Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Big Brother 13 Live Feeds Through Wednesday July 27

Kalia goes all kinds of bonkers!

Sure, it's been boring in the house and I've been laid up from knee surgery, stuck at home for the most part. So, I've been making BB13 like Jimmy Stewart in Rear Window. It's my voyeur trip and distraction. Perhaps I'll witness a murder, you never know. And, the hamsters have been super boring. So, the one day I actually go out ... there's a brouhaha!

I had to catch up using Flashback on my live feeds, then the actual show started and I'm just now getting to catch up. Grrr! This is going to be long. You might want to grab a tasty beverage and settle in.

Here are today's events from inside that Big Brother House of Awkward Allies and a Brouhaha:
  • I just love the word "brouhaha" and don't get to use it enough. So I need to take advantage whenever I can.
  • In the beginning of the morning, Rachel was for keeping Dominic.
  • Brendon not so much.
  • She trusts Porsche, him not so much.
  • So there we have it, the first Brenchel drama of the day.
  • Brendon thinks that Rachel has PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder) from being in the house last year and it's affecting her game this year.
  • @@
  • Rachel got her HoH camera and pleaded with people to act like they all like each other.
  • Actually, this season does have more friendships across battle lines than many previous seasons.
  • Or, at the very least, they act like they do.
  • Then Kalia made the move that made the um, excrement hit the fan.
  • She went to Brendon, basically lying, telling him she had no part in the backdoor Jeff plan.
  • Brendon got nasty. She got nasty. I smiled. Could a brouhaha be coming on?
  • Why, yes, yes one's on the way!
  • They both went in, telling others their issues.
  • Jordan kept pushing for everyone to air out their grievances at a house meeting.
  • Yay, house meeting always = a good smackdown brouhaha!
  • This one didn't disappoint for a couple of hours.
  • A shot rang out. The maid screamed! Er, no. But I felt I had to add that.
  • Kalia was screaming how there's no chance for a newbie, she might as well write them a check right now and go.
  • Hmm ... pay to leave? All one has to do is DOR!
  • Jeff was talkshouting how he can't trust either her or Dominic because neither came to him when there was talk of backdoor.
  • Dominic and Kalia both said they were sure it wasn't going to happen, that's why they didn't warn him.
  • Brendon and Rachel said they had seriously been considering it after the seeds were planted by ...
  • Daniele.
  • She comes in screaming.
  • No fisticuffs.
  • Dominic said everyone had deals with the veterans.
  • Lawon said he had no deals with anyone, was playing his own game and would take all of them down.
  • Hamsters all briefly smiled, then continued the brouhaha.
  • Adam was hidden and/or quiet through it all.
  • Shelly came out, giving a big talk about playing with integrity and how Dominic can leave proud of how he played the game.
  • Rachel twitched a lot.
  • In the end, they all awkwardly hugged and broke up into their little groups all over again.
  • The more things change, the more they remain the same.
  • But ...
  • Kalia went sobbing on Jordan's shoulder about she had no idea that there was any serious consideration to backdoor Jeff.
  • Thankfully she can't crunch food and cry at the same time!
  • Long ago Jordan and Kalia promised to never nominate/vote to evict each other.
  • That promise still seems good and was one of the only deals admitted to during the brouhaha.
  • Daniele, Dominic and Lawon went to the Have Not room with Daniele still pushing for the big brave move to go up against the veterans by keeping Dominic.
  • Shelly came in and they pushed the idea on her.
  • After all, if they can swing her and Porsche, Adam could go out the door Thursday and then one of them will win HoH and victory is theirs.
  • Or, at least Daniele's.
  • Daniele made a stupid move trying to do the backdoor Jeff thing so early, but if she can manipulate the newbies to rise up and fight the power now, it could save her game.
  • Well, as long as she can win every comp from this HoH to the end.
  • Meanwhile, Kalia was then crying to Jeff apologizing for everything and telling him that he and Jordan were the only ones nice to her since the beginning of the game.
  • While Kalia was throwing herself on the mercy of the veterans, it looks like Shelly's defecting to the newbies once again.
  • Hmmm ...
  • Dominic and Daniele tried to work Porsche.
  • Now, the girl's a ghost in the game, but apparently not easily swayed by Daniele's manipulation powers.
  • She refuses to go along with them.
  • Meanwhile, Shelly told the vets she is NOT voting to keep Dominic and how the downstairs crowd just gathers around Daniele as if she's some sort of queen bee.
  • So she is indeed playing Daniele and the newbies. I got worried there for a second. It wouldn't be good for her game to switch sides now.
  • Daniele tries to use her superpowers on Kalia to vote to keep Dominic.
  • Kalia didn't commit. I'd say her own personal game, despite the blow-up, would probably be better sticking with the veterans at this point.
  • It's not like she's going to win anyway. But she might stick around longer.
  • Daniele and Lawon think they can convince Shelly to convince Porsche to save Dominic. They're thrilled. They think it can really happen.
  • But it can't.
  • Shelly's cards will be exposed after tomorrow, but she's in with every power player except Daniele.
  • Once again, she's playing a shrewd strategical game. And, the thing is, they don't really realize it.
  • They're on a lockdown, so they're all stuck together for the night.
  • I'm expecting the first endurance comp of the season tomorrow.

