Saturday, July 09, 2011

Big Brother 13 Live Feeds Saturday Daytime 7/09/11

Look! Survivor Ralph's lost brother!

Except for a stray reference now and then, the hamsters have blocked Dick from their minds. They're too busy scheming and fussing about the latest Keith and Lawon debacle. Yep, it's moved from Keith and Porsche to Keith and Lawon. Now, I'm not saying that Keith and Porsche are tight, not saying that at all.

Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Lonesome Losers:
  • Dominic snores. Loudly.
  • Keith thinks that Lawon is going around bad-talking him and stirring the pot.
  • Lawon is definitely dropping dimes on folks, especially Keith.
  • Keith approached Brendon calling out Lawon and making the plea for them to use the Veto.
  • Brendon told Keith he wouldn't be walking out the door this week.
  • Well, maybe.
  • Porsche said that Jordan told her that she (Jordan) threw the veto comp.
  • Daniele said, "Maybe she threw it, but she sucked at it more!"
  • Despite the lack of numbers, it seems like the "veterans" are much more organized at getting the others on their side.
  • The Newbies are not working as a team which Brendon, Rachel, Jordan, Jeff and Daniele are.
  • Jeff is going around talking to everyone about strategy to feel them out.
  • Practically none of the duos trust each other.
  • The Newbies haven't meshed at all even though the Veterans have come together.
  • Jeff figured Dominic is gunning for him, Brendon and Rachel.
  • Dominic went around asking people who they'll vote for if the noms remain the same.
  • Lawon told him he would keep his word and vote Porsche off (even though he's been throwing Keith under the bus).
  • Dominic told Daniele he'd probably keep Keith as Keith has already made a target of himself. Less of a target on Dominic.
  • Kalia is worried that Lawon's mouth will bring a target to her because she's his partner.
  • Jeff told her several times she shouldn't worry.
  • But we know that their eyes are opening about Lawon.
  • Rachel and Brendon want a house meeting to air the dirty laundry between Lawon and Keith.
  • Others, including Daniele, don't think they should because it's between those two and has no impact on them.
  • Keith told Rachel that if she uses the PoV to save him, he would work to keep both Jeff and Jordan and Rachel and Brendon safe for two weeks.
  • Dominic, Cassi and Lawon think that if Rachel saves Keith/Porsche with the veto, Lawon and Kalia will go on the block.
  • They assured Lawon that Kalia would then be the target.
  • I don't think so!
  • I'm still getting confused if they only save one with the veto or the duo. They seem to be flipping back and forth when talking, too.
  • Keith and Porsche had another long talk. I don't know -- he's got that street licking the lips and "know what I mean" thing going on -- so much different from his deacon image!
  • Keith is sure that if the noms remain the same, he's toast.
  • The Veterans think that while Lawon is a problem child, he's no threat in comps.
  • Right now they all have me so confused that I'm not sure where things are heading.
  • No one really likes Porsche -- point against her.
  • Keith has acted outrageously -- point against him.
  • I think the noms might indeed remain the same and Keith will leave.
  • But don't make me wager on it.

Have Not Hamsters

Not as slick as he thinks.


Petals said...

Thanks Jackie. Looking forward to the pool party tomorrow night, now that the pool got drained and the filter cleaned-out, etc. hehe
I just dont see the point of "pairs". I am confused.
No one to really root for, except J & J.

Holly C said...

look who is still awake!! I don't like the "pairing" either! Thanks Jackie for watching the hamsters..even though they are not all that exciting. Look forward to tomorrows report AND regular off topic post. Take care of that knee=)

Laurie said...

The pairings remind me of the year they did the "love matches". Contrived stuff like that doesn't really work for me. Neither does bringing back veterans to play with newbies.

Jackie, I just read all your posts for this season and you had me laughing out loud. Love your POV!

Donna in AL said...

If they use the POV, does the couple get removed and another couple nominated? If not, then a couple will not be on the block together. Say if Porshe is taken off the block and Jeff put up and Keith voted off, then Porshe still gets the golden key?

Jackie said...

I *think* the entire due comes off the block and a new duo is put up. Only one person gets evicted, though. This is whacked this season!

Dr_Celine said...

Jackie...LOL with Survivor Ralph's brother!!! Yes, time for a waxing. That's for sure! :-)