Friday, July 08, 2011

Big Brother 13 Live Feeds Friday Daytime 7/08/11

What is with the butt on the table, Dominic?!?!

More cleavage than I need to see, Kalia!

This is starting off to be the most discombobulated season ever of Big Brother! When those feeds came on late last night, it was pure chaos trying to figure out what was going on. But, I've gotten to the point where I kind of sort of know ... well, as much as can be known. Here's the daytime hijinks from that Big Brother House of the Vanishing Dick:
  • Yes, Dick is not merely gone, he's most really sincerely gone.
  • No, he wasn't evicted.
  • It's supposedly some personal matter not with close family, so Daniele isn't affected.
  • EXCEPT ... they gave her the Golden Key. So she is safe for a month.
  • After the feeds returned after a huge FOTH (dating myself with that reference!), it turns out the house has some serious schemers.
  • Virgin Boy Dominic seems to be dedicated to scheming.
  • Keith and Porsche are still on the block, but the tide might be changing a bit from a Porsche target to Keith.
  • I wouldn't doubt if Keith's deacon job might not survive his BB13 days. The guy is pleasant enough but way too raunchy to be a youth minister!
  • He supposed showed Porsche his er, check out the "Vanished" reference above.
  • But his hasn't vanished.
  • Jeff is really getting along with all, but he's the first target of Dominic and Cassi (if indeed she's going along with Dom). Brendon is the second target.
  • Oh, why won't someone PLEASE target Rachel? I could cope with Brendon sans Rachel!
  • Rachel is getting along with the others better so far this season.
  • But I still want her gone.
  • Dominic referred to Adam as an 11-year-old in a 39-year-old body.
  • He has a point there. Jersey Boy needs to calm things down a bit. It's like he's trying to be Mr. Super Personality and BB Reference Desk all the time.
  • As when Survivor pulls this returning "favorites" $#%, things have pretty much developed into two camps.
  • Mysteriously, no one seems to think of Jordan as a threat.
  • Rachel is already thinking people are out to get her.
  • I can only hope they indeed are!
  • After being up all night, they all napped through the morning.
  • Keith had some kind of off feeds blow up and now there's speculation that he's a "loose cannon."
  • Dominic and Cassi think they're good with both sides of the house.
  • Little do they know, but others are thinking Dominic and Cassi are a bit too close and shouldn't be trusted.
  • The feeds were blocked for the PoV players pick.
  • But we know anyway.
  • Porsche and Keith, Jeff and Jordan, Brendon and Rachel with Adam hosting.
  • Both Jordan and Shelly (separately) told Rachel this is her chance to change America's perception of her.
  • Yeah, right. Like that's gonna happen!
  • Daniele and the "veterans" are aware of Dominic's plan to bring all the newbies to the end game.
  • So, the kid ain't too slick, eh?
  • Daniele, though safe for four weeks, is upset that she can't compete in any competitions for all that time.
  • I liked Daniele better as a blond.
  • I just felt I had to say that.
  • Porsche and Keith fought.
  • And Porsche cried.
  • I believe I've heard Jordan say that she thinks she's getting her period 154 times now.
  • Stop it, Jordan!
  • Power of Veto, always blocked to the live feeds, is on the slate sometime in the next few hours.
  • Despite a Vanishing Dick, the game goes on.

No, he's not Keith. He's just tightening his shorts.

People do seem to be trusting Shelly. We'll see!


monty924 said...

What will we call the FOTH this season? They just went to trees, palm trees and sky. POTH, TOTH, SOTH? I like the new look this year, but I... dare I say it, miss the fish and flames and front of the house. :)

monty924 said...

Actually, I miss the guinea pig cam the most! :)

Anonymous said...

I am really disappointed about Dick it was such a tease to have him and he is gone

Dr_Celine said...

REALLY disappointed about Dick...was totally looking forward to him stirring the pot a bit. :-(

Jackie said...

Me, too. Plus, Dick always got up early and talked to us!

Anonymous said...

So, who's the first to go?

Jackie said...

Dick! Porsche was the original target, but Keith may have turned the house over to wanting him out. Not quite the way to play the game! We'll have to see who wins Veto.

tbc said...

I can't take Rachel for another summer!!

Petals said...

Yeah, it was "fun" to talk about Dick's escapades, but it was only interesting the first time. now that he is (in)famous as "Evel Dick from BB", his rants lose the edge. i dunno...
I dont like the "pairs" thing. Too much like the dismal winter season.

Sally said...

I missed the show yesterday, so I'm just now figuring out what happened. And I cannot tell you how much I hate the idea of Rachel being foisted on us again. The thought of seeing and hearing her greatly reduces my anticipation of the show. Hope she's gone really soon!

Thanks for the recaps, Jackie. You have a real talent in being able to summarize endless chit-chat into the relevent points, and I love your clever wording and sly sense of humor.

Dr_Celine said...

When will we know who has who for the pool?

Dr_Celine said...
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Dr_Celine said...

Jackie can you remove my duplicate post above and this post? Don't know how the duplicate happened??? I only pressed the publish button once! Sorry!

Patti said...

I know that Dick would have added some entertainment; however, I don't think I could have put up with the constant "bullying". I know it's a game, but his constant disregard for people's feelings will not be missed by this viewer.

DuchessOfYorkies said...

I love Jackie's concise, bullet-point updates. In my opinion, she is the best on the web at the live feed updates (and I've read most all of them).

That being said...Rachel...UGH! Unless she has changed dramatically since we were last subjected to her grossness, she is going to ruin my summer indulgence.

Jackie said...

Thanks, Duchess!

Celine - Because we didn't know who'd be returning, the cut-off for joining the pool is this coming Wednesday.

Dr_Celine said...

Thanks Jackie! :-) I didn't know we weren't saying who had who until next week.

Laurie said...

You said "vanishing dick" ... ah, I do love how your write! Just now catching up on the show by reading your blog. You never disappoint!