Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Big Brother 13 Live Feeds Into the Dawn 7/13/11

Ohhh! Rachel's SHINY!

Tonight will be the big Dick(less) Reveal on the show in addition to the PoV comp and meeting. But that's all old news for us, right? After all, the hamsters are getting psyched to play for the new HoH reign. Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Rascally Rodents:
  • The hamsters went on indoor lockdown as BB built something in the yard.
  • Jordan thinks her period is coming ... still, again, whatever. I really don't need to know.
  • Lawon and Cassi think this is a fun season and they're fun hamsters because they make up games and get everyone involved.
  • Yawn.
  • Brendon told Rachel she's playing too emotionally.
  • Rachel playing emotionally? Say it ain't so!
  • Oh jeez ... in for another round of the Brendon controlling condescending act with Rachel crying and bristling.
  • Again ... why are these two together? There should be psychological papers written about the relationship.
  • The latest is because Brendon trusts Daniele and he feels Rachel doesn't.
  • To be honest, I don't think they should really trust Daniele because she's smarter than they are in gameplay.
  • Porsche finally kicked her campaigning into gear.
  • Jeff and Kalia got into an argument about a gay Harry Potter character.
  • Jeff regretted the argument since he thinks it will make him look bad.
  • Yeah, Jeff ... it kind of does make you look just a bit homophobic.
  • They got all dressed up for the Franklin the Turtle Missing Trial.
  • But then they were allowed to go outside.
  • Now, they think the set-up is for a Food Comp. I'm thinking HoH. We'll see. Daniele also thinks it's HoH.
  • It's an oversized golf club with big balls thing (look at my screen caps).
  • They practiced and practiced, then practiced some more.
  • When Porsche campaigned to him, Adam told her he hasn't made up his mind. He'd like to keep her because he feels they could work together. On the other hand, if he keeps Keith, Keith is a bigger target and it would draw attention away from him (Adam).
  • At midnight, the Have Nots were allowed to eat. So they did.
  • Dominic and Adam talked -- they're sure they have the votes to send Porsche packing.
  • The veterans and anyone aligned with them plan to vote out Keith.
  • I'm not so sure, but I think it will still be Keith leaving.
  • No great loss if he goes.
  • Some are still up as I get this posted.
  • Go to bed hamsters!

The doohickey in the yard

Adam practices

Why doesn't Dominic have big funky socks with stripes?

Food, food, glorious food!


Petals said...

I know it has only been one week, but this season hasn't grabbed me like others.
Jeff & Jordan are still my faves.
Do you think Dominic & Daniele may hook-up?

Jackie said...

I doubt they'll "hook up."

Janice said...

Thanks Jackie,

I always fall asleep during BB After Dark!! I hope its not a tie tomorrow and Rachel gets to break the tie, you know she will relish being the one to actually send Keith home!
I hope the Newbies win HOH; they have the numbers if they will just stick together.
My favs are Cassi and Shelly but it doesn't seem like they are working together like I hoped they would!
Jeff really didn't help his image at all with that remark. I really thought Jeff was a nice fella and had more in the "smarts" department than to make remarks like that on the show. Kalia handled it well after she figured out that she couldn't out argue (yell) Jeff.
Thats all for now........

chacha said...

I was watching the feeds when the arguement went down. IMO- I get what jeff was saying but i don't think he or kalia understood what the other was saying.
Also does Kalia work for planned parenthood? She seems to bring it up often.
I thought she was some type of carrie bradshaw want to be..

I love J/J but can't wait to see Daniele back in action. It sucks she has to wait so long.
Whoever goes home tomorrow will not matter much. I don't like either one of them

chacha said...

in addition to last post---

I am not saying I agree with what Jeff said but I did get what he was trying to spit out

BBAD- I used to fall asleep to that everynight. I haven't ordered Showtime yet. It really just seems like a boring cast and really don't want to spend my money on it.
Now I have the feeds up all the time in the evening

Margo said...



Auntie Leigh
Brent McKee
Donna in AL
Nana in NW
Paris Hilton
PDX Granny
Sharon S
Terry in PA

Margo aka The Lifeguard

Janice said...

Okay............I"M IN for the pool!!
I hope I get someone GOOD!!

Okay Margo/Lifeguard PLEASE add me!! I know I'm last minute but I couldn't resist any longer!!


chacha said...

Just out of curiosity- Why doesn't my pic show when I post. Do you guys see it? I know I added one on gmail account

Margo said...

OK Janice I've got you on the list.

monty924 said...

Chacha, go to your dashboard (you should see it on Jackie's mainpage and check to see if you have a photo there. You can edit photo and add one if it isn't showing up. :)

Margo said...

Are we evicting tonight?? It is veto tonight and eviction HOH tomorrow..right?


Janice said...

Thanks Margo, I appreciate you adding me at the last minute!!

I think that the eviction show is tomorrow night (Thursday).......not sure what we will see tonight but we are supposed to get some info about Evel Dick leaving. I don't beieve we will know anymore after Julie addresses it than we know right now!! They'll leave us hanging!


Donna in FL said...

Hey margo Please add me to the pool! thanks

Janice said...


I just looked in my TV Guide and it says tonight's show will be the Veto Competition.

Just wanted to let you know in case you were still wondering.....


monty924 said...

Julie won't be on tonight's show, but we will see ED leaving. I'm not sure if we will know anything more than what is already out there. CBS will address it though. :(

Margo said...


Adam - Auntie Leigh, Ayana, ML
Brendon - SueGee, Sally, Chris
Cassi - dla, Becky, Buzzmaam
Daniele - Terry in PA, EileenM, Jennasmom
Dominic - Witt, Rbennie, JOEY
Jeff - Petals, Donna in AL, Delee
Jordan - Sydney, Meb, Brent McKee
Kalia - Nana in NW, Monty924, Laurie
Keith - Zoetawny, PDX Granny, Becky
Lawson - Dr_Celine, Jackie, Caela
Porsche - Ninboh, Donna in FL, Sharon S
Rachel - Jamie, Margo, ChaCha
Shelly - Sasha, Paris Hilton, Janice


Swimming Suits are NOT optional
NO running
NO Roughhousing
NO Horseplay
NO Name Calling (of fellow posters)
NO Swearing
NO Glass containers
NO Spitting
NO candy bars in the pool
NO public displays of affection in the pool

We are only here to have fun so everyone please PLAY NICE.

Which ever team wins the Pool gets bragging rites until the next season starts.

Margo aka the Lifeguard

Janice said...

YEAH I got Shelly!! So far she is doing a good job of playing both sides; hope she can keep it up!!

Thanks Lifeguard Margo!!