Friday, July 22, 2011

Big Brother 13 Live Feeds Into Friday Dawn 7/22


Of all people to be HoH, it's Rachel again. Oh well, she's just making that target on her back bigger and bigger. The first chance the newbies get, whoever gets it, it's going to be obligatory to get either her or Brendon out. If they don't make the move, they're chicken^%$! Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of the Hyena HoH:
  • So, what happens to Rachel's two weeks on slop?
  • She's still on slop with the exception of any foods in her HoH basket!
  • Yay.
  • I take pleasure in the finer details.
  • Brendon, on the other hand, wants to eat while he knows he can because the food comp will be coming up.
  • Huh. We weren't asked to vote on a food, were we? Did I miss that?
  • Adam told Shelly he hopes Rachel puts up Kalia and Lawon instead of him and Dominic.
  • Well, duh. It's not like Brenchel has much of a choice this week.
  • Rachel told Jeff and Jordan she's thinking of putting up Dominic and Adam.
  • She thinks that if Dominic goes up and gets off again, he's going to be hard to beat in competitions.
  • I think she's right.
  • Daniele is slowly working her save Dominic card, hinting that Jeff is going to be a danger down the road. She told her Jeff and Jordan are already working newbies to their side.
  • Rachel thinks it's too early to split up the veterans.
  • Daniele also offered advice to Rachel like not rubbing HoH in peoples' faces.
  • Rachel thinks she needs to put up Dominic and Adam because: (a) Dominic got all cocky when he won PoV (like she never does that!) and (b) Adam hasn't talked game with her for three weeks.
  • Adam rarely talks game with anyone other than Dominic.
  • Shelly told Adam and Jordan that she didn't realize Lawon was gay. After all, he's always talking about women!
  • She only knows because he told her. She doesn't think he "acts feminine" at all.
  • Heh. Sheltered folks make me smirk.
  • Shelly told Rachel she could keep her fights with Brendon quiet.
  • She also reminded her not to gloat about winning, just be gracious.
  • Rachel admitted she has a problem in that area.
  • You don't say!
  • Shelly, playing her cards wisely, warned Rachel that Daniele and Dominic will probably be working together.
  • Yes, Shelly has worked her way into BOTH power couples. Don't call her a floater!
  • After Shelly left, Brendon lit into Rachel telling her she is never to talk game without him there.
  • Oh, geez.
  • Another lecture from him about being adults and not children.
  • I think my eyes AND ears are bleeding!
  • When Rachel came out of the Diary Room with "Who wants to see my HoH room?" they all pelted her with pillows.
  • No one, I say!
  • Brendon fussed to Rachel that he gave up so much to be there and her family didn't even mention him in her letter.
  • Heh.
  • Daniele continues to work to keep Dominic.
  • Kalia told Rachel that Lawon should go.
  • Hmm.
  • Right now it looks like Dominic, Adam or Lawon will be walking out the door on Thursday.
  • But we'll see.

Hammock talk

Dig them crazy sox!

Rachel's HoH room with all the fake people

Please look into your crystal ball and tell us
Rachel is out soon!


RJM in SC said...

Daniele seems a much happier player without her Dad being there. I see a reality show in the future with the two of them trying to do something together. (Dani and ED and their dystfun. relationship). She reminds me of Daniele Staub from the Real Houswives of New Jersey with the dark hair.

Petals said...

I bet Rachel's family was not nearly as forgiving as she was, regarding the Brendan dixpix brouhaha. They prolly know what we all know: that he is a wormy turd.

Caroline said...

I hope Lawon does not leave because his Diary Rooms on the tv show are so funny. He is the only one this season who makes me laugh except Jordan. I hope he stays as his comments in DRs are priceless.

Justene said...

Is the golden key this week anything more than a one week slop pass? I am trying to sort through how long it makes you "golden".

Laurie said...

I watched the first 45 minutes of the show last night. I think my next viewing will be when you tell us Rachel gets sent home. She is not good for my health!

Donna in AL said...

Petals, that MEB you friended on FB is my son.... not the female commenting here!!! LOLOLOL!!!!

RBennie said...

I don't mean to sound dramatic, but I don't know if I can survive another week of Rachel as HOH! She wants to put Dominic up because he gloated over his POV win? Can I just say pot-kettle.

Girlsmom said...

@Petals - what Brendans dixpix brouhaha? I missed that...(although dix and pix...hmmm)
I just hope Danielle doesn't talk Rachel into putting up Jeff & Jordan yet. We just need to get through Rachel's HOH and then maybe all bets are off.
Won't the couples thing need to end soon too? There aren't going to be many nominee options left otherwise.

RBennie said...

Julie said something last night about a change in the game. Maybe they will be breaking up the duos.

lynn1 said...

