Sunday, July 17, 2011

Big Brother 13 Live Feeds Into Sunday Afternoon 7/17

Go away Rachel. Take your devil horn shirt with you.

It's Sunday afternoon in the BB13 house. The hamsters are sunning. Do you know what it's like to watch people sunning? Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Tanning Tots:
  • Yes, I said "tots." I didn't say a similar word, but it just may fit.
  • I'm thinking more along the lines of maturity level.
  • Jordan said she and Jeff fight over stupid things.
  • I say nowhere near as bad as the neverending codependent Rachel/Brendon fights.
  • The Diary Room told them they have to stop calling Dominic "PT." It stands for "pre-teen."
  • Rachel told Dominic that if she and Brendon had won PoV they would have saved him.
  • Yeah, right. I don't think Dominic is that stupid as to believe her.
  • Jordan told Jeff that she thinks Rachel has been treating both her and Daniele differently since the food comp debacle.
  • Cassi got on a crying binge again -- this time because she thinks she's going home.
  • She's probably right.
  • Although the veto hasn't been used yet, it will be non-news when Shelly and Cassi go on the block.
  • Shelly should be quite safe.
  • Cassi said that Rachel is catty and a dumbass.
  • Well, yeah. Alas, it's not Rachel on the block, though!
  • Jordan is still surprised that Rachel told her that she and Brendon had sex in the HoH room. That's not how Jordan was raised and the fact that Brendon and Rachel are engaged don't make it right (according to Jordan).
  • Jordan and Kalia had a bubblebath (in bathing suits) in the HoH bathroom.
  • Because Jordan had shaved her legs in there, Kalia sat up on the ledge.
  • Oh geez, just pull up a chair and watch Jordan in the tub, I say!
  • Today so far has been super boring.
  • Brendon said he worked at Target for a few months. He hated it.
  • Cassi is upset because she came into the game to go far and isn't in it for the fame.
  • Like people who don't watch BB would have a clue about past hamsters.
  • I even had someone question why I like something which sounds xxx-rated on my Facebook page. That was when I "liked" Evel Dick.
  • Outsiders to the show just don't understand these things!
  • Cassi doesn't understand why Jordan doesn't put Brendon and Rachel on the block.
  • I'd love to see them on the block myself, but I understand not putting them up right now.
  • Jeff and Jordan need Brendon and Rachel for numbers.
  • That's it for now!

Kalia's knees from the food comp.

Bubble bath time, so to speak.

Jeff checks out the duck.

Sunday afternoon sunning session.

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Petals said...

PT? Why would the DR object to that? Seems harmless enough...
See you later! (wv: shelywar) haha