Friday, July 08, 2011

Big Brother 13: Live Feeds into Friday 7/08

Flakes and Rachel, perfect together

Okay, so the BB13 live feeds kicked in at 1 AM my time. It's always great to jump in when the hamsters have already been in the house for six days and, not only that, but they're on indoor lockdown. And ... not only that, but they're gathering in a big group all talking at once! Then comes the mystery. Read along to find out what's happened inside that Big Brother House of the Missing Dick ...

  • Ahh, ahh -- confusion!
  • What? Adam found Dick's name on a piece of paper under a pillow on one of the nomination chairs?
  • Wait! Dick's missing! No one knows where he is!
  • Daniele's there.
  • Keith and Porsche's keys are missing, so they must be on the block.
  • The indoor lockdown is expected to last into the day Friday.
  • Ohh ... Jeff PUT that Dick note on the chair as a prank.
  • But Dick's still missing.
  • Brendon is mixing in well and seems to get along with people.
  • Then there's Rachel. Sure, on the surface she's getting along. But no one's tried to come between her and her man yet!
  • Rachel, in some weird control gesture, wants everyone to play games she dictates.
  • Adam, in his love for the strips, got a bacon discussion going.
  • There is indeed a Have Not room this season not seen in the promos.
  • It's like a padded cell with mats on the floor.
  • Kalia is a Have Not.
  • After playing charades and other homemade games, some turned to the chess board.
  • I hate the chess board. I hate the pool table in the yard. They make for boring feeds.
  • Not only is Dick missing, but the hamsters haven't been able to go into the Diary Room in all the time he's been gone.
  • Porsche seems to have rubbed folks the wrong way. Out of her and Keith, she would be the target for eviction.
  • Daniele, despite estrangement, is getting antsy and worried about Dick.
  • Heh. Jackie said "worried about Dick." Heh.
  • Brendon said he'd expose all of BB's secrets unless they found out about Dick.
  • They theorize that it must not have been a health issue, nor could Dick have walked out because BB would tell them about that.
  • Although Brendon and Jeff think Adam is a hoot, Daniele not so much. She's angry because Adam keeps telling her all about the game.
  • Shut your mouth a bit, Jersey Boy!
  • Cassi will be the next target if Porsche gets off the block.
  • At 4 AM ET, Daniele was finally called to the Diary Room. So, the Case of the Missing Dick should be coming to a conclusion.
  • Then fish (the white koi are cool).
  • Then BB trivia, where we still are as this gets posted.
  • It must be the PoV comp and, most likely, an explanation of Dick.
  • Yeah, I had too much juvenile fun with that, didn't I?
UPDATE: At approximately 7:15 ET, the feeds returned. Dick is really gone. They don't know why. Daniele has the Golden Key, PoV is yet to be played. Rachel is fussing that she and Brendon should go if they're just going to be picked off with one less veteran playing for HoH. After all, says Rachel, "You could be working on your doctorate because that's more important." Brendon thinks they should try to win as many prizes as they can get.

At least her chest isn't hanging out all over.

Aw, I like Jeff and Jordan together.

Can they ALL talk at once? I love chaos!


Cat said...

Yay! I'm very excited to read the first live feed recap of the season. Thanks, Jackie!

TerryinCA said...

oh wow Jackie, I forgot how much I love your blog and the live feeds! You are amazing and awesome!! quite the DOLL !!

Jackie said...

Aw, thanks. So far, it's a lot of confusion going on!

Petals said...

Maybe Dick left when he realized he wasnt THAT famous in the house (or anywhere). Jeff & Jordan are the sweetest, cutest, most-likable pair, IMO.
Strange about the blog last night. I like Keith so far, despite his choice of partner :)
Have a happy Friday Ms Jackie & E'one.

chacha said...

morning all. Thanks Jackie for the update. Dick gone? Wonder what happened. Maybe he wanted to just get back to his website. I will miss him.
i was looking forward to the Dick at Night show

Witt said...

Hi Jackie! Thank you so much for our first live feed of the season! I love your way of putting things.

Dick is really gone? Totally doesn't make sense. I don't believe anything he says or does so it's hard to believe he'd be gone after just a few hours?

Will be watching the season with interest. I like Shelley...she's cool!

Witt :)

Witt said...

If Dick is really gone, I'm actually glad. I don't think that I could handle his insults, tirades and general disrespect for another complete summer (since I doubt anyone but Brendon would think to evict him, though I hope Jeff would go for it)

Witt :)

JOEY said...


chris said...

where did evel go?
so will there be no other elim, is that why danielle has the golden key all the way to the final 10??

Jackie said...

No one knows. They all think Keith and Porsche are still on the block and PoV will play out later today. I guess we'll see.

I'm wondering if Dick might have done it to give Daniele a head start. But who knows?

Delee said...

I am so confused. Repeat that 3 times! LOL Doubt he would walk out, guess we shall see what is what!

Thanks Jackie

ORKMommy said...

I hate when Dick is missing! (hee hee hee)

If he's really gone and I have to watch Brenchel I may not tune in much this season. I just can't believe the producers thought BB fans actually wanted to see another season of the sappy, crappy duo! What were they thinking?? And if Danielle is really not speaking to her father then why did she agree to do the show with him again? People are just dumb!

Joe in NY said...

If Danielle has the key, doesn't that mean Dick has been evicted somehow????

