Sunday, July 31, 2011

Big Brother 13 Live Feeds Into Sunday Morning 7/31

"Let's hang all over each other every moment,
but don't call me Boookie!"

I don't think folks who only watch the aired show get the true picture of the hamsters, plus they're so far behind! Tonight's aired show finally reveals the new HoH winner and nominations. Heck, that's old news to us. Right? Hey! Haven't you been reading my reports?

Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Private Pow-wows:
  • Leading into the PoV comp, Brendon was insistent that he would take Rachel off the block so she could continue to play the game and (supposedly) he might be able to get back to his studies.
  • This is the last non-jury eviction.
  • Daniele, although she made an incredibly early dumb move, isn't really dumb about the game.
  • She knows that chances are good that either Brendon or Rachel would win the veto.
  • She knows that she would need to put up an alternate who would NOT go home.
  • So she's thinking Jordan.
  • Jordan against either Brendon or Rachel should be a safe pawn.
  • I hope.
  • The hamsters have been on indoor lockdown for the most part ever since Wednesday when BB started setting up for the HoH comp, then taking it down, then putting up the veto comp, then taking it down.
  • That's been driving them crazy,
  • Me, too.
  • When locked inside, we get more groups with non-game talk, more snack crunching and more Shelly running around cleaning like some sort of busy ant running back and forth.
  • I kept wanting the BB voice to tell her to knock it off.
  • It's very distracting to try to listen to a conversation with her thumping cabinets, banging pans, breaking into the talk to ask if something should be thrown out.
  • I never want her to come here!
  • Adam is a natural in the elf suit and is enjoying it as no other hamster ever could or would.
  • Kalia has totally latched onto Daniele. In a way, it's good as it gives Daniele someone to talk to now that Dominic is gone.
  • But, the problem with Kalia, other than incessantly snacking and wearing stupid-looking Daisy Duke denim short-shorts with the front pockets hanging out low ... is that she NEVER STOPS TALKING.
  • In a way, I suppose I should have a bond with Kalia as we both blogged for AOL and both are amongst the hoards laid off and canned, but I just can't do it. She drives me crazy.
  • I don't think Daniele trusts Kalia like she did Dominic.
  • I do think that Daniele indeed wants one of the Brenchel duo out and doesn't want Jeff or Jordan out.
  • At least not right now.
  • After the PoV, which seemed to be guessing numbers, time measurements, etc., for certain deeds, Jeff siad he forgot Porsche was even in the game and had it that he was only competing against Brendon.
  • Jeff lost it to Brendon by only a few seconds (from what they say). He also scraped up the side of his leg.
  • I'm sure Adam was out first.
  • For a BB superfan, he sure sucks at playing the game. Even his social game is lacking as he's an odd man out.
  • But he indeed embraces the elf within.
  • Lawon is still off the radar with most. Kalia (who has never championed her duo buddy) has been making comments to Daniele about how he's changed and is creeping her out lately.
  • Porsche is still sucking up to Rachel.
  • Porsche has it in her head that she will be the replacement nominee.
  • Jordan is having a rough time on slop -- it goes right through her. So she decided to mainly subsist on the Muscle Milk protein shakes.
  • Oh, great. They might not go through her, but her stomach keeps rumbling enough so that her mic picks up its distress growling!
  • Once again, the hamsters discussed the Casey Anthony case. Boy will they be surprised at the verdict when they get out!
  • Jordan is worried that she and Jeff "look mean" this season. Jeff said this season is different as they've had more pressure to stay together from the beginning with being returning veterans targets and the golden keys.
  • I don't think Jordan could look mean even if she donned a mean witch costume and killed Adam the elf.
  • As things stand, it's a definite that Brendon will use the veto.
  • While they've also discussed him remaining in the house, I think he's probably going to go with his first thought -- pull Rachel off the block.
  • Actually, I'd rather Rachel remain than Brendon. We've already seen Brendon on his own after Rachel left.
  • If Rachel remains alone, it might be interesting.

I'm ready for that Easter egg impersonation contest!

Elf at rest

A tired embrace

Kalia has moved into the HoH room


Joe in NY said...

Here's hoping Dani's dumb enough to NOT nominate Jordan as a pawn. Anyone else leads to a week of wheeling and dealing and some suspense into Thursday!

monty924 said...