Daniele withdraws, then screams!

Jordan tries to be nice to all, but doesn't quite do it.

Dominic has nothing to lose at this point.

Shelly tries to hide.

Peanut gallery plus a Jeff.

Surprisingly, no tears nor tantrum from Rachel Dearest.


monty924 said...

Awesome recap, Jackie. It was a fun fight for the minutes I watched it. I didn't get to see what led up to it, so I'm going back to watch that.

You are what truly makes this blog and feeds so interesting. Hugs to you!

Sally said...

Glad to see this recap of the kitchen cabinet meeting--I was very curious about it after reading the comments on an earlier post.

I don't understand why Rachel is being so quiet during the recent spirited discussions. It seems very out of character, not that I'm complaining.

Loved the references to Rear Window..

Ninboh said...

I guess the game has a good trajectory now. But it is so obvious that a Vet is going next week. If Danielle wins HOH, bye-bye Brendan, I think. And if Jeff, Brendan, or Jordan are HOH, then bye-bye Danielle. My money is on Danielle winning the HOH endurance comp. Newbies will be getting a free ride this week.

Justene said...

So TPTB squeeze all the action into Fri-Sun so they can edit it for the Sun/Wed shows and this happens today right before the live show. Hmmph

WV: lousne What lousne timing.

JOEY said...


Joe in NY said...

@Ninboh - Kind of discounting the possibility of a vet winning HOH, aren't you?

Frankly, I don't see Shelly, Porsche, Kalia, Lawon or Adam winning an endurance comp. That leaves Danielle against Jeff and Brendon. If it is a balancing thing or a hanging thing, it usually favors the smaller women and she could win.

BUT, even if Danielle wins HOH, I don't think it is automatic that she goes after the vets. Especially if the vote comes down strongly against DomiNICK she's going to know she doesn't have a strong alliance (any alliance?) among the newbies. She's then forced to either lay low, try to get back in with the vets, or align with one couple against the other couple. The couples really don't trust her and I kinda think Jorffdan would rather send Danielle home than Brenchel at this point.

Even if she nominates one of the couples, there is still the POV in play.

I would like to see Dani win and nominate a couple just to create a week of drama.

Margo said...

I posted this on the PR discussion post also.

Amanda - Suzanne
Anthony - Jennasmom
Anya - Laurie
Becky - Meb
Bert - Jennasmom
Bryce - Margo
Cecilia - Margo
Danielle - Rbennie
David - Auntie Leigh
Fallene - Estelle
Gunnar - Rbennie
Joshua C - Delee
Joshua M - Becky
Julie - PDX Granny
Kimberly - Nana in NW
Laura - Meb
Olivier - Terry in PA
Rafael - Donna in AL
Serena - Sydney
Viktor - Becky


Nana in the NW said...

Jackie--thanks for the morning laugh! Your write-up was great. IMO the game will just get started after tonight when they start playing as singles. As someone said earlier all the couples are already broken up except B/R and J/J....and they aren't splitting up.

Assuming Dom is going home, and knowing that Keith/Cassi are in sequester I would guess someone is coming back into the house. So who would like to see re-join the game?

Ninboh said...

@Joe in NY, I think I agree with you. The only problem is once Danielle nominates a couple, one member of the couple is going home b/c the POV will only remove one nominee from the block not both. My suspicion is even if Brendan won the POV, he'd remove Rachel, not himself, thus almost guaranteeing that Brendan goes home this week unless Jeff was the replacement or something like that.

Joe in NY said...

@Ninboh is possible to nominate a couple and have them both stay. If one of them is removed with POV, they will have to throw up somebody against that person. Wouldn't be the first time a pawn went home.

There really isn't a strong anti-couple alliance at the moment. Dani is trying to put one together but she seriously overestimated the anti-couple sentiment. I mean, Shelly went running right to Jorffdan. Kalia seems tight with Jorffdan. Adam and Lawon seem totally unaligned and willing to do anything that just keeps them in the house. Porsche seems tight with Brenchel.

Let's say Dani wins HOH and puts up Jorffdan. Then Jeff gets removed with veto. If she puts up Lawon, I think Lawon goes home not Jordan. Even Adam or Kalia probably go home rather than Jordan. If Dani throws up Brenchel and Rachel comes off (let's face it, Brendon would remove her and she would remove her) then it's Brendon against Lawon or Adam??? Still kind of a toss-up.

It will be interesting however, so I'm kind of hoping for a Dani win this week in HOH!

Anonymous said...


I thoiught someone wouldcome back this week twhen ED left. Dom would make the best drama, but any of them would make it more interesting.

Nana in the NW said...

I think the "twist" Julie refered to us playing as singles. This coming week they will probably play with the 10 left and then my guess is that the next week someone will come back.....will it be America's Choice, the HG choose, or the evictees do a comp. to see who will return?

I don't want to see Keith again..ugh. Cassi or Dom would put the Vets in jeopardy as I think either of them will side up with Dani. I also believe that if the numbers were in their favor Adam and Kalia would flip to the newbies.

I will be happy to be done with the Golden Key and see how those girls can really do in comps. We all know Dani should do well but Porsche and Shelly??

Nina said...

Please, don't let it be Jessie. I was enjoying this years show.