Friday, July 29, 2011

Big Brother 13 Live Feeds Into Friday Afternoon 7/29

Elf Adam

Well, the big endurance comp is long over with, although the aches and pains remain. Kalia did surprisingly well. However, being shorter with some more padding might have helped her some. If the situation warranted, I daresay that Daniele could STILL be up there! Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Surly Elves:
  • As one could have predicted, all of a sudden Lawon and Kalia are besties with Daniele.
  • Rachel tried to deal with her much to the dismay of Brendon.
  • Daniele told Kalia that she was probably putting Brendon and Rachel on the block.
  • As the duos are over, only one can be saved if the veto is used and the other is surely to get evicted no matter whether it's Rachel or Brendon.
  • Jeff seems a lesser target and Jordan not targeted at all.
  • Of course this was late last night.
  • Right now, as I'm typing this up, the feeds just returned from a long blockage which I assume was the nominations.
  • I haven't a clue.
  • So I'll keep rambling until I hear.
  • Then I will post.
  • Hmmm ...
  • To recap the prizes (?) from last night's snowballs: Brendon, Jordan and Lawon are Have Nots. Adam is an elf for the week. Jeff won the $10,000.
  • Porsche, of all people, gave Rachel her latest lecture on how to behave like a normal human being ... er, less abrasively.
  • Rachel was right that she is probably less intimidating than Brendon would be had he decided to approach Daniele.
  • However, I don't think Daniele is too intimidated by much.
  • At least with her in the HoH room, her constant whispering should let up a bit.
  • I hate that she whispers so much.
  • BB should ban WHISPERING.
  • I'm still waiting for a clue here.
  • Everyone but Daniele, Jordan and Rachel are on cameras.
  • I wonder if Rachel is inside crying while Jordan comforts her?
  • Brendon is giving no clues.
  • Oh, c'mon hamsters! Spill the beans!
  • Wait ... there's Jordan and Rachel tanning, not talking. Only Daniele is missing.
  • She's probably napping.
  • Adam is loving his elf suit.
  • Feeds are blocked again.
  • I refuse to post this until I know the nominations!
  • As I'm STILL waiting, here's a Dominic interview from Reality Nation.
  • Feeds back ... they got the sardines and seaweed.
  • Lawon loves sardines. Let's get back to him on that at the end of the week.
  • Still no nominations clues. All of the hamsters are together.
  • We need people to split off and talk!
  • Hmm ... sounds like either Brendon/Rachel or Brendon/Jeff are on the block ... IF they're not still talking about what might come about.
  • It's possible as I watch now that noms might not be done yet.
  • Jordan is washing her hair with the back yard hose.
  • Shelly told Jordan her goal is to keep Jeff and Jordan together.
  • I think her goal should be her own game, but that's just me.
  • Daniele and Kalia talked about how they don't trust Shelly.
  • Shelly, not trusting Kalia with Daniele, went to the HoH room.
  • Shelly hopes "the plan" hasn't changed.
  • So it looks like nominations are yet to come.
  • If I get confirmation, I'll be posting in a few minutes and just update the nominations later.
  • Nope, nominations aren't in yet. Daniele wants to make a big move which will make the entire house a better place -- Brendon and Rachel.
  • Shelly is pushing for a mother child reunion ... I mean a Daniele/Jeff make-up.
  • Ohh ... Shelly mentioned that Adam is diabetic and the feeds got blocked.
  • I guess we're not supposed to know that.
  • Daniele, Jordan and Jeff just made a deal -- they're safe this week and Daniele is safe from them next week.
  • More later!

Oh, boy! Let's see Daniele's HoH room!

So excited about Daniele's HoH room!

Waffle Kalia

Lawon rocks the HoH robe.

Daniele with grandmother photo


Kaye said...

Buh Bye Brenchel!

Anonymous said...

Has Adam been a "have not"? If he is a diabetic, he needs to eat meals & snacks. I know his GF said he lost 100 pounds to come on the show, so maybe he's now controlled by diet. Messing with a regular consistent diet (such as too many jelly beans) can really do harm to diabetic control.

Jackie said...

Shelly mentioned medication, so apparently the weight loss didn't help.

Justene said...

The weight loss helps and the medication is probably not insulin.

Sally said...

I wonder how BB Slop fits into the strict regiment of a diabetic's diet. Guess CBS would have dealt with that before Adam even became a contestant.

Anyone know if Dani's grandmother is Evel Dick's mother or ex-mother-in-law?

SueGee said...

I also read somewhere that slop includes protein shakes?? Anyone else see that???

Now doin' the math, 7 will be voting and there are going to be some dealing in the week to come!

Sue on the left coast

Joe in NY said...

I think Dani would be better served dealing with Brenchel (if she thinks she can trust them). Jeff was just as anti-Dani as Brendon, maybe worse. And who would you rather be sitting next to at the end? And would she rather Rachel go after her or Jordan?

Joe in NY said...

SueGee...Slop is a protein shake

TerryinCA said...

well better Dani is HOH now, and she gets one of those Brendon Rachel annoying pait out...they really do make me ill with their constant fighting/crying/screaming and "I love you to death but you are really on my nerves baby"from B....

Nancy said...

well it's Brenchel joker's just put it up. should be an interesting week of crying

SueGee said...

Every description of slop I have seen or can google says it is a concoction that looks like oatmeal but isn't. One place even has all the ingredients. The protein shake aspect was new this year and probably some sort of concession to getting the muscle boys back into the game again.

Sue on the left coast

Jackie said...

Slop is actually an enriched oatmeal. They're allowed protein shakes in addition to it. That's been pretty much in addition to it since the slop took over for PB&J.

Jackie said...

Hmm ... thinking on it, I believe the protein shakes came about when Jessie was in the house. But slop definitely isn't a protein shake!

Anonymous said...

I think the protein shakes came into play when they had the 2 girls had "emergencies" while on it, 1 of which was an allergy, the other an unknown reaction. That was the horrible winter season, IIRC. Oral diabetic medications can drop your blood sugar as well. A diabetic needs to balance their nutrition, with carbs as well as protein. Whole wheat, vegetables are encouraged as well. Anything that messes with the balance can be dangerous. Weight loss may reduce your need for medicine, depending on your weight & overall health, but in some cases not eliminate it.

Anonymous said...

Well, I'm disappointed in the new people. You'd think they's rally together to get out those who have already played.

Shelly angers me. Why in the world would you side with the veterans? Does she think doing so is going to save her and get her the money? Nope, she needs to play her own game.


Anonymous said...

Has anybody voted at CBS on which of the four they want to go up against the evicted guest this week? I hope people don't vote Brendon back. I voted for Cassie but it was a toss up between her and Dominic.