There are millions of fans/viewers of BB. I dare say most of us find Rachel a royal PITA.
If each of us donated $1.00 we could pay Rachel to leave and she would make more money than she would if she won BB. Just a thought!
My WV is reform.

RBennie said...

Sounds good, I'm in. LOL

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Re:Girlsmom......shortly after BB ended last year Brendon had been communicating with a few girls online. He sents photos of himself naked(and close-ups of his %&^*%). Rachel found out...cry,cry..."I'm so sorry, it won't happen again"....all is forgiven and they become engaged.

I DO NOT LIKE RACHEL, however, she needs to pay attention to how Brendon treats her....controlling and often demeaning. I have to believe that is how their real life is.

Did anyone else LOL when Rachel went into the bushes and hid because she was mad?? That's what my GK did when they were little!!

If my numbers are correct this is the last week of duos. When someone is eliminated next week we will be at 10 and Julie said that's when the Golden Keys are over and the game becomes singles.

I fear Rachel will listen to Dani and Porsche and put up J/J.I hope Brendon's voice of reason keep her from doing that.

Nana in the NW

chris said...

I will be pissed if J/J go on the block.
that is why i was hoping J/J would put up B/R when dom came down.
daniele is playing a good game but should not push for J/J to go yet.
she should let dom do her dirty work and get out B/R
i liek jeff even more this time, he seems to really love and respect Jordan, i love how he protected her. funny how rachel recognized her weaknesses that cassi "attacked" but she does not see that Brendon does the same thing to control her.
ugh they are awful for each other

Joe in NY said...

Quick question:

Suppose Brenchel nominates Lawon and Kalia. Further suppose that Dominic wins POV. Could Dominic remove Lawon and Kalia and effectively force Brenchel to nominate Jeff and Jordan - the only other couple?

That might be worth watching!!!

RBennie said...

Yes that could happen in theory, but would they be smart enough to think of it?

Donna in AL said...

Okay, Joe! That is a frigging nightmare if they think of that!!!

Joyce said...

I'm just "sick" Rachel got HOH. BB giving her all that food wasn't right either. I think CBS wants to keep her because she's the one everybody talks about. She keeps people stirred up. Brendon has to be such an embarrassment to his family. He's such a wimpy idiot. I would love to know what his family thinks of Rachel. lol

Anonymous said...

From one Joyce(me) to another Joyce.....I Agree! I'm sick of Rachel, I don't think she should have got food in her basket and we know Rachel's family doesn't think much of him(no shout out in their letter) and I bet his family doesn't think much of her. Would you want your son to marry someone that acted the way she did last season....and is now continueing that behavior this season?

Joe in NY--Let us all pray that Dom doesn't win or no one is smart enough to think about putting up J/J. I am really looking forward to seeing the Vets. play as singles and Dani actually getting to play the game. I thinks she is going to be the biggest all-around threat.

Nana in the NW

Matt said...

Not to defend anything Brenchel, but didn't Rachel's family say hello to Brendan in her first HOH letter? Is he so insecure that he needs to be praised every time by her family?

ceemurph said...

"Brendon lit into Rachel telling her she is never to talk game without him there"

Talk about trying to prove who wears the pants in their relationship!

Witt said...

Nana in NW: you took the words right off my keyboard! Brendon does seem like he's pretty controlling, what with this "don't do anything without me there" stuff. While some of his fireside chats are good (telling her things she's got to change for the good of the gameplay) for the most part he talks to her like she's 5.

Witt :)
P.S. WV: just sounds funny. :)

Sally said...

Joe in NY--Rachel was talking about the possiblity of that exact scenario last night, in a conversation with Dani and Jordan about why it would be better to nominate Dom and Adam.

I don't think Dani is loyal to the vets' alliance, and I could see her using that idea to try to sabotage Jeff and Jordon. If one newbie team is nominated and the other wins POV, I suspect Dani will be pushing the benefits of saving newbies and evicting a vet.

Hope that doesn't happen!

Ninboh said...

Rachel and Brendan have to be two of the stupidest players to trust Dominic at all in the game. Dom should be there target. Nothing else makes sense. The only one who cares about Dom is Daniele and she can't compete for HOH next week anyways. And if not then they may as well take out Jeff. Adam is just a waste of an eviction.

Anonymous said...

I had to watch this on my Android phone, because I was at work, and even with the small screen Rachel annoyed me. I have the DISH Remote Access with my provider/employer DISH Network. You can watch all your subscription channels live from anywhere you are at. I love that I can be on the go and not miss my Big Brother since it’s on a couple nights a week. I cannot believe that Rachel is HOH again. I was really hoping that Jordan was going to put them on the block when she had the chance. I really hope Rachel is out of the house soon.

Anonymous said...

Hey, anyone out there that can tell me what Daniele was drinking last night on the show?