Friday, July 15, 2011

Big Brother 13 Live Feeds Into Friday Evening (Nominations, too!) 7/15/11

Seriously, that hair is way too dark!

Well, here we are again -- Friday, a busy day in the Habitrail. Almost all of the action in the house (with the exception of brouhahas) is crammed between Thursday and Saturday. Thursday is live eviction and HoH. Friday is the food comp and nominations. Saturday is the PoV comp. While the PoV meeting is on Sunday, that doesn't really count as action in my book.

So, how have the hamsters handled their busy day in that Big Brother House of Busy Bees?
  • Shelly was up first. It's odd how the "older" hamsters usually tend to be the earliest risers.
  • Had Evel Dick stayed in the game, the two could have done some early morning scheming.
  • Alas.
  • Right now I'd say that Shelly definitely has the best social game and strategy of the Newbie Crew.
  • Adam made (and ate) a ton o' bacon. He must have had a premonition.
  • They talked 9/11 and Star Wars, not at the same time, of course.
  • Shelly said that Cassi swore on her father that she wouldn't put Jeff and Jordan on the block if she won HoH next week.
  • I think she would put Brendon and Rachel up, though.
  • That's fine by me!
  • They were told to wear athletic clothes for the food comp.
  • Rachel worried about it being a "messy" comp and not getting proper warning.
  • I just shrug at her lately. She's not worth an eyeroll.
  • The feeds were blocked for a couple of hours for the comp.
  • Our new Have Nots are: Adam, Dominic, Cassi and Shelly.
  • America voted for them to have jellybeans and jerky. I could handle that. I'd demand fresh gourmet jellybeans, though -- none of that dollar store stock!
  • The food comp apparently was pretty rough physically. Most of them are all banged up, plus Rachel was throwing up in the bushes.
  • A medical unit had to be called, but no broken bones!
  • I heard talk about bananas and hot dogs. So they were being physical and eating, too.
  • Blech.
  • Kalia told the HoH crew she thinks that Cassi would be better to be put up than Dominic because she can't trust her.
  • And she thinks she can trust Dominic?
  • Fool if she does!
  • In Dominic's talk with the HoH crew, he admitted to making an alliance with one of each Newbie Duo.
  • Jeff told Dominic he (and Adam, his duo buddy) would be going on the block.
  • Jordan, remembering the rule that you can't tell them beforehand, said it wasn't 100% sure.
  • But, with Jordan as HoH, we know it's more Jeff as HoH, right?
  • Dominic also told them he knew about Adam's early deal with Evel Dick.
  • Dominic still thinks Adam and Kalia were the "betrayal" votes and wouldn't mind if Adam got the boot.
  • He also said he has no problem in voting Cassi out.
  • Plus he told Jeff and Jordan that he thinks Daniele is spying on him.
  • The kid is scrambling, eh?
  • As he should.
  • Jeff and Jordan trust Kalia over Cassi.
  • As they should.
  • Jeff told Cassi that she and Shelly (her duo buddy) aren't on their radar.
  • Brendon once again started lecturing Rachel, this time about her hanging around Cassi too much.
  • Both of you! Brendon and Rachel! Get out of my life and off of my television! Unless we get a knockdown cat fight smackdown, I don't want to see you!
  • Huh. Jeff had laser eye surgery with Jordan handling the bill. Interesting!
  • And, the moment we've all been waiting for ...
  • ... the feeds have been blocked forever ...
  • Nominations are in and ...
  • Adam and Dominic are indeed on the block.
  • Dominic is the target.

I know the feeling, Kalia!

First Dominic's butt on the kitchen table,
now Adam's nasty sneakered feet.


Sharon S said...

I would pitch in for a banner that repeats your point I've taken the liberty to copy below (it bears saying repeatedly, until it comes true):

Both of you! Brendon and Rachel! Get out of my life and off of my television! Unless we get a knockdown cat fight smackdown, I don't want to see you!


Jackie said...


Laurie said...

I think we should keep them out of the gene pool, too. Just saying.

Lisanne said...

Just remember it could be worse. So far its a Jessie-less summer! :)

Sharon S said...

Good points Laurie and Lisanne!

wv = comas --> If I have to watch too much more of Brendon and Rachel, I might end up in back-to-back comas.

Laurie said...

Oh Lisanne ... I can't believe you brought out the J card. Now if he shows up as a wild animal or a clown or an elephant ... well, it's your fault!

Funny, Sharon. I still am holding hope that those two will get separated soon!

Anonymous said...

I am just tuning in this season on here... and every time Jeff gives another pep talk I sounds like this to me

...."Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor? H@ll no! 'Cause when the goin' gets tough...
[pause] The tough get goin'! Who's with me? Let's go!"

MEH! To Brendan and his counterpart. I can not stand these people. I think there are too many whiners in the house and currently I am going for Adam or Lawton. We will see-- Thanks Jackie!

Angie In KC
BTW That is Bluto-- Animal House