Saturday, July 16, 2011

Big Brother 13 Live Feeds Into Saturday Dawn 7/16/11

To sleep, perchance to dream.
Okay, just sleeping will do!

The nominations are in. Two days of hectic stressful activity have taken their toll. This is the first night the hamsters all went to bed before dawn. Today they will tackle the PoV comp. Time to catch up on the latest happenings from inside that Big Brother House of Persnickety Pairs:
  • Lots and lots of small talk.
  • Kalia told Lawon (over and over again) that she doesn't trust Cassi, doesn't like Cassi.
  • Okay, I think he gets it!
  • She says Cassi is doing exactly what she criticized Porsche for doing -- sucking up to the Veterans.
  • Rachel pointed out to Jordan that now that she won HoH, Cassi is all of a sudden her friend.
  • Well, duh!
  • Jeff warned Jordan not to say much to Cassi, too.
  • It looks like they've figured her out, eh?
  • Brendon fussed to one of the cameras about his missing toy turtle Franklin. It's been five days.
  • No, I don't know where Franklin is. If he's smart, he got out of the house and hitchhiked a ride up the coast.
  • Lawon told Cassi he still trusts her despite what she thinks of his partner.
  • Hmmm ...
  • Jeff told Adam not to play seriously (throw!) the PoV.
  • Brendon told Jeff that the girls always play the game with their emotions, not their minds.
  • This comes from the emotional needy Brendon Bookie Boy.
  • Daniele wants the noms to change so that Cassi goes up.
  • Yeah, she's taken a liking to Dominic.
  • Cassi told Daniele that she heard that people are talking about how she (Cassi) can't be trusted. She wants Daniele to come to her if she has any questions.
  • Like that will happen.
  • The majority of the Veterans are still for a Dominic eviction.
  • They're all sleeping as I get this posted.

What? Just a boring Yale sweatshirt?

Who was it that said she wouldn't clean up after others?

Jeff and Jordan, reflected in a mirror, watch the spy cam.


Petals said...

G'morning Ms Jackie & Everyone!
Yup, I think Daniele & Dominic will "couple-up" a bit.
I like Cassi.

lynn1 said...

I am not sure that I like Cassi but I think she is probably the only real threat on the Newbie side of the house. She understands the game, she is smart and she is decent at the comps.
I think if Cassi and Daniele were to form a secret alliance they would do very well.
Has anyone else noticed that from certain angles Cassi has a striking resemblance to Kate Middleton? Not so much in the up close tight shots but I have noticed it several time.
Jackie, I agree that Dniele hair is too dark.

Justene said...

I agree that Brendon is too emotional. I don't think he plays the game with his emotions.

monty924 said...

Franklin is under a bucket on top of the fridge in the storage room. Daniele must have hid him, because she showed Rachel the other day when they were alone in the SR. Just one of those times I peeked in on them.

monty924 said...

***SPOILER*** POV is over and it's not a happy time for Jeff and Jordo. :( Rachel, Brendon and Daniele have done everything but stick a knife in their backs anyway, so I hope they get wise to it. Good news... Rachel is on SLOP for two weeks from the comp, and Jeff said 'we have to watch her pout and b*tch for two weeks'!!! Some good news, LOL

meb said...

monty... how have D/R and Brendon stuck a knife in J/J's backs? Something happen that we don't know?