I don't think Jordan could look mean even if she donned a mean witch costume and killed Adam the elf.

A great Sunday morning laugh. :)

Joe, I get what you are saying, but I still want one of them G O N E. I can handle drama, but I've had enough of that duo. Hugs!

Justene said...


Do you know which column Kalia wrote?

Justene said...

Joe in NY,

I am with you. Like them or not, they make the game interesting.

Jackie said...

Justene - Not sure, she wasn't on TV Squad nor any of the weblogsinc blogs that I know of. She talked about writing for AOL a few times and I got the feeling it was some sort of dating/fashion thing or perhaps even their old city articles. I did find that she's more recently on Joonbug

Sally said...

It would be funny if Dani put Kalia on the block as the replacement, telling her she just talks too much. I'm looking forward to seeing Adam the Elf in action.

Michelle C said...

I didn't blog for AOL, but, was a host. I miss it

meb said...

OMG Jackie.. your comment re Jordon (which monty has quoted here) had me on the floor... too funny.

I don't know if I care which one leaves... B or R... either one left will go off on a tangent and maybe make some good TV watching.

Watching BBAD, Danielle made reference that Julie has not asked Rachel any questions yet during live TV. Of course Rachel took it as a 'slam' to her meaning she'll be going home and won't get asked any questions. Rachel went off to sulk. Dani went to find her and apologized and said she didn't mean it that way... who knows... she loves zinging Rachel whenever she can.

When Rachel started repeating all of this to Jeff and then Jordon, she adds a little to it each time. By the time she finishes telling the story her way, Brendon will be ready to murder Dani for causing pain to his 'fiance'... Brendon was in DR and BBAD ended before she was able to tell him. I would have loved to see his reaction to Rachel's embellished story.

JOEY said...

Both JOEY and I were shock to know that they did not know the verdict for casey anthony trial. We thought since it has nothing to do with bb house or game, that they would be told.We live in the area of them and are so happy it is calming down some, not a lot but some. The people get crazy 24 hours a day and drive by all the time. We met george and cindy when we volunteer and JOEY felt sorry for george at the time, not now and we both hated CINDY and how she yell and control him.You can tell where casey get it from and lee is just strange and weird. JOEY want to put casey in the house with all them and see what happen. He bet that would be the best fun ever but rachel would just be best bud's with casey.
At least you would not get bored with late night feeds, lol
thank you

Caroline said...

I dislike when any of them put down Lawon. He is not starting trouble. He is not involved in the fights. He has been laid back. His goodbye message to Dominic was priceless, so funny and his DRs on the TV are a riot. LOL. I like him.

Kalia never stops talking, Shelly never stops cleaning. Rachel never stops crying or whining, and Brendon never steps down from his high horse.

And did you catch last night when Shelly went into a political monologue and went on and on and on. And if anyone challenged her, she interrupted and talked over them. Yikes ! Ugh !

I am not liking this season but there have been worse but is often boring.

Becky said...

Jackie, I wish BB was as entertaining as your write ups.

WV mycomal -- Because BB has been so boring it has caused my coma!

Ninboh said...

@Joey, I seriously doubt Rachel would befriend someone that everyone think is guilty of murdering her own daughter. That is an absurd insinuation. Not to mention, CBS would never put someone in Casey's situation in the BB house for extremely obvious reasons.

Witt said...

Even if it has nothing to do with the game, they won't give the hamsters news unless it is about one of the hamsters' families.

I'm sorry Jeff didn't win the veto. I know, Joe, that having Brenchel around makes the game interesting but they are SO annoying...Rachel exaggerating everything, the crying, the lecturing, the making up, Brendon always beating on his chest for people making his fiancee upset, blah blah blah blah blah. Come on this is our summer vacation!! Want to see what Dani does with the veto...please not Jordan!!


Witt said...

Off topic here...
How do I register my "blog" name, so that my name can be in blue too?

Witt :)

WV: luten Does anyone know how to make luten free bread? LOL

Chauncey, not Billups said...

@ Caroline, i like Lawon also. he is funny and doesnt bother anybody but i think they will turn on him pretty soon. I dont like Shelly but i think she is a serious contender to win. the newbies have no idea she is with the vetsm and the vets love her. hopeully she is smart enough to break up J&J before they get to the final 4.

sirjilive said...