Saturday, July 16, 2011

Big Brother 13 Live Feeds Saturday into the Evening 7/16

Is my water spiked?

It's the big Power of Veto comp day for our hamsters. Will the nominations change this week. You can bet your bippie on it that they will! Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Codependent Couples:
  • BB woke them up rather early (for BB) -- around 8 AM their time.
  • It's good everyone had gone to bed early, by around 3 AM.
  • Daniele and Kalia talked about not trusting Jordan as much because Jordan seems to trust Cassi.
  • I believe part of that talk was Daniele's social game in play. Unlike the other veterans, she's making the time to simply hang out with the others, thus leaving her options more open and probably will be less of a target when her safety period ends.
  • Most seem to be still hurting from yesterday's food comp.
  • Adam had agreed to throw the PoV comp so he'd remain safe while Dominic got the boot.
  • Rachel thinks the worst case scenario would be an Adam/Dominic win.
  • Heh.
  • Jordan told Shelly that if Dominic and Adam win the veto, she'll put up her and Cassi. Cassi would be the target.
  • I just wish they'd think of putting up Rachel and Brendon with EITHER being the target. I'd like both of them gone.
  • Daniele told Kalia that once the duos play is up, Brendon and Rachel need to go.
  • At least someone is thinking properly!
  • Rachel wants Brendon to change the nominations if he wins PoV -- she wants Cassi out.
  • Rachel thinks Cassi would come after them if she won HoH, plus Jeff is too defensive about Cassi.
  • She also thinks that Cassi has Jordan's ear way too much.
  • Worry about how you play your own game, Rachel!
  • When the veto players were chosen, the third duo picked randomly was ... Rachel and Brendon.
  • That, of course, made Adam speculate that the others (Cassi/Shelly, Lawon/Kalia) weren't even in the bag and it's all rigged.
  • I go back to when I knew the producer in charge of the comps and defend the producers. While they could very well have their favorites, they would never not include all the names in the bag or rig a particular comp!
  • After a long feeds block, the results are in.
  • Adam and Dominic won the Power of Veto.
  • Rachel, in some kind of choosing aspect of the comp, is on slop for two weeks.
  • Sucks to be Rachel, huh?
  • Dominic is beside himself with joy, taking all the credit for the win. (Which is probably likely his doing anyway.)
  • He's walking around talking in his high-pitched Mario voice gloating about the first win for the Newbie camp.
  • Now all deals are off with the Veterans, as far as he's concerned.
  • Apparently Rachel's behavior in the comp -- loud and agreeing (whatever) to the slop irked Jeff. He's ticked. Daniele told him Rachel is sinking her own ship.
  • Rachel's comp behavior also caused another Brendon condescending lecture to her. Argh.
  • At one point Rachel said, in her whiny voice with lips quivering, "No wonder America hates me."
  • YES! You got it, girl! You're damn annoying!
  • The Veterans think they have enough votes for Cassi to go since they need to go to Plan B.
  • In a talk with Shelly, Jeff and Jordan told her that they don't plan on a final four with Rachel and Brendon.
  • Good.
  • Apparently Rachel took the two weeks of slop because she wanted to win and yelled something about if the HoH (Jordan) isn't willing to take it or win PoV, she didn't deserve to be HoH.
  • But she didn't win anyway and just alienated Jordan and Jeff.
  • Keep sinking that ship, Rachel!
  • Jordan told Jeff that Rachel doesn't like any of the girls because she's so insecure in her relationship with Brendon.
  • Y'know, Jordan can be ditzy, but she often reads people pretty well.
  • That said, she trusts Cassi more than Cassi deserves to be trusted.
  • The jellybeans they have are actually JellyBelly ones, not cheap outdated dollar store jellybeans. I'm shocked!
  • After the big excitement of the day, they're down to small talk.
  • The veto meeting won't be until Monday, so we'll be in a lull until then.
  • It looks just about certain that Shelly and Cassi will be on the block with Cassi being the target. We'll see.

I wonder what that chin really looks like.

I think the colors in that room would keep me awake.

Note Brendon's jacked-up knees due to the food comp.

Ahh, it's Jeff looking contemplative.


Laurie said...

Yes! Only the second week of the show and Rachel is already losing ground with the rest of the house. They will be getting rid of her soon. Whoo hoo! J&J would be very smart to move to the "other side" and be friends with the newbies.

PDX Granny said...

Contemplative or not, Jeff is still lookin' good! : )

I know nobody wants to listen to Rachel, me included, but I hope she gets even more irritating, while continuing to show what a "good" player she is. With any luck that will convince the house to get rid of her first chance they have!

JOKATS said...

Hey Jackie! As always it's a pleasure to get the "Schnoop Scoop" before I hit the sack! ;) .I am hoping Rachel gets to cause some BIG DRAMA before they kick her tail out.... but I sure will be glad when she goes. Brendon is almost as bad & I am beginning to think they really do deserve each other.

Looking forward to reading your off topic tomorrow & seeing Vincent's pose.

Sleep Tight! Jo

Petals said...

OK, I had a BUSY week at work, and a stressful/busy week at home, so forgive my rusty brain. Jeff & Jordan are HOH, Adam & Dom were nommed, but won POV? Now JJ must nom a different duo? And WHY wont they nom Brenchal?
Thanks. And good morning. Sigh, another 105 degree day (index 113). See you guys later, if I dont melt :)

meb said...

Great post Jackie. Lots of information. Wow, I hope Rachel choosing two weeks of slop will definitely be her undoing... she's going to be a biotch throughout and everyone is going to want her out, including Brendon. : )

Jeff is sooooo gorgeous! I love that Jordon will freely walk over and give Jeff a hug... so different from when they were on 2 years ago and she wouldn't show any affection.

I hope Jordon puts up Cassi and she does go next. I like watching her, but she could really put a wrench into J&J's plans. Better get rid of her now!

RiseandShine said...

Well, good. So far this hasn't gone as I had hoped, since what I hoped was car-name-girl gone, newbie HOH, and Rachel/Brendon gone this week.
I like Adam/Dominic and am glad they won.
I can't believe the way Brendon talks to Rachel and that she takes it. No wonder his former girlfriend and her mother seemed overjoyed to be rid of him and were wishing Rachel luck. He's a mean-spirited control freak. I can't believe I actually feel sorry for Rachel. I hope she has at least one girlfriend who will stage an intervention after watching him in action with her.