Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Big Brother 13 News Round-Up Tuesday Style

There's still no word on the returning duos. The latest on the rumor mill is that since Daniele's "Skype wasn't working" to participate in today's show on Superpass, she must be in the house. Folks are dismissing any tweets and such, claiming they could be staged by production. I guess we really won't know until Thursday night. Press photos of the HG entering the house only show the eight new hamsters.

The press day in the house video is up:

My plan this season is still the thrice daily live feed reports, episode blog parties and more! For "real time" news when there's a new blog post, I encourage folks to "Like" my Facebook page for BB and the blog or follow me on Twitter (@jackiestvblog). Once we start up, I'll be posting links on both places to the blog immediately after getting an entry up.

The esteemed Margo has once again offered to do the blog pool. If you want in, please speak up! Entry to the pool closes Wednesday of next week as we won't know the returning duos until the premiere. While we don't offer prizes, bragging rights last a good nine months if your randomly selected hamster goes home with the half-million! Here's the list so far:

Paris Hilton
Donna in FL
PDX Granny
Nana in NW
Auntie Leigh
Terry in PA

Um ... Paris Hilton? Really?

Taking Julie Chen up on her challenge, the women of The Talk entered the house. The full segment will air on Thursday's The Talk.

Hamsters ready?


Laurie said...

I am ready. Just got my new swimsuit last week and a new floaty, too. I'm in the pool and ready for some action!

Petals said...

Woohoo Laurie! I am recycling my leopard-print floatie from last year, but I do have a 100ct bag of tiny drink umbrellas.

Sharon S said...

I might miss a lot of the parties, but I'd like a pass into the pool, please!

monty924 said...

Throw me in the pool - I'm ready for BB13. Can't wait for Thursday night to get here.

SueGee said...

Please toss me into the pool!! It ia VERY hot here.

I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the returning pairs aren't the ones that make me gag....

SueGee On the left coast

Brent McKee said...

I'm up for the pool party. After my great showing in the TAR pool I'm due for humiliation.

dla said...

Pick me, pick me! Throw me into the deep end of the pool! I look forward to some interesting house guests... Fingers and toes are crossed!

Buzzmaam said...

I can't swim so I'll stay in the shallow end. Looking forward to another summer of my favorite guilty pleasure!

JOEY said...


Witt said...

Nice to see everyone again!! I'm looking forward to the season starting, but if Jessie is one of the returning hamsters you will hear my disappointed scream all the way from DC.

You know I'd LOVE to be in the pool. I have a new swimsuit too! (Also -- my brownies with and without walnuts will be Thursday night eviction staples!)

Witt :)
P.S. Hope you are doing well Jackie!

chacha said...

Oh Can i jump in the pool or is it to late?

Margo said...

ooh we are gonna have lots of swimmers this season. FUN!!

The more the merrier.

Margo aka The Lifeguard

Anonymous said...

I'd like to jump in the pool also.

Looking forward to a good BB season.


EileenM said...

Hi everyone. Back for some more Summer fun with Big Brother! Please include me in the pool.

ML said...

Hey Margo, I would like to be in the BB pool, thanks! Actually any pool would be nice as I currently have no A/C!

PDX Granny said...


First things first ~ Thank you Jackie for providing us with a safe and sane place to become involved with this crazy game.

Second, thank you Margo for being the pool monitor once again. Remember, if Jesse comes back, and I end up with him, I know where you live. You should be afraid. Be very afraid!!

And last, but not least, since this is the Dynamic Duo season, I've come up my own dynamic duo. Too bad they can't be there. : )

chris said...

Please no jessie, I can not stomach him flexing and posing etc
no no no.

Cary said...

Do yall know how flippin happy I am I can drink this year! Plaid Plus One is back!!

PlaidChick said...

OK, I had to resign back into my account-- der!

monty924 said...

Shout out to all my Jackie's peeps. I'll be watching tonight but probably won't be joining the first night pool party. Bad day, 10 year anniversary of my father's death (murdered). So I'll just leave some goodies for all and catch up with everyone later. Have fun!

TerryinCA said...

Just awesome to be back in the pool with ya'll the magnificent Margo.....love it.Myself I will be providing some skinny girl for everyone....deelish

Caela said...

Im in for the pool again this year!! Have had pretty good luck with TAR pool so howp it trickles over to BB. Last year i had Kristen (yawn),

Anonymous said...

Hi Please add my name to the pool. Thanks Karen in Ca.

Witt said...

:::Hugs for Monty:::

Witt :)

Petals said...

sooo excited!!

Ninboh said...

I want in the blog pool thanks.

Dr_Celine said...

Can I get in on the blog pool? :-) Thanks!!