when he is sober.

Jennasmom said...

Well, I'm not surprised with the noms. I hope Dom can win the POV again. I think he may be the only player strong enough to win an HOH and nominate Rachel. I want SOMEBODY to get HOH and get rid of Rachel!!! Please!

Matt said...

I could be wrong here, but this is my count:

There are four pairs left (Brenchel, Jeffordan, Lawan/Kalia, and Adam/Dominic). Danielle, Shelly, and Porsche have golden keys. Brenchel is HOH. Adam and Dominic are nominated.

That means the third couple to play for POV must be either Jeffordan or Lawanalia. If either of those duos wins POV and uses it, Brenchel must nominate the other couple—they can't nominate the couple that won POV or the couple just removed. It's like a mini-version of the final four.

Someone hinted at this earlier (sorry for not giving proper attribution), but this means the random drawing for the third POV couple (the ones the hamsters are always saying are rigged) is extremely important. If Jeffordan gets to play, Lawanalia cannot win veto and will be the target if Adam or Dominic wins and uses the veto. Similarly, if Lawanalia wins POV and uses it (as they would), then Jeffordan has to go on the block without even having had a chance to play for the veto.

Because of this, I somewhat suspect that all four couples will get a chance to play for veto. Don't all of the final four get to play for that veto competition?

Joe in NY said...

The entire final four plays for Veto but that's a numbers thing. After they are at 6 players they all always play. Normal POV pick is the two nominees, HOH and whomever the three automatics pick out of the bag. That's why the entire final 4 play (and final 5 and final 6).

In this case, it's just been three couples playing - still 6 people - so I wouldn't expect anything different in the POV this time.

Personally, I find it kind of exciting that there could be an automatic back door. Heightens the stakes for the POV.

I don't think it is automatic, however, that Kalia/Lawon would use it. (I also find it unlikely they'd even win it!) After all, Kalia has been playing along with the veterans and there is often a reluctance for floaters to make waves. Forcing a Jorffdan nomination would definitely make Kalia/Lawon targets of the remaining vets. But it is fun to hope for some fireworks!

Frankly, the vets need to try and stick together for a little longer. Still too many floaters/newbies. Honestly, if I were Jorffdan I would make and keep a Final Four deal with Brenchel. It's an automatic win and since they are so good at comps it really helps you move along in the game. And despite all the drama, Brenchel have been pretty loyal to Jorffdan.

Dani is the one to watch out for because she is NOT loyal and could win a final vote easily.

Still hard to imagine a Newbie finding a way to win this. They imploded early. They have not shown themselves to be any good at comps. They don't have a strong alliance. And except for Shelly they don't seem all that smart.

Joe in NY said...

By the way, for everyone who was happy to see ED go home. Don't you kind of miss him now? There would have been some excitement in the house!

wv is "sirwavan" how regal!

meb said...

Well I have to give Rachel her due here since she didn't let Danielle talk her into NOT putting up Dom. I'm now hoping Dom does not win the veto comp cause if he did, and of course took himself and Adam off the block, it would be so easy for Rachel to lose it and put Jeff and Jordon up.. even tho she'd still have Kalia and Lawon as a possible replacement. I think that would be very tempting to a neurotic player like Rachel. Of course, it would also be a good play on her part... put PLEASE.. I hope it doesn't happen.

Dom must not win the power of veto. Dom must go! My nerves cannot stand it.

meb said...

Oh.. have to say to Petals and Donna in AL...

Donna that is so funny that your son, MEB, is the person Petals friended on FB. How coincidental is that! LOL

I rarely go to FB Petals... only to see my grandkids pictures they tag for me.

I'm soon to be a GREAT Grandma, so I'll go there for those pix too. Other than that... not a fan of FB.

Donna in AL said...

Did someone stay in Rachel's ear about nominating Dom and Adam?Because I know Dani was pushing the other way. If D/A win POV, I hope she stays true to her alliance and does not put up J/J.

I must not be watching much tv if there are commercial with David Hasselhoff. I haven't seen him, thank goodness!!

Speaking of Celebrity Rehab, have you seen that "Sugar" from Survivor is on it? I'm not sure if it is the current season but I suspect it is. One of my sons tivo it and I see it occassionally.

MEB who comments here is female but another MEB is my son!! That is funny!

meb said...

I'm doing laundry and in between sitting here on computer. I have last night's taped BBAD on... I shouldn't be surprised, but Rachel and Portia are in the HOH room playing some kind of game, and R told P that Shelly and Kalia are both in an alliance with J&J... she forgot to mention they were in the same one. What a bitch!