I think the whole key issue is just a numbers game. At final 10 they must be going back to being singles instead of teams. With the noms being teams of 2 with one going home, if your partner is gone there was no way to nominate you since you are a team of one. They hyped this big key, but really, it buys you another week or two but so what. It's not like it was a trip to the Final Four.

I'm going to be bummed if Dick is gone. I was hoping for a Dick/Rachel brouhaha at some point.

I also kind of think Danielle is done for without Dick. He had a tendency to draw fire. It got her in a little trouble the last time (although not as much as her relationship with the football player), but it got her out of more trouble since he was always attracting the most attention.

Jackie said...

I have enough to deal with with Daniele being a brunette now. I too wanted a Dick/Rachel brouhaha.

SueGee said...

Thanks Jackie! As soon as the show was over here on the left coast, I switched to BBAD feed on Showtime and the house was sure hopping! And Rachael was really trying to boss everyone around wasn't she? I sure hope she goes quickly.

I hope that Dick is OK. I wondered how much money they offered to get these people back in the hamster house?

SueGee from the left coast

ORKMommy said...

Ya know, maybe Rachel being back is my fault. Last year I was saying I'd love to see her break under the pressure from Evel Dick. Did I jinx us all?

Anonymous said...

Did anyone notice on the CBS website before the couples were added that there were only 5 blank spaces, not 6. With Dick gone they no longer need the extra "face space". Perhaps this was planned all along.

chacha said...

From what I gathered over at jokers looking at updates, B/R and D/D were late last minute adds. J/J were approached when this idea of a season was conceived.
I for one will miss Dick. I really did love him on BB8 and still wanted to see him compete.
I hope there is an answer. he had posted on his site a video blog saying that he was in it to win it.

Margo said...

What NO DICK!! Who is gonna entertain us this year??

Holly C said...

AWESOME Jackie! I came straight home after work and watched BB...then the next place I go??? Why this Blog of course! So do you think Dick exited on some BS reason so Danielle could get the key and make it to top 10? Sounds like him to me...always the martyr for his "precious" bitchy daughter! I can't believe we have to hear that annoying laugh of Rachels again..UGH @@ Thanks for the updates=)

chacha said...

i just read that Dick left the house for personal reasons having to do with his girlfriend.
Danielle was informed that is wasn't her immediate family.

Must be major for him to leave. He really is a big fan let alone great gamer.

JOKATS said...

Ohhhh what a sad day :( ... I was so looking forward to a little bit of Evel Dick. I didn't think he would last long, but he would have been good for some craziness before he left.

Purrrrrrs to Vincent!! Thanks to Jackie!!!!!! >^..^<

PlaidChick said...

I for one do not believe he left voluntarily. He loves that game too much. There can't be an eviction already (or can there) because Julie said be here next Thursday for the firt live eviction... and Rachel is still HOH.. a lot of people are saying he got kicked out because he made a video prior to going into the house and told someone to post it on premiere night, therefore there was a "breach" of some sort because he told someone he was going on. IMO that is just lame of BB-- they know he's huge ratings and if he was going to get kicked out for that, then he should of been kicked out when he poured his tea on Jen. I am sooo bummed, and so irritated no one is telling us.. Adam is suppose to be a BB lover, he needs to be talking to us! I have no favorites at this point and am already sick of Brenchel.

chacha said...

i don't believe BB kicked him out at all. I honestly believe it is personal. He is too much of a gamer

Becky said...

Jackie, I don't know if anyone else mentioned that they could not get their comments to post, but I had trouble.... major trouble. I finally threw my towel into the hamper and left.

It took at least three tries each time I tried to send my comment.

Why couldn't it have been Rachael instead of Dick to disappear? Her laugh is enough to make a person stick a knife in their ear drum!

Anonymous said...

there has been a rumor going around that dick has a drug problem. Not surprising but maybe he got caught bringing drugs in the bb house. There is really no other logical explanation and he did look really "tired out and old" last night on the show. Just a thought...,.,.,,.

RBennie said...

No Dick gives an advantage to the newbies. I was never a Dick fan, but wouldn't have minded seeing a Dick/Rachel brawl. It will be interesting to see how Daniele handles herself.

RJM in SC said...

I am gonna miss the Evel.

monty924 said...

I've been punched in the gut! My Dick is gone... I was so thrilled to see him walk through the door last night, and now it's just a memory. ):

Petals said...

I hated Dick in his season & find him still just as revolting. Ick. I believe it was a publicity stunt all-around. For him, for the show. I would be more interested to hear what "BB secrets" Brendan was threatening to reveal.

Jackie said...

It was Keith saying he was going to lay a bombshell with BB secrets.

Witt said...

Petals, you and I feel the same way! When I saw him come through the door I immediately thought I will stick to Jackie's updates rather than watch/hear all of Dick's nastiness. I don't care if it was a stunt or not, I just hope he's gone gone gone gone gone gone!!!

Witt :)

monty924 said...

But Petals, you have to admit that he made S8 interesting. We had a ton of stuff to talk about on here because of ED. Whether you liked him or not, it made for great conversation. And besides, I really wanted to see him go off on Rachel at some point. Just the BB sicko in me, I suppose. :)

Matt said...

@Monty924: "I've been punched in the gut! My Dick is gone… "

This is not really the kind of phrasing you expect to read on THIS Web site...

Look Who's Wacthing said...

Thanks Jackie, I have to admit, I am a BB Junkie. I don't know, why is it that Danielle has the Golden Key so soon? Also, if she does, will there be an eviction this week? Also, I have been watching show time after dark and these people are aligning themselves too soon if you ask me. Porscha is a Rat!