Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Big Brother 13 Live Feeds Into Monday Night 7/26

Maybe mind control will make them keep me.

Instead of "expect the unexpected" this season, I think we're going to have to expect the expected. The only big thing going on this season is Daniele going for a power move way too early and poorly thought out. It should have been expected she'd use DomiNIC(k), right?

Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Woulda Coulda Shoulda:
  • After last night's talk with Brendon, Lawon is totally on the "Get Rid of Dominic" train.
  • The votes are in, might as well cancel Thursday's show.
  • I'll be happy when Daniele goes because her whispering is driving me crazy.
  • Oh ... and on the driving me crazy line ... BB, stop giving these hamsters crunchy snacks in crinkly bags. Half of them chew with their mouths open -- CRUNCHITY CRUNCH CRUNCH and they keep rustling the bags CRINKLETY CRINK RUSTLE.
  • Knock it off. Only give them soft cookies, please.
  • Thank you.
  • Dominic thinks that Jeff and Brendon think the whole backdoor Jeff plan came from him.
  • Daniele told him that they know it's her, they're just not saying it and acting like they're all on board with her again.
  • She has their number; they have hers.
  • Daniele, Kalia and Dominic spent a ton of time trying to think of various ways to save Dominic.
  • Kalia thinks she can last forever in an endurance comp.
  • Yeah, right.
  • The only endurance comp she could win would be CRUNCHITY CRUNCHING snacks in a CRINKLETY CRINKLY RUSTLING bag.
  • Dominic went up to the HoH for a long talk with Brendon and Jeff, later joined in by Rachel.
  • He pleaded his case. He promised them the head of Daniele Donato.
  • Okay, I exaggerated a bit about the head.
  • At first he wouldn't even mention her name and just alluded to her, not him, as the one starting the backdoor Jeff movement.
  • It went on forever.
  • They pumped him for information.
  • He swore he'd be totally on their side from now on.
  • No good. His ship is sunk.
  • He can thank his own stupidity for falling in with Daniele on an incredibly stupidly timed game move.
  • It's a shame. They do all like him. I like the kid.
  • But it would be just as stupid if they left him in the house to possibly team up with Daniele once again.
  • If they could get Daniele out instead of him, they would.
  • But they can't.
  • It's guilt by association perhaps, but it's enough. He doesn't have to be ousted without a reasonable doubt of guilt, just a preponderance of the evidence.
  • Yeah, I've been watching too many daytime court shows.
  • He later went to Daniele, told her he didn't throw her under the bus and didn't talk about anything they didn't bring up or already know.
  • She looked incredibly sad.
  • As she should be.
  • She screwed up the kid's one chance to go far in Big Brother. And, not only that, he's one of the few on the newbie side who had any promise.
  • Good going, Daniele.
  • So now Dominic knows his game is doomed and that it might even be unanimous that he go.
  • Meanwhile, Adam, who I wanted to like because of the fellow NJ connection, is totally worthless to me as a feeds watcher. He does seem to be a nice guy, but he's boring and will just follow the power.
  • I can't see anything changing Dominic-wise between now and Thursday.
  • But maybe we'll have a good brouhaha in between.
  • One can only hope.

Just call him DomiNICK

At least Daniele still has Kalia.
Er, wait. Is that worth anything?

Don't even try telling me that, Dominic!


monty924 said...

I would love a good old fashioned BB smack down myself. These folks are boring.

I was having a deja vu sort of day thinking that it will be like the doomed S9 season and they (meaning CBS/Big Brother)will offer,'keep Dominic or bring one of the evicted back in' kind of thing on Thursday night? Does anyone besides me feel like they might pull this one on us?

I'm pulling out one of avatars from last season. I feel just like this... can I pull my hair out please?

Jennasmom said...

They need to do something to shake things up. This show is way too predictable right now. I've always been a BB fan, but it's just not holding my interest this year.

Sally said...

Love the DomiNICK connection, Jackie. Wonder if there's any chance that Nick's real name is Dominic too?

There's an interview with Allison Grodner in the new TV Guide. She confirms that once there are 10 players left, they'll start playing as singles. She predicts that then "they'll start to turn on each other--probably sooner than later." I doubt that will have much impact, as the couples have already fallen apart, expect for B&R and J&J.

Allison also predicts that Dani will win this season: "She's smart, a great strategist and a strong physical player. She came in determined to win and would have voted out her own father if she had the chance."

Guess this seasn isn't going quite how the executive producer anticipated!

meb said...

Sally ... If Grodner thinks Danielle will win this year, she must not be watching the show. Of course, she can win every competition in between and stay then, but as good as she is, don't think that will happen.

Brent McKee said...

You have to remember meb that the interview with Allison Grodner probably took place either before they wen tin the house or just after Evel Dick took his leave of the house. Lead time on a print magazine is a lot longer than for an online publications.

Holly C said...

Oh Jackie you are cracking, crinkling me up!! I bet that does drive you nuts when you are watching so much! I can't wait until the HoH comp! It should be endurance this time don't cha think?

Jackie said...

I think we're due for an endurance comp.

chacha said...

Dani was good in comps but I don't think she can win every single comp. Thats next to impossible.

I am hoping that this thursday will be endurane and that all players including the outgoing HOH is allowed to play. Did that happen in the past? For some reason i remember that when season nine went from the horrible pairs to singles. I really wouldn't want Rachel as the HOH again but I would love to see Dani squirm.

I was a huge supporter of her father in season 8 because I thought he had a great game, but Dani not so much. I can say she was a beast in POV.

Joe in NY said...

Dani only needs to win 1/2 the comps: every other HOH and the POVs when she's not HOH. LOL

Actually, I think Dani could turn this around. Not this week. But if she can last another couple of weeks she is fairly likeable. At some point either the Newbies are going to decide to take on the two power couples or the two power couples are going to take on each other. Dani just needs to stay in the game a bit and position herself for the big move WHEN SOMEONE ELSE MAKES IT! LOL

Problem is: Dani is good in comps. Dani is usually good socially (the Nick thing excepted). But she's never shown herself to be a good strategist, witness the last two weeks. And she needs a new, better strategy fast!

Witt said...

Will someone wake me when it's Thursday? Jackie, thank you so much for sitting through this!

Witt :)

RBennie said...

Love the Britney avatar Monty! I could sure use some of her humor this season. This season is not going to get interesting until B/R & J/J turn on each other.

ML said...

Has someone or maybe me said this before but how much Dominic looks like Bruno Mars? A bit cuter, too.

monty924 said...

Big house fight going on right now on the feeds. This is the BB smack down I've been waiting for. back to the feeds....

ceemurph said...

and maybe a flip to keep Dom... UH OH!

Anonymous said...

I don't get the feeds, so I'm dying to hear what's going on! Finally some action, maybe?


ceemurph said...

Nope, not a flip. A flip FLOP! Dom's gonna go but they've convinced him he's gonna stay! This is gonna make for great tv tomorrow. Production must be going nuts editing this for tomorrow's show!